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  1. Jags sign WR Terrelle Pryor

    There was some article that we offered 3-4 years at 10 mil but he turned it down. Dude really made a bad decision
  2. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    If we are smart we package JR and another contract to take an overpaid star
  3. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I wasnt a big fan of the Sheldon Richardson signing. With McCoy being available, now im 100% hating it.
  4. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    It would take Washington way more than Beal to dump Walls contract (unless he somehow comes back with shooting ability) He has 4 years left at ~40 mil/year while you only get 2 years of Beal. I would rather take Wiggins over Wall. At least he would come with a first rounder
  5. OTA/Mini-camp Thread

    I can see why Freddie got the job. Dude is folksy AF. Probably relates real well with ownership
  6. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Id say yes before they finish saying Beal
  7. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I think at the end of the day most NBA players, young and old have pretty big egos. If you bring in some vet who isnt that great, their mentorship might not be accepted as a player like Love who is still the best player on our team. If anything I think we need to start taking chances on players teams gave up on like Brooklyn did since the draft is no longer something to be relied on.
  8. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I came in here to post about whiskey cavalier. I wouldnt say the show is really good. In fact its really not well written or anything. But it is a fun show. Shame it got canceled
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Well that lottery boned us. Gonna take some impressive GM-ing to get talent on this team
  10. Thats a team that can compete for the finals All the young guys are complimentary pieces once there is a reliable 2nd scorer like Kyrie
  11. #2 Denver Nuggets vs #3 Portland Trailblazers

    I dont think they get any usable cap. Would be more for tax purposes if anything
  12. Higgins

    Hollywood needs to sign on. 2nd most reliable catcher in the WR room
  13. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    This offseason has def been less interesting from a draft perspective
  14. Trade Targets?

    I dont keep up much with the Jags but Ramsey from what I remember has an incredible amount of swagger. To me his talent plus confidence outweighs whatever issues Coughlin has with him. Vernon I think will shine again having an elite pass rusher like Garrett in front of him. Also his run stopping will be huge given Lamar is in our division the next 2-3 years minimum.
  15. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Also Boogie a huge liability