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  1. Philadelphia play calling is straight monkey dung
  2. Anyone know of a site where i can see how many times Alexander convered Evans, and how many times he covered Godwin?
  3. Underthrew him but it landed 3 feet past him? A dive isn't going to kill him
  4. What's wrong with him? Struggled in NE, and SF isn't exactly stacked with receiving options so you have to think something is up
  5. Half the defense seemingly out, top two receivers out, not feeling great tbh
  6. Isn't throwing it forward underhanded illegal?
  7. That team is completely terrible. Wtf happened to their 1st round pick
  8. Everyone forgetting the best QB in Packer history is frustrating. This thread needs more Jay Cutler
  9. Had to look it up. Zero chance anyone knows the answer
  10. What would you be willing to give up for him? He's hard to judge based off last year. He was given the reigns but lost Ben to injury right away. Seeing #1 coverage and piss poor QB play really hurt his numbers. The year before that though he was electric. I'd be willing to give up a 2nd considering he will be due for a decent raise and I expect him to rebound this year, but not much more
  11. Oh I definitely don't. But i also don't trust everything coming from our media or government either.
  12. Yes, and how Faucii/government is giving false information to weaken immune systems
  13. Longer video but interesting none the less. Unfortunately its tough to trust what anyone says, regardless of what side they're on
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