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  1. Fire Pettine

    It's possible with a boost in talent, and a renewed focus of stuffing the run that Pettine could lead a Super Bowl defense. Robert Salah is all the talk this year .. last year he stunk. Gute needs to add a couple more pieces this offseason. If the offense takes a year two jump it will also help the defense immensely. I'm sure Pettine is very prideful. He's going to want to prove people wrong.
  2. You know the Niners ran that play over and over in practice and watched their own DB's grab after being knocked off point by the TE. Ref should have said .. I'll show you, and flagged Niners for OPI for the TE initiating contact.
  3. It was bull**** .. if the Packers can submit it to the league for review they should.
  4. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    I just said more snaps for Gary .. didn't say to play him over any of those guys. P & Z were probably a bit overused if anything. Both played well against Seattle, so they were able to handle that load.
  5. Fire Pettine

    I wouldn't count on him being a front line performer if I was Gute. I'd be looking to add a big time player on the Dline, and if Keke shows up big in training camp then all the merrier everyone will be.
  6. Fire Pettine

    You'll get over it. No, who am I kidding? You definitely won't get over it.
  7. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Solid at best on the season .. a let down in the championship game for sure. Scheme had him playing deep coverage against the Seahawks I believe .. hard to rack up stats in that one.
  8. Fire Pettine

    If that happened then LaFleur should have threatened to quit. Seriously .. NFL coaches generally get pretty much full control over their assistants.
  9. Fire Pettine

    I hope that's the case .. "I'll bring you back, but we have got to devise a defense to slow up these running teams". Got to be multiple, and be able to change up a game plan on the fly. At least the players will have yet another season to get real comfortable with this scheme. I do think we were undermanned when it comes to the Dline, so Gute should know quite well what need to be improved in 2020.
  10. Fire Pettine

    I could see a regression for sure .. perhaps a tougher schedule, more injuries, and fewer takeaways. We got career best seasons from the Smith's and probably Kenny Clark. I credit Pettine though for getting a lot of production from those three.
  11. Fire Pettine

    It's kind of weird .. the words from LaFleur led me to believe Pettine was done for. LaFleur said he would be discussing things with Murphy and then deciding what changes would be made. Then word came out that Pettine was staying on for 2020 after LaFleur and him met after today's presser. I hope LaFleur actually does have control over the hiring and firing of his own coaches, but I'm not really sure he does.
  12. Fire Pettine

    Overall I would give Pettine a B- for the season. There was a hot start, a rough patch in the middle, and then a strong end to the regular season. He probably gets a C+ or B- for the Seahawk playoff game. His protect deep and keep things of front of you game plan ultimately worked pretty well. He clearly gets and F for his game plan against the 49'ers. It was one of the worst we've ever seen. I don't have a lot of faith he can match wits with Kyle Shanahan, so lets hope we somehow figure out a way to avoid them on our way to the Super Bowl next year. Hopefully Gute will address some weak spots and we can come up with a way to stuff the run better.
  13. Fire Pettine

    Yep .. reward the guy with another year after one of the worst defensive showings in Packers history. Makes perfect sense
  14. Fire Pettine

    I do. I don't have any faith in Pettine leading our defense to a super bowl any time soon.
  15. Fire Pettine

    Ugh .. not sure I like this .. not sure I hate this.