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  1. I will take pretty much whatever to get rid of Love unless hes willing to come off the bench
  2. I just dont see Miami making that trade. Taking on so much salary and then having to pay the young bull after next year
  3. FAA regulations for shutting down an airport is subjective. It requires real politicking. Cle can barely get Cbus to stop dicking them. Not sure what it can do in DC Plus I think (pure speculation) Cle has this eternal hope that they will need a 2nd airport for when the city becomes huge again
  4. Windler underwent surgery as did Taurean Prince Current SFs: Okoro - Osman - Stevens
  5. NFL draft 2021, NBA all star 2022 Things are looking up for the 216
  6. "6th Man" Collin Sexton just dropped 36/4/3 on 54% FG Hes the 3rd most player in the clutch as of now in the league
  7. Trey Hendricksen from the Saints might be available. Def on the top of my list as a FA Edge
  8. I dont know if the Bills will accept that. Also yes our PGs are chuckers but Garland has only started 80 some games and hes recently started to become a good facilitator. Hes not very efficient but I think that can be fixed with shot selection. The potential is there, hes just streaky af right now Sexton is a walking bucket. He just goes into periods where he regresses and tries to do too much and misses open shooters. But he has shown stretches where he plays within the offense and makes good passes. I think if there is one player on the entire team who I would put faith in to
  9. I mean if Cam Jordan is going be traded, I believe the Browns have a slightly higher pick. Plus no need to strengthen the most likely AFC opponent in case the Saints make it to the Superbowl
  10. Anything else? These aren't great things to hear
  11. MJs risks have suddenly started to pay off. How are Malik Monk, PJ Washington and Miles Bridges doing for you guys?
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