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  1. The Pats really are going to end up with Trevor Lawrence, aren't they?
  2. I'll hop in when I get home. Might be a little late, but it is a football game, it takes a while to watch.
  3. So, in a made up scenario, player A could have no symptoms, but have positive tests for like 50 days but not approved for return?
  4. Kyler Fackrell is 143 years old. And he is the #1 pass rusher in the league, not a prospect.
  5. She is very pretty. She was also in Gotham, which I loved. Firefly was still not good though.
  6. Some of those... They probably don't feel very good about Randall Cobb either.
  7. My sister and her husband loved Firefly. They made me watch it. My reaction:
  8. I read a tweet, so this is kind of like telephone, that stated that we pay his signing bonus in 2020. That counts against the cap. BUT we get his contract for 2020 in 2021, minus the signing bonus, as it was already paid this season. So, we pay him like 1 million this year and one million next year, if he plays.
  9. Stafford is ridiculously too low on that list. I would take him over: Newton, Burrow, Tannehill, Carr, Goff, Garoppolo, Cousins, Prescott without even thinking about it. Probably over Watson, Ryan, and Brady too.
  10. So, opting out of the season does what? Is the team responsible for paying the contract? Does the contract just kick to the next season? What's the deal with airplane food, am I right?
  11. I have watched two Korean shows on netflix. I either picked the right two, or there are a group of late 40s-mid 50s Korean men that are awesome bad guys. I watched: The King: Eternal Monarch and Rugal. Currently I am watching Reckoning, and I am almost done with it. Next I am going to watch some thing that looks like it was inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, but I can't remember what it is called right now.
  12. Clowney just had a season worse than Clay Matthews' final season in Green Bay. And while I don't have any kind of definitive list, Clowney would be on my short list of most overrated players of this generation.
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