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  1. Bored at work, thought I'd get the Mock Off season going since the Jets season is all but over. Coaching Not going to do anything here. I pray everyday that Adam "Offensive Genius" Gase is fired, but we'll see what the higher ups do Cut Brian Winters: Awful guard, the line has played better without him. Also he sealed his fate when he got caught yelling at Darnold over Kalil's botch snap. See ya. K. Osmele: He was a headache in Oakland & he was a headache for the Jets. Have fun rehabbing that shoulder. Quincy Enunwa: I like Quincy, but he can't stay healthy. Also him putting the Jets on blast via Twitter seals his fate with the team. Josh Bellamy: Why did the even sign him? Trumaine Johnson: What a wonderful Mike Maccagnan signing. He sucks, simple as that. Bye-Bye! Darryl Roberts: When he's not getting burnt in coverage he's bashing Jets fans on social media. See ya later you bum. Let Walk Kelvin Beachum/Ryan Kalil/Brandon Shell: I figured i'd just lump them all together. None of these 3 are worth another contract as the Jets need to be looking to totally redo their offensive line. Bilal Powell/Ty Montgomery: Grouped them together as well. I think the Jets like Josh Adams & will also add another RB with speed. Demaryus Thomas: He's done, Jets need to upgrade at WR. Neville Hewitt: He's good for one boneheaded PI a game. Not worth it. Maurice Canady: Upgrades to the CB position coming Nate Hairston: See above. Mathias Farley: Did he even play this year? Resign Robby Anderson: I've been back & forth with this one but I think the Jets need to bring back RA. He has a good connection with Darnold & he has shown that he can be a very solid #2 WR. Get more guys around him & he can become even better. Jordan Jenkins: Has improved every year. He is also a team leader, something the Jets need. James Burgess Jr.: He's shown enough to come back next year. Brian Poole: Has done an excellent job at Slot CB this season. Let him continue doing that moving forward. Arthur Maulet: Brought back for depth. FA Signings Brandon Scherff-OG-Redskins: Like i've stated above, the Jets need to redo their entire offense. They start by signing one of the better guards in the league. The Redskins are a mess & I can see them letting Scherff walk. If that's the case, the Jets better be all over it. Halapoulivaati Vaitai-OG-Eagles: I can see Douglas trying to sign some Eagles FA that he likes. I have a few friends who are Eagles fans & they like him, even though they think the Eagles will let him hit the open market. This signing helps upgrade both guard spots which will help with the OL rebuild (more to follow) Matt Judon-OLB-Ravens: Second year in a row the Jets add a LB from Baltimore. Judon does a nice job getting to the QB, something the Jets have been lacking since the John Abraham days. Judon & Jenkins make a solid 1-2 punch at the OLB position. Jalen Mills-CB-Eagles: Just like Vaitai, Douglas gets a guy from his past. Mills is a upgrade over both Johnson & Roberts. Draft TRADE: Jets trade pick #7 (where I think they'll end up) to the Panthers for their 1st, 2nd, 4th, & next year's 2nd. The Panthers will most likely get rid of Cam this offseason & may look to draft their future QB. Here I have them doing so & trading with the Jets. The Jets do this to gain more picks this/next year & now have the flexibility to move around during the draft. 1st: Jedrick Wills Jr.-OT-Alabama: Very solid Tackle who can step in Day 1 & contribute protecting Darnold. TRADE: Jets trade their 2nd & 3rd round picks to the Chiefs for the 25th pick. The Jets jump back into the first round to help sure up their line even further. 1st: Austin Jackson-OT-USC: Has the prototypical size to play LT in the NFL & is lightning quick. Will be protecting Darnold's blindside for the next decade plus. 2nd: AJ Terrell-CB-Clemson: A big cover corner who can help sure up the secondary even further. 3rd: Nick Harris-OC-Washington: Joe Douglas finishes up rebuilding the OL with this pick. Harris is a solid/smart OC & will start Day 1. TRADE: Jets trade both 4th round picks for a mid round 3rd. The Jets jump back into the 3rd round to get a player they want. 3rd: Tyler Johnson-WR-Minnesota: An excellent route runner who has made a career making tough catches all over the field. Will be a nice pairing with both RA & Crowder. 5th: Bryan Edwards-WR-South Carolina: More depth at the WR position. Edwards has had a solid career for the Gamecocks & I think he'd make a solid possession WR in the NFL. He can be an over the middle type of player for Darnold as well as a big redzone target. 6th: Clyde Edwards-Heclaire-RB-LSU: The Jets need a speedy backup RB. CEH is just thought as he can run in between the tackles or break one to the outside. 7th: Jalen Elliott-S-Notre Dame: Depth at the safety position Depth Chart Offense QB: Darnold/Falk RB: Bell, Adams, CEH WR: RA, Edwards WR: Johnson Slot: Crowder, Berrios TE: Herndon, Griffin, Wesco LT: Jackson, Qvale LG: Scherff, Lewis C: Harris, Harrison RG: Vaitai, Lewis RT: Wills, Edoga Defense DE: Anderson, Phillips DT: McLendon, Fatukasi DE: Williams, Shepherd OLB: Jenkins, Basham ILB: Williamson, Cashman ILB: Mosley, Burgess OLB: Judoh CB: Austin, Maulet Slot: Poole CB: Mills, Terrell FS: Maye SS: Adams, Elliott Special Teams K: Ficken P: Edwards LS: Hennessey Analysis This off season focuses on rebuilding the OL as well as adding play makers to the offense. I did not have a Bell or Adams trade in there as I think the Jets would be IDIOTIC to trade players/leaders like that. With the draft, I went offensive heavy which is needed since they've been defensive heavy for the past decade. Getting an extra 2nd in the 2021 draft is useful as well. I know it may scare some of you that I have 3 rookie linemen starting but Scherff & Vaitai can help anchor the line & also, it can't be much worse than what we're watching now. Defense I didn't change up that much because I think they'll continue to improve next year with the return of both Mosely & Williamson, plus the few additions I did make. Let me know what you think!
  2. Quarter-mark 2020 Mock: A recap, FA, and Draft

    I've been meaning to comment on this. The only thing i'd do differently is keep Avery Williamson because as I've stated before, I'd like to see him paired up next to CJ. Other than that, i'd be ecstatic with this offseason. The FA signings are strong & I LOVE the trade for Leonard Floyd. You also focused on OL & double dipped at WR, which I think the Jets should do regardless if the resign RA or not. Great job, looking forward to your next one.
  3. Mid Season Mock

    LOVE how you rebuilt the OL in this mock. I've been saying that the Jets need 5 new starters on the OL next season & you did just that. The only two things i'd do differently is double dip at WR instead of drafting a TE. I belive Ryan Griffin can be the #2 TE for the Jets & being that it is a deep WR class, the Jets can possibly get a solid player at that pick. I'd also keep Avery Williamson, I'd like to see how the pairing of him & CJ do (especially with a new DC because we all know this staff is getting sent packing). Other than that, sign me up for this mock offseason!
  4. Jets Mock Offseason V.1

    Hey everyone. Wanted to do a mock off season, see how it goes. Cuts/Don't Resign Brian Winters: Very down year, bring in better OG talent James Carpenter: See above Buster Skrine: Mr. Penalty is officially gone Kelvin Beachum: Play has been subpar. OT will be addressed this offseason Josh McCown: Better options for backup QB Morris Claiborne: Better options at CB Henry Anderson: REALLY like him, but he is better suited for the 3-4. Jermaine Kearse: Lackluster performance this pass season, complained a bit too much as well Bilal Powell: Maybe on a short term deal, but can see the Jets letting him walk Guys like Pierre-Louis, Pennell, & Brooks are already gone. Re-Sign Robby Anderson: For a while I wanted him gone, but I think the Jets give him another chance on a two year deal to get back to how he was in '17. Andre Roberts: Brought back on a 1yr deal, keeps the return game strong Jason Myers: 2yr deal. Had a very strong season Deontay Burnett: Want to see more of him next season. Could be a good slot guy for Darnold. Smaller name guys get 1yr deals as well, don't feel like naming them. Free Agency Offense Tevin Coleman (RB): I think Bell ends up in Indy, but this is a solid get. Coleman is solid out of the backfield & is also a decent runner as well (3yrs). Matt Paradis (C): Best C available, helps sure up the offensive line & the C position which the Jets haven't had since Mangold (4yrs). Roger Saffold (OG): Another solid pickup for the O-Line. Helps hold down the middle for a few years. Gets the run game back to solid (3yrs). Adam Humphries (WR): Very underrated player. Has gotten better each year he has been in the league. Can man the slot which allows Enunwa to move around (4yrs). Ryan Tannehill (QB): Backup to Darnold, helps Jets groom Webb for another season (1yr) Defense Anthony Barr (LB): This is the Jets BIG free agency get. Barr can start at the SLB position & help the transition to the Williams 4-3 defense go much smoother (4yrs). Dante Fowler Jr.(DE): I know people wants Flowers, but I think he ends up elsewhere. Fowler does have a solid skill set & can provide a solid rush from the edge (3yrs). Robert Quinn (DE): Again another solid pas rusher who has played for Adam Gase. Helps shape up the Jets D-Line (2yrs). Brian Poole (CB): Being let go by Atlanta, him & Mayes have been talking on social media. Nice upgrade for the slot CB position (2yrs). Trades Jordan Jenkins to Tampa Bay for a 5th round pick: Jenkins is a 3-4 edge rusher, does not have a true fit in the 4-3. Gets reunited with Bowles. Jets trade #3 to Jacksonville for #7 & Jalen Ramsey: This is the BIG trade splash. I've ready that the Jets want a pick & a proven player if they are to move down from #3. The Jags are in need of a QB & seem to be done with Ramsey. Ramsey gets a fresh start with NY & makes the defensive backfield MUCH better. Adams is still the defensive leader which will help Ramsey out big time. Draft Trade: Jets send #7 to Tampa Bay for #14, 2nd, 3rd, 4th: Tampa moves up for a DL or maybe even a QB. Jets recoup some picks it lost in the Indy trade & now allows them to be players in the draft. #14: Jonah Williams-OT-Alabama: Is the starter at LT for the next decade. Strong player who will also greatly improve the O-Line. Trade: Jets send 2nd, 3rd, 4th round picks to Philadelphia for #25. Jets see a chance to jump back into the 1st round & use the extra picks to do so. #25: A.J. Brown-WR-Ole Miss: Steadily moving up draft boards. Solid WR who can eventually turn into a #1 for the Jets. Trade: Jets send 3rd, 5th, & '20 3rd rounder to Atlanta for #45.: Another trade for the Jets. Get back in the 2nd round to grab a player they have their eye on. #45: Elgton Jenkins-OG/C-Mississippi St.: Had a solid career at Miss. St. Can play both OG & C but will start right away at OG. If Paradis gets hurt or doesn't pan out, Jenkins can take over the C position. #70: Joe Jackson-DE-Miami: This is a deep draft class for edge rushers, so Jackson falls a bit due to this. I'm a Hurricanes fan & say him play a lot & he is a force off the edge. Can be a situational pass rusher his rookie season & can take over for Quinn in year 2. #98: Amani Hooker-S/LB/CB-Alabama: A do it all player that can play multiple positions. Mayes has the injury prone label so Hooker is solid insurance. Being able to play multiple positions also helps Williams mix things up on defense. #134: David Edwards-OT-Wisconsin: BIG OT from a school that produces solid linemen. This pick can help not rush Brandon Shell back or it can be his replacement if it doesn't work out. 7th Rd: Travis Homer-RB-Miami: Had a solid career for the Hurricanes, but was never really the lead back. Good runner & very strong in pass protection. Replacement for Powell. Depth Chart Offense QB: Darnold, Tannehill, Webb RB: Coleman, Homer, Canoon WR: Enunwa, Brown WR: Anderson Slot: Humphries, Burnett TE: Herndon, Leggett OT: Williams OG: Jenkins C: Paradis OG: Saffold OT: Shell, Edwards Defense DE: Fowler DT: Williams DT: Sheppard DE: Quinn, Jackson OLB: Barr MLB: Williamson OLB: Lee CB: Ramsey CB: Johsnon Slot: Poole, Nickerson FS: Mayes, Hooker SS: Adams K: Myers P:Edwards Returner: Roberts Obviously the roster isn't filled out, but have no clue who is/isn't getting released/resigned by other teams. Could see the Jets adding more to DT/CB after cuts. With Free Agency, I think it helps the O/D-Line & they get solid players at both RB/OLB. The Jags trade is a big one, but I think Jets fans may see something like this actually happen. With the draft, it helps solidify the O-Line even more, making it one of the stronger units in the NFL. Truly think Brown can be a #1 & Jackson can turn into a dominate edge rusher. Let me know what you all think!
  5. Off from Work Mock Offseason

    Didn't take Jackson at #9. Took Nelson there & traded back into the 1st (28th) for Jackson
  6. Off from Work Mock Offseason

    I think the Jets have a OC in Jeremy Bates that doesn't let his ego get the best of him & would tailor an offense around Jackson that would make him successful. Also with players like ARob, Enunwa, Anderson, Guice, & potentially Leggett, the Jets have a ton of speed at the skill positions to help facilitate that offense. One can dream about Powell, maybe a 5th rounder for him then.
  7. Off from Work Mock Offseason

    Since i've been off the past two days due to the snow, I figured I'd try my hand in a Mock Offseason. My mock is based off of Kurt Cousins signing with Denver. Also, I don't put in contract length/money because i'm not good at structuring it. Remaining Cuts James Carpenter-OG: Doesn't fit the new blocking scheme Buster Skrine-CB: Mr. Penalty, not worth the money Ben Ijalana-OT: Not worth the money Devin Smith-WR: Can't stay healthy. Not a good pick by Commander Mac Bryce Petty-QB: He's had his chances & he's shown he's just not an NFL QB. The Jets go in a different direction this offseason at the QB position. Christian Hackenburg-QB: He sucks, plain & simple. Mac will try to keep him to save face but I think he doesn't make it out of training camp this year. Re-Signings Josh McCown-QB: He didn't play that bad for the Jets last season. They bring him back to either be the bridge to a rookie QB (more on that later) or be a solid veteran backup. Quincy Enunwa-WR: It was a shame he missed last season due to injury, but he was a nice surprise the year before. If you saw his tweet recently, he loves being apart of the Jets organization, & the Jets need to keep players like that around (it also helps that he's good). Bates uses him more as a HBack, getting him in matchups that will help him produce. DeMario Davis-LB: He had a nice 2nd stint with the Jets and I think both sides will come to an agreement on a short term contract to keep him here. Kony Ealy-DE: Nice find by the Jets on the waiver wire. The Jets bring him back to be a situational pass rusher Eric Tomlinson-TE: He's a solid blocker & he impressed me a bit with some catches. Brought back for depth purposes. Xavier Cooper-DE: DLine depth Doug Middleton-FS: Safety depth *Players not resigned: ASJ (too much $, not enough production), Mo Claiborne (too much $, injury concerns) & Wesley Johnson (sucks) Free Agency Allen Robinson-WR: Reports out there say that the Jets are one of the frontrunners (along with the 49ers) for him. I really liked ARob coming out of college & wish Idzik drafted him. Even coming off the torn ACL I think he'll make an immediate impact in our passing game being the true #1 WR. Weston Richburg-C: WIth the Jets not resigning Wesley Johnson, they need someone to lead the OLine. Reports out their state there's mutual interest between the Jets and Richburg so I feel they get a deal done early with him. Tyler Eifert-TE: Injury prone but a solid player when healthy. This is another player that I wanted the Jets to draft back in '13. Due to his injury past I think he may take an Alshon Jeffrey 1-yr prove it deal to show he can stay healthy & be productive. Tavon Austin-WR: Jets sign him to return kickoffs and run the occasional gadget play. Malcolm Butler-CB: The Jets need to revamp their CB position & they start by signing one of the top CB's in the FA class. Butler may not have played in the Super Bowl, but I believe he's still a solid player & can help the Jets secondary big time. EJ Gaines-CB: The Jets need more than one CB so they double dip in free agency. Gaines had a big year in '17 & I believe he can keep that production going. Butler & Gaines form a nice CB duo for the Gang Green. Trades Bilal Powell to the Ravens for a 4th round pick: Now I know some of you are gonna ask why, but as much as I like Powell I believe he's not in the Jets long term plans. I think the Jets trade him while his value is somewhat still high & go in a new direction in the backfiled. Draft *Trade: The Jets trade their 6th pick to the 49ers for the 9th pick, 2nd round pick, & 6th round pick: The 49ers move up to grab a top defensive player (Ward or James). The Jets do this because Allen & Darnold are already off the board & they pick up another 2nd round pick & a 6th round pick. 1) Quentin Nelson-OG-Notre Dame: This guy is an absolute monster. He starts from day 1 for the Jets & will help anchor the Jets OLine for the next decade +. **Trade: The Jets trade their 2nd round pick, their 4th round pick, & their 2019 4th round pick to the Steelers for the 28th overall pick: The Jets seeing a QB falling late in the 1st round make the move to get him........ 1) Lamar Jackson-QB-Louisville: Now I know most of you will hate this pick, but here me out. Jackson was a very productive player at Louisville both in the air & on the ground. I've watched tape on him & I truly believe that he will be a successful NFL QB. Also, with all these reports about teams wanting him to move to WR, all it's going to do is put a chip on his shoulder & prove them wrong. He could be the starting QB for the Jets if he blows them away during the preseason or be brought along slowly into the season. 2) Derrius Guice-RB-LSU: The Jets start to revamp their backfield with one of the better RB's in the draft class. Guice is a solid RB & he would bring much needed speed for the Jets offesne. 2) Lorenzo Carter-OLB-Georgia: For as long as I can remember the Jets have needed a pass rusher off the edge. Well I think they finally get their edge rusher in Carter. He's a big dude (6'6) and has a relentless motor to him. His pass rushing presence helps free up Williams for more hits/sacks at the QB. 3) Da'Shawn Hand-DL-Alabama: With Mo Wilkerson gone, the Jets need someone to replace him. Hand is a solid player & Saban has been raving about him during the draft process. He's a guy that steps in from Day 1 & forms a solid DLine again with Williams and McLendon. 4) Bo Scarbrough-RB-Alabama: Maccagnan loves to double dip in his drafts & he does it this year at RB. Scarbrough may not have the prettiest of numbers but I think that more because of the heavy rotation in the Bama backfield. He's a bruiser of a runner & would be used mostly on goal line & end of game situations. Scarbrough & Guice help makeup the new Jets backfield along with McGuire. 5) WIll Clapp-OG/C-LSU: Maccagnan double dips yet again, this time on the OLine. Clapp had a solid career at LSU playing multiple positions on the OLine. He can be groomed to eventually replace Winters & with Nelson, the Jets are set with their interior line for a while. 6) Jack Cichy-LB-Wisconsin: Injuries drop him down a lot. Had he went back to Wisco for one more year, I think he's a Day 2 prospect. Cichy has a nose for the football & can start as a solid backup for the Jets & eventually replace Davis (or Lee if he doesn't step up) down the road. 6) Chase Litton-QB-Marshall: Another double dip. Litton put up solid numbers for the Herd & scouts/GM's seem to like him. He can be groomed to be a reliable backup or he could pull a Kurt Cousins & force his way on the field. The last Marshall QB the Jets drafted turned out pretty well for them, so they take a chance. 7) Michael Bagley-K-Miami: Solid kicker, the Jets draft him to be their starting K from Day 1. Depth Chart Offense QB: Jackson/McCown, Litton RB: Guice, Scarbrough, McGuire WR1: Robinson, Austin WR2: Anderson, Hansen Slot: Kearse, Stewart TE: Eifert, Leggett, Tomlinson HBack: Enunwa OT: Shell OG: Nelson, Dozier C: Richburg, Harrison OG: Winters, Clapp OT: Beachum, Qvale Defense DE: Hand, Ealy DT: McLendon, Pennel DE: WIlliams, Cooper OLB: Carter, Mauldin ILB: Lee, Stanford ILB: Davis, Cichy OLB: Jenkins, Donahue CB: Butler, Burris, Jones CB: Gaines, Robinson, Clark Slot: Roberts FS: Mayes, Brooks, SS: Adams, Middleton Special Teams K: Bagley P: Edwards KR: Austin PR: McGuire Personally, I believe this is a very solid team who can push for a playoff spot next season. With this offseason, they address some big needs & could then focus on OT the following offseason if need be. Let me know what you think!