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  1. Ryan Pace and QB's

    It’s 12:30 am after a bears loss to the Packers. I’d be worried if you were sober.
  2. Ryan Pace and QB's

    Deal. Their results speak for themselves. They have more super bowl experience than 99% of bears QBs combined.
  3. Ryan Pace and QB's

    Nah nah nah you guys got it all wrong. We gotta bring in the big gun who last got us to a super bowl. #bringbacksexy
  4. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    This was rough. How many times have the bears been able to hold an Aaron Rodgers Packers team to only 10 points? It’s rare, you can’t waste such a defensive performance like that. I gotta echo what most everyone else is saying about the offense - it’s disheartening to see that crap performance especially after all the hype. Trubisky didn’t look much different from his rookie days, he didn’t get help from anyone, penalties shot themselves in the foot, and playcalling was atrocious. Why got for it on 4th and 10 when you’re in FG range, down 4, and an entire quarter or so of football left to go? Did Nagy not have confidence in Eddy? Did he forget they cut Parkey after last season? Or was he just trying to be cute there? My head says that this is only one game that has virtually no tangible effect on my actual life. And quite frankly, outside of more turnovers, the collective offensive performance can’t get a whole lot worse than what we saw tonight. So...silver lining...i guess? My heart says things that would get me banned from this site if i were to repeat them. Losing the first game of the year, at home, after a soul crushing playoff loss, with so much hype, and to the Packers makes this one hurt bad. At least they’ve got a couple extra days to prepare for Denver in week 2.
  5. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    I see it as a win-win. Say I’ve got AR. Either the Bears win and my fantasy team takes a hit with a poor Rodgers performance. If the Bears lose because AR was lights out, well at least my fantasy team is doing well. Best case scenario - the two teams get into a shootout and AR throws 5 tds but still isn’t enough to overcome the Bears 6 tds by Trubisky.
  6. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    So basically you and, say, 11 other people join a fantasy football league together. You guys then draft players from around the league to your team. In most cases it’s strictly offensive skill players. Your fantasy team will be comprised of players from different teams in the nfl. For example, your QB could be Pat Mahomes, RB could be Tarik Cohen, and WR could be Davante Adams, etc. Your fantasy team then plays head to head against another fantasy team in your league each week. You choose a select number of your players to start that week and your score is based off of how your players do in real nfl games that week. So for example, QBs generally get 4 points for every td they throw, 1 point for every 25 yards they throw, and -2 points for every int they throw. Other positions have similar scoring. So that’s where the strategy comes in, you have to decide who to start based off of matchups, whose playing the hot hand, who’s been banged up, etc. So let’s say you started Tarik Cohen at RB, but he lays a goose egg against the Packers this week and you left David Montgomery on the bench and he runs for 150 yards and 3 TDs, well then you’re SOL because his 33 points aren’t going to help you from the bench. Lots of fantasy leagues have a buy in so the winners of the league can make some money. For a lot of people, it’s a great way to get you interested in other nfl games other than the Bears. Normally i wouldn’t care to watch the 9ers and Seahawks, but if I’m up by 20 points and my opponent has Russel Wilson playing, ill be on the edge of my seat that whole game rooting for the 9er defense. Theres more intricacies the more you get into it, but that’s more of a broad overview of fantasy football.
  7. NFCN Rivals - Lions Thread

    I think you’re overthinking it. I just believe that having a thread titled “Detroit sucks” is a bad look. Having a thread titled “cheese” is well...strange. And a casual visitor to this forum probably wouldn’t know there’s Packers discussion going on in there. So i changes them to accurately reflect what the threads about. Nothing more, nothing less. If you still have an issue with thread titles being changed, feel free to pm me.
  8. NFCN Rivals - Lions Thread

    Just classing it up a bit.
  9. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet, but if he’s not on the active roster for five games then Oakland does not get the draft pick. So if he’s good and sticks around, it costs virtually nothing. If he’s not any good, it costs literally nothing.
  10. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    Tbf that would still be better than perky.
  11. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    What’s up with cole Tracy? During the senior bowl or combine i remember hearing about him as one of the better kickers in the draft. A punter got drafted in the 4th round, yet he still remains unsigned 6 hours after the draft.
  12. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    Talk of Iowa and Rex grossman is like the bat signal for me.
  13. Draft Scenario Discussion

    Did you get the full transcript? I can only seem to find abbreviated ones.
  14. Draft Scenario Discussion

    Tried my best to find anything on him and came up empty. Iowa players are just perfect i guess.
  15. Will Arizona take Murray at No. 1?