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  1. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    @dafreak you’re getting a warning for circumventing the curse filter.
  2. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    @blkwdw13 you’re getting a warning for this. Youve been around long enough to know that’s not allowed.
  3. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    What an idiot
  4. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    We’re gonna end up losing this game
  5. Trade Deadline Discussion

    If for nothing else, the rumors that the Bears were interested in beathard and Mariota gives me a little hope (assuming the Bears actually did have interest). Hope in that the higher ups realize the situation they’re in and are going to try to do something about it. Not saying either of those guys are the answer, but neither is sitting on your hands hoping Tru turns into a franchise QB.
  6. Trade Deadline Discussion

  7. Trade Deadline Discussion

    Kinda vague so take it how you will.
  8. Trade Deadline Discussion

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded a late round pick for Beathard. Ben Albright tweeted something yesterday making it seem like Gabriel wasn’t on the table, but that there have been discussions.
  9. Around the NFL Thread

    Hopefully this will lift some spirits a bit...
  10. Nagy "hopes" Hicks will return this year

    Yeah that’s no good, but I’m not surprised. When they showed the replay of the hit and his elbow was flopping around, i figured he was done for the year right then and there. Now I’m not too familiar with the new IR rules - is he still eligible to come back later in the season?
  11. Kyle Long likely to be placed on IR

    Easy way to bench a long time veteran without telling him he’s been playing like crap.
  12. Schefter on Roquan Smith

    So Roquan has said several times that he’s playing on Sunday. As far as i know, Nagy has yet to confirm that. Anyone else find that a little weird?
  13. Schefter on Roquan Smith

    I can say with 100% degree of certainty that Roquan Smith was NOT arrested within cook county. The mental thing seems much more likely.
  14. He didn’t like an alternate uniform the white sox were gonna wear a few years back. So he went around the locker room with scissors cutting the uniforms up.