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  1. People underrate the talent Green Bay has on defense. They have some very good players at every level.
  2. The thing is, Green Bay's defense doesn't have to be great for this team to see great strides. Our defense for the past how many years has been atrocious. It can't possibly get any worse. Getting just average play on the defensive side of the ball will be all that Rodgers and the offense needs to be in the mix for that #1 seed. It doesn't need to be Vikings or Jaguar caliber. Just somewhere in that 11-16 range. Given Pettine's track record at every stop, I don't think it's outlandish to see him getting the unit into that range this season
  3. Green Bay is a perrenial power in the NFC every year. Teams come and go every season. Heck, all four teams you just listed weren't even in the playoffs two years ago. Had this been going into last season, you'd be "shocked with Dallas, Atlanta, and Seattle in that conference." With an NFC picture that's constantly shuffling, Green Bay has been the one constant the past decade. They got the best QB in the league back and replaced Capers with a coordinator who's had great results at every stop. None of these new flavors have shown any sort of consistency with winning; Green Bay has. To say it'd "shock the heck out of you" after a lost season is a bit much.
  4. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    So many plot holes though. The lady officer starts grilling her then it all just gets swept under the rug? No investigation into Dezi's killing. Dumb
  5. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Watched the movie Gone Girl last night. That ending pisses me off.
  6. Is Winston Moss on his way out of Green Bay

    Got halfway through then quit. What a boring, bland, non informational interview
  7. Guys great. But single handily? Come on. That entire defense was filthy at every level. One of the all time great defenses
  8. Absolutely. It's why guys like Watt and Donald are more valuable than Miller, Mack, etc. If you can kill the QBs pocket, everything falls apart.
  9. Jimmy Graham and Tight End Alignment

    So when Jordy shows his age again this year, you still going to keep clinging to "he's not done; just needs Rodgers to be relevant?" Jordy in 2013 got it done with Wallace, Tolzien, and Flynn. Fast forward four years with Hundley and he couldn't beat #2 corners. The writing is on the wall.
  10. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    He wasn't brought in for his blocking prowess.
  11. There was a video last year from training camp where the WRs were catching balls off a jugs machine. One guy dropped like three in a row and the comments were littered with people saying cut Adams, he's a bum, typical Adams, etc. The player dropping passes wasn't even Adams. It was Yancy. I know FB isn't FF. But the general resentment towards the kid after he failed to shoulder the load once Jordy went down was very real.
  12. Moss quit due to the situation. Do we think Jordy quit? TDs are nice. But I believe all of them came within 10 yards, three of them inside 5 yards. Anybody on our team could've done that; it wasn't Jordy being Jordy and beating a man deep or anything of the like.
  13. Adams averaged close to 70 yards and a touchdown per game with Hundley. That's more than just fine. Cobb averaged 35 yards a game. Given his subpar play the past few seasons, I feel like we couldn't ask for much more given who was throwing the ball. What's not fine is getting 160 yards over eight games out of a 13 million dollar man and your supposed #1. Did Hundley miss him at times? Sure; but he missed Adams and Cobb too. And they still found ways to help the team week to week. If you need all-pro QB play to produce, that's telling. Love Jordy. But he either has lost it, or packed it in last year. Given who were talking about, I don't think he quit.
  14. Why, when our other two main WR's produced just fine in the same situation?
  15. Why Aaron Rodgers Doesnt Have 2 Super Bowl Rings

    Out of curiosity, do the fan bases complain about the front offices of those QBs too? In Wisconsin, there's a ton of complaining that the front office isn't doing enough and is wasting Rodgers. I tend not to listen to it, but was that same sentiment thrown around for these players?