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  1. As an asphalt man, keep it going, keep it going! But you know, they should have done MAJOR work on the roads in 2020 when there was a much lower flow of traffic, and these outdoor jobs wouldn't have been restricted. I know that spending is allocated in advance, but they seemed to find money for other things...
  2. https://dknation.draftkings.com/nfl/2021/9/1/22651355/2021-nfl-practice-squad-salary-rules-eligibility-size-roster-cuts-covid-19-coronavirus According to this, the team can protect up to four of its practice squad members. It does not mention any limit. The limits come from elevating a player to the active game day roster. Under current rules, you can elevate a PS player to the roster, and that player does not have to be cut or clear waivers to remain on the practice squad after the game. However, the player can only be elevated to the roster twice. I believe that player then needs t
  3. How dare you? Aaron Rodgers cured cancer and built the pyramids!!! Tyler Lancaster and Jarrett Bush threw that INT. Rodgers was just about to invent the lightbulb too before they came in and ruined it! AJ HAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. But you have to like, take it out of the bar. Actually steal it. And you have to yell, "**** you, Norm!" And everyone at the bar would be like, who is Norm? Then he would have to explain about all of his degenerate internet friends, and why they call him Norm.
  5. OchoCinco did, and was welcomed. Fred Smoot tried and was shoved out. I think someone else on the Vikings did it.
  6. I am a Packers fan since day 1. But I have many friends who lost their team, who kept their season tickets even when the team was clearly tanking, because they like football. Stan Kronke is a liar and a thief.
  7. Packers read all the reports about how they will bounce back and show what they are made of against the Lions. They believe all of that and don't practice, think they have already won. Aaron Rodgers trips on his own untied shoelace and fumbles. Someone blames Lucas Patrick. Next drive Rodgers underthrows MVS for an INT. Someone blames Tyler Lancaster. Lions win 34-13.
  8. Owning people in the United States is illegal...
  9. Nice pull, but it would have been Keyon Dooling and Kareem Rush.
  10. But he didn't. If I was just 6'9 I probably would have played in the NBA and been retired by now.
  11. Must have been Tyler Lancaster's fault. He is tricky and makes the Packers lose on purpose. Couldn't be Erin, he is perfect in every way.
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