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  1. Here is the real trick... Baltimore is now going to lose out the season because Yannick is a curse and his team will always be bad. 2017 was a blip, like Cam Newton winning MVP.
  2. This one was my bad, folks. I wore my Aaron Rodgers shirt instead of my Packers shirt, even though we hadn't lost while I was wearing the Packers shirt. I will wash them both and clear the loss off, and go back to the proper shirt. I forgot when I woke up, and was going to the supermarket for something to eat and put on the Rodgers shirt. Probably won't happen again. At least not on purpose.
  3. Dez can't catch in the elements anyway.
  4. It looked like the DB hit Davante's arm. Maybe it was PI, but I would rather those don't get called because it goes both ways.
  5. Turner blocked him with the matador's cape, so I don't know if that is true.
  6. I don't think so. We had a poor game from the QB, and we haven't pressured the QB like we are able to do most of the time. We just laid an egg.
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