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  1. Media obsession with putting Rodgers in the GOAT convo

    Manning historically never played with great defenses in Indy at any sort of consistency and when he did he made SB's and won one. When he played in Denver he won a SB because of defense. Brady has never won a ring without a top 10 defense in the NFL behind him, especially in his early years when everyone of those Pats defenses ranked top 5 in the NFL. Brady has a ring against the Seahawks because of what? Defense and Malcolm Butler saving the Pats. Sounds stupid right? Football is a team sport. The ring argument in ANY sport is completely outdated and something your dad argues about with his friends at a bar your still allowed to smoke in. Ive watched Brees, Manning, Brady, Rodgers in this new era and its clear from talent and play singled out its Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers in that order.
  2. It will really be nice to see if the Browns are capable of scheming against a opponents strengths. See if they look any different on defense today with blitzes/disguises for Mahommes. Ya know, the thing competent teams and good D-Coordinators do on a weekly basis.
  3. I will still never understand letting Mack/Schwartz walk out the door. For the past few years we could have had the best C, best RT and best LT in football all on our offensive line. Embarassing
  4. I feel like thats when you rely on your DC to scheme and come up with blitzes with SS and OLBs to take the pressure off of the edge guys. You can always generate pressure, its just a matter of when you do it and who you use. Its the same concept as 'chipping' on offense with RBs and TEs to buy your QB more time to throw. You can scheme anything. You just have to have a bunch of non-stupids running your team.
  5. Im also curious as to why guys like Carl Davis, Anthony Zettle and Brian Price havent even been seen (that I remember), when we got these guys off waivers it was a big deal and people were hyping them up like they were really good depth. Where are they?
  6. Im sure if Chris Smith and Carl Davis (who everybody was so high on) had to play 1 series per half, the Browns would survive. It not only prevents injury to your starters and fatigue at end of games, but it keeps them fresh throughout the game to play at a higher level with more energy when they are in. A completely gassed Myles Garrett with 5min left in the 4th qtr is not Myles Garrett. Its a guy trying to just get stood up on a block to take a break
  7. Right....and how this team is unable to sub out Garrett, Larry and Ogbah for 1 series every QTR to keep them fresh is beyond me. Since I watch DEN I know that they rest Von/Wolfe/Chubb 1 series per half to keep them fresh through the game. They stagger when each one comes out so its not all at the same time. Why cant CLE do that
  8. Simple answer. Its easier to run 15 yards with somebody than it is to smash yourself into a 300lb linemen trying to manhandle you when you have been on the field for the entire game.
  9. IDK if thats the case. A lot of the times he seems like he just freezes when he sees a rush in his face. He looks great with a clean pocket and 4 seconds to throw but looks extremely hesitant when there is any sort of pass rush and that has been going on for years
  10. No. Its extremely true and I highly recommend you take a second and read this. All Bronco fans should. http://www.bsndenver.com/an-ode-to-the-most-under-appreciated-bronco-of-all-time/
  11. When VJ gets fired

    Hes not that raw. He extremely polished as a passer who probably throws with the best accuracy, anticipation and ball placement of anybody in next years draft. His problem is nuances to the game like sliding footwork in the pocket when pressure comes and read progression --- which can be coached. That is why I suggest to grab him and let him learn and grow until the wheels fall off Keenum next year. He actually reminds me of Goffs strengths/weaknesses coming out. If your looking for a prototype QB with all of the size and arm talent (which Elways obviously loves) then Haskins is his guy as long as he is in no rush to throw him into the fire before he receives a little bit of NFL coaching. This is also assuming Herbert is gone to the NYG at #1.
  12. When VJ gets fired

    Its not a hard formula, you just have to come to grips with your problem areas and make a real aggressive effort to fix them. Which for some reason Elway refuses to go 'all-in' on the QB problem and drafts leftovers or patchwork veterans. IMO they pray Haskins comes out, take him top 5-10 and then redshirt him behind Keenum for next year or until Keenum fails in 2019. Use the other high draft picks/FA to really really attach the OL and CB. My biggest fear is wasting Von Miller/Chris Harris last elite years because they are too busy screwing around trying to find a competent QB. Get it done.
  13. When VJ gets fired

    They have made moves to bring guys in, but nearly all of them outside of Leary have been JAGs. Watson, Veldheer, Bolles was questionable at the spot they took him, McGovern was a mid-round pick, Donald Stephenson was a retread, ect, ect, ect. Not saying they havent tried, but it sure has always felt like almost every move on the offensive line for the past 4 years has been a stop gap option or a developmental mid-late round pick. They have made 2 good efforts at getting a legit starter on the OL in 4 years. Bolles and Leary. And Bolles is garbage who needs replaced next year. So they have potentially 3 starting offensive line spots around Leary/Paradis (whose contract is up) to fill next offseason.
  14. When VJ gets fired

    The Broncos issue is the same issue as its always been since Manning left (and even with Manning)--they absolutely refuse to go 'all in' at addressing the offensive line and try to patchwork the QB position without going to really get their guy in the draft. The OL and QB have received the most half-arsed effort for years and they continue to focus on everywhere else but there and it continues to be the sole reason they have been losing since 2015. Whenever the FO wants to get serious about bringing in proven help or blue chip prospects in the draft to build a good offensive line and follow that up with actually going after one of the elite QB prospects in the drafts---nothing else matters. They will continue to lose. The defense has held the Cheifs their 2 lowest point totals of the year and the Rams to their lowest point total of the year. They are fine. The offense has playmakers. They need to finally take the remaining cap room and high round draft picks and attack OL and QB next offseason.