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  1. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2018

    Did i win last year?
  2. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2018

    I’m in
  3. Training Camp 2018

    I believe @G08 goes every year. He may be good to ask.
  4. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    Similar accusation was made against Addison Russell of the Chicago Cubs last season. A friend of the victim made the accusation online, but the victim never came forward. The MLB didn’t take any action because of that if i remember correctly. It’ll be interesting to see how the NFL handles this accusation. I don’t remember, but i don’t think Russels accusation had any pictures accompanying it. Has the NFL had any third party accusations recently where the actual victim never stepped forward to make a complaint?
  5. TABT

    I’ll mod the crap out of you from whichever side of the world i damn well please.
  6. TABT

    Technically it stands for “This ain’t Bears Talk”, but yeah, same idea.
  7. It also picks up right where season 4 left off.
  8. Better than the original season 4, but not the season 4 remake imo.
  9. I didn’t know hey we’re splitting it until reading your post. Good to know, i thought they were just ending it where they did. It was ok, but not great like the first 3. I really liked the runnning joke of michael not knowing about the lake house. Also seeing “90 minute tooth” outlined on the store next to the closet converters was real funny. When is pt 2 supposed to come out?
  10. TABT

    Met Kevin White at the cubs game tonight and got a picture with him (preeetty sure his brother was the photographer). Dude is real cool and down to earth and he seemed real happy to meet with a fan. I’ve always been a critic of his because of the injuries, but damn....once you meet the actual person it’s real hard to be a critic. I really hope he takes off this year. all that being said...I’ve been told many times that i have a real strong handshake. I shook his hand twice tonight. If we see reports that he’s out with a right hand injury, i might delete my account and go dark for a while.
  11. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    Yeah wearing Mickey Mouse ears to court is never a good look.
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    Remember the draft game i tried starting last year? Where like 9 of us submitted mock drafts? And no one got a single pick correct in any round of the 9 or so mock drafts that were submitted? Yeah, take what you can get and celebrate when you do.
  13. Bears Trade Back Into 2nd for Anthony Miller

    So what if he likes his cocaine? He’s 6’5”!