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  1. Definitely. I would imagine that's been going on .. quietly. I think they should be announcing coaching changes soon. Drayton has to be gone soon. The Packers are coaching the pro bowl next weekend .. hope that doesn't screw up any timelines for cutting Drayton loose.
  2. It would be awesome if it works out this way. I hope the Packers are willing to demand top compensation for both of these guys. The Packers need to use that franchise tag to get top value for Adams. Adams to Raiders makes sense .. he's right with Carr, his former college QB.
  3. Kromer is a ****head .. stay away. You can google him .. turd.
  4. I guess Getsy has an offer from the Bears to be their new OC.
  5. It's so clearly the end. He tied to sink the ship last offseason and then sunk it for good against San Fran. I would say a good majority of fans have already said good riddance to the guy.
  6. Sutton, but Jeudy has a lot of upside and is on a rookie deal.
  7. Yep .. seriously, it only gets worse from here keeping Aaron. He's a weird bird that gets stranger by the year.
  8. The Broncos signed Sutton & Patrick to new deals this past year and KJ Hamler returns from injury. They can afford to part with Jerry Jeudy .. especially if they are getting Adams in a deal. It wouldn't be a big loss for them at all if they are getting Adams. They have two starting quality TE's. You got to give to get. Draft picks alone are too risky to part with for an MVP level QB and an all-pro WR.
  9. We are getting the mother of all lodes!!!
  10. I knew he had some crappy kicking days .. didn't realize it was indoor issues. That's kind of weird. Still, I don't think he's a must resign.
  11. Well if Andrew Brandt says the trade package for Aaron will be huge that's good enough for me.
  12. They would be fools not to tag him .. far to valuable to let walk away for a 2023 comp pick
  13. I soured on him too ... can't hold either. I thought he was pretty awesome early on, but they he struggled once the weather started to change. He's no longer a must keep for me.
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