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  1. Arians was my #1 choice for the Packers job when MM got canned, but quickly on he said he had no interest in GB.
  2. The Packers held onto McCarthy a couple years too long. I wonder how patient the Cowboys will be. They were more than patient with Jason Garrett.
  3. He's nearing the end, but has been a starter at NT and DT for the majority of his career.
  4. Got to hit that play, but it doesn't help that Lewis has Oline speed. He's super slow.
  5. Why would I need reputable sources? I was just saying that it isn't just folks from this board who thought he might have got his bell rung on that play.
  6. I know we'd all like to hear LaFleur light coaches and players up in public, but it's just not the way coaches handle things these days. Hopefully behind closed doors these coaches and players are feeling the heat from LaFleur today. There were truly pathetic performances in that game yesterday.
  7. Ironically a co-worker said that they thought Rodgers might have been concussed on that play. I guess his head hit the turf pretty hard.
  8. I had read previously that he had a high ankle sprain. Maybe he's just on limited snaps.
  9. One positive to this negative game was that drafting Love kind of makes sense again.
  10. That was my first thought when I saw that crap alignment.
  11. I agree .. Rodgers went into a shell after the turnovers and LaFleur never was unable to get him back on track. Their Dline is elite though and their linebackers are awesome athletes. We aren't even close to their level.
  12. Could have spent money on DL instead of on Kirksey. We have undrafted free agents playing as well as he played in the first couple games.
  13. Any way you want to look at it we seems to be far inferior on defense compared to Tampa. Some of it is coaching and some of it inferior talent. Pettine isn't good enough, but at some point the finger needs to get pointed at Gute as well. He did like nothing this off-season to improve the Dline. We all saw that we were going to have issues there and he sat on his hands.
  14. I think it's going to be a repeat of last year. Pack will make the playoffs and then get trounced by some better team when it really matters. Nothing changes in Green Bay.
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