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  1. He's only 32 years old and I don't think these are long term injuries.
  2. Think he's milking it, or do you think the injury is more serious than we would like?
  3. Haha .. everybody loves that guy, but the Packers traded up for Sternberger and selected him one pick before McLaurin was selected.
  4. I hate when players start talking like that ... Favre started doing that back in the day before getting shipped out of town. Rodgers will be getting shipped after the season, so I guess he's just following in Brett's footsteps.
  5. Who gives a **** what Pete Bukowski says anyway?
  6. They don't get a pass .. they stunk it up on both sides of the ball.
  7. I'd give the defense the most blame followed closely by Aaron Rodgers. The two or three early long drives surrendered by the Packers pretty much sealed their fate, but then when presented with an opportunity to claw back into the game Rodgers played miserably. It was indecisive Aaron .. late on everything, and holding the ball too long. Take what is given and more that ball down the field. Even if Aaron was on fire Sunday the defense was not up to the task.
  8. That's some serious kneecap biting going on there.
  9. It just depends on the reasons behind the poor play. If it's because Barry can't properly communicate orders to his players, or can't keep up with the pace of the game it's more than fair to make a change. You don't even have to fire Barry .. you just replace him with a different voice. Its way early to making any determinations on Joe Barry, but if LaFleur sees that there is a major issue he's got to do whatever is necessary to keep this ship afloat, and if demoting a guy like Joe Barry is warranted then it's something LaFleur must do. Some people would see that as LaFleur being dec
  10. I'd have Joe Barry on a very short leash ... his defense returned everyone from a unit that was upper half of the league last year and he proceeds to lead the worst debut ever by a Packers DC. It's hard to have any faith in this guy at all .. he's been awful as a DC during his career and it's carried right over to GB.
  11. I'm pulling for the Schrager deal or something similar. Every deal that's been thrown out there by a pundit has been similar with (3) 1sts and multiple players. It's probably wishful thinking, but I'm going to hope these guys can speak it into reality. I don't think the number of years left on the deal is going to matter, because he's more than likely going to demand a new deal. I just hope we don't wind up with a crap return like when we dealt Favre away.
  12. Got to get the pad level right and start stacking success.
  13. You guys know Rodgers is gonna go for 300 and 4 td's next week in a Packers victory, right?
  14. I'd give him another game before going all musical chairs.
  15. It's pretty bad for Aaron when your staunchest supporter in the media, Stephen A. Smith, lights you up. He said that optically it appeared to him that Aaron didn't care, and that it was the most shameful performance of his career.
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