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  1. The Cavs are going to overpay Sexton because they are desperate and regret the hell out of it in 2-3 years when nobody wants his fringe All-Star contract when whatever team wants him to be a 6th man.
  2. Yeah he has a lot of game similar to Kyrie. Right now he is a inefficient version of Kyrie. Its like Garland is stuggling to find his comfortability still. He seems very hesitant a lot of the time. I think Sexton is who he is at this point. I dont think he is randomly going to develop into a great decision maker with a high BBIQ. He missed Windler coming off screens like 3 possessions in a row last night and I thought Windler was going to kill him lol He struggles a LOT with seeing plays develop and playing with anticipation. I think because Garland is more of a traditional PG who
  3. He just turned 21 years old and dropped 24pts and 9ast. He is going to be fine especially considering he is the only player we have on the roster that is capable of distributing the ball. He still needs fine tuning on shot selection and how to get his shot. You can tell he is overwhelmed sometimes by being smaller and not being able to get to the rim sometimes.
  4. Not saying your wrong, but Demaryius Thomas tore his achilles his rookie year and went on to have a 6 year stretch that was good as anybodies in the NFL. Emmanuel Sanders tore his Achilles at 31 years old and came back in under 1 year. Its a crappy injury, but its not something with a little work ethic and luck a player cant come back to top form from.
  5. Not hating on the Texans, I just have never understood the hype with David Johnson. He literally has had 1 singular good season in the NFL in 6 years and a bunch of replacable RB seasons surrounding his career. Awesome guy, awesome person, awesome story--but man I have never understood the hype with that guy over the last 3+ years.
  6. Maybe this FO has learned that they should probably start to value LBs after watching that rotating trainwreck of a group last season.
  7. No. Not this year anyway. Word on the street is that Paton is working to lock him up to a deal and if no deal is reached they have no issue with tagging him again. I dont see anyway they let him walk out of the door. He is a top 3 Safety in the NFL, in his prime years and is everything you want off the field/in the lockerroom.
  8. I feel like Peyton is capable of doing more with less than Rodgers is. I feel like you could put Peyton on any team on the NFL no matter how crappy their roster is and he will make each player play above their heads. Not sure I can say Rodgers would do the same.
  9. I couldnt agree more with this. Watson for 3 firsts, 2 seconds and players in ridiculous. Hes a great QB, but trading that much away hurts your ability to build around him for years to come, you better get starters in the mid-rounds if thats the case. Secondly, the Texans are better off burning the whole thing to the ground like you stated. Take a massive trade package and run similar to how the OKC Thunder did in the NBA and now the have 17 first round picks. The Browns did that in 2017, scrapped every player of value for picks, had a treasure chest of 1s, 2s and 3s and was actually able
  10. Then comes the question of do you value selling your soul for 1 ring--knowing your team will likely be in shambles for another 5-10 years after Brady retires. Or do you try to go for multiple rings and sustained success over a longer period of time by building organically. Ask Broncos fans, that Super Bowl with Peyton in 2015 was amazing but its been a loooooooong 5 years after he retired with no end in sight. It just matters how you want to build
  11. I mean yeah but what is the standard here, if your not a top 5 QB in the NFL then you have a 'replaceable skillet' and every team should be looking to upgrade? If it's only used to be able to pay him a little less money then fine I guess but Baker Mayfield was the first QB in 400 years to take the Browns to the playoffs and win a game. That 'skillset' has to count for something. I don't think Baker is ever going to be considered a top 3-5 QB but he is easily good enough to win in the playoffs with and potentially a super bowl if you give him a defense. That is what he should be getti
  12. Oh your right, I just always wonder what a Tim Tebow led team would look like if you gave him 3-4 years of development and 100% backing of the system like Jackson has. Mike McCoy built and committed that entire Denver system around Tebow and he went 8-6 as a starter in Denver. If the Broncos didnt get Peyton Manning and they instead committed to Tebow--I would like to have thought he would develop a little bit more as a passer after another year, 2 years, 3 years in the same system. Go throught sort of what Josh Allen went through where he changed his mechanics and became a lot more accur
  13. I can see Von wanting to come to Cleveland more than Watt because of the Myles Garrett/Texas A&M connection and the connection to Joe Woods who was his DC in Denver. I love Watt but I think his value would be more felt in the lockerrom than on the field at this point in his career. Von Miller would supply more on field production. Hell, I would take either of them to be honest I really dont care lol
  14. Not as a thrower but he was a monster as a runner and playmaker. If a team really bought into him, committed to a new offense and gave it time I think he would have had more longterm success. Lets say he got put into a similar situation as Lamar Jackson with the entire franchise bought into that particular style and built their team around it. I think he would have been just fine. Maybe not Pro Bowl caliber, but at least a .500 QB.
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