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  1. Free Agency Discussion

    Thats what Im referencing though. Pressures are cool, but there are a lot of stats I would like to see out of my extremely highly paid DE than pressures. When you have a bunch of pressures and no counting stats, what does that exactly do for your team especially against good QBs? DEs dont get paid big money because they can create good pressure but never get home. Myles Garrett isnt going to get a 100 million dollar contract because he gets pressures. He is going to get that because he can get you 13+ sacks per season.
  2. Free Agency Discussion

    Not the only one no, but its a good indicator of a players playmaking ability and having impact plays. Sacks are typically drive killers and offer the chance for fumbles. You cant create turnovers if you never get to the QB. Its also why typically DEs that can get to the passer and rush are also the most highly paid.
  3. Free Agency Discussion

    Has a overpaid player never been asked to restructure his deal before or would this the first time in NFL history? Also just because you have space to spend and your 'not hurting' for it doesnt mean you just maintain horrible contracts for players value. Players come available through trade/draft day/camp cuts ect and you need money for those. If you want to go galaxy brain on this hear me out, what if they would have cut Vernon weeks ago and used that money to pay Schobert AND would have enough left to sign Clowney?
  4. Free Agency Discussion

    Ehhh not sure about that. Derek Wolfe who had 7 sacks in 12 games last year (Vernon had 3.5 in 10) just signed a 1 year 3 million guaranteed deal. No chance anybody is waiting in line to throw 15+ million at Vernon.
  5. Free Agency Discussion

    The only thing I took from this is that you extremely overvalue how good Vernon is a player and my point is not to cut him for nothing. My point is cut him to free up 17 MORE million in cap space to sign a actual difference maker at the position like Clowney. Im not advocating cutting him for nothing, I want them to cut him IF that helps them sign a better alternative who is actually elite at playing football. Just so happens there is one of those guys currently sitting in FA without a team that wants to get paid.
  6. Free Agency Discussion

    lol yeah exactly. Its more of a situation where you tell him what they are going to offer him or tell him have fun signing a 1 yr. $4 million deal somewhere else at the back end of FA.
  7. Free Agency Discussion

    Would love it but seems doubtful at this point. Like I said in my first post I cant belive all of the nerd cap wizards didnt make Vernons contract the first priority when they got down to work considering its such a massive red flag on the roster.
  8. Free Agency Discussion

    Im saying we should cut him with $0 dead cap hit and sign somebody cheaper who will offer the same production/impact on the field if not more like Clowney who is a better player. Would you rather have Clowney for 15m/yr or Vernon for 17m/yr.
  9. Free Agency Discussion

    PFF stats are fine, but this is where I have a issue. Vernon was #111th in Sacks, #174th in TFLs and only generated 1 Forced Fumble. For $17 million per year, I expect a lot more than being good at pressures. I expect him to finish those pressures and create more game changing plays. Need to see more drive killing sacks, stuffing the RB for a 4 yard loss and some strip sack fumbles for $17 million. Hes not doing any of that. Hes not that type of high end DE.
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    Not saying he wasnt solid, just for 17 million per season you expect near elite level of production and more game changing plays--not just solid production. Vernon is getting paid more than JJ Watt, Melvin Ingram and Chris Jones but IMO doesnt offer the weekly impact plays that those other guys in his tax bracket make.
  11. Free Agency Discussion

    Cant hurt solid depth/rotational guy. Still wondering what the heck we are doing with Vernon. With the nerds in charge I cant imagine they look at that cap hit with 0 dead money and think that is a good investment for his production since he left MIA.
  12. Chase Young vs Isaiah Simmons

    Not disagreeing with that, Im just wondering why being a guy with multi positional skills is helping the crap out of Simmons but absolutely killed Peppers. Its about the similar narrative that Im referring to, not a whose better between the two. I hear 'just put him anywhere and he will make a play' with Simmons which caused me to have direct flashbacks to Peppers coming out.
  13. Chase Young vs Isaiah Simmons

    Ill buy better ball skills/instincts, but not the better athlete. Peppers was a helluva athlete coming out of UM playing 4+ positions and was even one of the nations best KR/PRs. I still dont understand (even if Simmons has a better nose for the ball) how there is THAT big of a gap between the two as prospects. Were talking about a gap where a guy goes as high as #4 overall and the other slipping almost out of the first round at #25.
  14. Chase Young vs Isaiah Simmons

    Something I thought about today with Simmons. What makes him different than Jabril Peppers coming out as prospects? Both from big time programs, both top players in college football. I see a lot of these TV guys tout Simmons for his versatility to play a bunch of positions and be a playmaker anywhere. However when Peppers came out that same exact stuff seemed to work against him and caused him to fall in the draft. Peppers was being mocked as a top 10 pick/talent for a looong time pre-draft and then the narrative that he doesnt have a true position caused his fall. How and why is that same thing working to prop up Simmons and not causing him to fall like Peppers? Both of their situations as prospects seem very very similar but yielding completely different results
  15. Problem is it will take much longer to develop a vaccine, test it for public safety, pass through testing and distribute in mass quantities nationwide. Or people could just quit being morons and stay isolated by themselves for the next 2 months and we could chop the duration of this is half. I have a feeling the only reason it is projected to peak in late April-early May is because the population as a whole didnt start taking this thing seriously until about 3 days ago despite strong (but not mandated) messages to stay inside upwards of 2-3 weeks ago.