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  1. Browns trade C Austin Corbett to Rams for 2021 Day 3 pick

    Suttons profile coming out of college was almost identical to Demaryius Thomas'. Big, fast, strong and playmakers but the knock on both of them was that they came from systems that almost exclusively made them deep vertical threats and a lot of scouts questioned their route running. Almost viewed them as 1 trick ponys. Sutton was pegged as a mid-late 1st rounder that slide 8 picks into the 2nd round because of it. Safe to say both players proved to not ignore talent in frames that like.
  2. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    He started the year on fire but has fizzled out in the past 2 weeks and Sutton seems to be Joe Flaccos 'go-to' guy. However, he is the type of guy who can easily catch 6 for 90 and TD any week given the opportunity. Your gambling on if he is going to get the targets to do it.
  3. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    To be fair, the Broncos are also missing Bradley Chubb and their #2, #3 and #4 CBs to the point where their CB6 is now starting opposite of Chris Harris. They have their #1 and a bunch of random walk-ons prior to this season I have never even heard of before.
  4. Browns trade C Austin Corbett to Rams for 2021 Day 3 pick

    They didn't need a Guard at the time at all they had Zeitler and Bitonio, they needed a OT to replace Joe Thomas. It was almost like they took Corbett as luxury pick in hopes that after a year of seasoning he could convert into a OT which obviously didn't work. Their needs were WR since at the time there was only Landry and Higgins hadn't yet developed into the player he is now so I remember pounding the table for a OT/WR. Can you imagine if the Browns walked away from that draft with Mayfield/Ward/Sutton/Chubb. Sheesh
  5. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Well the reason they have struggled is because teams have not been rushing Mahommes and playing a bunch of DBs in man coverage. Forcing Mahommes to have to make contested throws. My issue with this in DEN is that the secondary is so unbelievably banged up that random guys like Pringle/Robinson could easily find room against man coverage from Yiadom/The Other Random guy with dreds. Im not sure if Coty Sensabaugh is going to be playing or not, but at very least he would provide a capable veteran back there to help with those guys if CHJ is locking up with Hill the whole game. I also think the combo of Simmons/AJ could limit Kelce a bit if they execute properly. AJ loves physicality so I suspect there will be a lot of jamming from him off of the LOS and Simmons coming down to take him. Either way the Broncos are going to need to execute. Plain and simple. I think they have the talent to get it done--they just cant have lapses where they let Mahommes strike fast. This Broncos offense is not built to play from behind with catching up so they need to make sure they control the clock on offense and limit KCs chances. This game almost feels like the same blueprint that they would apply against all of those Patriots teams in the playoffs over the years. Tight coverage, control the clock, no turnovers. You win this game---the year is salvaged to a degree. You lose this game---then its time to start looking at mock drafts. It needs to be treated like the SuperBowl from the players that this is THE make or break game for the season.
  6. Browns trade C Austin Corbett to Rams for 2021 Day 3 pick

    When Will Hernandez was on the board, it was considered a reach and a 'overthinking it' pick from the very jump. They are lucky they struck gold with the very next pick with Nick Chubb. The next pick was Hernandez, the pick after was Darius Leonard and 3 picks later was Courtland Sutton (when the really needed a big body #1 WR pre OBJ). Any of those 3 would have been obviously better picks.
  7. Browns trade C Austin Corbett to Rams for 2021 Day 3 pick

    He was the first pick in the 2nd round of the draft 2 years ago and he was essentially just cut off the roster if that tells you anything. The Browns tried him at multiple different positions to see if one stuck, similar to Cam Erving and he didnt do great at any of them. From watching the snaps he got in the preseason, his biggest weakness is that hes just not that smart of a blocker. He thinks too much and gets people blowing by him whenever there is a stunt or blitz pickup. Hes also not overly strong and lacks any sort of finishing ability against d-linemen. Hes always seemingly getting pushed backwards or whiffing on assigned blocks. Maybe a change of scenery could do it but he just doesnt seem to play with any decisiveness or punch when he meets the defender. Almost like hes constantly just fighting to keep his head above water. I wish him the best and hope he gets a nice turnaround in LA.
  8. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    It will be super interesting to see what they do at the deadline. Love, Clarkson, Knight and Tristan are all prime candidates for contender looking for a bump entering the playoffs. Fun to see what direction the Cavs will take. I like the balance of capable vets and young guys because the thought of rewinding the clock to 2010 where it was 10 guys on the team under the age of 23 seems like hell.
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Spectrum....all the way. I just switched from ATT Uverse a few months ago when they also cancelled NFLN and now they are doing it for FSO? I got Spectrum with 100mbps internet and 2 boxes with all the sports channels you can think of for $128. They also buy out contracts if you have one with Dish. I would strongly consider it
  10. The Cleveland Cavaliers Thread

    Meh, I always enjoy basketball because it gives me something to look forward to in the winter months with nothing else going on. Even when the Cavs are bad or rebuilding I still make time to watch them just because its at least entertaining. Im really looking forward to see how the young guys progress. It would be nice if one of them came out and had a Kyle Kuzma or Donovan Mitchell level rookie year and catch lightning in a bottle with one of them
  11. The Cleveland Cavaliers Thread

    Somebody could go find the other old one and start posting there and Ill gladly delete this one lol
  12. The Cleveland Cavaliers Thread

    Booooooooo that thread
  13. Trent Williams anyone???

    Agreed. This offense needs a Iowa TE, not a Miami TE. A good run blocker who can catch when asked. Not a bad run blocker who can only catch (sometimes)
  14. Trent Williams anyone???

    I mean to be honest, I would go no higher than a 2nd and future 4th or 5th. His age and injury concerns bring his value down a lot. The question is if the Redskins understand that or not.
  15. The Cleveland Cavaliers Thread

    Figured I would start one since the preseason is over and regular season beings next week. After watching a few games it is really hard to tell what this teams identity going to be but some of the pieces look promising. Darius Garland is going to be good. Really really good. He reminds me so much of Kyrie with the way he plays and the smoothness to his game when maneuvering. Sexton looks the same as he did last year----still sort of a raw prospect. Will be interesting to see how he progresses as the season goes along. Kevin Porter Jr. looks super talented but seems to move almost in slow motion with his dribble moves and passing. Hes going to have to speed up his pace of play at some point. Defense is obviously going to be the biggest issue with this team and their only real chance at stacking up wins is by out shooting their opponents in high scoring games. Dont really know how to fix it but not having a single defensive presence on the perimeter is going to get old...fast. Should be a nice rebuilding year and have to get one more good draft haul next year.