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  1. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Even with that trade we would have 35M in expirings (Henson, Delly, Clarkson, Zizic) not counting TTs 18M I cant fathom giving 15 mil to Knight to not play than roughly the same for Biyambo who can give 5-10 min a night and get you some rebounding, defense and the every 7th game where he gives 10-15 points
  2. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Im sure there are better players but who is available and has a big enough matching salary that's expiring
  3. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Also we are the 7th seed in the East and tomorrow Horford is out and Simmons is questionable. Might be at .500 What we need is a defensive big who can stay on the court. Henson was awkward moving but effective in that role but keeps getting injured. A trade idea I was thinking about was Brandon Knight + Alfonzo McKinnie for Bismack Biyombo. Once Windler comes back, Knight will effectively be the 7th guard and will get no playing time anyway. We need someone who can give TT some rest and can cover up for Nance and Loves atrocious effort on defense. If for nothing else but to have some able big bodies when we go against 76ers, Raptors and Milwaukee.
  4. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Colins been great on defense most of the year. His defensive ceiling can be Pat Beverly. Sexton just has that dog in him that you dont see from many people. Hes clutch AF. Even in his bad games this year he always made crucial shot in the 4th when we needed it. This is coming from a guy who couldnt shoot going into the draft. Garland is a natural at point but man I wish we had someone built like a Jrue Holiday to run with Colin. That would be a nasty defensive back court.
  5. Afraid not. Looks like the Browns are stuck with us
  6. Hollywood to the rescue
  7. Chubb is the best player on offense
  8. This season just wont end
  9. Has Darnold been that bad that hes below Baker and Allen
  10. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Deep Breaths the little buddy
  11. Describe Freddie Kitchens

    Out of his depth This is why we dont let hillbillys be in charge
  12. WEEK 9 · Sun 11/03 · 4:25 Broncos

    Parcells is pretty brilliant
  13. WEEK 9 · Sun 11/03 · 4:25 Broncos

    That would be unfair having Chase and Myles Garrett
  14. WEEK 9 · Sun 11/03 · 4:25 Broncos

    If this team quits on freddie, remember one thing; no one ever quit during the game in the hue era
  15. WEEK 9 · Sun 11/03 · 4:25 Broncos

    Garrett blew up that play with a stunt. I love that man