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  1. Our forum activity

    Yep, 1 minute from the Pacific Ocean and 3 minute drive to redwoods and rivers.
  2. Our forum activity

    I'm in nor-cal, like 30 minutes from the border of oregon on the coast. I know Bucstopshere is Vegas. I don't know if people remember there was a poster that was on the old boards, beatle123 i believe he said he was paralyzed from the waist down or something, gonna go and see if I can dig it up but than we had that fan of the year which is paralyzed so I always thought maybe that was him. Always meant to message him on twitter to see if that was him. Yeah I couldn't believe how long it's been
  3. Our forum activity

    I still remember the old days when it was really just darealdeal, eggy, bucstopshere, handsomebob, tml, xl, and he hate me and a few others being the primary force behind the board and events like FFMD, which we killed a couple years. Still always the place I come for info and to share my pain of being a fan for this team. Went back to find that year, was FFMD-11 back in 2011 here's the staff and what we came away with. GM - YoungBucs15 Asst GM - tml_gogo Head Coach - HandsomeBob29 Offensive Coordinator -He Hate Me Defensive Coordinator - Deuces22wild Director of Scouting - Canadabuccaneer Diretcor of College Scouting -xlfrosti Captologist - DaRealDeal Media Relations - Eggybucsfan31 Depth Chart QB - Josh Freeman, Charlie Batch RB - LaGarette Blount, Ryan Williams, Darren Sproles, Cadillac Williams FB - Vonta Leach WR1 - Mike Williams, Dezmon Briscoe, Preston Parker WR2 - Rejus Benn, Sammie Stroughter, Michael Spurlock TE - Kellen Winslow, Weslye Saunders LT - Donald Penn, Jason Pinkston LG - Ted Larsen, Brandon Carter C - Jeff Faine, Jeremy Zuttah RG - Derek Hardman, Shawn Andrews RT - James Lee, Jeremy Trueblood LS - Andrew Economos DE - Mario Williams, Jimmy Wilkerson, Pernell McPhee DT - Gerald McCoy, Al Woods DT - Brian Price, Roy Miller DE - Antwan Odom, Alex Magee, Markus White WLB - Geno Hayes, Doug Hogue MLB - D'Qwell Jackson,Tyrone McKenzie SLB - Quincy Black, Dekoda Watson CB - Nnamdi Asomugha, Ronde Barber CB - Aqib Talib, Myron Lewis, EJ Biggers SS - Bernard Pollard, Larry Asante FS - Cody Grimm, Sean Jones P - Robert Malone K - Connor Barth New Additions Drafted
  4. Maybe the logic would be is to bring in Caldwell as OC and eventual successor? Has ties to Dungy and probably gets that push but honestly think it's Caldwells agent just like Kirby's agent was putting out things to help push their client. Really curious to see how the staff gets put together, because in theory our next HC should be on staff as well, if we're letting Arians groom his eventual replacement.
  5. Other coaching news

    Sounds like a possible president/HC combo.
  6. The un-HYPEd Thread

    This is the same Koetter that refused to give Barber more snaps because we were sticking a declining Martin, while he had the one rebound return year, the stubbornness to stick with someone that shows signs he doesn't fit anymore is almost a Koetter trademark at this point.
  7. The un-HYPEd Thread

    While i think any scheme should work if executed correctly, or else everyone would be running the same thing, I think it's either spending the time to find the pieces to make it work or mold a scheme around the players. Same argument we said was holding Mike Smith back and look what we've done since we've simplified and allowed our players to play simple and fast. I just look at our running game period and started to compare Peyton vs Jones. Jones has about a single game worth of stats at this point in the season 44 yards 23 carries 1 TD / 6 rec 34 yards Barber just comparing the avg of the last 5 games 60 yard (counting the 106 NYG game) 16 carries .5 TD / 1 rec 4.5 yards And really the biggest tell to me is it's more OL with some scheme is the fact that most of these yards we get are from 1-2 runs. Here's stats for Barber without his longest run for those games. I agree that I don't think Barber is a 1 either but just a disturbing trend when it comes to RB production in Tampa. vs Saints - 13 atts 29 yards vs Carolina - 15 atts 28 yards vs SF - 17 atts 33 yards vs NYG - 17 atts 78 yards vs Washington - 12 atts 47 yards While I agree this happens to some elite backs, I see it with Zeke but he doesn't' do it for the whole season.
  8. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Glad to see that you are able to completely judge a RB by 23 carries? You might look into playing the lottery more often. I think there is no way to establish how a player is going to be with this minimal use, let alone the inability of Warhop to coach an OL, or a HC like Koetter who tries to play a back that is a one cut back in Jones and try to run downhill which works for a player like Barber at least to pick up a couple yards here and there and can burst the long one. Which who knows if Jones could because again 23 carries.... in a season. Also, I don't know if it was Aumen or Cummings who pointed out a stat for Jones that showed he had something like 44 yards and absurd number like 47 yards after contact. Establishing the fact that he is most often getting hit in the backfield on a vast majority of his plays.
  9. Other coaching news

    Figured you meant that Kilff wasn't bringing in top recruits to Texas Tech. Where somewhere like USC has a horrible coaching staff but can bring in the top level talent so it's not just about who's the coach there. Or it is that Kliff just didn't have the talent to win because no one wants to go to Texas Tech just because it's Texas Tech. Went with the latter.
  10. Other coaching news

    USC has top recruits coming and I guarantee you we don't want Clay Helton near this program, and he can't even get fired.
  11. Win out, make the playoffs

    I think it ultimately comes down to if the Glazers believe that Koetter has lost the locker room. If so, you have to move on as you can't repair that issue unless he goes out and win a title or something crazy.
  12. Other coaching news

    Exactly, keep to cap the way it’s been and go get a face for the franchise and bring respect back to this franchise. Bring Derrick or some older Bucs players back and top priority, change the jerseys either back or a modern update of them. This era just needs to be scorched earth.
  13. Other coaching news

    Could also go get some like a Monte Kiffin to be president and go get Lane to be HC. I don’t like the idea as someone that had to deal with him at SC but who knows. Not saying it should happen, just throwing out ideas. Sorry think about all these types while running and working out.
  14. Other coaching news

    While this isn’t an idea for a coach but what do people think about bringing in someone like Derrick Brooks as GM and maybe someone like a Doug Williams as a president of the team. I look at what Lynch has done at SF and see that it might just come down to someone that can look at talent and properly evaluate a player. We have people in the building to run the cap and the business side but Derrick has been running arena teams and knows the game. Plus it doesn’t hurt to bring in someone that the fan base can rally behind and players respect. Just an idea, it just kills me to see how no prior talent wants to be involved with this organization.