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  1. Offseason Discussion

    Yeah, it’s almost as if they’ve taken points per passing play and compared it to points per rushing play. Not really sure what that tells anyone or whether it factors in certain key variables, such as how balanced the offence is. Basically, you get more yardage passing the ball, therefore it’s more likely that you’ll score by passing is what their website seems to explain it as. That’s might be an over simplification of it. Overall, I still don’t think you can overestimate the value of a good running game.
  2. Offseason Discussion

    I just have a massive mancrush to be honest. Nothing rational.
  3. Offseason Discussion

    Given the way our cap situation is looking for 2019, I hope he gets his long term deal here next offseason and we move on from Jackson. Could be a cheaper alternative and a way of keeping (almost) everyone happy.
  4. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    I have a feeling we might be in play for McGlinchey. Dotson is getting older and is coming off a significant injury, Smith is underrated, but hasn’t set the world on fire. We’ve no other tackles on the roster that inspire confidence... Wouldn't be the biggest shock in the world, but it would definitely feel like a reach at 7.
  5. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    Very true. We’re also well into silly season where the writers seem to get fed up writing the same stuff and go a bit wild trying to differentiate themselves. Case in point, the mock draft the day of the 2010 draft that had us taking Brian Price at #3 (Suh and McCoy went 1&2).
  6. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    Strikes me as a huge reach, especially in a draft where they’re guaranteed to have a shot at one of the best 3 prospects (assuming they go QB at 1). Auctioning the pick for a QB, or even Chubb would seem to be a better option than reaching for an LT with that level of talent left on the board.
  7. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    The Colts are probably the team best positioned to trade back and completely muck things up for us. We need more picks, but if Nelson is the only one of the ‘big 3’ still on the board, we’re in no man’s land. We either take him at #7, reach for James, or take Ward/ Fitzpatrick. No one is trading up to #7 for a guard, except maybe Chicago.
  8. Offseason Discussion

    That would go far beyond the Elliot situation, especially when there’s someone directly contradicting the accuser’s story. I wonder if they’ve id’d passenger number 3 and have left it at that after speaking to him.
  9. Offseason Discussion

    This makes no sense. The NFL has either investigated and made a conclusion without speaking to Winston, or they’re just dragging their heels unnecessarily. Surely they’d want to resolve what could be a PR nightmare ASAP.
  10. Offseason Discussion

    He’d make our RB group better, which admittedly isn’t saying much. I hope we’re at least having the conversation.
  11. I remember Lael Collins saying he wouldn’t play for a team that drafted him if he didn’t go in the first round (this was right after the allegations right before the draft). You've got absolutely no leverage in that situation though and have to be prepared to sit it out if you do get drafted. It might be a bit different for international players though. Efe Obada signed with Dallas as a UDFA before the 2015 draft, but that doesn’t tie in with what Boehringer and the NFL International guys went through (they were all draft eligible). As an aside, I don’t think Obada had even played a single game at any level until after the 2014 draft, so it’s unlikely he’d have declared for that one. So there’s possibly a way round it, but not one that’s worth considering.
  12. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    The same regime in San Fran immediately released Tramaine Brock for being arrested for domestic violence, despite the fact he was never charged with a crime. In light of that, what kind of message is keeping Foster sending to the players? I get that you have to treat ever player differently, but Lynch established a policy and is now unwilling to apply it to “his guy”.
  13. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    Yeah, I was talking about Martin in my post. Just realised that wasn’t particularly clear!
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I doubt Gronkowski has the agility to play soccer. Maybe if he was walking about at 200lbs, he’d have the suddenness to change direction, but I doubt he’d be able to stay with smaller players. You see it all the time with tall players.
  15. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Soccer is a completely different skill set to most other sports. That’s why you don’t get as many two sport athletes who have soccer as their main sport because most of the skills simply don’t translate. Athletic ability only gets you so far in soccer. Technical ability is more important, as is the ability to read a game. You can’t teach someone to read a game to the level that you need to in order to be a good professional soccer player - a lot of it has to be inherent. It’s too fluid a game to be too focused on rules for certain situations. By all means, guys like DeSean Jackson would have a role. But he’d just be another Demarcus Beasley. Ie, not that good when compared to the guys at the very top.