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  1. Gerald McCoy released - Signs with Carolina

    I think so. Its baffling though because I never perceived him as acting like a leader. Maybe it’s because I felt we needed a guy who’d get in your face or not be afraid to hold you accountable, like a Brooks or a Lynch, but I never felt he was what we needed from a leadership perspective. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t like not being voted a captain, but with a bit of self awareness, he should have worked out why that happened. I’m intrigued to see how it pans out in Carolina, but I’m as “meh” on him going there as I was about us signing Suh.
  2. Gerald McCoy released - Signs with Carolina

    Given the way he was acting earlier this year on social media, I think the number thing could have factored in. He’ll probably have two good games against us because he’s motivated, but I expect another big song and dance about it on Insta, which is why I find him tiresome.
  3. Gerald McCoy to sign with Carolina Panthers

    Tbh McCoy needed something like that to light a fire under him. He’ll probably play well in both games against the Bucs, partly because he’s motivated and partly because our LG sucks. I won’t be too upset if he does - the player capable of playing at that level wouldn’t have existed had he stayed in Tampa. Could we have handled the situation better? Probably. Did we make the right decision to let him go? Based on his declining play, yes.
  4. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    This is nothing short of a calamity for British boxing. AJ’s hype over here always felt as if it was greater than his ability. His performance against Parker, for example, didn’t live up to what you’d expect from someone hyped as heavily as he was. Ruiz was dismissed by some of our media as a bum and a boxer AJ could finish at will. It always felt that the eventual course was a super fight against Fury. Two British undefeateds for the undisputed heavyweight title would have been the biggest fight ever over here. Since Fury didn’t take the belt off Wilder, that wasn’t happening soon anyway, but that chance is now completely gone. What a night.
  5. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Brad Johnson has a good season in 2002 and deserved his place in the Pro Bowl. He was by no means a scrub. As for Grossman, he was never a superstar, but how bad he was in 2006 gets exaggerated as the years pass. During that season, he was a decent game manager who could keep an offence ticking over and force a defence to at least consider the passing game. He had a few terrible games that year though, which are the ones which tend to get brought up. You're also forgetting that the Bears run game was legit during that period, which worked well with one of the most underrated defences of the last 20 years.
  6. Bucs sign Ndamukong Suh 1 year deal

    I don’t think so. McCoy drifts in and out of games and tends to make his plays at non crucial moments. He’s also noticeably declined in the last few seasons. I can think of a handful of games in nine seasons where McCoy has made a play when it’s mattered, such as late in Q4. From a leadership perspective, it’s not really McCoy’s thing either. He was put into that role when he was drafted and it was never really for him. There’s been numerous examples throughout his career that demonstrate he’s a terrible leader and I’d argue that, whilst being the best 3 tech in the league at his peak, he never really made the players around him better. Overall, we got a guy who was being paid significantly more than his worth off of the roster and cleared the default leader of the defence out of the way. We now need a new leader to step up and hope they set a positive example and hold their teammates accountable, while not doing stupid stuff, like celebrating a sack whilst down by 3 scores. I’m fairly meh on the Suh signing, but he brings an attitude to a defence that’s been sorely lacking an enforcer type for over a decade.
  7. Bucs sign Ndamukong Suh 1 year deal

    We must be making a decent saving out of this, but I expect that these moves are more about mentality and bringing in a new era on the defensive side by getting the “old leader” out of the way. McCoy’s production hasn’t matched his number for quite a few years. 13m is too steep for someone who routinely goes missing when it matters.
  8. Voluntary OTAs

    Probably a very public message to VHIII. I hope he picks it up for his own sake.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    Wasn’t able to stay up for the draft since I have work tomorrow (not that I should be awake at 3.55 anyway...). A few thoughts on what’s happened so far: - Don't hate our pick, but it’s awfully high for a MLB. - The board is looking ok for us for day 2. - WTF Oakland/ Gruden/ Mayock.
  10. Offseason Rumors

    Surely team would also have got him tested for the same condition during the private workouts? I don’t know what kind of testing is done at the combine, but I doubt it would be as comprehensive as what a team considering drafting you would send you for. I’m sure we’ve done our homework and if we do draft him at #5, it’ll be because we’re comfortable his heart is fine.
  11. Guess the 1st Rounder Challenge!

    Agreed. Fortunately, I can’t see it being anyone other than White. This kinda reminds me of the 2007 draft. We needed a DE, so we took Adams while leaving significantly higher potential players on the board. No one will remember if this picks was BPA or a need pick if White lives up to his potential.
  12. Bucs DO pick up VHIII's fifth year option

    I don’t hate this move. Let’s see what he can do in a scheme that actually suits his skill set.
  13. Guess the 1st Rounder Challenge!

    Rashan Gary - Pick 13. Because it’s the most off the wall thing I could think of. In this alternative reality, the Dolphins trade up for Haskins and we respond by drafting the riskiest player in the draft.
  14. NFL Schedule (Week one - 9ers Sept 8th @ 4:25)

    It’ll be like that time Keyshawn came back with the Panthers.
  15. NFL Schedule (Week one - 9ers Sept 8th @ 4:25)

    And the Denver game that year. I remember it being said on that broadcast that there had t been a weather delay in years, yet we’ve had one every time we’ve played an early season 4pm home game, possibly with the exception of the Tennessee game in 2015. Looking at the schedule, we’ll probably have another 2 weather delays this season. I guess the NFL will never learn.