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  1. Green Bay against either AFC team is as good, if not better, than KC/BUF. If TB makes it, then I'll agree, KC/BUF would be the best game of the playoffs.
  2. Big fan of Strong Lifts. First couple sessions were a little too easy, but that quickly goes away. And the gains are real
  3. People was also okay trading Rodgers for Moss back in 2007 too lol
  4. This was the league's best defense? They should thank Lazard they didn't get 40 hung on them
  5. Looks like receiver will be drafted this year. Four of them set to be FAs in 2022
  6. This is a worse verison of that Rams team that lost to the Jets. Not worried
  7. Turner did just fine against Khalil Mack last week. We're fortunate to have the depth we do. I'm confident he'll hold up against Floyd, especially if Donald is out or limited
  8. What teams have a washed up RB and a 2nd round pick to part with?
  9. Wasnt the leagues best RB this year and his team didn't win enough. Hard to seriously consider him
  10. Rodgers has better numbers than both while having 50 less attempts than Allen, and 60 less than Mahomes (and Mahomes didn't even play last week.) Give Rodgers that extra 1.5-2 games worth of attempts and it would really paint the picture of how much better he's been than the rest. Glad the votes are reflecting that
  11. Just throwning gas on that fire under Aaron for the playoff push
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