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  1. Packers could be interested in trading for Khalil Mack

    The greatest trick Gute ever pulled was convincing the world that Keyser Mack didn’t exist.
  2. Ouch! Green Bay got chirped bad in a Burt Reynolds football movie (Semi Tough?) when they portrayed the local “talent” as a 2 out of 10 kind of deal. Doesn’t matter. Appleton delivers and it’s just down Hwy 41. I don’t get too upset about the Cole Madison deal. To me it’s not as bad as BJ Raji bailing on us after having become an established player. I never hear anyone gripe about that.
  3. Packers Off-season Mini-Camp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    I agree. Even if the Taysom Hill thing bit them a bit last year we can’t hang on to three Shemps hoping one of them will be a Moe.
  4. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    Norm. #80–Billy Schroeder—Sheboygan’s Pride and LaCrosse’s Golden Boy and the only thousand yard Packer receiver to receive the nickname “€ućk” from Mike Holmgren—regrets not being able to take residency in your list of melanin-challenged receivers.
  5. Packers could be interested in trading for Khalil Mack

    This is not in the proper spirit for this thread: Pick a premise and argue vehemently in favor of it! If Shanedorf wants to start with the premise that Gute was in Nashville let’s hear him out! The silver shoes evidence is overwhelming, by the way. I think it moves me directly into the “Gute is running an op to snag Mack while Mark Murphy maintains plausible deniability for flirting with the boundaries of league rules” camp.
  6. Wide Receiver Outlook

    A cute what...?
  7. Oren Burks?

    Is it a kind of "If I die suddenly be a bro and clear my browser history" sort of thing?
  8. Wide Receiver Outlook

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBW8qh19vgc J'Mon Moore highlights. Ya'll have probably seen this, but he sure seems sturdy, quick, good hands, and trustworthy on the 50/50 balls... IF he can figure this next level of route running he should be a solid pro, eh?
  9. Oren Burks?

    Oren is my guy! I honestly expect his speed to show up on the field this season in impressive ways. I expect mistakes too, but he'll learn from them. (Pleasant shudder at the prospect of a dominant D in Green Bay)
  10. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    Marcedes Lewis one-handed catch I couldn't find a vid from Family Night, but there are several one handed catches by the big guy online. This is the one I found that looks the most like the Family Night catch. Dude must have some big paws. He fields the ball like a 3rd baseman stabbing a line shot.
  11. Suffering cracks like that is one of the crappy aspects of being 65. Chris Borland is another player that decided the money wasn’t worth the risk to a long, healthy life.
  12. Packers Off-season Mini-Camp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Agreed. A bit like Max McCaffery, he will do nothing but catch balls and make plays and hope to be putting on a great audition for his next team.
  13. Packers Off-season Mini-Camp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Janis? Whoops...I was thinking John Jurkovic.
  14. Thoughts on the Offseason

    Thanks. I enjoyed the read. Remember when we used to open up our PCs and drop in new memory cards? "Vroom!" Well, I think Philbin and Pettine are going to to drop right into the Packers' motherboard and make everything work better and faster.
  15. 3rd most important GB Defensive player for 2018 season

    I shouldn't write Clay off, but I am. By this I mean I don't think he will be elite anymore--injuries and age have sapped him of that which once made him special. Though, like the other NFL Matthews before him, he will probably play at a decent level for a long time yet. I am not hating on him, just adjusting my expectations from his being beastly to just being very good. I went with HaHa because I think he is entering a year in which experience, motivation, and scheme will come together to make him one of the truly key pieces in our defense.