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  1. TABT

    Discuss anything not related to the Bears.
  2. Will Arizona take Murray at No. 1?

  3. Bears Get Fool's Day Bites

    Chicago Bears get a warning for trolling.
  4. FF Bears forum deserves kudos

    Oh captain, my captain!
  5. FF Bears forum deserves kudos

    And most of us here are drunk anyway so that just adds to them pub feeling.
  6. FF Bears forum deserves kudos

    Why would I hide? I still believe in him....you guys don’t??
  7. FF Bears forum deserves kudos

    Damn...I’ve been working late almost everyday this month and missed this one. The posters make this forum and currently we have a great crop of guys who just want to talk bears stuff. Makes mine and @Madmike90s job way easier. There were times where i had to check the forum every few hours because some knuckleheads would be going back and fourth like a couple of middle schoolers and the forums gone up for grabs. Now if i can’t log on for a few days because of work and life and stuff i feel confident that the forum is running smoothly. @Webmaster remember this thread when my employee evaluation comes up and you’re deciding my raise.
  8. Bears trade Howard to the Eagles

    That’s about the compensation i was expecting, only wish it was for this draft. Either way, it was pretty clear Howard wasn’t in their plans. Hope he does well in philly.
  9. Whether you're a veteran who transferred over from the old platform or you're brand new, tell us a little bit about yourself! My name is Tim and am 25 years old. I've been a Bears fan my whole life and am also an avid fan of the Blackhawks and Cubs. I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in journalism and I am currently working as a police officer in a Chicago suburb. Now it's your turn.
  10. Kevin White signs with Cardinals

    I met him once leaving a Cubs game. Nice guy, took a picture with me. That’s about all i can say about his tenure in Chicago.
  11. Ya' Can't Make Stuff Like This Up

    Between Redford Jones and Blewitt, we will definitely have the best named kicker in the NFL.
  12. Free Agent Rumors

    I read that Mike Cantbereliedontomakeanextrapoint is getting a lot of interest as well.
  13. Ya' Can't Make Stuff Like This Up

    This was supposed to be a gif of Adam Sandler in billy Madison telling “YOU BLEW IT!” ...won’t post for some reason
  14. League 2019 off season

    Wouldn’t be the off-season without a patriots scandal.
  15. Nagy earns Coach of the Year

    Well deserved
  16. Bears working out multiple kickers

    I really hope Redford Jones works out. What a name.
  17. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Yup i remember that
  18. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Yeah he’s definitely got some good sources
  19. 2019 free agency targets

    Kareem Hunt would be pretty cheap. Granted, he comes with a looming suspension, but cheap nonetheless.
  20. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    I like allbright, but he is a bit abrasive at times.
  21. League 2019 off season

    Who’s got video of alshons missed catch??
  22. Packers Hire LaFleur

    Yeah...this one here gets you a warning. Pretty self-explanatory i would hope.
  23. Packers Hire LaFleur

    Please don’t talk about politics