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  1. Pettine's Back Mock

    But he's a Wisconsin kid!
  2. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Everyone says Green Bay wins ugly. This picture is the perfect embodiment. We're harnessing his energy
  3. He was pretty awful. But I dont think you change things now
  4. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Its on the internet, and you can't lie on there
  5. Make sure it's quality and not a forced decision
  6. Yes it's overused. A guy can be good, maybe the best at his position, and not be a generational talent. People don't understand that.
  7. Russell Wilson is so good following directions that he only makes 6 pizza rolls at a time
  8. Russell Wilson's Tamagotchi pet is still alive
  9. Russell Wilson kept all the tags on his beanie babies
  10. Russell Wilson can believe its not butter
  11. Guys are forgetting the key ingredient from our 2010 run
  12. He's 0-3 in Lambeau alone, so no, I don't think that's accurate
  13. I haven't read the entire thread. But I assume Fackrell will get the assignment again much like last year. I forgot how great of a game he had until Shane shared the Twitter video. Dude was great on Wilson
  14. No joke. A year or two back I was arguing something with someone in a FB post, and hes tagged Joe Arrigo in a comment for backup. I about died with laughter. I'll give the guy a little credit though; even if they weren't true, still entertaining to read every week
  15. Kenny Clark's play dipped a bit in the middle of the season (rumors were floating around he was playing through a bad ankle.) The past month or so he's really found his footing again, and the defense has looked better as a result. Also coincides with Z. Smith having a hot end to the year. Rashan Gary seems to be playing better too (seeing more snaps; maybe he's starting to get it) but I'm not sure if that plays a big role in the turn around