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  1. I agree with this thinking. We have seen that Jenkins is good at center. Lucas Patrick was also said to be functional there. Between the two of them, we have 2 of the starting 3 interior linemen. Runyan looked like he can cover the other guard in his playing time. Bring back Taylor and Stepaniak to compete at that third spot and I think we are still one of the better lines in the league. Probably even more so when Bakhtiari is 100%. For the cost of Corey Linsley, we can probably afford: Tonyan, Williams, Lazard, Sullivan, and Lewis next season. Take the extra 4th and see what it turns
  2. Yes. He and Za'Darius Smith will probably start next season if we cut Preston Smith. And that is more than fine. But there really is no third rusher. We will need someone to play probably 40ish percent of snaps. We have some interesting prospects on the roster (Jon Garvin, Tipa Galeai, Delontae Scott) but they have like 40 total snaps.
  3. We are right up against the cap. The "big" FAs are Cory Linsley, Kevin King (yeah, he sucked today) and Aaron Jones. Allen Lazard and Robert Tonyan are RFAs. Jamaal Williams and Marcedes Lewis are also FAs, but shouldn't be super expensive. We can save 8 million by cutting Preston Smith, but that opens a hole up for the 3rd EDGE position. We will likely also cut Christian Kirksey to save 6 million. We are pretty tight, but not completely boned. I don't think that the 2021 team will be as good as the 2020 version.
  4. The clock still doesn't start, I don't think, and we could just keep doing it again, and again, until they accept it, I think.
  5. Did they smother the run, or did we just not run the ball? We only ran the ball 16 times. Jones averaged 4.5, Williams averaged 3.3, and Dillon averaged 5.7.
  6. I think I understand the FG. IMO we had a better chance to: kick the FG, hold, then score for the win; than: score, get 2, hold, then win in OT. But I can see how people would disagree.
  7. I am interested in the depth that we have at EDGE. Watching the college highlights, and a couple of the all snaps videos, I really like what we have on the back end of the roster. I think we can go 1-2 with Z and Gary. I do question if any of the guys we have now can slide into that 3rd rusher spot, who plays quite a few snaps. I do think they can be 4th.
  8. If you cut Preston Smith, you should be able to sign Linsley.
  9. I looked up the full nerd level box score. Tramon DNP. https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/upload/packers/rnvjatpfqaqzecj9clic
  10. I only noticed him once, but I wasn't really looking for him.
  11. Really? Maybe 2014 broke me. I don't get too worked up anymore. I'm over it already.
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