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  1. General discussion thread.

    I think 3-4 is better for disguising blitzes and having the heavier players helps in the run game But with quick passing attacks in the NFL and teams playing more and more 3 WR sets and more athletic TEs, defenses need more pressure from D-linemen and LBs that can cover
  2. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    If Dareus is out, they will be able to run at will
  3. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

  4. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Poor ref
  5. Draft Discussion 2.0

    I think theres a middle ground However I do believe that this playing off and having a safety 30 yards back worked against Antonio Bryant in the fist steelers game and Gregg just kept it ever since (probably felt like a genius)
  6. 2018 FA Targets, QB Options, & Team Needs

    LGB good taste and classy Youre all right in my book
  7. You Don't Need to Take QB

    We dont really have a need for Kenny Vaccaro and Sheldon Richardson is too much of a headcase for such a young locker room IMO. I never realized Dion Jordan got his career back together. Will definitely look him up. I believe your draft picks dont really address our needs all that well. But the trades i think is unique and brings some new discussion into the forum so I appreciate that
  8. 2018 Off-season Coaching Staff Changes

    Well by rankings, technically this guy has been worse so yes it can get worse
  9. Browns cap space available and what would you do

    I thought the Bengals picked up Dennards 5th year option
  10. Mock Draft/Off-season Thread

    Trade Panthers 4th Round pick (KC 5th if needed) for OT Cordy Glenn. Glenn has been subject of trade rumors last year plus has had a few injuries the past 2 years. I think he gets a chance to compete for RT and on the off chance Joe Thomas retires he can step in at LT. Given our cap space we can afford to let him heal up fully. Trade our 3rd & 5th round picks for CB Darqueze Dennard I know I may lose you guys here but here is how I see it. Dennard was a 1st round pick who is stuck playing slot since they have William Jackson and Dre Kirkpatrick on the outsides. He played better on the outside and with Pacman somehow never getting cut and the Bengals just extending Kirkpatrick they have way too much money ($30 mil) tied up in CBs. FA AJ McCarron - QB Terelle Pryor - WR Paul Richardson - WR Carlos Hyde - RB Draft 1) Sam Darnold - QB 1) Bradley Chubb - DE Trade 33 + 37 + 4th rounder for mid first 1) Denzeil Ward/Carlton Davis/Joshua Jackson 2) Terrell Edmunds - FS
  11. The Gifted (FOX)

    Really good season That finale was making me so irritated. Like Polaris clearly hasnt seen the difference between an effective and ineffective freedom movement
  12. General discussion thread.

    Read this on the Dolphins forum regarding Jarvis Landry Is Landry just a slot WR or slot/outside WR (#2)
  13. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    +10000000000 I like Wilks and the fact he runs a 4-3 just makes it that much better
  14. What are your thoughts on Payton, Tomlin, and McCarthy?

    Payton > Tomlin > McCarthy as coaches Payton >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> when it comes to swagger