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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I agree. We got about 1200 yards from Jones/Williams last season and were 22nd overall in team rushing, with the fewest attempts in the league. Both are young, capable, and cheap. The team can increase the number of carries for both of them pretty easily, and they compliment each other pretty well. They should be 1-2 until they become FAs. We can get by with a UDFA or real late draft pick for the 3rd RB.
  2. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    TBH, I can forgive all of those things. Just not the wearing of Chiefs gear, for any reason other than losing a bet.
  3. I already used golddust today, so it was hard gay's turn.
  4. At least they got some starts out of Bortles, and some wins. Manuel started 18 games. Either way, yuck.
  5. Only Kyle Orton wasn't a first round pick. What do I win?
  6. Hackett, should we kick the extra point?
  7. I do that when watching the Packers too! Dave for WRs coach!!!!
  8. With his crappy resume, he probably won't be getting very much money?
  9. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Once a Bear, always a Bear...
  10. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    here we go...
  11. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Needs to call Smilin' Bob!
  12. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Eagles just aren't utilizing DickRod enough.