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  1. Adopt a Bear - 2018

    You have to bathe him too. Adopting them is a serious commitment.
  2. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    Worked till 9. New schedule and all.
  3. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2018

    Damn Tyreek Hill.....
  4. Well this one didn’t exactly age well....
  5. Week One - Bears vs Packers.

    @cannondale you’re getting a warning for trolling. You’re only intention was to rile up bears fan with your posts. If you had a problem with what was happening in the packers forum you should have taken it up with your mods there. TO ALL OTHER BEARS POSTERS: don’t take the bait and get yourself a warning too. Just ignore the troll.
  6. Schefter: Bears to acquire Khalil Mack

    So he’s good?
  7. Bears Trade Deiondre' Hall to Eagles

    Lol a 7th makes much more sense. A 4th seemed outrageously high.
  8. Bears Trade Deiondre' Hall to Eagles

    So I’m assuming it’s a 5th that could escalate to a 4th based on performance?
  9. Raiders trade a fifth for QB AJ McCarron

    Maybe this is Frank Caliendos greatest act of his career.
  10. Interesting case of Khalil Mack

    I like the way you think
  11. Schefter: Bears to acquire Khalil Mack

    Sounds like two 1s and a player. Kwiatkoski? Floyd? Someone else?
  12. Raiders, Bears Reach Agreement on Khalil Mack Trade

    I’m guessing nick Kwiatkoski. Maaaaaaybe Leonard Floyd.