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  1. 10 team 0.5PPR keeper league (year 1 so no previous keepers). # started/week in parentheses + 1 RB/WR/TE flex QB (1): Rodgers, Lawrence RB (2): Zeke, Helaire, J. Jacobs, Gaskin WR (3): Hopkins, Thielen, Sutton, Gallup, Pittman TE (1): Fant, Kmet Def (1): SF K (1): Blankenship
  2. I don’t think ppl question his arm talent. It’s the between the ears stuff that makes you worry. Had some bad INTs from what I can recall. Not sure if trusting his arm too much or forcing or just didn’t have it but that’s what worries me most. A redshirt year, esp under Aaron, I’m sure is great. Would love to see another but hey if not....experience is a great teacher
  3. I want Olijah Griffin exclusively because his dad is Warren G...
  4. So many sub elite RAS players this year. I think the Rodgers thing broke Gutey...
  5. Even OT. I just feel our defensive front 7 needs some love.
  6. I never thought I'd say it...but maybe no more OL, Gute?
  7. I've always wanted one GM to start with a 7th and trade for the year after's 6th and then keep doing that until it net a first
  8. Damnit someone go wake Matt Millen up, tell him Detroit needs help
  9. This is awesome thank you. This needs to be plastered yearly to remind people that busts happen at all spots and you can't let former busts make you go "you don't draft a _____ in the ____ round"
  10. Any thoughts on Talanoa Hufanga on day 3 for this all important "star"? Maybe in 5th?
  11. Damnit that's a bad start. Woulda been nice. Want nothing to do with Marlon Tui from USC
  12. These amazon player ratings numbers on the NFLN are dumb AF. They're talking about Schwartz being a legit track athlete who ran a 4.2 and the Amazon numbers sat his altheticism is in the 60s...
  13. Glad with this one. Gute didn't overreach for a gadget guy. Guy who is going to be able to give the offense a different dynamic and also help out whomever is under center. Seems like a tough dude too
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