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  1. Offseason Rumors

    Yeah Martin was a Dom pick. Licht's MO is trade down in the 1st to get more ammo to move up into the 2nd/3rd to get projects instead of going after the "for sure" prospect.
  2. Offseason Rumors

    How many people would be opposed to swap 1's with the Niners and give up something like a 3rd and a 2 next year. I'm just throwing out numbers but I think SF would still get a player they want at 5 and we can go get Bosa. Why not make the move and get the best player at our need and going from 5 to 2 shouldn't cost the farm. Maybe even add McCoy to the deal to open up that cap space we need as well.
  3. Your favorite Bucs games?

    When I read the thread title this was the first game that came to my mind. I will always remember the Super Bowl but to me its was that game. HM would be the season opener the next season against the Eagle and Joes crazy endzone tip/catch to himself.
  4. Free Agents

    I think if anything we give out a couple real cheap deals too players maybe like Verrett who can play on a 1 year prove it deal and if he plays good and bounces back we have the money next year to extend but shouldn't hurt any comp picks this year. Do a couple prove it deals and play the draft this year.
  5. Offseason Rumors

    As long as that money isn't then used all on Kwon. I wouldn't mind it going toward CJ but hope that's not their plan with the cap space.
  6. Rumor: teams interested in Duke Johnson

    Exactly my point. Something is only as valued as what you can get for it. If they didn't go get Hunt then his perceived value goes up. Would guess if it happens it's before the 15th when his 19 salary becomes guaranteed.
  7. Rumor: teams interested in Duke Johnson

    I agree that he is good at what he does, kind of the reason I want him on the Bucs. Especially with the passing game and Arians desire for a back that catches. But any team that sees what Cleveland has in the backfield, they know that they can probably wait until Duke becomes a FA as there should be intention of keeping him with the group you have. That drives the cost down, would actually be happy for a swap of Djax for Duke as well.
  8. Rumor: teams interested in Duke Johnson

    Such a stud your awesome coaching staff ran him 40 times the whole year, then went out and signed Hunt because Duke is a stud, my bad.
  9. Rumor: teams interested in Duke Johnson

    Wouldn't mind a Peyton Barber for Duke trade. Gives you a decent 2 until Hunt comes back and Duke can play in an Arians offense as a 1
  10. Free Agents

    23 attempts is a little hard to gauge a career off, he got less careers in a year than most RB1 would get in a game. Let's not forget that we were coached by a team that was so stubborn in their methods that couldn't get out of our own way most games. Somehow he was able to run at SC, career low of 5.9 per carry for a season, and ran for 1500 yards his last. He was never a receiver in College yet you expect him to change that when he came here? To me, Dirk ran the offense very similar to Mike Smith. No sense of changing the offense/defense to fit the talent on the team and maximize the talent on the team.
  11. Offseason Rumors

    Problem becomes what if Giants or really one of the teams value Rosen higher than Haskins. While Murray would drop a player we would want down, doesn't mean the QB needy team jumps because Rosen could go to one of them. Who knows maybe we take a look at Rosen, not saying BA doesn't want Winston but Rosen is cheaper and allows them to build an overall stronger team and seems to still fit into BA's offense. Just throwing that out there. Would say that there's a .00000001% chance but just off season talk.
  12. Free Agents

    Kind of concerning why the Pats would get rid of the Ghost but might be interesting to see if we go after him. See either him or Bryant coming in, seems like that fixing the kicking game needs to happen.
  13. Rumor: teams interested in Duke Johnson

    Wouldn't mind he coming down to Tampa, plus Arians seems to prefer these types of backs.
  14. Free Agents

    Also wouldn't be surprised to see us take a look at Yeldon, showing he can catch the ball out the backfield. I still believe in RoJo but doesn't mind another back to compete with.