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  1. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    Yeah initially i had like 3 or 4 other couple agreeing to go in on it with my wife and i. When the time came only one couple was left willing to chip in. So needless to say it’s expensive and I’m only in the 300 level. I was torn. I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity since i waited 10 years to get here. We’ll see how it goes this year then reevaluate things at the end.
  2. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    I am officially a cubs season ticket holder...!(?) i feel like i should be more excited lol
  3. Rumor: Pace looking to trade to grab the 1st pick?

    If the Bengals are actually listening to offers for #1 then they will be getting calls from a lot of teams. There is no way in hell that the bears could put together the best package of those teams without a first round pick this year.
  4. Random Bears THOTs

    Lol yeah it was the physical test.
  5. Random Bears THOTs

    So the other day i was working with an FBI agent. We got to talking about Charles Tillman. The agent told me that when Tillman took his entry PT test, he actually failed it. I found that to be pretty funny.
  6. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    I got that call too a few weeks ago!
  7. Cowboys @ Bears, 12/5, 7:20 GDT

    I’ve always wondered that. I get that we’re all passionate about our teams, but ultimately it’s a game being played by a bunch of millionaires for their billionaire boss which has no tangible effect on our lives. Some people get a little too carried away.
  8. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    Snacks Harrison was scratched from today’s lineup.
  9. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    This one’s run its course.
  10. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    @dafreak you’re getting a warning for circumventing the curse filter.
  11. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    @blkwdw13 you’re getting a warning for this. Youve been around long enough to know that’s not allowed.
  12. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    What an idiot
  13. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    We’re gonna end up losing this game
  14. Trade Deadline Discussion

    If for nothing else, the rumors that the Bears were interested in beathard and Mariota gives me a little hope (assuming the Bears actually did have interest). Hope in that the higher ups realize the situation they’re in and are going to try to do something about it. Not saying either of those guys are the answer, but neither is sitting on your hands hoping Tru turns into a franchise QB.