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  1. Man the ads are chasing me away...can't we just let Webby cover our avatars in ads like NASCAR?
  2. More better linebacking is good.
  3. When I asked my dad for the car, without even looking at me over his paper he'd say, "Keys are there. Don't wreck it." That's really all MLF needs to say to Barry.
  4. Man, this is a good thread because people are making a lot of sense. Some terms we kick around mean different things to different people anyway. Calling someone a JAG means trash to some people and league average to others. "Going all in" seems a bit like that, loaded with personal takes on what it even means. I certainly agree that the free agent frenzy that brought us the Smith bros and Billy was "an all in" move. Drafting Love was brutally not--textbook managing for down the road. After this year's bitter pill, I am almost feeling like our window just closed anyway, given the lack
  5. Here's what I do get about the Gamestop imbroglio: Little guy pumps and dumps and costs big guy short sellers $$$$ and the system steps in to support the big guy. Here's what I don't get about the Gamestop imbroglio: In a system ostensibly designed to capitalize businesses, was there ever an opportunity for Gamestop to use that capital to re-create itself, change its business model, or acquire new technology? Cuz that would have been cool to see. I guess that is a fundamental lack of knowledge I have about stocks and capitalization. Mostly, stocks appear to be baseball cards that ris
  6. And no wimmen! Wimmen are bad for the LEGS!
  7. Will he speak of the pompatus of love during special teams meetings? Good luck to him tho. Half your squad resents being on the squad. The other half is always at risk of not being here next week. The other coaches give you leftovers for meeting times, and your players' brains and minds are dulled from exertion and stress before you even get a chance to work with them. Repetitions stretch out over the entire width and length of the field at times, making communication difficult. Injuries and substitutions play havoc with who is out on the field for which ST squad, making 90% of the battle
  8. To this gem I would only add cautiously over-optimistic dread. How can I claim we’re going to lay a heavy 30 burger on them and still feel so anxious? Because Tom Brady is the perfect villain. He’ll get his monologuing in in the form of a 4th quarter comeback.
  9. ...from your ellipsis to God’s ears...
  10. Personally, I find it a bit stunning to see from that billboard that Ted was only six years older than me. He carried himself with such quiet, patrician seriousness that he seemed more fatherly than older brotherly. I was moved by Jason Wilde’s emotional first take on the radio. But I never hung with any knowledgeable fans that actually hated on Ted, as Wilde suggested. I heard grumbling, sure. I remember my son’s football team playing a Green Bay HS team in ‘09 and two parents were wearing a Favre Jets jersey. How do you go from being a lifelong Packers fan to a Favre fan? He retired. I
  11. Corey Koskie’s career ended after a little dive into the stands chasing a foul ball. Nothing surprises me about concussions except for a return to play in a week.
  12. Now why you wanna ride into my town and start trouble, scare all these nice people?
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