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  1. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Nothing wrong with that lol
  2. orlondo magoc (9-10): sell high

    We can give you a lightly used JR smith
  3. Rosie Jones Thread

    This is a really well done GDT. Have my footballs
  4. Earth 2 - No Hue

    Anyone with Kitchens at OC wouldve gotten 8 wins. I hate Todd Haley and its unfortunate Hue tied himself to that anchor.
  5. What do you like most about Baker?

    I am surprised by his arm strength. I didnt think he could make these throws. I like that guys gravitate to him. He is a leader of prototypical NFL players.
  6. Would You Trade Pick 15 + For OBJ?

    I dont think cap is the issue. I just dont like OBJs mental make up. Talented AF but emotional midget
  7. Knocking on the door

    We have Safety Valve Devalve Baker just needs to develop some rapport with him. He is the Higgins of TEs.
  8. Android Thread

    Rocking the Pixel 3 and I am going to have to say, its a lot better post Dec update. RAM management, camera not working with 3rd party apps and the distorted speaker issues are gone. Still needs to fix the bug where photos dont save and the screen flicker with always on notifications (the latter might have been but I dont use it so I cant say) For 400 dollars (Verizon customer got it at Best Buy which upfronts the 400 so none of that silly bill credit business) its a steal
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    TT and Delly will be here til end of next year when their contracts run out. This team needs veteran leaders who grind and have professionalism. I get a bad vibe about Sextons personality. I know he is going work hard but something rubs me the wrong way. I think we need good leaders to make sure he knows whats expected. We just resigned Nance so he will stay. Cedi Osman for sure as back up/spot starter. I think Love stays for at least this and next year. David Nwaba depends on the rest of the year and if he can find a shooting stroke. I just like the guy. Tough and can create somewhat for himself. Hood has to go. JR is gone. I hope some team will want bench scoring and will offer something for Clarkson. I think with Burks and Delly he becomes expendable Burks is either gone at the trade deadline or gets resigned. Personally I think we roll into next year with PG - Sexton // Clarkson // Delly SG - Burks // Nwaba SF - Cedi PF - Love // Nance // Jones C - TT // Henson // Zizic Plus whatever assets we get for JR.
  10. Aquaman (December 2018)

    Apparently it made 90 mil in China this weekend
  11. Titans (DC Universe)

    I was impressed with the Dove and Hawk episode but definitely the wrong week for it. Loving this show but its so sad the season is ending soon.
  12. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    The 3s were falling last night. It was fun to watch. I keep saying this but if Larry can take more of those wide open 3s, it will be a game changer for our team. The 2 way contract players did a good job yesterday as well. Jones went 4-4 from 3. Blossomgame had some quality rebounds I still think we couldve gotten a better deal for expirings if we waited closer to trade deadline. Some teams were bound to realize they aint goin nowhere.
  13. Optimism on Nitro-Octane- Win out and Playoffs?

    That Miami win today was a gut punch. I cant see them losing 2 more. Jags play 2 of the teams we need to lose in the last 4 games. Cody Kessler is their QB Our playoff hopes partially lie on the QBing of Cody Kessler.
  14. Official GDT, Week 14: Browns vs. Panthers

    Browns Twitter handle game is Baker strong