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  1. Our defense really isn’t that tough. We have jaylon Johnson at CB1 then a whole bunch of questions after him. EJax isnt who he once was. Mack hasn’t really been his normal, constantly-disruptive self. Week 1 there were a ton of mental mistakes like not touching a receiver on the ground to down him. I think their week 1 performance is much closer to their actual self than today against the Bengals. I think your Browns will steamroll the Bears next week. The only real question for me is how Fields will do with a full week of prep as QB1, and he hasn’t even been named sta
  2. While i don’t agree with it, I’m not convinced Nagy makes the switch yet.
  3. Hahaha burrow you big dumb idiot
  4. He was doing so well today…
  5. Yeah he landed awkwardy while running out of bounds. He was seen rubbing and practicing drop backs on the sideline. I think we’ll see more of him before the games over,
  6. …is this another “devin.Fart?”
  7. That was such a nail biter! I thought there was no way i was going to hang in going into OT. At one point i was only up by like 1.4 points. I did say i needed vegas to score TDs and Lamar to crap the bed. I got two TDs out of Vegas and two fumbles lost by Lamar.
  8. Lol i need Vegas to score a bunch of TDs and Lamar to crap the bed the rest of the game. Don’t like my chances.
  9. Until they start Fields, I’m watching every game as if its another preseason game. Not gonna get worked up when our RB runs it inside the ten and our underwhelming “QB1” throws a pick two plays later. Not gonna get upset when our wr1 is CLEARLY interfered with on third down but no flags are thrown. DBs letting the WRs run by them all game? Psssh. Just not gonna care. Apathy until Fields.
  10. Haven’t played fantasy football in 3-4 years and have done bo research on it this year. I’m sure this will go great for me!
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