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  1. Miami selects Jim Schwartz DC Marshawn Lynch FB
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  14. How do you see the TB/TB experiment going?

    I think it will be interesting. I don't think he'll obviously have the stats that Winston had and the biggest reason is because in the offense, there were always those big play potentials and Winston gambled on those more often than not. Biggest reason for a 30 and 30 happening. What Winston refused to do most often was hit the one intermediate route or safe check down because he wanted that big play too often. Brady won't be like that, he'll take those big hits when it's set up because through out the game he took those short and intermediate routes. People assume that Arian's calls plays like some 12 year old in Madden and runs 4 verticals all day. If you go back and look through some of Winston's INT's you will most often find that there was a better option that would have gotten a first down instead of that 30-40 yard gain. Arian's has come out recently and said that our 2 tight end set will be our base offense and I think Brady knows a little about that and I will find it hard for some teams to match up with Evans and Godwin outside and Gronk and Howard/Brate.