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  1. But why? Not that he’s great but there’s nothing behind him
  2. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I agree with this. If Cleveland has Barkley/Chubb rated in the same tier as the QBs and they have all 3-4 QBs in the same group, then they absolutely should take Barkley/Chubb then whoever is left. Hell, take Barkley/Chubb/Fitzpatrick at 1&4 and trade up for any of the QBs that make it out of the top 10. Or sign Alex Smith/other veteran serviceable QB. That team has way too many holes to think any of these guys will turn them around soon.
  3. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    Not sure if this will show up in the next 21 paged but Goo ta Kuhn st i grew up with someone with the same name
  4. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Thanks for the info. We’re looking for more of a vacation home that eventually turns to where we retire to. The plot we found is right on the lake, we’re more interested in the views and small town quiet
  5. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Very random question but does anyone know anything about buying land? Found a plot near Algoma that has peaked my interest. Also, anyone know anything about Algoma?
  6. Packers Draft Pick Watch - 14th pick

    Looks like the website already had this factored in. My mistake
  7. Packers Draft Pick Watch - 14th pick

    NO/TB and CIN/BAL outcomes don’t matter because we played both. It averages us toward .500. We should actually jump WAS based on that (I haven’t checked if we were still tied)
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I work at the OSU hospital. Lots of “dinosaurs” were pretty livid he sat. He shouldn’t be on the sideline, he should have to pay for a ticket, etc. The question I posed to a coworker was essentially this - if you were promised 10 years of salary for working 1 year straight, would you take it? Stipulations: you cannot be late, call in sick, be injured or have a drop in performance review. If any of these happen, you are put through a stringent review and at best you take a 50% pay cut, at worst you are unemployed. Now, make the job description state “you must run into a brick wall as fast as you can 100x/day”. Stammering happened very quickly. Personally I don’t like that he practiced with the 1s and didn’t announce until game day, but that’s just me. I would probably like a rule in place that you have to announce you’re sitting a week prior to kickoff. I get both sides of the argument and lean toward the player. Some of these guys can make more than generations of their family had made combined just by signing a document. Just a downfall of the CFP.
  9. Packers Draft Pick Watch - 14th pick

    Fair enough. Unfortunately, I’m leaning more toward the thought that we have a lot more needs than I expected we would 3 months ago. As it stands, I’d rather acquire more picks/future picks than give them up. By no means would I be upset with Chubb, just not at what I think it would cost. Depending on how the board falls, I’d rather move down 10 spots for someone trying to grab the last 1st round Qb and get an extra 2nd and next years 1st
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Would anyone trade a 4th/5th for Eli Apple?
  11. Packers Draft Pick Watch - 14th pick

    Unless Ted is willing to give up 1, 2 and a future 1st (he won’t), there’s no way we can land him. Chubb isn’t making it out of the top 5
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Agreed. Rosen/Darnold go 1-2 for sure. First swerve would be the Colts. Chubb plays the premium position, Barkley may be the better prospect, and OT could be their biggest need. If Indy pulls off 2 wins to close the season (highly unlikely) it gets crazier with Cleveland owning 1 & 3. I’d assume QB and Chubb but they’d have to be interested in trading down I would think
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Really doubt Chubb falls out of the top 3-5 range but 🤞🏻
  14. Packers Draft Pick Watch - 14th pick

    I have Cleveland, NYG, Indy, Houston/Cleveland, TB, SF, Chicago, Cincy, NYJ, Denver in front of us for sure in some order. I have Oakland, Miami, Arizona and GB all finish at 7-9. That should put us at 13 based on SoS. We can bump up a notch if Oakland goes 2-0, but games against Philly and SD make that doubtful. We really need to root root for Miami to beat Buffalo in week 17, as they’re ahead of us in SoS, they just need one more win for GB to pass them, but that’s doubtful against NE. If Arizona could go 2-0 these last 2 weeks that would be helpful because they’re certainly going to be in the market for a QB, so more trade leverage for us if they’re right behind us, but they’ll be in front of us if they go 1-1. So, “best” case scenario, we lose out and Oak & Ari go 2-0, Miami wins 1 game, that would put us at 11 unless I’m missing something
  15. Packers Draft Pick Watch - 14th pick

    Based on my rudimentary estimates, at “worst” we can still pick 20th. At “best” we can ascend to 12. 12 would be an interesting spot, we’ll have lots of ammo to trade up for an Arden Key or Denzel Ward, and it may be a perfect spot for a team to trade up for someone like Baker Mayfield, netting us a future 1st. Sad that we’re already looking forward to the draft but it is what it is