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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think it has everything to do with the RT being in the QBs line of sight. He's able to see a defender coming and can minimize the damage. The LT requires the trust from the QB, as a blindside hit can end a season in a quick hurry. Only makes sense to allow a rookie to get his feet wet on the right side
  2. 2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!

    Another cold market for Tre Boston. Is he just a weird guy or what? Because he's a quality player
  3. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    For real, what's wrong with Tre Boston? Third year a row now he's being left out to dry on the market. He's a very quality player, so there must be something off about him
  4. Moretti's March Mock

    I love the idea of a 2nd round RB and was going to put one their in my next mock with Jacobs. This team has a low key need at RB since jones can't stay healthy. Im just not sure I can bring myself to it with holes elsewhere. The first two picks are great, as is a 3rd round lineman. Really don't want to wait till the 4th to fill our safety hole though. I think our 2nd is best suited to fill that hole, with a RB in round four instead
  5. I'm amazed at how many heads @incognito_man's joke went over
  6. Depth Chartin'

    We have holes at safety and te, and need depth realistically everywhere. Im on board with an early pick at OL. But three would be excessive with our needs elsewhere
  7. 2019 Mock Draft: Número Cuatro [UPDATE]

    Truthfully I'd love him at 12, but can see the value with Williams and we could use another OL so i understand it. But even with GB signing the two Smith's, pass rush is still a top need and they'll be in a position at 12 to grab a premium player. Green bay has needs on the Front 7, OL, S, and TE. Any combination of those positions with our first three picks will make me happy.
  8. 2019 Mock Draft: Número Cuatro [UPDATE]

    If Burns is there at 30 and GB passes, I'll be upset
  9. Jordy cut

    You say 740 yards for Jordy is a good season, and then say 580 from MVS makes you uncomfortable. A literal 10 YPG. I don't get how over such a minimal difference.
  10. J-Deere Mid FA 2 rounder

    Hate it for GB
  11. Depth Chartin'

    Last I heard he's not coming back. I had forgotten all about him tbh.
  12. Depth Chartin'

    Three? There isn't even a clear path to playing time for one guy, let alone three. The turner signing means there isn't a starting role, and with Spriggs still the swing tackle, I'll be pissed if we spend three picks on the line when we have numerous holes elsewhere
  13. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Delete this. You had my hopes up
  14. 2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!

    Is he that bad of a player? Does he have some weird character issues?
  15. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    And way out of our price range