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  1. The way the Packers played in that game, we would have lost to any team in the league. Even the Jets or Dolphins. That was as bad as the Bears yesterday.
  2. I am just content with my life, man. Have him give it to cancer research or something.
  3. I would have given him the ball for a photo with him and a handshake. It is either going to him or the HOF. Means a whole lot more to him than it does to me.
  4. If you can see the entirety of someone's iris, there is something wrong.
  5. Very small sample size, but Rasul Douglas has been very good so far for the Packers. Through 2 games he has career lows in completion percentage given up and passer rating against. We were just looking for competent while awaiting the returns of Jaire Alexander and Kevin King. We face big tests in the next few weeks, but so far he has played well.
  6. Do you think Newman at RG is better than Patrick at C? I don't, but I'm not necessarily getting into a fight about it either.
  7. Do you think it is a pattern with Black? I think he has been fine. I don't think it was any worse than games we have seen from King or Sullivan (who had a really good game this Sunday). Also, did I say that Henry Black was one of my guys? I honestly don't remember. I do know that I said that he was the best DB on the Packers in the preseason, and I will stick by that. This was the first game where anyone noticed that he was doing poorly, and he has played in 26% of our defensive snaps. He has a 109.7 passer rating against, but is that truly the best evaluating tool for a safety, who prob
  8. I live in a concrete high-rise. It will be the biggest storm of all time to take it out.
  9. Well, I can't watch this anymore. Just a weather report about tornados.
  10. Anyone remember that Packers-Bears game when the wind was so bad that they couldn't throw or punt? Sometime between 90 and 93, I think.
  11. Cause I like Tom Brady, and it means more to him than it means to me.
  13. There is a town in Missouri called "River aux Vases" pronounced: "river of Oz"
  14. Have you guys ever been to a game where it rains like this? I have. Mizzou vs K-State. It was like 40 and pouring rain. I'm sitting next to my dad, who has a poncho, so more water is pouring off of him, and on to me. Then, after I am thoroughly soaked at half time, my dad tells the group that he had like 5 more ponchos in the car. I went back to the tailgate and hooked up the propane heaters that we had so I could dry off. K-State kicked the **** out of us that day too.
  15. I would have done it for a photo and a hand shake.
  16. I just watched two different weather maps of huge storms at the same time, on the same channel, and it was not the weather channel.
  17. There is a town in Missouri called "Chloride"
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