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  1. TABT

    How did Cutler look?
  2. Glennon during the Broncos game

    Kinda what I figured, something worth discussing though. I know I'm not the only one who picked up on it.
  3. Glennon during the Broncos game

    During the game last night I saw a couple things that concerned me a bit with regards to Glennon. After Trus TD to Cruz and everyone was celebrating with Tru, the camera cut to Glennon in the sideline just standing there with his hands in his chest pads, almost looking disappointed. Then there were other times where all three QBs were on the sideline. Sanchez was with Tru going over plays on the tablet while Glennon was away from them rolling his eyes and twiddling his thumbs. Ill admit that I didn't watch the entire game and may have missed a lot. I know Glennon is trying to keep the starting job and Tru is his competition, but I would have expected him to be more supportive or mentorly (is that a word?). I also acknowledge that Glennons Bears debut really couldn't have gone much worse and Trus really couldn't have gone much better. I guess what I'm getting at is this - was that just creative camera work to create more of a QB controversy by the media, or is there some attitude coming from Glennon?
  4. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    Sanchize time!!
  5. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    Oh good god.....
  6. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    Well I see the flags are in mid season form already...
  7. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    Alright Floyd. Do that again.
  8. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    How's he allowed on tv? He's got a face for radio.
  9. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    Hahahahaha so fitting
  10. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    I'm strangely excited for this game. Usually I couldn't care less for preseason, tonight is different. ...let's see how I feel an hour from now. btw, for as much as I like this new site, the emoticons are awful lol.
  11. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    @G08 I think I might know why you're getting the black background behind your text. Are you copy/pasting from somewhere? I did that for the forum rules thread I just made. When I pasted it on here I got a message just above the "submit" button saying something about formatting. It gave me an option to remove the formatting and my text went back to normal.
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  13. TABT

    What do people think about cutler making a comeback to the league with the dolphins? Personally, I REALLY want to see him succeed. But it will be entertaining nonetheless watching him. On the other hand, I was also really excited to hear him call games. He's got a dry, but witty sense of humor that I think would go over real well during broadcasts. Guess Ill have to wait another year to hear that.
  14. Bears Training Camp 2017

    I keep hearing Tanner Gentry has been the star of camp. Anyone know much about him?