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  1. I think I am going to have to disagree. You can be passionate and determined without being a hot head or overly emotional. You know theres a middle ground between lazy do nothing like Britt and guys who hurt their team because #passion. I am tired of a bunch of mentally weak human beings trying to mask their emotional deficiencies as passion or 'not taking bs from others'
  2. I guess Mathieu forgot about the boneheaded penalties that he frequently gets from that 'passion energy and attitude'
  3. DCTV Shows (Arrow,Flash,Krypton etc.)

    That legends season finale was meta AF
  4. 49ers sign Korey Toomer

    I would give you all my likes if I could
  5. Rosen, Cleveland and Intellectuals

    Hes too smart to be properly tested with such rudimentary testing
  6. Who do you choose at 4? (No trade down option)

    Ward because if we dont take him Chicago takes him at 8. When EJ Gaines leaves next year, he will take over and shut down AB and AJ
  7. Draft Discussion 3.0

    Maybe I should rephrase it, is Denzel Ward a top 5/elite CB kind of talent
  8. Draft Discussion 3.0

    Do you guys see CB Ward being worthy of the 4th pick
  9. Its a great call. If Luck looks good this year, then you can trade him next year
  10. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  11. DCTV Shows (Arrow,Flash,Krypton etc.)

    Arrow this season sucks. They have too many characters and they screwed over everything with season 3 and 4. Black lightning IMO is so good. They dont linger too long on things. The characters are so much more mature than your average CW DC show. Story is building up so keep watching Flash is okay. Not bad, but not great Supergirl is too emotion driven for me to really care but season 3 is tolerable. Plus Amy Jackson is on the show now and she is bae Legends is silly AF but its soooooo good. If you can read the summary of season 1 and start on 2, I would highly recommend it DC Shows currently 1) Legends of Tomorrow/Black Lightning 2) Flash 3) Supergirl 4) Arrow
  12. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    >>>>>>>>>> Cardi and Nicki
  13. Sam Darnold Pro Day (3/21/18)

    I mean competence in sports reporting is in short supply, regardless of gender.
  14. Mock Draft/Off-season Thread

    HYPEEEED Also wheres Flash
  15. Free Agency Discussion

    We should go after Suh on a 2 year contract. That way this contract is up when Oganjobi is ready to get paid handsomely. Plus I dont want to see Coley, Brantley as starters right now. Maybe next year. Also trading Coleman should only be done if we get good value. I can see him being in a trade with Buffalo given what happened with Jay Zones