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  1. I just looked him up...he looks like a child! Am i right or am i just getting old?
  2. I really thought he was done with the NFL after last year. Bucs have a good thing going, why take the chance of ruining that by bringing in a major ego/cancer like AB?
  3. Vikings close to trading Ngaukwe to the Ravens.
  4. I’m just gonna direct you over to this topic -
  5. I’m not too comfortable with this game. I fear that after a quiet week, Donald is going to commit war crimes against our OL. Our defense has held them in check the last two times they’ve faced off so I wouldn’t be shocked to see another relatively low scoring game. Rams - 20 Bears - 17
  6. Possibly, but I think these two are tied at the hip. Just curious here, has there been a recent case where a GM got fired but the coach was retained, and that team experienced sustained (say, 3-5 years) success?
  7. A lot of Illinois will be increasing restrictions starting Friday. No indoor dining at restaurants, which at this point in the year essentially means no dining at restaurants.
  8. I honestly never even really entertained the possibility of this happening coming into this season unless it was something truly catastrophic - 3-13 or close to that. Imo it would take a MAJOR collapse to have them fired this year. Like only winning 1 or 2 more games the rest of the way.
  9. I think if he wants to be a first round pick it will ultimately all come down to his TLE score.
  10. Yeah I’ve been doing the same thing. It does cost a bit to get all the equipment, but it is so much easier for me to stick to a strict workout routine when all i have to do is go to my basement.
  11. Bears officially in first place in the north! Enjoy it while we can.
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