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  1. Most Likely Players to Return?

    I didnt even realize there is a out in Collins contract after this season. Interesting. I however am not nearly as down on him as others are. I know he is getting paid a lot, but its not like we dont have the money or that he is holding up some other deal to get somebody else. Plus, I think with the Browns being better overall now, we will see a more motivated Collins resulting in better play. The most interesting to me is CB. Ward after this year is the only sure thing on the roster and behind him there is quite a log jam.. It will be really interesting to see what they do if both Carrie/Gaines play up to expectations. Can you pay both? What if BBC has a really nice year again? You have to find a way to get him on the field more and he cant do that if Carrie/Gaines are at #2/#3
  2. Most Likely Players to Return?

    Got to thinking today and realized a lot of the FAs the Browns brought in this summer were either signed to a 1 year deal or have a early team option. It seems like they brought in a bunch of veteran guys on 'prove it' deals to see who they will offer a long term contract to after this years one year try out of sorts. Especially on defense. I think some will stay and some will go but its unclear who that might be. My question is out of Kendricks, Carrie, Mitchell, Gaines, Hyde, Randall, Fells, Janis, Hubbard, Smith and Taylor---who do you think will be on this Browns roster after the 18/19 season and will be considered apart of the teams future and who do you think is gone after this season? IMO Resigned---- Carrie, Randall, Hubbard and Kendricks Gone---- Mitchell, Gaines, Hyde, Fells, Janis and Taylor
  3. Run defense stats

    2nd--which is fantastic. Lot of that had to do with Shelton stuffing the middle so that might regress some this year as the Browns look to be smaller/speedy to get to the QB more often 1. Denver - 3.3 2. Cleveland - 3.4 3. Arizona - 3.5 4. Tennessee - 3.6 5. Minnisota - 3.7
  4. Most overrated player on your team?

    The amount of disdain Bills fans have for Tyrod Taylor is troubling.
  5. More Televised Games for Teams on the Rise

    You dont have to...you can get the streaming version for cheaper and download the Sunday Ticket app on your computer or any streaming device like xbox, ps4, roku, fire stick, apple tv, ect and watch it on your TV. I have Time Warner cable and buy ST every year and watch it on my TV through my Roku and sometimes PS4. https://nflst.directv.com/
  6. More Televised Games for Teams on the Rise

    I would like them to be more flexible with primetime games. Being forced to watch a team 5x on national TV just because they were projected to be good is not the answer. Like the Giants for instance. I dont want to sit there and watch the 1-9 Giants play the Falcons just because their preseason rankings were good. It would be nice for all primetime games after week 8 to be flexible with a 2 week notice once the NFL has a feeling for what teams are appealing.
  7. Which Team(s) Got Worse This Offseason?

    Its been an embarrassment what the SEA front office has done to support Russ Wilson in his prime years. How many times do you have to watch your franchise talent get stone cold stunnered in every game before you make a serious effort to stop it.
  8. Top 10 Players Overall

    The difference is Von Miller led the league in QB pressures from the end, had double digit sacks AND was the #1 graded edge defender against the run. Hes a freak. Kerrigan I would say however is crazily underrated as he is a top 10 edge player in the NFL and everytime I see him he makes plays. Extremely underrated but he is nowhere close to the tier of Miller/Mack/Bosa/Watt. Hes in that 5-10 territory.
  9. Browns sign OT Greg Robinson

    Well he and Donald Stephenson can smack eachother with their dead-arms and maybe form a decent NFL tackle.
  10. Most underrated player on your team

    For the Browns its a toss up between Boddy-Calhoun and Duke Johnson. Duke Johnson is a full time opportunity away from being Devonte Freeman. For the Broncos it is Justin Simmons who I believe will be considered a top tier FS in the mold of Harrison Smith next season. #boldpredictions
  11. Dead Body found at Janoris Jenkins house

    Maybe at a older age you will understand. Its not a high ground. The death of another person does not warrant a witty remark or an emoji. Imagine if that was your friend, brother, uncle or father that was found dead in a murder and how you would react. Stop with the "im on the internet so I can say anything I want to" act. People who have been through it deserve better. I shouldnt have to explain to you the seriousness of a murder.
  12. Dead Body found at Janoris Jenkins house

    You are disgusting.
  13. Dead Body found at Janoris Jenkins house

    Its disturbing how many people in this thread are trying to be slick and making jokes about a murder of a actual human being. If that doesnt show how desensitized America is to death, then I dont know what does. Be better. This isnt a joke to get 'likes' on a message board.
  14. Browns sign OT Greg Robinson

    Heres my thing with o-line, I fully believe 75% of it is just practice and muscle memory IF you have the physical talent. After having the physical talent to be not only athletic enough at that size, but the matching strength---its just effort and repotition to learn the technique aspects. And there really cant be too many pass blocking techniques. How a player in his 5th year of coaching and 40+ games played of experience doesnt have a light come on at some point through repetition is beyond me. If you have that much already in the bad and still cant do it--to me that says the real effort to learn is not there because to me (guy sitting on a couch) memorizing and learning 4-5 different steps and hand placement can not be that difficult. Its not like a QB who has to learn every position on the field and 200+ plays.
  15. Which team improved the most over the offseason? *On Paper

    I mean they added Tyrod Taylor, Carlos Hyde, Demarious Randall, Eric Kendricks, Jarvis Landry, EJ Gaines, Josh Gordon and Chris Hubbard as veterans. Then if you look at the rookies like Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, Antonio Callaway and Nick Chubb as impact players from day 1. (Baker later on) The team basically added 11-12 starting caliber players ranging from 'solid' to 'above average' all the way to 'pro bowl' level. Not to mention they get Jamie Collins and Myles Garrett back healthy. This could be a fun year. I think its a realistic 6-8 win season used as a stepping stone into whats next. Im just glad, for the first time since forever that I can actually wake up Sunday morning, crack a crispy cool refreshing Busch heavy, make a bowl of Count Chocula and legitimately be excited for the Browns game to start because they might win.