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  1. How much money did he have to pay AJ Hawk for that jersey number? I bet it is 4534543 bajillion. Hawk just keeps getting richer.
  2. Nice defense of the screen. I like to see that. Those seemed to always eat us alive.
  3. Ribs are awesome. I don't currently have the set up to be able to cook them myself. I suppose I could do them in the oven.
  4. No. The supermarket in my neighborhood has a pretty good deli. In St Louis, there are ribs available everywhere, no need for me to waste my time cooking, LOL
  5. If a tree falls in the woods... 😆
  6. My major gripe here is adding a safety, I agree that we could add to the CB and DL (and edge before bringing in Mercilus). Henry Black has developed into a player. He was the best defensive back on the field in preseason. If you look at the link below, he has played in what I would call significant snaps on defense in all games except against Detroit. And you know what? You probably didn't even notice that he was in there. I say let this kid develop. I believe that Vernon Scott is also healthy now, and we still have Innis Gaines on the PS, who can be elevated, if we think Savage will mis
  7. except for the having books thing, they are pretty communist.
  8. We are, right now! In seriousness, he is still playing mostly good football. The biggest knock is the deep ball accuracy. But it isn't off like most guys that just don't have the arm anymore, he has been a little off target, and they have had some very near misses to add to that. If we throw out the Saints game, because it was a whole team abortion, he has a 12:1 TD:INT ratio and is throwing for 260 yards per game, and is 5-0. Is that MVP worthy? Probably not. But we are comparing Rodgers to his MVP season, and not whether he is playing good or satisfactory football. I think
  9. Chubb is overrated. He did get injured.
  10. Yeah, he did. Check twitter. So insensitive...
  11. Not going to lie, I want to see them stopped and then kick a FG. Give Teddy two gloves about 45 seconds to get a TD
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