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  1. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Problem is that isnt Wilkins similar to Larry in terms of style/build? Being a smaller quick more of a knifing DT? They could def. use him but if they go with 2 smaller quick DTs than they need some serious studs at LB to back them up and fill gaps against the run. The biggest thing that stood out to me is that the Browns dont have a big run stuffer on early downs playing next to Larry to eat space. Somebody like.......Danny Shelton.
  2. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Its still all about the 'fit' and coaching for a young QB success. Talent alone cant help a QB come in and be a franchise guy. Look at Jared Goff under Fisher and now McVay. Look at Baker Mayfield under Hue and Kitchens, look at Matt Ryan under Shannahan and then Sarkisian, Foles with and without Doug Peterson, Dalton with and without Hue Jackson, Keenum with Pat Shurmer and now Musgrave. Same can be applied to defense with the Broncos under Wade and then Woods. Point being, Drew Lock def. has the tools. He is this years Mahommes/Josh Allen of being a guy who can do it all but needs really good structure and coaching around him if hes going to become a franchise guy. You could say that about every prospect. What Ive learned about QBs in particular is that they are so much more dependent on coaching, play design, offensive system than just raw talent if they are going to be successful If the Broncos are confident that Scangarello is their guy who can shape/mold a QB friendly offense and maximize whoever is playing in it----then pull the trigger on Lock.
  3. Let the Offseason Begin

    Yes. I was watching a video of Freddie Kitchens interview the other day and he mentioned something about having extended time because he is a new HC hire. So I believe with a new coaching hire players can report to workouts/camp a week or so earlier than other teams.
  4. Cba and work stoppage

    lol hey man, if I know one thing about working in business its that even the people at the highest level of the company make some really stupid head scratching decisions largely due to the "your overthinking it' rule. Ive seen so many poor decisions because GMs/Ops Directors try to overthink and make things more complicated than they need to be. Sometimes less is more.
  5. Agreed, the old school MLB thumper against the run is phasing out. With more college spread and motion offenses coming into the NFL, one of the most important traits of any new age LB is sideline to sideline speed. Schobert has that. With Collins being put on the chopping block. I wonder how much the Browns would look at Mack Wilson. Dude is built like a tank but is very aggressive and can lay the hammer. Dont know what he will test like, but just watching him play you can tell he has plenty of speed and coverage skills
  6. Cba and work stoppage

    Dumb question but why cant they do a preliminary discussion a year in advance so they can save time and hash out some sort of structure. When the time comes and they are on the clock to get it done--the groundwork has already been negotiated and taken care of saving everyone from the mass hysteria of deadlines
  7. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    The only teams in front of DEN that could take a QB is NYG and JAX. However, I feel one of those might go after Flacco (JAX most likely). NYG takes Haskins. The only other thing I would worry about is WAS jumping up and taking their guy. Apparently early word is that they are trying to position themselves for a trade to jump DEN to take their guy, whoever that is. I dont think there is a real threat inside 1.10 barring a crazy good combine, interviews and pro day. I do remember Lock being talked about as the #1 pick in the draft after his junior year when he blew up. He went back to college and had down year compared to his really good numbers the year before. From what I know is that he probably has the best arm talent in the draft but the drawback is his inconsistency at times. It reminds me of Pat Mahommes predraft where some were unsure if all of his talent could be harnessed on the NFL. His upside if he ties it all together is franchise QB caliber, but like every QB, the question is if that will happen and take that next step with NFL coaching. He would be the perfect guy to have sit for 1/2 the season behind Case to learn and then toss him in for 4-8 games next year to get a taste. Then again, rookie/soph QB success is predicated on system, coaching, surrounding talent. If the new OC will help him and design a offense with his strengths and simplify things--he could be a homerun even if he is not as readymade as a guy like Haskins
  8. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Get used to it, Ben Albright has said on Twitter multiple times that everything he is hearing is that the FO is enamored with Lock and went to watch him play a few times. He said that from people in the organization that Lock is basically 'their guy' right now and Elway apparently loves him. Having Case start for 3-8 games until Lock gets adjusted would be the best scenario. Either way this organization needs to peg their guy, get behind him and build around him. I dont know how other Broncos fans feel but Im tired of trying to put band-aids and throwing up hail marys in FA for veteran QBs. In order to stabilize the franchise and the product on the field I feel like they need to just jump in and fully commit to a rookie QB.
  9. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I hope, I had this discussion with a friend last night of what the biggest hole on the Browns is and it was between EDGE, LB, WR. I would be really happy with a blue chip LB or EDGE to fortify the front 7. I dont know how much longer Kirksey/Collins will be on this team. There is a out in Collins contract this year and if they peg a guy at #17 for LB, I can see them cutting Collins and rolling with Schobert/Kirksey/#17/Avery. Problem is, I dont know anythign about any LB prospect in this class. Mack Wilson? Devin Bush?
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I dont know if its been discussed but seeing where the Browns are sitting at #17 and how much they need a #2 pass rusher compliment to Myles. Im really hoping Polite is still there when we pick. From my prelim player analysis Im already pegging him as the guy I campaign for on these boards for the next 4 months lol
  11. 2019 schedule - just for fun

    Anytime you can play the AFC south and AFC East in the same year your going to have a good time. What I like about the schedule is that we get some of the tougher opponents at home like SEA, TEN, LAR and the easier teams like ARI, DEN, NYJ, on the road.
  12. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Like when Sonney Weaver traded 3 first rounders and a 3rd to move up to #1 overall to take Vontae Mack and passed on Bo Callahan
  13. OROY

    Its not just his position, but moreso that Barkely plays RB. A position that has become less and less valuable because of its rotating door of success. The Giants had a full season of Barkley this year and 12 games of OBJ being back and went from 3 wins to 5 wins. Baker resulted in 7 wins in large part because of him and if he would have started the whole year, the Browns would have won 8 or 9 games. I understand the production argument might favor Barkley, but to dismiss the 'Well its only because he plays QB" side of the story is silly. Its the most important and hardest position in all of sports. Thats why there are only 12-15 guys on the planet that can do it at a high level to directly impact teams W/L record every game. If its close (which it is) then because 1 plays QB and with more team success and 1 plays RB and less team success is a perfectly legitimate tie breaker.
  14. Former Broncos 1st round QB Paxton Lynch signs with Seahawks

    At the same time he was never given a real chance to get out on the field for a extended period of time to show what he could do. He started a whopping 4 games but there was never a full "Hey your our 1st round draft pick we are going to give you a season to see if you have it". I know they see him in practice and whatnot but getting actual game experience without feeling like you have the shortest leash possible if you make a mistake is also not the way to do it. I feel like Paxton was never actually given a fair opportunity on the field to work with the coaches/team to progress and develop. They expected all of his development to happen in practice reps only. How does a 1st round QB only get 4 starts in 2 years to show what he has so we can definitively know how good he is. Not saying that he is a franchise QB by any means, but I would have liked to see them stick with Paxton for longer than they did and see what he could have done and steps he could have taken with a full season of starts under his belt before kicking him out the door.
  15. Should the Steelers get rid of Antonio Brown?

    I mean yeah its pretty obvious fit. Also because they are across the country in another division. Same reason the 49ers got Jimmy. Even if a team like the Colts come with a strong offer I doubt the Steelers would sent him there over the 49ers just because of division. However because of age, I really only see Brown being a big factor for 2 more seasons before he starts his downfall from elite to good veteran.