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  1. Belly Choice?

    IDK if you have Marcos where you are at but they have a option for jalapeno ranch as a dipping sauce for crust. I always ask for about 4-5 little cups of it and they act like im crazy and charge me like 4 bucks extra for it. But then again I think ranch is a midwest thing usually looked at as gross by people from other parts of the US with how much people around here use it on everything.
  2. Belly Choice?

    I have a friend who consistently gets a BBQ chicken pizza where BBQ sauce is the substitute for marinara. Cool for 1 slice, but no chance can I eat more than 1. Its a overload of tangyness from the sauce
  3. Belly Choice?

    I mean I've never seen anybody but 1 or two other people I've ever been with order it.
  4. Put some respect on Bernie Kosars name sir. But yeah it's still been 25+ years since him. Also, Brian Sipe was pretty damn good. Probably better than Bernie.
  5. Belly Choice?

    You Don't know what your missing. Also the people who hate on that type of pizza are also usually the ones that have been ordering pepperoni/sausage for the past 20 years straight. Have to step out of the box a little. Like steak + jalapeno on pizza. Tasty. The only thing I don't support on pizza is those who change sauce and get BBQ or ranch dressing as a substitute for traditional red
  6. Belly Choice?

    Have you ever bought a fresh pineapple and just cut it in half with huge kitchen knife and eat it like a watermelon? Heaven. Absolute heaven. Pineapples acidity mixed with pizza sauce it's a fantastic pairing. Put some ham + bacon bits on it too and whoooa buddy.
  7. They are such a wild card and it almost worries me. That defense (especially secondary) has the ability to take over games. They offense on the other hand is going to be hit or miss. What worries me is that it stands a 10% chance of turning into Mike Vick on the Eagles and thats a 10% chance I dont want to hit
  8. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Whats the difference than? Are they not supposed to be the super healthy version of a normal burger? I looked at labels in the store and the beyond burgers are a little better in terms of calories/fat but its not a huge difference at all.
  9. Belly Choice?

    Man people need to stop bashing ketchup and pineapple. Ketchup is probably the most versatile condiment in the game. Its nowhere near the best, but to think it is strictly only appropriate on burgers/fries is asinine. Ketchup on hotdogs (brats to a lesser extent) is perfectly acceptable and improves the dog no matter what other toppings are on it. IMO putting yellow mustard on a brat (brown only) is a bigger crime than putting ketchup on a hotdog. ........and pineapple on pizza is good you heathen purists
  10. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    To be fair Naquin has made his fair share of great diving catches and assisted outs from throws he has made in RF this year. That play was poor positioning but thats one of the few real mistakes I have seen him make this season
  11. Preseason Week 1 - Stock Up, Stock Down

    Whats his biggest issue? Thought very high of him as a prospect
  12. Preseason Week 1 - Stock Up, Stock Down

  13. Enjoy the NFL but tired of your team?

    At least this isnt the NBA where the system makes it near impossible to be fully invested in a single team considering any good player you get is just going to demand a trade or leave at some point for a place with beaches.
  14. NFL preseason games talk: General discussion

    What are the odds that Dorsey asks Landry to restructure in order to free up some cap space to retain other players. I've heard a million times from stat guys that the salary cap doesn't really exist if you have a good GM because of all the ways you can structure deals. Either way, I think both Kirksey/Schobert are gone like others have said and Higgins will go to the highest bidder. I bet those 3 all leave to clear the way to lock up Randall, Baker, Garrett and possibly Hunt. Garrett is going to get paid after this season (if they are smart) and it's going to be big big big big money.
  15. I mean Josh Cribbs made a 9 year NFL career out of being one of the best return specialists in league history without knowing how to run a single route. You gotta find your role and become great at it, even if it's just one thing. I do like Sheshy though because he looks like Bizzy Bone and that's very on brand for a Cleveland team.