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  1. Meh, Bolles has been really solid for the last 7 games once Lock came in. Saw some stat that said Drew Lock was sacked a league-low amount of times since becoming a starter or something along those lines. James possibly coming back next year would help a ton as well because Wilkenson is hot garbage. I think their OL is actually in pretty decent shape moving forward. I can do tanking this season if it gets me Lawrence or Fields on the Broncos for the next 10+ years with these weapons. I wish the Broncos would lean into it and not try to do everything they can to win 5-6 games to take themselves out of the running of one of the top 2 picks.
  2. Yeah but the thing is do the Jets bail on Sam Darnold for Lawrence or realize that Adam Gase is ruining a potential franchise QBs career.
  3. Good thing Derek Carr cant throw past 15 yards then
  4. Would be been awesome if they put the baseball diamond in brown turf on the new field to remember their old stadium
  5. True, its a blend of both--the coaching was noticably better week 2 but Bakers accuracy and decision making to not force throws downfield was noticeably better as well. If he plays smart and takes what the defense gives him then we will win. If we somehow get down by 2 possessions and everybody wants to play hero ball to catch up then we will lose.
  6. Yeah I feel like Ryans window isnt closed though. Hes still throwing 300+ yard multi-TD games. If the Falcons could recognize they have about 1 or 2 years left of this offense which IS championship cailber and actually dump all assets into their defense they could win another ring next year. Brady/Brees could both retire after this year and it would give the Falcons a nice little opening (if they invest heavy into defense) to make a real run
  7. meh, I would just say is it going to be the Bengals version of Baker = they win or the Ravens version of Baker = they lose
  8. I find Ryans career to be more impressive then a guy like Phillip Rivers and everyone thinks hes going to the HOF
  9. Its somewhat crazy how the Falcons have had the obvious ability to surround Ryan with great offensive talent over the years but have yet to be able to field a even halfway competent defense to pair with it
  10. You could combine the Jets/Washington skill positions and they would still be bottom 10 in the NFL
  11. Hes horrible. The only reason he was signed is because he has a similar skillset to Lock so IF Lock got injured they wouldnt have to change the play calling. At the same time, if your team is starting your backup QB for a extended period of time, your likely f'd regardless so it doesnt really matter who it is.
  12. Hello, Ohio St. fan here. You guys at all concerned about Bosas longterm health? Both of the Bosas tended to get dinged up quite a bit at OSU and into the pros. Nick already had a season ending back injury and now a season ending ACL injury. My brother and I would talk about how the Bosa brothers didnt like to play through anything if they wernt exactly 100% and that they were always business minded. You guys at all concerned long term though?
  13. Over/Under 100 starters on IR by the end of the season
  14. The Broncos are setup for success though. If they do manage to somehow get the #1-#4 picks and have the chance at Lawrence/Fields/Lance---those 3 rookies wouldnt be stepping into a traditional 3-13 rebuilding football team. They would be stepping into a offense that is already loaded with talent. The QB position would be more plug + play. Like I mentioned in another forum, the Broncos could easily transition from Lock because he has injury history and they didnt spend a premium pick on him. Could be a Arizona Cardinals situation all over again and that seemed to be the right move for them. If the Broncos brass views Lock as a less talented Carson Wentz then why not stay with the pick and select one of those top 3 guys? Locks injuries are really starting to worry me considering this is his 3rd injury in college/pros that has caused him to miss time. Seems like every time he gets sacked he gets hurt.
  15. Is it possible for players to still 'opt out' for the season? If these injuries keep happening in week3/week4 it wouldnt shock me if more players say screw this and throw in the towel on the year.
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