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  1. Bucs sign OT Josh Wells; Justin Evans to IR

    I don't know if we can say bust because health, I can get on board with Unknown, just like with Beckwith.
  2. The Positive Side

    Yeah, from the sounds of it last year Koetter knew Rojo wasn't physically ready and gave up on him because he knew his job was on the line. Hoping Rojo can string a couple of these games together and we can settle the RB position.
  3. The Positive Side

    While sitting here reading up on what everyone's take on yesterday was, I thought to myself that we should have a place to talk about what is actually going right for the team from week to week. Let's start with kicking. We actually didn't have any stressful situations but Gay made his PAT's and felt confident that they would be made, and honestly that's weird. Our run defense looked night and day from last year. Was nice to not see at least the automatic offsides call for our DT. That combo of Vea and Suh will become what we hoped our DL will be. David showed flashes of what we all remember David being and making plays all over the field. While I've read some bagging on Devin, but coming off a week of having the flu and being tasked with covering Kittle who was held to 54 yards, I think he did fairly well for his first game. 3rd on the team in tackles behind David and Whitehead. Whitehead also being another hopeful bright spot on the defensive side. While it was also the Niners so there was no dominant WR but VHIII looked so much better in the new scheme. While I need to see some more out of Rojo, I think we saw the first step to him becoming the 1. Ran with power between the tackles and showed some great cuts. Again this about focusing on the positives of the team, leave all the negative noise on the other posts.
  4. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    Exactly and if we don't score and our defense held, that put us in position to score. Ideally we score a TD there but who knows how the rest plays out. We can't play the could've, should've game.
  5. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    While I don't think Baltimore would let him go, why not see what the price on RG3 is. I think that what happened in the Jags game where an unknown gets a chance to play they can surprise people. While i don't think they maintain that trajectory as a play, but maybe we finally give Griffin that chance after this week. On a short week we can't really make many changes.
  6. All things QB/Jameis

    While I am a fan of Winston when he was coming out, it ultimately comes down to what I think will be best for the team long term. Unfortunately I don't think Winston is that guy. While the OJ interception should have been caught, it could've been thrown better. That last one if he's not just throwing to a spot because of pressure and Dare getting double team blocked by his own mean he at least makes a play on it. It will ultimately come down to whatever BA wants. I think if BA is willing to stick around with a new QB while grooming Leftwich to takeover because why not get that QB that forms the bond with the OC before he becomes a HC.
  7. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Miami Selects - Nate Kaczor
  8. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Miami selects - C - Justin Britt CB - Sean Bunting @bucsfan333
  9. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Miami Selects: RB Damien Williams DC Brian Flores @bucsfan333
  10. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Miami Selects TE - Cameron Brate DT - Jeffery Simmons @bucsfan333
  11. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Miami Sharks select - CB - Jason Verrett OC - Todd Monken @bucsfan333
  12. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Miami Sharks select - RB - Duke Johnson K- Matt Bryant P - Bradley Pinion FB - Derek Watt
  13. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Sharks select - HC - Bruce Arians WR - Marquise Goodwin @bucsfan333
  14. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Miami selects - OLB Kiko Alonso SS Patrick Chung @bucsfan333 @TheKillerNacho, please move Fowler to PS, Allen to DE and start Alonso