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  1. 2021 NFL Draft Order

    Which makes for an interesting debate: do you keep Burrow and build around him with the bounty you get from Lawrence, or take Lawrence (the best prospect since Luck) and build around him with the smaller package of picks you'd get for Burrow
  2. 2021 NFL Draft Order

    Imagine a team like the Chiefs getting #1 overall and the haul they'd get for Lawrence. Wouldn't be fair to the rest
  3. 2021 NFL Draft Order

    Imagine if there's no 2021 draft. Any team with an extra 2021 pick via a trade would get screwed
  4. 2021 NFL Draft Order

    Someone didn't read the OP
  5. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    I don't care where guys were picked. 2nd and 3rd round picks couldn't find playing time early because they were buried behind loaded receiving corps, but a 5th round pick puts up modest production with a much clearer path to playing time and we're using that as some sort of barometer of what's to come or as to why he's destined to be better than Adams and Nelson? We made that same gamble a year ago and look where we are. In the exact same situation. MVS, ESB, Allison, Kumerow, Lazard are all the EXACT reason we're in the market for a receiver in the first place. Because the entire corp outside of Adams is severely lacking. If even one of them had stepped up, we aren't having this discussion and Funchess likely isn't signed. But I can already see where this is going to head next as you've already tried alluding to it. "Rodgers stopped throwing to MVS" to no fault of MVS's though. There's only two roster locks on the team, Adams and Lazard, with Funchess a likely 3rd. Unless you think we're carrying 6 WRs, one of MVS or ESB are getting the axe with our inevitable high draft pick securing the 4th spot. MVS's job isn't safe and neither is ESB's.
  6. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    You don't even know what you're arguing anymore, do you? I'm convinced you're talking just to hear yourself. Let's try this another way. Do you think if MVS was a rookie or second year player in 2008, or 2012, or 2014 that he would see the field and have a real OPPORTUNITY to put up any production?
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I'd be fine with either. But man Ruggs can fly. Be nice to have that kind of speed on our side
  8. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    What about Jennings? He had no one to compete with for the #2 position. What about Nelson and Jones? They were stuck behind Jennings and Driver, competing against each other for the scraps. What about Cobb? He came in #4 on the depth chart. Once again you show zero understanding. You truly believe that Allen Lazard, Jake Kumerow, and Geronimo Allison are the same caliber receivers as all the ones mentioned above? You don't see how its so much easier for MVS to put up any sort of production early compared to Adams, Cobb, Jones, or Nelson? If you can't see that, this conversation isn't worth continuing.
  9. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    It's a tough concept
  10. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    Lol just forgetting and dismissing Adams fighting through a high ankle sprain literally all of 2015? Whatever helps your argument I guess
  11. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    Do you understand what opportunity means? Because I don't think you do. Surely you see how competing against Jennings, Driver, and Jones in the case of Nelson or competing against Nelson and Cobb in the case of Adams is a hell of a lot harder than competing against a broken down Randall Cobb, Jake Kumerow, Geronimo Allison, J'mon Moore, and Equanimous St. Brown, yeah? Imagine being so good you get unseated by Allen Lazard.
  12. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    The situation both Nelson and Adams walked into is entirely different than what MVS and ESB walked into. Their production is based off opportunity, not because they've earned it. Adams and Nelson had established, quality veterans in front of them. The #2 spot has been open the past two years and no one has stepped up to take it. Neither one of them is anymore safe than Funchess is, which was my point.
  13. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    What have MVS and especially ESB shown to deserve a spot?
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Any chance that in a loaded receiver class, teams opt to pass on receiver early, and let Ruggs last to 30? Man I'd love him here
  15. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Did some digging and I wasn't able to find anything, so maybe somewhere here knows: is there some sort of connection between New Girl and The Office? New Girl includes multiple characters from The Office (Meredith, Angela, Roy's brother, the IT guy) while The Office references New Girl and Zoey Deschanel a few times. From what I can tell the writers aren't the same, and I know actors take on more than one role (duh) but there's too many occurrences for it to be coincidence 🤷‍♂️