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  1. I can live with Flus. Das Flus is a bit much at this time.
  2. Bears are said to be zeroing in on Bissacia as STC assuming the Raiders don’t offer him HC.
  3. Many of us here are young enough where those years were the best of being a bears fan. I remember loving having marinelli as our DC.
  4. How are Chicagoan’s going to mispronounced his name? Eberfluke? Eberflutes?
  5. Exactly. He was in the first round of interviews, so of course he’s going to prefer certain candidates over other ones.
  6. Just that he wants someone doesn’t mean he’s getting in the way.
  7. That’s a shame, he had such good info. I wonder who is source was - assistant GM?
  8. Wow i was really expecting Quinn after Hackett to Denver. As weird as this may sound, this is more exciting to me just based off of the unknown. We’ve seen Quinn and Caldwell before. Eberflus has been mentioned as a HC candidate for the last few hiring cycles but never quite closed the deal. So we go from Ryan and Matt as our GM/HC to Ryan and Matt as our GM/HC combo. George definitely wanted to just save money on name plates outside of offices.
  9. Maybe. Would he have to accept that promotion before teams need to get permission to interview him? I would imagine so. Maybe he sees that as a sinking ship and wants to get out if Aaron is leaving.
  10. I was reading somewhere, possibly Allbright on Twitter, saying that Hackett isn’t quite the Rodgers bait that many people seem to think he is. Their QB coach, Letsy(?), is the one you want to hire if you’re going to lure Rodgers. It’ll be interesting to see if Hackett brings him on as OC in Denver.
  11. I’d bet that they announce the HC today.
  12. Apparently reports of leftwich to the jags was a bit premature.
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