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  1. Offseason Discussion

    Agreed. I think there IS such a thing as too many weapons and somebody (or two) is going to be mad about target share. If you have a good enough offensive system, you dont need 5 elite level guys out there to make it run. You can spend that cap money elsewhere, preferably defense. In a perfect world IMO we would have Jarvis/Higgins/2nd-3rd round rookie WR and two elite level front 7 players compared to unloading on offensive skill position players. You need 1 or 2 great 'go-to' guys on the offensive skill side like the Cheifs have with Kelce/Hill and the rest can be good support guys. As long as Baker doesnt suck, Landry/Hooper/Chubb/Hunt should be MORE than enough skill on offense for a deep playoff run. Save the rest of the money for the defense. Cheifs had Kelce/Hill. 49ers had Sanders/Kittle/Debo. Ravens had Andrews/Ingram. Saints have Kamara/Thomas. The great teams in the deep playoffs have 1) Good QB 2) two maybe 3 guys on offense and 3) good defense.
  2. Offseason Discussion

    The Browns dont get players like OBJ often and now that we have him on the team, I couldnt be more 'meh' about him being here. If he demanded a trade or left I wouldnt be too terribly upset. Maybe last years horribleness has made me delusional but after seeing him play I would rather give 18 million to a elite level EDGE player opposite of Garrett over giving it to OBJ. For instance I would rather have Garrett/Landry/Lawrence or Ngakwe (sp) over Garrett/Landry/OBJ. Maybe a competent offensive system this year will change my mind.
  3. What players make a comeback in 2020?

    Baker Mayfield after getting rid of the Freddie Kitchens "Everyone run 15+ yard routes with the worst pass blocking OL in the NFL" offense.
  4. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Anything but the Spiders. The Spiders sounds like a AA teams name where they ran out of options for serious professional team names.
  5. Offseason Discussion

    Is there any way that Berry just says no to a trade and just have him play this year + walk next year for a comp pick? I mean if he sits out, he won't get a credited season right so why not just not do a trade and hope he comes around once live football action gets closer unless its a really good offer. I hate trade requests because it screws the team twice. One for being almost forced to get rid of a good player and again because you almost never get equal value back since everyone is lowballing the team. There has to be some sort of negative consequence from the players side of things to stop this crap from happening----especailly at the college level with the transfer portal.
  6. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    I think that they will have high hopes for a season to start but as soon as 1 player comes down with it then the league will be shut down. Same thing that happened in NBA. 1 player got it, teammates got it from him, other teams that team played recently were tested and then the whole league got shut down. Since it's a thing that spreads by close contact--as soon as 1 player gets it then entire NFL will be on pause. And let's be honest......1 player IS going to get it eventually.
  7. 2020 Browns Hype

    Oh I agree, if they can't put together at least a 8-8 or 9-7 season then again I consider it another coaching failure. Like Mike Polk said "It's actually statistically harder to be this consistently bad than it is to occasionally, accidentally be good"
  8. 2020 Browns Hype

    I could say that the Browns have never had coaching that has players play above their head in 20+ years. Its more than just raw talent. Look at BB/Carroll and what they do with guys you have never even heard of before on defense or Shannahan/Payton/Reid/McVay with finding contributors on offense. The Browns have yet to ever have a coaching staff in place that can elevate players games in a system, instead they rely on raw talent to overcome the incompetence of the coaching staffs. They try to find players so good that a system or coaches cant 'break' them.
  9. 2020 Browns Hype

    I mean talent really has never been an issue. The Browns have had talented teams in the past. The issue is the fact that they have yet to find a GM/HC combo in 20 years that can get the most out of the talent they have like other good franchises do. Coaching, consistency, leadership and direction have been the reason the Browns have sucked since I was in Elementary School, not the overall talent level on the teams. When they do have talent on their teams they find a way to squander it, not enhance it or build on it. Its a front office/coaching issue way more than it is a player issue (outside of QB).
  10. Which players have the best attributes (Madden style)

    This is a lot of effort that I am simply just not willing to put in
  11. New Stadium: Who Is Next?

    Its also super weird that the Bears have the smallest stadium in the NFL for one of the largest cities in the country
  12. New Stadium: Who Is Next?

    Isthe the current Bills stadium in the middle of nowhere compared to actual downtown Buffalo? Why wouldnt they move it closer to the city
  13. New Stadium: Who Is Next?

    Ive been to Nashville a few times and the Titans stadium def. looks out of date. Spoke to a freind to went to see a game there and he said it was the worst stadium he has ever been in. Given how much that city is booming right now I think its only a matter of time before a new project for them comes along
  14. New Stadium: Who Is Next?

    Yeah no idea if there are plans or not but their stadium at least from TV looks a little dated. Almost like a simple college stadium rather than a NFL teams stadium
  15. New Stadium: Who Is Next?

    With seeing these threads about the new Raiders/LA stadium being built I figured to make a thread about the less talked about stadiums. What teams/stadiums are next in line for upgrades? Figured this would also be a place to talk about lesser prominent stadiums (for good or bad) that fans of other teams have never been to and if there is news about certain teams are gearing up for new homes in the near future. For instance I know the Browns are in preliminary talks, and have been for a few years, about building a new stadium since theirs mostly out of date despite dumping millions recently giving it a face lift. I know they want something more multi-purpose but right now there are still many hoops to jump through with funding, location, ect when their current lease expires.