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  1. That team is completely terrible. Wtf happened to their 1st round pick
  2. Everyone forgetting the best QB in Packer history is frustrating. This thread needs more Jay Cutler
  3. Had to look it up. Zero chance anyone knows the answer
  4. What would you be willing to give up for him? He's hard to judge based off last year. He was given the reigns but lost Ben to injury right away. Seeing #1 coverage and piss poor QB play really hurt his numbers. The year before that though he was electric. I'd be willing to give up a 2nd considering he will be due for a decent raise and I expect him to rebound this year, but not much more
  5. Oh I definitely don't. But i also don't trust everything coming from our media or government either.
  6. Yes, and how Faucii/government is giving false information to weaken immune systems
  7. Longer video but interesting none the less. Unfortunately its tough to trust what anyone says, regardless of what side they're on
  8. That they do some very questionable things with talent acquisition, skipping over Love being one of them. Glad we agree. I feel like you're derailing this because your initial statement or point or whatever you were trying to say held no weight. Every time you've responded you've tried going in a different direction, offering next to nothing. Just a waste of time.
  9. They also took Clelin Ferrell at #4 and Arnette at #19. Not the horse I'd hitch my wagon too.
  10. Lol so that means he was lasting to the 3rd? Bulletproof logic if I've ever seen it. 23 teams passed on Rodgers too. That should tell you a lot
  11. Off the top, Patriots, Colts, Tampa, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, and Oakland either could use a QB now or don't have long term solutions. Saints maybe too, but I don't know their plan with Hill. Chicago can't like what they've seen from Trubisky. There's plenty of teams needing a QB.
  12. How does that speak to Love and his prospects as a QB?
  13. So one team that has great speed has won and now it's a requirement? I don't buy it
  14. That's where I'm at. All we need is a solid 2nd option
  15. Going from 540 yards a year the first half of your career to 790 the second half is a noticeable jump. He was never a #1, but he progressed from being a #3 to a #2
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