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  1. Miami sharks select wr Chris Godwin @bucsfan333
  2. Miami sharks select - OLB Jayon Brown
  3. Miami Sharks select - G Kelechi Osemele @Tk3
  4. Miami Sharks select - OT Alejandro Villanueva (PIT) @Tk3
  5. Bucs sign Ndamukong Suh 1 year deal

    Well yeah, the bucs and most bucs fans aren't gonna come out and be like, check out this complete a-hole we signed, can't wait to see if he gets fined this year. It's just after the years of listening to Gerald talk about just having fun and wearing kimonos to camp. Ronde said it best after the 2017 season I don't discredit what Gerald did and went through being here for 9 years but he was never that leader or that "nice guy until sunday" player, he was nice guy all week and Suh is probably the complete opposite of that and that's what Bowles feels like the defense needs.
  6. Bucs sign Ndamukong Suh 1 year deal

    I think the biggest reason is probably cheaper than the 13M so we can sign our rookies but I believe it's all about the difference in their mentality. Arians wants that aggressive mentality and Gerald was never that player, great player in his own way but just didn't mesh with the direction the defense is headed.
  7. Miami Trades 2.8 Rattlers Trade S19 1st Rnd Pick @bucsfan333 Also Miami Trades 2.17 Pirates Trade Desean Jackson @RuskieTitan @TheKillerNacho
  8. I am, just waiting on a couple PM's then will pick.
  9. I'm still salty over the year I had Lavonte, let him go because all OLB were 3 tags then the following year we dropped the price. Figure I needed a MLB and at 1 tag for the next 2 seasons he is worth the risk, plus the homer part
  10. Miami Sharks select - and yes I know I overdrafted this player but I don't care MLB - Devin White
  11. All moved me out the 1st and having 3 2s still wanted a first, but thought id throw it out as I drove. I don’t take it seriously, after all I was here through the Harper/Ramster years. I think I’m one of the longest tenured owners here.
  12. That was the point, as all other posts sound like a basement living, screen staring poster
  13. Miami Sharks select - Joshua Allen OLB @Whicker
  14. The two pms I got disagree with what was said but maybe since most of you complain. I could wait until Monday to make my pick, wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit.
  15. Driving to a basketball tournament right now so I will leave the pick up for a trade. Will review offers when I get there, should be about 4 hours, at that point I’ll either trade or pick.