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  1. If he gets shipped out it's going to be the Broncos and Raiders fighting it out for his services.
  2. Start Love .. sink or swim. I think he's got plenty of athletic ability to work with. It will be on LaFleur to come up with a winning scheme. It's a big challenge for LaFleur, but that's why they pay him the big bucks.
  3. Appeasing an under contract star QB that is apparently holding out for reasons that he is yet to address.
  4. I think the *** kiss mode is to win the battle of public opinion. The key players (Gute, Murphy, and LaFleur) are all on the record and appear to be taking steps to rectify the situation, while Aaron says nothing and only speaks thru surrogates.
  5. Yeah ... not sure I agree with you here. Public sentiment isn't exactly going against Murphy and Gute at this point. As the season draws closer the heat will build, but they can always say that Aaron is under contract for three more years and that he's rejected offers to make him much more highly paid. The ball is definitely in Rodgers court and if he takes it and goes home fans will turn on him.
  6. No doubt .. the Stafford deal is the floor of a Rodgers deal.
  7. I'd demand Jeudy in the deal .. he's just entering his second season. Lots of rookie contract left.
  8. Nice to see that the schedule makers were "all-in" on the Packers regardless of the Aaron Rodgers situation. Charlotte Carey, the NFL’s director of broadcasting, explained why the league didn’t take into account Rodgers’ situation in Green Bay and were still “all-in” on the Packers when making the team’s schedule. “So when an elite quarterback like Aaron Rodgers is in that position, it’s definitely tricky for the schedule team. But we really just stuck to our guns,” Carey said, via Kevin Patra of NFL.com. “The Packers have a fantastic schedule this year. They’re a great footba
  9. Yeah .. I can't find fault in the pick at all. The kid performed in a great conference, runs like the wind, and has the ideal measurements. I'm actually surprised Stokes wasn't a lock first rounder by the pundits.
  10. I thought they would go with Mullens, but I'm sure the relationship between Hackett and Bortles was the deal sealer.
  11. Agreed .. he looked like a legit NFL qb in that game. Before that I was not real high on his prospects.
  12. Lots of truth there, but that was in McCarthy's scheme. I think LaFleur's system might be a little more QB friendly, so maybe that will help Love out when the time comes.
  13. I would have been fine with that scenario, but there is value in taking a guy late in round one versus early round two .. that extra year of control can be very valuable.
  14. Yep .. that's where I am. Packers need to offer this up if they haven't already and put a deadline on it .. just prior to start of training camp.
  15. If Rodgers returns this could wind up being Jordan Love's first pro start.
  16. Pat McAfee✔@PatMcAfeeShow "I do believe the #Packers have made @AaronRodgers12 a significant offer.. I don't know if it would have made him the highest paid QB & the problem is the way the #Packers structure deals it's hard to say" ~ @RapSheet #PatMcAfeeShowLIVE I think this is where we are at .. structure of contact. I believe Rodgers wants a deal that will make Jordan Love irrelevant in GB. Rodgers wants to be tied to the Packers for four or five years with a deal that makes it nearly impossible to trade him. Packers probably are fine with a two year guaranteed sta
  17. I've heard that Kadarius Toney was going to be their pick at #29 if he was on the board. He went #20 I think?
  18. Linebacker Jordan Hicks is available via trade. He took a pay cut a a couple months ago in Arizona. He's been pretty productive the past couple season. I'm expecting the Packers to make an add of some sort at LB before the the season begins. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/12/cardinals-give-jordan-hicks-permission-to-seek-trade/
  19. I wouldn't worry about the GF .. it's another phony baloney Hollywood relationship anyway. They just meet up here and there to get a few pics from the paparazzi .. just enough to keep the ruse going.
  20. I think David Dunn leaked it, and then when public opinion started to go against his client he called Schefty and told him to tamp it down to get heat off of Aaron. All a guy like Dunn has to say to Schefty is tamp this down or I will give my tips to someone else in the future.
  21. I would not agree to 3-4 years of guarantees ... two is the max I would go, take it or leave it.
  22. I think the ideal thing is one final all-in season with 12 at the helm and then a trade in the offseason. If it is not repairable then lets open up the bidding for a mega deal and bit the bullet with a combination of bridge QB and Jordan Love. The Broncos and Raiders will fall all over themselves to acquire Rodgers. The more parts and pieces you can build around Love the next few years will give him a good fighting chance and maybe help open up another nice super bowl window in the next few years.
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