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  1. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    This is clearly a local law enforcement issue. It’s why we have SWAT teams.
  2. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Ohhh... never mind. DavidatMizzou’s work sucking post reminded me if Scott Adams’ take on workplace futility. Phil, Prince of Insufficient Light offers Dilbert a terrible Faustian bargain only to find that Dilbert likes both nightmare scenarios better than what he presently has. Adams has his material locked up pretty tightly. He is, after all, an accomplished software engineer.
  3. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    Great signing I think. It has always seemed to me that the Packers are most dangerous when their offense is situated from 10-20 yards out in the redzone. He could be a very handy tool there. So, listening to the video, we call him “Marsaydeez”?
  4. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    There is a function key you have accidentally activated? It used to happen to me on an older workstation. If you are talking about word-processing there is an icon of some sort that would pop up on the menu bar when I activated it with an errant tap. Took me forever to find it and it was frustrating.
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    Best Packers random news and notes ever. As a male approaching 65, I find that the eardrum may be losing elasticity but the prostate compensates by enlarging: lower frequencies in hearing, higher frequencies in urge to empty bladder.
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    As an Appletonian, due to the experiences of my dissolute yute of the 1970's, I can verify that any 16 year old with facial hair could go into the North Star and leave with a case of Old Style just to get the good times rolling of a Friday night. Appleton Foxes minor league baseball? Beer. St. Therese's Church Festival? Beer. Third shift 7:00 a.m. breakfast on College Ave? Beer. Tobagganing at Peabody Park? Football Game at Xavier? Wopatuli party at Tellulah Park? Beer. Beer. Grain alcohol. I really regret the Wopatuli party. Should've stuck to beer. There might still be a pink stain on College Avenue bridge.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    I agree with your opening salvo there. Everyone on the team is interviewing for a job every day. I like Cole Madison too, and I know it doesn't mean much, but it does mean something that the team lists him at guard instead of tackle. Training camp may be the time to experiment, but if they want him to be their new RG he'll need reps. Murphy and Spriggs are likely to be the tackles IMO.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    The barrage of late round running back picks seemed to have worked last year. This year was CBs and WRs. If the Packers are developing a draft strategy of positional barrages, maybe next year is Two edges and three...OL? TE?
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    You posted while I was typing, and we’re thinking in a similar way. To strengthen your last point, Daryn was drafted to be a tackle, was tried at tackle, but found a home at guard IIRC.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    Looking at the structural nature of offense vs defense, the offense has a better opportunity to exploit ANY weakness on the defense at any of the 11 positions while protecting or minimizing its own problem areas. You’d better draft to make certain you don’t have any clear liabilities starting on the defense; injuries, blown picks, and cap-casualty lossrs have exacerbated our need to hit defense over and over. Having QB and LT locked up has pushed offensive needs to later rounds for us. I wouldn’t be surprised if our defense improved to top third in the league and we still went defense with the first two picks.
  11. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    'cuz we can't say perpen **** ular
  12. Mike Pettine Defense

    Lot of that going around, threadwise. DeShone Kizer thread makes everyone think about Demarious Randall, etc., etc.. In May I don't mind rummaging through the threads for the occasional nugget of decent football talk.
  13. Mike Pettine Defense

    I kept pointing to the clock and going "Tick Tock, Baby! Tick, Freaking Tock!" Three touchdowns later
  14. RRRR...I don't want to be talking about Darren Sharper in the Oren Burks thread. But he was exasperating and undisciplined on the field. Once I saw him fly in like a missile to knock a fellow defender off of a runner who then scored. I think he may be, by far, the most productive and talented Packer I was happy to see let go. How 'bout that Oren Burks kid! Do we know his cleat size yet? Is he shopping at Woodman's or Piggly Wiggly?
  15. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    I mean, he's not wrong, but Brett Hundley...