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  1. No use torturing yourself, we have no proof they would have taken him. 2 years ago Derwin James fell to our laps and we traded back Now granted it was a clever bit of draftwork from Gute to get back into the first and nab an extra first rounder for us while coming back landing Jaire. But just proving that we don't know what we woulda done even if he had been there.
  2. Been so long since we had a strong D, packers fans can't be blamed for forgetting that defense can be a difference maker/momentum changer.
  3. Gottal think that'll be Brady's last play too - after a hit like that.
  4. FIFY. Need someone besides Clark with hand down who can make difference in run or pass. Let Z/Gary/Preston stay outside.
  5. Down 11, you're about to get the ball and it's not even halftime. Feels early to waive white flag
  6. Dear Aaron, It's okay to study Brady. But don't learn that from him. Sincerely, Packer fans
  7. Eh, admittedly CeeDee was one of my crushes, but I felt like he was just way too good a value to pass there. They needed DL help, but there wasn't any too great at that point (not a Chaisson or Blacklock guy)
  8. I'll agree to disagree here. I saw it when he was reaching for the calf initially, that foot wasn't moving at all, and just had a weird angle to it.
  9. I think Romo saying "I hope it's just a cramp." Is the dumbest thing he's said on TV as a commentator. The guys foot is off axis and not moving...
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