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  1. Jimmy did only attempt like eight passes that game
  2. Does Milwaukee know they're allowed to grab a rebound?
  3. You're free to believe what you want. But me, knowing that Rodgers is the sensitive, grudgy, always has a chip on the shoulder type of person... yeah, I'm going to believe the Love pick absolutely had something to do with the drastic turn around in his play and especially his attitude
  4. The arrow was pretty firmly pointing down for Rodgers the three years prior to Love arriving. Injuries, dip in performance, awful body language and eye rolls. All that disappeared this past year. What's your explanation for the turn around?
  5. I'm confused. Rodgers is already locked in for three more years
  6. Looking for clarity: why is Buffalo picking one spot on front of us after picking one spot behind us last night?
  7. Because we need as much cheap, controllable talent as possible
  8. Darrisaw maybe. Protect their new investment
  9. What did i miss, or why is Dallas taking Parsons laughable?
  10. I was thinking more that guys don't want to sit through a rebuild. Kind of related to Rodgers, but not what i meant
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