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  1. Week two game balls - Fitzmagic and __________?

    Not that I think that he should be getting a game ball but I think Whitehead is going to do his best to take that S spot and never give it back to Conte. Looked good in his limited time at the end. Made a few big plays with limited snaps, definitely needs some more snaps.
  2. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    I agree, I think we hold onto him for a little while longer but could see him getting shopped to teams like San Diego. In all honesty I think he would be a perfect compliment to Gronk and NE knows how to run the 2 TE sets better than most.
  3. 🏈 Week One: Bucs (0-0) @ Saints (0-0)

    Looks like Grimes is doubtful for the game. Will make the game a lot more interesting I guess.
  4. Question of the day - Trade?

    Wouldn't do the trade, like others have said, the organization seems 100% behind Winston and that's fine. I think if you wanted to bring stability to the team and set Winston and the offense up for success I would swing a trade of Djax and maybe Barber and some trade pick for Bell. We upgrade the offense instantly as Godwin becomes the full time starter and Bell is the safety valve for Winston and a great mentor for Jones. I think Jones will develop into a decent back, just needs to get more comfortable with the speed of the NFL.
  5. Cuts

    There is a free agent kicker who just went 9-9 and 100% for pat out there.
  6. Roster thread

    I think if anything he could be trade bait to a 3-4 team where he can play a little more in space. He has shown flashes but was horrible last night, but how hard is someone with an injury history gonna push in the 4th preseason game. I would give him a couple regular season games to evaluate him.
  7. Cuts

    I think it shows more of the confidence that Koetter has in Watson right now, who knows he may get cut later but I think he did enough to justify a spot on the roster.
  8. Preseason week one: Bucs @ Dolphins

    Not sure why we don't give Smith a look at Safety. Fast enough to keep the ball in front of him and doesn't have to really turn his hips and cover a WR.
  9. Good Luck Flux, don’t have to high of hopes playing away. Last time lost by 3 but have struggled on the road this year. Did alright with most people writing this team off at the beginning of the year.
  10. Question of the day starter thread?

    I’ll take friday
  11. Was Jameis Winston’s talent overrated coming out of college?

    I have heard even a couple of reporters make this comparison of Winston and a Young Stafford. Huge arm and takes to many risks with their security blanket Evans/Megatron. I get that he makes his mistakes but he has been trending upwards when it comes to accuracy and int's and showed at the end of last season when he was healthy to be playing better. I'm more curious to see how he does with some form of a run game and another year with Djax. Now if he can just get out of his own way mentally.
  12. Made me wonder if it has something to do with the all dirt field. GG
  13. Offseason Workout Discussion

    And depending on a contract for Jameis, those numbers will change a good amount as I believe 2019 is his last in this current contract.
  14. NSFL S16 DRAFT (Complete)

    Sharks select Ron zook
  15. Short 1 pick in the draft, not sure on what time slot I would be since it's a comp round.