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  1. This is wild considering how big he is. He also had 0 Fumbles in College.
  2. How did those 2 wind up getting some season pass for Thanksgiving games in the first place?
  3. Lol possibly. I'm just happy the Browns are beating bad teams because that's something they never did in the past. They got whooped by the Ravens/Steelers but they should beat the Raiders if it wasn't for multiple dropped TD passes by Landry/Hooper that killed drives. Oh well, we'll find out in the next 6 weeks when they have to play TEN, BAL and PIT
  4. lol yeah its more of a production thing. Confidence needs to meet the production.
  5. Thaks for acknowledging that lol And yes, more so with national media. Everytime the Browns win a game all that comes with it is "welllllllll they oooonly beat the Eagles or Texans" or whoever else they want to throw in that week. Green bay is 1-2 against sub .500 teams and 6-1 against losing teams. Baltimore/Tampa/Seattle all have losing records against winning teams but are either 5-0 or 5-1 against losing teams. Why do the Browns get singled out?
  6. Everytime I watch the Rams play I cant get it out of my head how much Goff reminds me of a young Matt Ryan.
  7. I would like to use this game to get Baker in some sort of rhythm. Maybe go a little pass happy if we get up by 2 scores and see if we can get him some confidence rolling into a yuge game against TEN.
  8. Yeah sure, the Browns are really lucky to be 7-3 for the first time since Al Gore invented the internet.
  9. I never once said in any of my posts that I want the superbowl in Cleveland. All I originally said was by having the Superbowl a few years back in NYC, that they were open to having it in cold weather cities. Thats it, thats all.
  10. iTs THe oNlY ReAl wIN Da BRownS HaVe DeReRrrrrRPP
  11. Oh I get it, I'm not arguing that, I'm just arguing the point that the NFL won't let cold weather cities host. The Draft is much better for those other smaller cold weather cities if they are looking just to host that type of party. They should almost let Non-Superbowl cities strictly host the drafts as sort of a consolation prize for never being able to get that $$$$ from hosting Superbowls. I mean honestly who do you trust to throw a better draft party: Cleveland and Buffalo or San Francisco and Tampa Bay.
  12. The point was they put the Superbowl in a cold weather city in the middle of winter regardless of the city hosting it. So it's a possibility anywhere else and they really don't care about the weather as long as money is involved..
  13. They had no problem putting the SuperBowl in NYC when it was the middle of winter for Peyton Manning a few years back during that SEA/DEN Superbowl lol
  14. I will punch every animal on this earth in the head if the Browns win 10 games and dont make the playoffs.
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