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  1. Week 13 GDT: Browns-Steelers II. and the Depodesta Code

    Yeah, Im worried about their defense wrecking shop on the Browns OL. We shall see. Its win or go home and your playing a 3rd string QB. The lack of Browns pass rush concerns me to really make this lopsided--but they need to win somehow someway.
  2. Week 13 GDT: Browns-Steelers II. and the Depodesta Code

    They better, losing 2 games in 5 weeks to Brandon Allen and Duck Hodges and the entire staff might as well just fire themselves.
  3. (Polls) Does the Offensive Get 'There' this Year?

    After the first 15 scripted plays each week the offense turns really clunky regardless if they are moving the ball or not. They made it look good this week, but the reason Im still skeptical is because it was the Dolphins and it still didnt look smooth at times.
  4. (Polls) Does the Offensive Get 'There' this Year?

    The risk that they pose is not worth the reward to run 3-5 of them per game.
  5. (Polls) Does the Offensive Get 'There' this Year?

    Im not mad that they use them, Im more mad at the frequency. It sill seems like the vast majority of our plays are long developing and Baker is still doing his double clutch thing he does. Against a good DL, thats where all of the trouble starts to happen. I just wish they would run some more smash mouth from under center that would open up a loooot of play action with designed roll outs
  6. (Polls) Does the Offensive Get 'There' this Year?

    If we can knock off all of the cutesy plays that involve a RB/WR fumbling the ball on a pop pass behind the LOS that would be a great start. Still feel like this offense needs more simple plays and it doesn't have to be a crazy gadget play every 3 plays
  7. I still cant believe through 11 games Baker only has 14 TDs. He is on pace to throw around 18 TDs for the year and 16 INTs
  8. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Terry McLaurin vs Lions OR Sterling Shepard vs Bears? PPR.
  9. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

  10. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    Portis was so, so good when he was in DEN for those initial years. I think he was great, but the zone running system def. inflated his value a little bit and thats why they were able to feel comfortable about that trade with Bailey for him. Portis never really regained that overly dominant 1,500+ yard rushing production when he was in WAS. His YPC fell from 5.5 in DEN to around 4.1 in his time in WAS.
  11. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    Because he rushed for 2,000 yards and that has only been done 7x in NFL history. He also had 21TDs....21. The other 2k yard rushers had 14,14,11,14,12,12. It is arguably the most dominant rushing season in NFL history
  12. Pick from Texans via Duke

    Can we draft 6 OTs and Chris Olave with it?
  13. Week 11 GDT: Broncos @ Vikings

    Hey man, everyone has opinions and see things differently. But dont pretend to not care about the topic being posted about while also blasting your opinion out there. Thats not how it works.
  14. Week 11 GDT: Broncos @ Vikings

    You have replied to 5+ posts of mine regarding the instance. While also being the only Bronco fan to do so. Its obvious you care since your the only Bronco fan doing it. Quit replying to my posts if you 'really dont care'. Its really as simple as that.
  15. Week 11 GDT: Broncos @ Vikings

    Im not arguing that if you took the time to do some reading comprehension. He was wrong in swinging the helmet which Ive stated on 30+ posts. Im arguing that people dont think Rudolph had any sort of hand in the eventual outcome and people who look at him as the victim that he wants to play with zero repercussion for his actions.