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  1. Albright tweeted today that the “very, very earliest,” he sees him going is on day 2.
  2. That’s all i can hope for at this point. You can’t not get anything for a guy like fuller.
  3. Have the Bears officially announced this move? Is it possible this is a situation where we hear he’s being released, but then they get a trade done at the last second with a team not wanting to compete with others on the open market? That’s what I’m hoping for.
  4. At this point, good for him. Get to a team that’s actually going to compete next year. He deserves it
  5. This would have to mean that a trade is brewing for ARob and/or Miller, no?
  6. Didn’t expect the Bills to be a player for him, but good for him nonetheless.
  7. Take it for what’s it’s worth, but i just saw a report on NBC saying that the two players the Bears offered were Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks
  8. I just saw a report on NBC that the two players offered were Mack and Hicks.
  9. I’m ready to get hurt again. The timing of this seems suspicious. And this big time lawyer is supposedly neighbors and good friends with Cal McNair.
  10. Trent Williams is back with the 9ers. Was fun to think about, but he wasn’t coming here. Maaaaybe if they swung a deal for Wilson, but why end his career blocking for Dalton, Foles, etc?
  11. Vague and cryptic, but reading between the lines - someone will be suing Watson for...sexual harassment? Sexual assault? Something of the like?
  12. Lol i figured this would happen. All this talk about trading for watson, wilson, etc and then we get handed Andy Dalton. I don’t think this move makes it impossible that they could still make a big move, but I don’t see it happening. My guess is they were either told that Wilson is not being traded, or the price was just too high for the Bears. What does scare me is that this move may signify that Pace and Nagy have more job security than we all think.
  13. Allbright threw Foles name out as a potential trade target for the Broncos.
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