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  1. 3 hours ago, LLcheesehead12 said:

    I definitely can't wait till he walks.  His time should have expired at the end of last year.

    Now obviously Stokes has room for improvement too, but I'm much higher on his future than I ever was with King.  Him and JA next year I think will be the best corner tandem we had since the days of Evans and Newsome.

    Are you forgetting Al Harris and Charles Woodson?

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  2. I scanned the first 15 pages for myself.  I think I didn't really like anyone in that draft.  Or at least where we were picking. 


    I think I liked:  Ross Blacklock, Raekwon Davis, Trevon Diggs, and Antoine Winfield Jr.  But trading back for all of them.  I think I would have been fine with Patrick Queen, Chase Claypool, or Tee Higgins.  Probably mad at Cole Kmet, Laviska Shenault, or any of the WRs not already selected or mentioned.  But for argument's sake, lets just make me the guy that wanted to take Jeff Gladney.  

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  3. 19 hours ago, St Vince said:

    Speak for yourself. I want Nagy on the Chicago sideline for the next decade.

    But there is like a zero percent chance of that happening.  The Bears are going to continue to languish until they get a good GM.  Think TT would have traded up one spot for a bust QB and give up two thirds and a fourth to do it? Or trade 56 picks for the privilege to sign Mack to a huge contract?

  4. 17 hours ago, packfanfb said:

    Lol these refs are terrible

    I don't think they were any better or worse in the Cowboys-Raiders game than we have seen all season.  I don't know why everyone was all up in arms.  Both teams were penalized 14 times.  At least it was consistent.  110 to 166 yards, but PI is a spot foul.  Contrast that to the Packers-Vikings game from this weekend, Packers 8 for 92, Vikings 3 for 25.

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