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  1. (POLL) If We Sign Dez or Lafell, Which 6 WRs Do We Keep??

    Well with Gordon Landry and Calloway, I dont see him getting a ton of opportunities then. Plus Njoku and Duke and DeValve also need targets. So now is the only time I got, and im gonna make it count lolll
  2. (POLL) If We Sign Dez or Lafell, Which 6 WRs Do We Keep??

    I just want to take a moment to gloat about my guy Hollywood Higgins. Had him in all or almost all of my mock drafts. I have been saying to everyone he was going to be a good option for us. I can see him developing into a joe jurevicius type for us
  3. Hard Knocks Discussion

    I supposed i have no concrete proof. The only thing I based it on is late into the season before hue, it was obvious our team quit. I havent seen that the past 2 years.
  4. Are people mad that Hue made an out of shape Calloway play past the point of his comfort level I mean the guy literally asked to come off to get rest and he was forced to keep running. Maybe you all are super athletes but having to keep going full sprint when i feel like I need to stop is the worst thing ever Plus has any news come out that Calloway failed a drug test?
  5. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Nassib helping out his teammates off the field since he hasnt done much on the field. I can live with that. Plus too many NFL players go broke so its good hes educating these fools. I mean it looked like they were on a break with Myles eating his salad. Better they talk about that stuff than stupid crap Also Hue is a bad coach a lot of times but you really have to be a hater to say his players dont love him or play hard for him
  6. Its the make the kid smoke the whole pack strategy
  7. Browns trade WR Corey Coleman to the Bills

    So i guess that means we win?
  8. Hard Knocks Discussion

    I cant believe these morons are siding with Haley. "Hey lets push a guy with hamstring injuries to the max super fast, that cant ever go wrong" I swear football is filled with so many meatheads. There is plenty to hate on Hue but we have had hardass coaches here. They didnt do crap here either. Honestly Pat McAfee just sounds like an insufferable human being who has nothing to contribute besides being a complaining ahole
  9. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    Bitonio hopefully keeps up his good play at LT (according to reports he shut down Myles in practice) RG is set with Zietler Hopefully Corbert takes the LG spot. Ive never been a fan of Tretter. I was glad he made it through healthy last season but I just think he needs to improve his strength. I can see the QBs not being able to step up when he goes up against the big boy DT/NT
  10. The official training camp thread

    Hes not ready to Bless Em
  11. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    Orchard is def getting cut this year. He does not get up the field. I thought Drango would hold down the fort at guard. I didnt watch much of the o-line but sounds like he didnt do well. How did Shon Coleman look. Did he start at RT? I still think Gregg Williams is a moron. Why draft and sign DBs if you are going to play them 10 yards off every play.
  12. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    I hope Brogan does so well this preseason that Stanton is the one stocking the fridge. Then I hope Brogan craps on him for poor stocking
  13. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    This blocking is terribad
  14. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    Chubb gonna be giving some of yall some serious chubs this season
  15. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    2nd and 4, Gregg Williams has our DBs press off 5-10 yards. We need a new DC