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  1. I dont mean to keep picking on you but this is super inaccurate Toppin has stiff hips and plays really high. A part of playing high is his build and part technique. He really struggles to flip his hips allowing defenders to blow past him as well as bad lateral movement. Its not to say he cant defend but he needs to develop his defensive iq to compensate for his athletic limitations
  2. Do you hate shooting. Because thats a whole lot of players who cannot shoot. Gordon is a downgrade from Nance. AG is overconfident in his ability and hurts the team with his play. I like Westbrook but I don't like that trade. I think its too much compensation. Plus you get westbrook but gut the team of all remaining talent. The Love trade is great for us but again why get russ and get rid of our best scorer. I also dont see Portland getting rid of 2 young talents, maybe one and salary at best. Beasley is an RFA and clearly a bonehead. We trade 2 top 10 picks at point guard for an aging russ and a guy who pointed a gun at a child. Add to that we get rid of our key culture guy in nance and our best scorer in love for someone who cant take that next step in Aaron Gordon
  3. This FO needs to get us Harrison Smith / Justin Reid - S Jarrad Davis - LB Ryan Anderson - DE
  4. Harrison Smith is potentially available. Being 31, hes probably not going to cost much.
  5. Maybe you'll be happier here
  6. Cuban's approach to life is what makes him so endearing. With him, you can be sure this isnt some cheap publicity thing. Also Colin Sexton slander will not be tolerated. Young bull will never make those LeBron wtf passes but he will be a good/great facilitator by year 5. @ me
  7. We tend to have pretty similar takes on football but holy hell are you basketball takes awful. Now im starting to wonder if my NFL takes are bad. In a full rebuild you draft BPA regardless of position. Plus at that time Collin really didnt show he could do much more than be a 6th man.
  8. We needed a playmaker at guard and Herro coming out of Kentucky (correct me if I am wrong) was not considered a playmaker.
  9. No chance he hits FA Not sure whats out there this FA. We should stay put and draft Okoro. Shame there arent any high end 4s in the draft.
  10. Elizabeth Olsen is so bad. You know ill be there just for her.
  11. Appreciate the insight. Cavs clearly need a wing and someone who can play defense. I read someone say Okoro didnt have a great first step and would struggle on defense and got confused because I thought he was known for being a great defender.
  12. Tatiana Maslany is an absolutely brilliant actress and yall out here worried about height in an age of amazing CGI and camera work
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