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  1. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    There’s been discussion online of the Cubs should get in on the bidding for machado with a deal entered around Russell. Do you make that trade and risk 4 cheap years of Russell for likely 1 expensive year of machado?
  2. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Yeah. No.
  3. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    I saw a tweet saying Cobb wants $20M annually...
  4. Bears @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    Lol phrasing
  5. Lol this made me laugh. “Your honor...ehhh...he’s probably guilty.” I think Vance could be one and done in Denver. If the wheels really fall off over the next few weeks, maybe Adam Gase. The Browns said Hue is safe for next year, but the Browns could Browns and reneg on that. Then there will probably be one that comes totally out of left field.
  6. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    I’m excited be a finalist, but trying not to get too excited. I’m sure Theo and Jed are doing something awesome in their presentation, i just don’t know if we offer what he wants. Regardless id love to see what their presentation to him is. All reports I’ve read said the Cubs one is extremely creative. But I’d expect no less from our management.
  7. GDT Sign up thread

    @Sugashane i believe this is your week.
  8. Bears claim Lamar Houston.....?

    Am i reading this right?
  9. John Fox is still employed

    Merging this thread with the swan song thread.
  10. John Fox is still employed

    Wait what?
  11. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Twins apparently interested in Justin Wilson.
  12. Just a thought here. Seems like things in Miami are going downhill, and fast. Think Gase might be available to return as OC?
  13. Well who knows about Andrew Luck? Last i read he was in Europe looking for some procedure to fix his shoulder. I also read there’s no guarantee he returns. I don’t believe he’s done for good, but things aren’t looking good for him. Also, if Nagy went to Indy he’d have Jim Irsay breathing down his neck and getting his two cents into the media at every corner. That definitely helps out our case.
  14. On the parkins/spiegel show on the score yesterday they interviewed someone from New Orleans (a bear writer i believe) about Pete Carmichael. In short, the guy said Carmichael is not head coaching material. Said there’s several head coaching candidates on the saints, but Carmichael isn’t one of them. I only caught part of it, so i didn’t get to hear his reasoning for why he doesn’t like his chances of becoming a head coach. Take this for a grain of salt obviously. I’ll try to look up the interview later on.
  15. The Gun Thread

    I shot a .22 last night for the first time, both rifle and pistol. Gotta say, I hated it. I get that they’re real cheap rounds, but I felt like I was shooting an airsoft gun. I like a little more *umph* when shooting I guess.