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  1. No, they aren't. Their defense has been good since the beginning of last year, especially their secondary play.
  2. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    I mean. You only get two challenges. There's no reason literally everything can't be reviewable
  3. Dude has been influencing plays from the very beginning when he stuffed Cook on the 2nd play of the game. He gets blocked last second not allowing him to strip Cousins before the half and you start digging him. Your hate is real.
  4. Late on what? Clay has played a very good game so far.
  5. Suppose that was all Clark too?
  6. Theilen really considered a twitchy athlete? Alexander was drafted to deal with guys like Diggs, Tate, OBJ, etc. You put him on Diggs and let King go with Theilen.
  7. Preseason Week 4 - GDT vs. Kansas City

    Jones is the best RB on this team
  8. Why do you people want to trade Clay? Isn't the idea of trading for Mack is to add to our edge corp, not trade it away?
  9. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Bring in Dez.
  10. Given the money he's going to be owed and what Rodgers will want, we can't commit 60 million, or 40% of our cap, to two players. Now we're giving up two premium picks on top of that, which is an overpay to begin with. A 1st and a player (ideally one with a big contract) makes the most sense
  11. With what we will have to turn and immediately pay him, giving up both would be stupid.
  12. I'm out this year. Widdling my leagues down to three and I didn't pay much attention last year; you'll be able to find someone more active than I
  13. People underrate the talent Green Bay has on defense. They have some very good players at every level.
  14. The thing is, Green Bay's defense doesn't have to be great for this team to see great strides. Our defense for the past how many years has been atrocious. It can't possibly get any worse. Getting just average play on the defensive side of the ball will be all that Rodgers and the offense needs to be in the mix for that #1 seed. It doesn't need to be Vikings or Jaguar caliber. Just somewhere in that 11-16 range. Given Pettine's track record at every stop, I don't think it's outlandish to see him getting the unit into that range this season