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  1. League 2019 off season

    Who’s got video of alshons missed catch??
  2. Packers Hire LaFleur

    Yeah...this one here gets you a warning. Pretty self-explanatory i would hope.
  3. Packers Hire LaFleur

    Please don’t talk about politics
  4. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    Too soon man
  5. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    @justwinbaby81 you’re getting a warning for trolling. With that said, I’d rather lose in the playoffs and have late draft picks than not make the playoffs and have early draft picks. Early draft picks doesn’t always guarantee success. Just ask the browns, lions, or....raiders.
  6. As a cop, these stories are endless. Problem is that when you deal with it almost daily it all becomes mundane. I hate when i meet someone new or see someone i haven’t seen in a long time because they ALWAYS ask, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” Verbatim. And i can almost never give them a response. So one that certainly sticks out to me happened about 2-3 years ago. A guy decides to end his life so he goes out to a wooded area behind his house. Sits down at the base of a tree and pops an M-80 in his mouth with the wick sticking out. Lights the wick...... Ever watch The Walking Dead? It looked just like when one of those characters would bash in a zombies head with a bat. There was literally brains, skull fragments, jaw bone fragments, etc dripping from leaves. Pretty nasty.
  7. Coach of the year?

    Gruden. The trades he made this year significantly helped not one but TWO teams make the playoffs as division champs. but for real...the homer in me says Nagy. But i wouldn’t be upset if Reich got it either.
  8. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    Of course tank doesn’t post around here for a long time, and the one time he comes back is when there’s a bunch of talk about giraffe dongs.
  9. Well from the sounds of it a lot of them are lying down on those beds.
  10. Callahan broke his foot

    Per webby, @ibt734 has been suspended for two weeks after receiving numerous warnings for trolling both here and in nfl general.
  11. Bears Vs 49ers GDT Sunday Dec 23 3:00 CST

    But they did get him in a trade with Houston.

    That was my first thought, but Chicagoal would do his famous quotes and replies with red text within the quotes post.
  13. Schefter: Bears to acquire Khalil Mack

    With that said, i think its time to drop the mic on this thread.
  14. What does everyone do for a living?

    Detective. It’s fun. Basically you don’t sleep and you deal with a lot of rapists.