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  1. looool just saying, he doesnt talk like that often but when he does they come out and absolutly sh*t stomp whoever they are playing. With the Browns playing Case Keenum and backup OTs and RBs......the Browns could potentially get super embarassed. However, if/when they do and lose this game--it will signify the bottom of the season. Next week Baker/Chubb/Landry all come back and they rattle off 8 wins in the next 10 to make the playoffs. Thats how this seasonw ill go.
  2. Nah, Im not a RB. Im a WR/TE and against these Broncos LBs, I am extremely confident I could do anything Austin Hooper does Thursday.
  3. Follow Up: This is what I was talking about. The last time Von Miller said something like this before a 'turning point' game--it was the Cardinals in 2018. He finished the game with 5 QB hits, 2 sacks and 1 Forced Fumble and the Broncos beat the Cardinals 45-10. He does it to put his own *** on the line publicly so the rest of the team has no choice but to play possessed to not make their captain look like a idiot.
  4. I have a torn labrum in my throwing shoulder from back in high school that I never got fixed (because Im not a pro athlete lolz). Let me tell you, if its fully torn it hurts like absolute hell. Its not just a a lingering pain like a soreness, its a pain that will literally make you fall to the ground. It feels like somebody is holding a lighter to the back of your shoulder and running it up and down your tricep from your elbow to your shoulder. Its like a stinging/burning pain and it can get easily aggravated from over extending. Im not sure how Baker could even perform at 80% with t
  5. 1. Agreed. Case Keenum is more than capable of winning games. He is a terrific backup QB to have for these exact situations. its not like we are tossing Drew Stanton out there or anything. 2. Agreed again. Coach got into his own head last game and since Nick was out, he went super pass happy. Johnson and Kelly looked great in preseason. Give them the ball and dont deviate from the gameplan. This isnt going to be a game where they need to put up a bunch of points to win. Play safe, play conservative and execute. The Broncos wont score more than 24pts. You dont need to air it out all game l
  6. My point is you don't get rid of a player of Von Miller caliber especially when your going to go through another QB/HC change. You need all of the locker room stability vyou can get and if he can prove this year he is still a 8-12 sack guy--the Broncos need to bring him back. Also idk why some believe he is going to ask for some crazy amount of money. not sure where that notion comes from.
  7. oooh okay. Yeah you are just a guy/girl at the beginning and you get weapons, armor, equippables by completing quests or killing monsters and its all random so finding weapons/armor/trinkets that compliment your own style is sort of difficult. You can either 1) Scrap unwanted gear for repair parts or 2) Work the trade market like its ebay lol There is still uniqueness. Just because you can respec your player at anytime doesnt mean there isnt diversity. There isnt some 'meta' that everyone runs. Ive seen just as many healers as I have tanks as I have DPS, ect. Everyone likes different styl
  8. Well.....here we go. OFFENSE - Receiving. Sutton, Patrick and Fant are mismatch nightmares even without Jeudy/Hamler. They are all big, skilled and fast. They also accelerate at the deep pass because of their size/speed. You will find yourself yelling at your TV every time Patrick catches the ball because nobody knows who he is, but hes damn damn good--Im just telling you now. Sutton is obviously #1 and by the way Denzel has been playing--hes going to have a monster game. Hes been on absolute fire this year. - RBs. Yes Gordon/Williams are good individual backs, but the Broncos r
  9. I mean has anybody? By that same logic we can go ahead and cut Fuller/Darby/Simmons/Kareem as well after this season
  10. Von has on 15+ different occasions has gone out of his way to say "I want to finish my career in Denver and I want to be one of those players who plays for 1 team his whole career". If Paton gives him a competitive extention, he will be in Denver. Its up to Paton to not *** it up.
  11. Von will be extended, hes been fantastic this year plus Chubb cant be relied on to stay healthy. Getting rid of Von for a crappy asset just to have to spend the next 3 years trying to find his replacement would be a horrible business decision. Plus, you need his leadership through yet another coaching change. Your next QB will be on a rookie contract so it allows you to keep assets like Sutton. Plus, with a rookie QB, you need all of the talent out there to help him that you can get. 1) Sell the team so it actually has some direction up top 2) Fire Fangio/Shurmer. Hire a young o
  12. If it makes you feel any better, JK Dobbins would be RB4 on the Browns roster.
  13. The Broncos problems are not player related. Their problem is coaching, playcalling and QB related. Trading good players get you nowhere. They need to have already fired Shurmer/Fangio.
  14. Few questions for you: 1) What do you mean by no classes? Do you mean weapon classes? You can build whatever class you want to be. Tank, Healer, DPS, ect. It's just built through leveling your player up to spend attribute points that you can respec at anytime. 2) Agree with the races part. They have factions which just are basically just color attributes to show what party you belong to and go to war against. Are you saying you want something definitive that defines each faction like LOTR with elves, dwarfs, ect? That would be cool, but the time period and setting of the game isnt th
  15. Im a Tank/DPS build, all Strength and Constitution with a War Hammer/Hatchet combo and heavy armor. Its a fun build, it just gets old after a while being the guy all of the bosses go after just standing there and taking hits. Im also extremely slow and cant dodge anything so I get wrecked by high tier bosses.
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