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  1. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Yeah as far as we know, but I could see the glazers saying they would “like” to see Jameis because he’s a local favorite and leave it at that. I definitely see it being on both but I bet the glazers are putting ideas out there.
  2. The un-HYPEd Thread

    But was it an attempt to win games or put butts in seats. We give a lot of players to play out of scheme and coaches to leave. Hard to feel like it’s about winning but more about pleasing fans to get us in the stadium.
  3. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Many players have said that some owners are in it to win and some to make money. Glazers appear to be about the money.
  4. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Looking at this, does anyone think that the Lions could be looking to move on from Stafford? Feel like at some point they need to restart the franchise as well. Might just be me but would be interesting. I don't think they would, just bringing up topics that are better to talk about the two QB's we have on the roster or the trainwreck that is out FO
  5. The un-HYPEd Thread

  6. The un-HYPEd Thread

    I just mean giving him an extension that puts us at a lower yearly salary than the 20.9 million he has coming and an extension that allows us out after the next year. Bortles was gonna get 19m for his 5th year, instead signed an extension for about 18m a year and i'm sure the Jags have the ability to cut without losing much. Especially the way we give contracts without signing bonuses. Keeping in mind this is if the Glazers force the next HC to keep Winston.
  7. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Again, I have moved on past Winston and feel like it's time for him to find a new home as it's best for us and him. However if he string together a set of games in meaningless football it will force the Glazers to be in a position to play him or keep him another year, He had probably had his best 4 game stretch before that win in NO where he had that 3 int game, so in those 4 games he went 8 td's / 2 ints, worse part is the fumbles, 7. But when it came to passing he avg around 300 with a cmp% between 65 to 77 and we ended up losing all of those games by a combined 15 points, and don't forget how many of those games we were in position to win until the defense collapsed in the 4th. So what my point is he gave glimpses what he could be as a passer, and passer only. So the point being is that if as a group of fans we want them to be completely done with Winston is for him to be done taking any snaps so he can't give anymore false hope and trick the Glazers into playing beyond this season.
  8. The un-HYPEd Thread

    The problem with Winston is that if the they put him in and he turns it around for a few games like he did last year, we are in the point of do we give him a contract like Bortles to see if he has turned it around? The problem really comes into play is if it was a fluke, which the end of last year seems to be like, we are now 1-2 years behind in a rebuild. The only people that know what's gonna happen is the Glazers and that should have everyone that's a Buc's fan scared.
  9. Possibilities for new coaches

    While going through a lot of these we have brought up quite a few names. One name that somewhat sticks out to me as I'm not sure if he'll still be on the team next year would be Gregg Williams. I know he is not the offensive mind that we want, but the aggressive attitude this team needs. While he's not the fancy name and not the first name that I would go after but he's a mindset that we haven't had since Schiano, he just needed know how to coach men instead of college players. While a lot of people want to say that no coach would want to come in and take of a team that has a culture of losing, I get to an extent. It comes down to what the Glazers allow that next GM/HC do. If they are given permission to blow it up however they feel is needed then it becomes a pretty attractive location. Young core at skill positions and some decent vets. They have the ability to go get their QB and with the rebuild the defense can go any way that they want and odds are, high draft picks this year. Now if the Glazers try to go get a coach that continues thinking we are on the cusp of being relevant again and expect a win now build, lord help us, we are never getting out of this losing culture. This team is in need of a scorched earth approach to purge a decent amount of the roster, even the jerseys need to go.
  10. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Seems like we should definitely take playcalling away from him
  11. Possibilities for new coaches

    Like others have said, I think it's time to burn it down and start over. Even to the point of getting rid of these jerseys. Just like we did when me moved on from the losing era of the creamsicles. These need to be burned with a good majority of the roster. Primarily because I think we have the blocks to start over and not have to get so far behind. The beginnings of the OL is there in Marpet and Jensen. The WR/TE core is set. To me Jones is still unknown, and we know what we have from Barber, but I would still see what is out there. Defensive wise we are better off then what is shown and will grow as they play together. Davis, Evans, Whitehead and with VH3 at nickel we will be a lot better. Especially if we can get some solid coaching. The thing that gets me is a lot of people saying that certain players are dumb/stupid to understand the coverage's. Once Smith was gone, the issue went from not running his weird schemes, which according to Lavonte, were never practiced or changed up so that explains the confusion to an extent. Now we are seeing that Davis is about the only CB that can play right now. Stewart has shown he can't cover fast slot guys, but is better than the random PS players we are filling our secondary with. The problem I see with the rebuild is that certain players didn't come here for that and can create an issue in the locker room. Either way something needs to happen and now.
  12. Trade Deadline

    Saw that the Giants want a 2nd for Landon Collins, not sure if it's worth it but would be curious what they want for Jenkins. Looks like MJ will be out for a while as well so we're down to Davis/Grimes and some PS move ups?
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick named starter

    If Tampa has made up their mind about Winston, there is no way he gets to see the field at all, Tampa can't have an RGIII scenario. Keep him away and make Ryan Griffin active as backup. If Fitz plays bad or gets hurt, we evaluate Griffin and worst case we win a couple games ruining our draft position. While Koetter needs to play for the now, the Glazers shouldn't risk setting the franchise even further back cap wise if they are ready to move on from Winston. Who knows, maybe the franchise sees that Koetter/Monken are coming along with the offense and just needs that QB piece and gives them another season if they can go get someone like Teddy/Foles or another Vet. I have been one of the bigger Winston supporters and hope he turns it around but for the sake of the team, it's time for a separation.
  14. QB of the Future

    yes but does he offer more "potential" to a team that thinks they can fix him, where with Bortles, Jacksonville knows what they're getting. I'm just thinking of places that could make a move, not giving anything big.
  15. ? Week 8: Bucs (3-3) @ Bengals (4-3)

    Haven't put too much thought into Kap but imagine if Glazers go get Harbaugh and Kap?