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  1. Not the same, but Browns fans seem to have a beef with Michigan players getting drafted to their team. I remember both Braylon Edwards and Jabril Peppers making comments about Browns fans being mean on social media because where they went to college and having to deal with it.
  2. Agreed they need to stay healthy but it was nice to see them add some serious depth on defense. They played a lot of games last year with the underdog mentality, I wonder what's going to happen now that they are no longer the underdog and have that motivation. It's almost like Bakers 2nd year all over again with sky high expectations. Let's see how they act this time around and respond to AFC Championship game expectations. Next year we could have a Titans-esq talent purge when they lost guys like Jonnu Smith, Corey Davis, Jack Conklin, ECT because of paying Tannehill and Henry.
  3. Well he should have probably just taken the blatantly obvious QB in that situation then hehe Paton HAD to have known that was going to happen
  4. I will always think #20 is a S number because of Dawkins and I will never be able to get that number/name combo out of my head. It's also super weird that Chubb wears #24 because that's normally a CB number.
  5. The Cavs better not win this game and take themselves out of top 3 odds
  6. You would think, but the teams struggles lie with the offense in which Pat Shurmer is 100% driving. Fangio is a decent HC at getting guys to play hard and his defense is still his defense. They just need to bring in somebody that knows anything about the offensive side. That being said, if there is another losing season I assume there will be a complete overhaul. There is far too much talent on that team to look as incompetent as they do 1/2 the games they play.
  7. Yeah Toney I didnt even list because to me his is a specialist like Henry Ruggs. I dont expect any real consistent production from him even though he might have some big plays here and there.
  8. Chase- year removed, fighting for targets with Boyd/Higgins Bateman- not enough volume Waddle- massive QB questions plus he will be fighting for targets Smith- probably best chance given everything. Its all dependent on how good Hurts really is but he will be the #1 WR from the jump with the clearest path to a statistically great season
  9. I view it more of a Urban Meyer doing a favor for one of his closest friends/players. With Lawrence there, there is no reason for a publicity stunt.
  10. So now even our coaching staff is like 'yeah this is a dumper fire, not for me'
  11. Plus we have fired 100 coaches in the last decade. Its coaching to a extent, but at what point is it on the players to shut up and take the losses and improve. The coaches arnt making Love completely worthless, the coaches arnt the ones out there bricking every open 3 look we have. Thats the wins and losses right there--hit your open shots. The Cavs dont have enough players who can create off dribble. Outside of Garland there isnt a single other player on the team who can shoot off the dribble maybe besides Dotson. Everybody else is a spot up shooter and even they dont hit their shot
  12. Most likely, but they have a good foundation. Tuitt, Watt, and Fitzpatrick are going to give them a nice solid baseline. Its the rest of their roster that seems to be up in the air and transitioning to becoming new/younger.
  13. Thats fair but Im still unsure. That DEN defense (especially the secondary) took a step back from when Woods took over and Phillips left. Im wondering how creative he can be on defense. Ive always wondered that. Even in DEN his defense relied heavily on 'our guy is going to win their 1v1 matchup and we are only going to rush 4'. He was far less.....aggressive? Exotic? whatever word you want to use, compared to Phillips. Not sure if that was the same in SF but given the talent on that defense I imagine it was.
  14. They will end up wherever Daniel Jones takes them. If he takes a big leap this season then the Giants will be great. If he stays at his same level of solid but replaceable then the Giants will be in purgatory.
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