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  1. It is part selling the tickets, and probably part 49ers fans that have been on that bandwagon since the 80s. Living in Green Bay as a child, there was some decent 49ers support there. In Madison, I noticed a little more Bears and Cowboys fans, but I think the 9ers were probably third among non-Packers teams. When I moved to Missouri, it was Chiefs and Cowboys fans for the most part. I would guess that there are some that were expecting an NFCC ticket, and saw that it was really cold last weekend, and made a quick profit. Kind of sucks, but I don't know how you stop that. I hav
  2. Camarohead and whatever they call Seattle now are loud because of architecture. They don't scream any louder than any other group of people, especially when there are 60-90 thousand in a group.
  3. I disagree. Anyone who thinks Mo Drayton is a good coach has extremely poor judgement, and one should weigh that fact with their other opinions.
  4. Wasn't the switch from Scott to Bojo when Crosby started to miss kicks too? It was time for Scott to go. I feel pretty much the same about Bojo.
  5. I would look at the Bears coaching staff. It seems like they always have good coverage and return units. And since they just terminated the staff, they should be available.
  6. I didn't want to hijack anyone's draft thread, and I guess this is the right thread to put this: What are your feelings about bringing back Whitney Mercilus in 2022? We got him for 1 million this season. His dead contract in Houston was 8 mil last season and 7 mil in 2022. I don't think that he will get that this offseason, but what would you think of him at 2 or 3 million per year? Like 2/6 or 3/7? He will only be 32 next season, aging, but not ancient. That would have us going into the draft with Gary, Mercilus, and Garvin as our 3 deep OLB/Edge guys. Not the greatest, but
  7. I 100% agree. The reason I was looking at Tonyan's numbers was because the TE production seemed to disappear. I think it is at least a two pronged problem though. Rodgers doesn't throw a lot of the classic TE between the hashes passes, and our TE talent is pretty mediocre.
  8. I wondered about that a couple of weeks ago. So, I looked it up. Tonyan was exactly like 2020, just with fewer TDs. Double his stats because he played in 8 games. About the same number of targets, fewer yards, same yards per catch, and lower catch percentage. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/T/TonyRo00.htm I think his off year was not as off as people would think, and his up year probably isn't as good as we thought either.
  9. Seahawks game in 14 was probably the worst. I think we probably should have won that game, and the Super Bowl. But, we will never know. I think that game broke me. I don't really get worked up about the game anymore. It is just my favorite TV show now. 4th and 26 is up there as well. But I am not as sure that team was as good as 14. The Jerry Rice fumble game is up there too. But the thing with that was, I very much doubt we beat the Dirty Birds. And I am positive we lose to the Broncos or the Vikings. 21 and 20 are bad. And I think they are choke jobs. I really think
  10. That is a myth anyway. The 60s Packers were a dynasty. After Super Bowl 2, they made the playoffs two times until 1993. That was 26 years. And neither of the two playoff appearances were at home. One of them was in the strike shortened 1982. So we are really looking at one appearance, and it wasn't at home. Hard to lose a home playoff game when you never have one.
  11. Rams screwed over the town that I live in. And many of my friends who spent their time and money on them. Chiefs have a Vikings-esque fan base, that I had to put up with when I moved from Madison to MO in 8th grade, and have had to put up with since. The few good apples that you will find don't make the entire rotten barrel good.
  12. I'm very different. 1. Bears 2. Rams 3. Chiefs
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