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  1. Guys it was a post for the lulz. While I believe Ricky, Okoro and Sexy + salary is more than adequate compensation, we would have literally no guard depth. I also am a huge fan of Colin, It would be hard for me to trade him especially for a non shooter like Simmons
  2. Trade for Ben Simmons Line up of Garland - Simmons - Lauri - Mobley - Allen Ultra tall ball lulz Cedi - Windler - Wade - Love for white boy mass shooting off the bench.
  3. @LETSGOBROWNIES Its time to change this thread title. Cavs are back. This team is the real deal
  4. Cavs went from not being able to shoot 3s to hovering around 50% the last couple games. Hope we keep it up until Cedi's back heals
  5. It would be hard to trade Rubio when we are down our second ball handling guard. I do think his play early on scoring wise will drop off but as long has he can be respectable from 3, we should look to resign him. Love on the other hand, we need to find a way to get his salary either off the books or more manageable. I dont think he will get anything more than a vet min next year or the year after. I would try to tell him to see what the market out there is for him and assuming its pretty much non-existent we should offer to give him a vet min for 1 year and add that to the 28 mil hes owe
  6. This is straight up false. Thats pretty much all he can do. Sure he missed a super easy layup last game but overall thats all he can do offensively.
  7. It makes sense if you were going for it. It was a headscatcher thats for sure
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