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  1. Something I forgot to ask last night. Did the TV show a better angle on the Goldschmidt non-HR? It looked foul initially, but the replay in the stadium looked like a HR to me. Figures they lose the game that I went to...
  2. Henry Winkler also jumped over a shark on Arrested Development when he was playing Barry Zuckercorn.
  3. I was trying to think of one from the NFL. Maybe Dak Prescott or Jamaal Williams?
  4. Is there a more likeable athlete in major American sports than Giannis?
  5. In a poker league, I would claim that I didn't have a vaccine and wear a mask.
  6. Can we offer 1 million to Matt Carpenter to go away and never come back?
  7. We threw that one. Painful to watch live. If you are scoring at home, the Cardinals get an error for letting Matt Carpenter hit.
  8. I'm with you. Possibly the most overrated comedy since Napoleon Dynamite.
  9. I would be mildly surprised if Chandon Sullivan isn't the third CB again this season. Much like Gary and Love, Stokes has the benefit of a pretty solid position group to let him ease into the league.
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