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  1. Because WR might be the least important position on a football field. Despite everything you just mentioned, GB still had the league's best offense last year; that's what happens when you have a great offensive line and great QB play. When you have those two things, the skill positions do not matter. I'm not going to say a receiver isn't needed for GB (we have none under contract after this season) but we will resign one or two and that position can wait until later in the draft. We could use a player at every level of the defense and offensive line; that's where the focus will be
  2. If Packers go WR in the 1st, I'll be extremely upset
  3. How much of a future are teams willing to mortgage for a player who likely only has three or four years left?
  4. The asking price for Rodgers starts at two 1sts and a second, plus a player. No team will give that much for a 38 year old QB though
  5. Don't know much about the prospects for GB, but love the positions addressed. Would've like a WR in round 4 over a LB or another CB, as we have none under contract after this season, but i could live without
  6. Looking back? Those guys all had multiple years in the league where they showed nothing. Go look at mock drafts from 2005. There's mocks with each of those teams grabbing Rodgers. The fact none of them did shows he wasn't as highly regarded as the publications wanted you to believe. The guys who's opinions actually matter didn't see Rodgers as a possible #1 selection. The publications are always changing their mocks up; you aren't going to click on their links just to see Smith going first everyday, are you? Of course not. "Controversy" at the top gives them something to talk abou
  7. Considered by who? Mock drafters? Miami had Gus Frerotte. Browns Trent Diler. Bucs Chris Simms. Titans has Steve McNair, who was at his end. Cardinals had Kurt Warner, who had just come off three straight abysmal seasons. At that time, they needed a QB. Washington passed on Rodgers at #9 only to turn and take Jason Campbell at #25. Lions were going into Year 4 of Joey Harrington. All of these teams picked Top 10, all needed a QB. Not only did none of them move up for Rodgers, they all passed on him at their slots. If Rodgers was truly in the di
  8. Literally just had this argument on FB. I don't care that some publications or mock drafts had him going #1. He lasted to #24. That tells me he wasnt that highly regarded. RG3 was, and he went #2. Darnold was, and he went #3. Carson Wentz was, and he went #2. Guys that were actually in the conversation for #1 had teams trading up to acquire them. If Rodgers was actually being considered for #1, he would've went Top 5, minimum Top 10. He didn't. That tells me all I need to know Edit: I'm caught up on the whole conversation now. I don't agree or dis
  9. Who's got experience with home delivery meals (Home Chef, Hello Fresh, Factor, etc.?) Any recommendations? Best quality, price, most options, etc
  10. So glad this site is managed better than other forums. I don't miss garbage threads like this that's spewed on the ESPN forums, JSOnline, etc
  11. Didnt he develop a back injury or something a day or two before the game, or am i recalling incorrectly?
  12. He's definitely better than the guy who was slated to be our CB2 as of yesterday. King knows that teams are going to avoid Alexander and target either him or Sullivan on just about every pass play every Sunday, and for the most part he holds up well, playoff blunder aside
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