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  1. To this gem I would only add cautiously over-optimistic dread. How can I claim we’re going to lay a heavy 30 burger on them and still feel so anxious? Because Tom Brady is the perfect villain. He’ll get his monologuing in in the form of a 4th quarter comeback.
  2. ...from your ellipsis to God’s ears...
  3. Personally, I find it a bit stunning to see from that billboard that Ted was only six years older than me. He carried himself with such quiet, patrician seriousness that he seemed more fatherly than older brotherly. I was moved by Jason Wilde’s emotional first take on the radio. But I never hung with any knowledgeable fans that actually hated on Ted, as Wilde suggested. I heard grumbling, sure. I remember my son’s football team playing a Green Bay HS team in ‘09 and two parents were wearing a Favre Jets jersey. How do you go from being a lifelong Packers fan to a Favre fan? He retired. I
  4. Corey Koskie’s career ended after a little dive into the stands chasing a foul ball. Nothing surprises me about concussions except for a return to play in a week.
  5. Now why you wanna ride into my town and start trouble, scare all these nice people?
  6. I guess a lot of us don’t remember so much meaningful roster shuffling happening this late in the season before. (I mean, this is the week before the conference championship games.) Rison comes to mind, but even that was before post season play began. If the league rules allow it I can’t get too worked up about it. I get the sentiment that it’s poor form and different from the rules other leagues have, but a sentiment is different from an objection. Some do seem to be objecting to the fact that the league hasn’t frozen rosters for the playoffs. Your point is taken: If Derrick Henry
  7. We’ll have to activate @Beekay14 for Game Day. An insertional tear of the Adductor Longusyourupgetmeabeer can’t hold the GDT back.
  8. I am pretty sure they are all season tickets, complete with seat licenses and surcharges and handling fees. So anyone with a dear wish to see a Packer games can usually do so because the season ticket holders sell a number of games to help defray costs. I went to an evening game at Lambeau against Dallas a number of years back. I had my ten year old son with me. A scalper offered me $500 for both tickets. We declined. Walked in to find that in front of us, behind us, and next to us were Dallas fans. We got creamed that night. God I wish I'd sold those tickets.
  9. Not arguing...just keeping the discussion rolling. GB put together a deal that at least said "Top Five" money nominally, but without guaranteed money it wasn't an elite compensation package. Aaron Jones expects to be the top RB in free agency. The moment he hired Rosenhaus he communicated that he won't settle for an appearance of being paid well. The next tier of free agents will probably need to endure the market conditions you describe, but Aaron Jones and his agent, in particular, aren't cutting any sweetheart deals to anyone until the market makes clear there are no elite deals t
  10. Mark Chmura was saying it was actually kind of a slap because there was very little guaranteed $, and after that perceived slight Aaron went out and got Drew Rosen**** for his agent.
  11. Watched the whole 45 min last night. Pat blazes with love for AR. AR smolders with witty intelligence. AJ Hawk smolders with a lap of Cohiba ashes.
  12. Sublime. I’m reading this in different actor voices...James Woods, James Gandolfini, Michael Caine, Jackie Mason, Kathy Griffin, Charles Barkley... edit: Oh! Nailed it! Michael Caine with the intro, James Gandolfini breaks in with the punchline.
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