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  1. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    Yeap, problem is that Jarvis is nowhere close to being worth the 14-15m he is going to be getting paid to be OBJs BFF. Hes a good WR, but he is going to be getting way over his actual on-field value for the next few years. He is set to earn 14m, 14m, 15m, 16m for the next 4 years on his deal. He is going to be getting paid more than AJ Green, Devonte Adams, Julio Jones, TY Hilton, Keenan Allen and Stefon Diggs per year. Thats a bad contract considering hes not better than any of those WRs.
  2. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    Us. We can either opt out and basically cut his contract short 3 years with 4.5m in dead money. Its like releasing him but you have to pay the 4.5m dead cap money instead of paying Landry an average of 13m per season for 3 years after that. Its basically a 'whoops we f'd up' clause in his contract if they want to pay a small 'cancellation fee' instead of being locked into his crazy high contract for 3 more years.
  3. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    Hes on the Jarvis Landry time table. Jarvis has an opt out after this year and Randall will be a UFA. I cant see both gone, but I can see Randall being a trade chip on draft day or traded at the deadline if they draft a S in the 2nd/3rd this year like Adderley since he would basically be the same role as Randall. Either way, I dont think either is gone after this year at the end of the day. The Browns still have more pressing needs to address in the draft than a cap saving FS with a high pick. However, it wouldnt shock me if they dont offer Randall a long deal.
  4. Our most glaring weakness

    Really sucks that this draft class after White/Bush is extremely shallow at LB prospects. As far as weaknesses I would be happy with some more depth at OT, CB, LB. Each one of those position groups I feel are extremely fragile if any injury were to happen to Robinson/Hubbard/Schobert/Kirksey/Ward/Mitchell. The last 4 ALL missed time last season with an injury already. 2nd-CB 3rd- OT 4th- LB I would be happy
  5. Amazon and Disney vying for rights to NFL Sunday Ticket

    Yeah I let out a huge 'WTF!" when I flipped to NFL Network and the screen read something like 'This channel is no longer available we are sorry for the inconvenience' I had to get a upgraded package with AT&T to one that included NFLN and in the middle of the night they just yank the channel from programming. Time to switch back to Time Warner/Spectrum. AT&T has been a nightmare
  6. How is your team’s tailgating?

    I was weirdly confused that every bar is a country themed bar, but the vast majority play top 40s pop music and/or classic rock. I spent the entire time on the drive down there listening to country music in preperation for the entire city/Broadway to be country country country and it turns out they are just like any other cities establishments but have 'country' decor. Kinda disappointing tbh
  7. How is your team’s tailgating?

    Ive been to 3 and they are each different so it depends what you want. Lions- Pretty basic. Parking lot, people drinking some beers making some food. Pretty middle of the road. Your standard tailgate experience. Good food though and got a few guys from the Lions crowd heckling me. Denver- 'Nice' tailgate. Everything is clean and there is a bunch of stuff that seemed organized by the team like sponsored tents, vendors, games for prizes, ect. Got invited into random peoples tents for free food just for throwing a football around for 10 seconds. More of a family friendly type vibe with the drunk Uncles in the background Cleveland- Rowdy Muni-lot with fans that have been drinking kegs of Busch Lite since they got there at 6am in their painted 1980s RV they bought for 2k off Craigslist. Half of the people you see wont make the game since they will be passed out by noon next to a port-o-john with a red solo cup in their hand and their Carhartts half removed. There is also a decent chance you could see women flashing guys in order to cut the bathroom lines. Wearing opposing teams gear is asking for trouble--once saw a fan rip the mirror off a Ravens fans car that was trying to pull into the lot.
  8. Who has the best uniform / logo in the NFL?

    "But we cant change away from the helmet logo there is just too much tradition!"---Them "Put Brownie the Elf on everything"---Me
  9. The direction of the Broncos in the near future.

    Im sure hes not, however the point of having a capable veteran like Flacco is so that you can focus on rebuilding other areas of need. LB, S, OG, DT, C are still problem areas that could potentially be fixed in the draft/vet camp cuts. However, if they have another stellar draft like last year and come away with 3 more starters + depth, the Broncos wont be picking in the top 10 next season which means probably, again, missing out on the top tier QB talent in next years draft. Theres 2 ways to play this and since Ive said on 500 different occasions that the Broncos havent found their QBOTF yet is because they are rarely in position to take one of the top tier prospects---you almost have to take a chance on Haskins/Lock at #10. Who knows where they will be in 1 year from now and you cant keep playing the re-tread veteran QB game forever. While it would be more impactful for the upcoming season to take Bush at LB, the better long term play is picking between Haskins/Lock and having a really good young QB on the roster that can lead the team for the next decade +
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Really hoping its a CB. I think the Browns can get by with Randall/Burnett/Murray at Safety for this year without devoting a 1st-3rd (projected contributor) level pick on one. As the draft gets closer I keep getting shakier and shakier about the CB unit outside of Ward and even he is injury prone it seems. Mitchell played great but this is a new system and maybe his play style wont fit as well in Wilks system as it did in the aggressive Gregggs. Carrie has always been a CB4 on a good team and EJ Gaines is gone. I just feel unsettled relying on the health of Ward and Mitchells ability to carry over his suprisingly good play for the entire 2019 season. If they trade up for a player, I hope its for a starting level CB that might slip a little.
  11. Real Schedule Released

    I agree, I make jokes all the time with friends about how nearly every single week it feels like the Cowboys or Giants are on primetime. Regardless of how good they are. However, trust me primetime games can be too much sometimes. Having 2 MAYBE 3 per year sounds good, but it disrupts your entire Sunday football watching flow when your team has 5 PT games and you either have to wait until Monday/Thursday to watch your team play. Sunday night games are the best if your team gets one because its a great cap to a full day of football.
  12. Real Schedule Released

    I like how the NFL pulled the 'we're still not sold on the Browns yet' card and frontloaded all of the primetime games while the anticipation is still high just in case they fall off into a 7-9 team. However, they have put the Giants on primetime 5x per year for the last two decades so they might not have a problem with it.
  13. Top 10 4-3 Defensive Ends

    Can somebody tell me the difference in any of those players listed and how they are different than JJ Watt, Von Miller, Jadeveon Clowney, Yannick Ngakoue and Chandler Jones who are not included on anybodys lists
  14. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    Well I mean yeah it but the bar to clean house on a 0-16 team is pretty low lol
  15. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    To follow that point up, look at the roster turnover from 2017 to right now. You can also cross off Zane, Peppers, Gordon, Ogbah, BBC, Burgess and Zeitler. Only 12 players on this team were on the team pre-Dorsey and that includes 2 special teams player. 12. twelve. t w e l v e. Duke/Devalve are both most likely gone before the season starts so there is a very good chance that there will be 43 new players on the Browns 2019 roster that were not on the team just 2 years ago.