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  1. You're forgetting...Brady has a kryptonite and it's the Giants. We were robbed of this
  2. I don't think that there is a more scathing indictment of Houston's front office than the fact that they only have 4 wins with Watson. That dude is just special, how the devil can you only win 4 with him?
  3. Weren't Alexander, King, and Savage all praised for their ball skills coming out?
  4. I'm in quarantine I need a reason to motivate what's the deal?
  5. I mean...seems like a cool city? Is it verboten to say that based on my collective 6 days spent there?
  6. Seriously though...why does the field always look like trash? Like it's always looking dried and muddy and ugly and unloved...they know the turf doesn't need to match the teams character right?
  7. Run it right at Mack with Bakh out first play...cool...
  8. Kmet had a couple good blocks on that from what I saw. Gonna be an issue. I hate notre dame...
  9. Snacks not dressed for this one right?
  10. It's a perfect game for Dillon to have a breakout
  11. Yea MVS takes his knocks but he busted his tail for that one...deserves the props
  12. Eagles really ired the injury gods somehow
  13. This was my duo as well. Donald is obvious. I like building on the trenches and I love the Minkah idea (he was my crush that year). But Kittle can give you so much both as a blocker on the line and as a reciever, at a position of relative weakness
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