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  1. Not that I can think of these things myself, but I do rather agree with the sentiment that he can't seem to be trusted with a lot of newly learned finesse routes. He benefits from a simpler route tree that emphasizes his strengths. Getting on the same page as 12 isn't one of his strengths. Giving MVS the sweep was a nice bone to toss to him. That play doesn't usually seem to work for us any other time, and this may have just been a struggling defense, but what other than pure speed gives that play a chance to work? So, yeah, I love MVS and I think it's the coaches' duty to make that odd part work well--like a spinnaker sail when the wind is just so. [Edit] I also think that there was enough evidence that 12 was still a bit less than perfect on his throws that we can't know whether routes or ball placement were the problem between MVS and Aaron yesterday. A nice win will certainly make the film rooms a more pleasant place to break down the issues and fix them come Monday.
  2. I mean, shoulder injures suck for football players. I was afraid he'd busted a spleen after watching the play. But sometimes a bleeding kidney heals faster than a shoulder. Raven Greene had gone from pencil to ballpoint pen to injury crossout last year. This year he's been kind of a sticky note.
  3. Logged in for the good feels. This is the gloomiest victory lap I've ever seen. 🔒
  4. I can imagine Sir Alec Guiness sitting up at 2:18 AM in another timeline, jarred awake by a disturbance in the Force, as if dozens of tacquitos suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
  5. Whoa! Slow down, Coach. You're going too fast! Requiring mazes of bizarre procedures for embedding images has been a very unfair obstacle to full participation from us older people. I roll back the VCR, pause the video, and I take pictures of really bad mistakes Pettine has made in his defensive schemes. I have a whole stack of photographs to share because the nice young man with the pink hair developed them at Walgreens for me. His name is Tamara. By the way, you don't actually throw away the disposable cameras. Tamara taught me that one after I went in to complain. And if I ever figure out how to make that funny "a" instead of a 2, I might finally get a chance to post them.
  6. Good call. Incog Asterisk Rule applies here.
  7. Seems like Robbie Anderson is good.
  8. Thank you! I yelled that at the screen and startled my wife, who thought very little of my explanation. Tom Brady was a 6th round pick because he was a highly regarded college backup QB.
  9. Without comment on the content of anyone's posts, I find it weird when I see someone use the term unironically ironically. (Apologies.)
  10. The rules have been tweaked so often it's hard to keep track. The last Cliff Notes was that the receiver had to retain possession while going to the ground--as in the ground can't cause a fumble but it can cause an incompletion. You bring up a marvelously gray area, though. How long must a receiver have possession of a catch while going to the ground before a defender's stripping the ball away becomes inconsequential to a completed pass?
  11. Oh my! That was a smack.
  12. McCarthy is reckless with quarterbacks!
  13. Actually, shilling for a penis grooming device. Unclear if talking about manscaping or advertising a manscaping product is the offense. Always keen to play with words, I briefly began referring to weed whomping and stump pulling and hole digging and such as “manscaping” before I found out the term was already in use with a veery different meaning than the one I intended. I don’t think Rapoport was talking about chopping brush in the same way that I meant.
  14. What's your theory? a) Works in beverage distribution b) Mr. Good Example c) Karen's dad d) Parked in handicapped stall with his mother in law's tag on rear view mirror
  15. I cannot remember when so many injuries popped up AFTER a game was over. This calls for that “Bad news for Hitler” movie clip meme. Like “Next you’ll be telling me our punter sprained his toe!” “Actually, mein Fuhrer...”
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