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  1. Agreed .. he'll be out there. He can load up on Doan's the next few days ... he'll be fine.
  2. Hopefully they are counting on him and he winds up being completely ineffective. It took Kenny Clark a month to round into good football shape when he returned from injury earlier this year.
  3. It better have late movement or Brady will knock it into centerfield bleachers.
  4. Exactly ... Brady won't fail to punch it in when he's in the redzone.
  5. Someone here used to call him "Slowpoke". Who was it? I never quite got that one .. Tramon is definitely no speed demon, but he's had a strong pro career.
  6. My only worry is Pettine rolling out the game plan he used against the Bears a couple weeks ago. Mitch wasn't talented enough to take advantage once they hit the redzone .. Brady would slice and dice. The other problem with that game plan is that it let the Bears control the clock and kept Rodgers on the bench. The offense was explosive that day and managed 35 points in 24:31 .. not sure we can do that again. I'm hoping the Packers take the mindset that if Brady wants to do damage he will have to earn it .. no gimme stuff in hopes that he will screw up.
  7. I don't think he'll play, but if he does it will be in a very limited fashion.
  8. It's the Detroit Lions .. he's got about a 5 percent chance of being successful. They gave him a six year deal too .. he'll be gone in three.
  9. Packers need to run up the middle like they did against the Rams. If our line can get some push there should be some success to be found on the ground and if that happens we can control the clock.
  10. I'm confident ... Rodgers will not be denied. He's going to light Tampa up this time around.
  11. Sad deal .. his health really deteriorated the past few years. Rest In Peace TT! Thanks for all you did for the Packers organization.
  12. I was hoping someone was going to jump that sucker and take it to the house. It seems that they ran the same play at least five times.
  13. Love the idea of Tramon coming in .. good veteran presence. Also can play special teams in a pinch .. although one the last times I remember him fielding a punt he got lit up by Cordarrell Patterson.
  14. I'm going to feel a lot better about letting him walk if we win the Super Bowl. If we come up short and then lose some guys like Jones it's going to increase the odds that we won't be able to win a title.
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