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  1. 20 hours ago, Leader said:

    Albert Breer -  I will say this—there's a strong list of black HC candidates this year. Among them ...

    • Ex-Dolphins coach Brian Flores
    • Rams DC Raheem Morris
    • Bucs DC Todd Bowles
    • Bills DC Leslie Frazier
    • Patriots ILBs coach Jerod Mayo
    • 49ers DC DeMeco Ryans.

    8 openings. We'll see.


    For no known reason I see Bowles hanging around Tampa till Arians hangs them up.

    For some reason I thought Frazier was like 3000 years old.  Do you think someone would give him another shot at a HC gig though?  He did pretty poorly in MN.  


    Is it all but written that Eric Biememy is HC when Andy Reid retires?

  2. 1 hour ago, Norm said:

    Uhhh. People ask me this a lot and I think I decided it's the original Xbox. Mines modded and has like 500+ games and I had a modded one in college that we lived on. 

    And had there's a lot, I'm counting handhelds in there too but I think I only have four of those anyways. I think somewhere I have a list of everything I plan on getting and it's about 15 more. But with pong consoles and variants and stuff, I could go forever. Room I'm using is already pretty packed though

    I have a friend that has one of those.  I still don't understand how they can get all of those games on there and I couldn't save 2 Madden franchises on a memory card.  I don't know how to computer good.


    Did anyone ever play Joust?  I like Joust.  And Centipede.  

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  3. 2 hours ago, Norm said:

    40 different devices. And that doesn't count like having two of one thing, like I don't have three PlayStations or anything. I'm trying to get one base model of everything released in North America, more or less. 

    I didn't even know that over 40 such devices existed.  But then I thought about it, and realized, holy crap, they do.  

    I currently have a PS4.  I kind of want a 5, but I really don't see the reason to upgrade, there isn't really any game that I NEED to play.


    Do you have a favorite?

  4. 1 hour ago, craig said:

    By the way, a common narrative is that the salary cap is so bad and the Packers have been so all-in, that *IF* Rodgers did come back, that the team would fall apart and have no chance.  I'm not sure I believe that's actually true.  This year they got the bye, despite losing Jaire, Jenkins, Z, Bakhti, Tonyan.  There are still a lot of good players on this team.  If they came back without Adams, but otherwise with a full stronger o-line, I think Rodgers and MLF would still have a very plausible pathway to an excellent division-winning offense.  

    Defense could be harder, assuming you'd lose all four of Z, King, Rasul, and Campbell.  But who knows, maybe they'd find a way to retain Campbell; Jaire could replace Rasul; and they won 13 games without Z anyway.  

    So I'm not convinced that *if* you were able to hypothetically bring Rodgers back, that the cap-necessitated absences would be any worse than the Z-Bakhti-Jaire-Jenkins ansences of this year.  I think they might still be very competitive... *IF* Rodgers came back.  

    You forgot another big one.  Preston Smith.  We won't be able to afford him either.  And that kind of telegraphs what we need to do with our draft picks.

    I agree with the bolded.  Keeping Adams is a fantasy, as far as I can tell.  The OL should be good.  The RBs are good.  Rodgers is good.  The question is, can we get production out of what will probably be bargain-bin WRs and TEs?  Do we keep all 4 RBs, knowing that Jones and Hill will be playing some "WR" snaps?

  5. 5 minutes ago, Reaper said:

    Watch the Rams game for some reason I turned it on yesterday and I was quickly reminded that Nijman absolutely destroyed Arron Donald. I bet his defensive background gives him a little bit of familiarity in a sense to what he is comfortable with and that would be driving off the ball and attacking someone.

    or did you mean blew that one up in a bad way?

    I meant in a bad way.  Like, I am not recalling Nijman being some amazing mauler.  But at the same time, I don't think he ruined any runs, or at least not any more than anyone else ever does.  

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  6. 1 hour ago, mikemike778 said:

    Must be both.  For a rookie that's not bad at all.

    Nijman's run blocking stats are insane though - is he that good a run blocker ?   6th best in all tackles in the NFL. Can't do it for the playoffs but looking at that, have to find a way of seeing if he can play RT next season.

    In a less smart-assey response than the last one, I don't recall seeing any runs where I thought, "Nijman really blew that one up," this season.  Perhaps Yosh gets a shot to compete for RT starter next off season?

  7. 1 minute ago, mikemike778 said:

    Must be both.  For a rookie that's not bad at all.

    Nijman's run blocking stats are insane though - is he that good a run blocker ?   6th best in all tackles in the NFL. Can't do it for the playoffs but looking at that, have to find a way of seeing if he can play RT next season.

    Here's an idea:   Let's play two left tackles.  Tell other teams pass rushers are only allowed to come from the left side

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  8. 13 minutes ago, Norm said:

    I always think I'd love a few days, not being sick, at home to do nothing, and after the first day I'm losing my mind.. I'm staying out of the bar, for the most part, went for a little last night. But having to be stuck at home and not be able to go anywhere at all is my nightmare, which is nuts because I just to be able to go days without leaving the house when I was working seasonal and it never ever bothered me. 

    I know it is just because I am supposed to stay in.  I don't have any issues on a typical Saturday just staying in all day, not really even getting dressed.  But now that I have to stay in, it is the thing I want to do the least.  And being sick, I get really tired when I get bored.  

  9. 3 minutes ago, Leader said:

    Has Runyan ever played RG? I thought Newman's held that position until last week.

    This season Runyan has been LG all 17.  I want to say that Runyan played some RG last season, but I could be wrong.  I know both Patrick and Jenkins played center, so I think that Runyan would have been the RG when Patrick moved over, but I am not positive about that.

  10. 3 hours ago, Leader said:

    Ben Fennell -   Most Completions to RBs

    1. Tampa Bay - 113

    Bottom 3 teams are BAL, SF, LAR


    Check down Tommy.

    Not so fast...   I think it is just throw the ball a ton Tommy.

    GB's top 2 RBs in targets are Jones and Dillon. Combined 86 receptions.  TB's top 2 RBs in targets are Fournette and Bernard.  Combined 92 receptions.  Not that big of a difference.  But when you look at Aaron Rodgers 531 pass attempts vs Tom Brady 719 pass attempts, you see the difference.

  11. I probably deserve this for having the audacity to live in Missouri, but I got test results back today, and I am positive for covid! I get the awesome reward of using all of my sick leave the second week of the year!  And it is boring as hell.  I was sick from about 3am until about 8pm yesterday.  Now I just have a sore throat and a little cough.  Can't go back to work until Monday.  Lame.  

  12. 3 hours ago, Les Punting said:

    PFF had Myers in the bottom 5 on offense with a 48.1. Two pressures and the 2nd worst run blocking grade behind Newman. 

    Considering his long layoff and average performance pre- and now post-injury, there might be some debate among the staff about whether he should be the starter for the playoffs. 

    Did you watch it yourself? I am not going to deny their numbers.  But what did you think?

    Like I said, I think he was just fine.  And just from the little that I saw, I would prefer Meyers-Patrick to Patrick-Newman in the playoffs.  I very well could be wrong, and the staff will keep Patrick at C.  

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