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  1. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet, but if he’s not on the active roster for five games then Oakland does not get the draft pick. So if he’s good and sticks around, it costs virtually nothing. If he’s not any good, it costs literally nothing.
  2. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    Tbf that would still be better than perky.
  3. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    What’s up with cole Tracy? During the senior bowl or combine i remember hearing about him as one of the better kickers in the draft. A punter got drafted in the 4th round, yet he still remains unsigned 6 hours after the draft.
  4. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    Talk of Iowa and Rex grossman is like the bat signal for me.
  5. Draft Scenario Discussion

    Did you get the full transcript? I can only seem to find abbreviated ones.
  6. Draft Scenario Discussion

    Tried my best to find anything on him and came up empty. Iowa players are just perfect i guess.
  7. Will Arizona take Murray at No. 1?

  8. Bears Get Fool's Day Bites

    Chicago Bears get a warning for trolling.
  9. FF Bears forum deserves kudos

    Oh captain, my captain!
  10. FF Bears forum deserves kudos

    And most of us here are drunk anyway so that just adds to them pub feeling.
  11. FF Bears forum deserves kudos

    Why would I hide? I still believe in him....you guys don’t??
  12. FF Bears forum deserves kudos

    Damn...I’ve been working late almost everyday this month and missed this one. The posters make this forum and currently we have a great crop of guys who just want to talk bears stuff. Makes mine and @Madmike90s job way easier. There were times where i had to check the forum every few hours because some knuckleheads would be going back and fourth like a couple of middle schoolers and the forums gone up for grabs. Now if i can’t log on for a few days because of work and life and stuff i feel confident that the forum is running smoothly. @Webmaster remember this thread when my employee evaluation comes up and you’re deciding my raise.
  13. Bears trade Howard to the Eagles

    That’s about the compensation i was expecting, only wish it was for this draft. Either way, it was pretty clear Howard wasn’t in their plans. Hope he does well in philly.
  14. Kevin White signs with Cardinals

    I met him once leaving a Cubs game. Nice guy, took a picture with me. That’s about all i can say about his tenure in Chicago.