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  1. Can I keep trolling? Also, have you made pork steaks yet?
  2. That is the Chiefs making a huge comeback!
  3. Hold your butts, it is tornado time.
  4. I am thinking a 2018 Rodgers type of season. The guy is clearly still good, but he is for whatever reason not dialed in all the way. Perhaps he needs a new OC or QB coach in his ear, or maybe Reid retires after the season. I still think he is more Brett Favre than Jeff George. Which is to say, still more good than bad.
  5. Overreaction IMO. But he has been making some bad mistakes when extending plays, that he didn't in years past. Probably needs to clean that up and stay on schedule a little more. He is still second in the league in TD passes.
  6. He was a championship wrestler? I think Bob Backlund would whip his ***.
  7. Kelce should have just gone to the ground and used a TO.
  8. Right foot is in, no doubt. Was his left foot in with possession?
  9. Mahomes has A LOT of Brett Favre in him.
  10. Didn't you guys play Thornhill as a rookie?
  11. Good redzone stop by the Chiefs. (I don't know what those are)
  12. Bills are pretty darn good all around.
  13. Could have been N'Keal Harry. 🤣
  14. Everyone passed on DK, twice.
  15. I verbally abused my TV set and punched my chair twice.
  16. 5-42 Bills 4-25 Chiefs Pretty much a toss-up.
  17. Yeah, as bad as the execution in that game was, we saw very little of the officials. 4 total penalties in the game. There have been 9 in this game, and we aren't at halftime yet.
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