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  1. Jack Crawford in the studio: ”It’s great to be here at my first game in London as a fan”. Presenter: ”Of course, you were here last week too”. Awkward…
  2. “Accurate throw by Brissett” If he’d have put it where it needed to be, the receiver is still running.
  3. I’m just hoping for a better half time show than last week.
  4. We’ve never been good on prime time, like ever, so no reason to expect that will change. A “more uncomfortable than it should be” one score win for the Bucs is the most likely outcome here.
  5. What plays are you guys running in the red zone? Mainly screens and quick game stuff, or is he being expected to make a read?
  6. - The NFL haven’t sold out 14 years worth of games, as your own sources show. - It’s a meaningless buzzword used in the context you used it. - If the NFL isn’t catering for people in my financial bracket or below, they’re in serious trouble if they want to hit 60k attendance for 8 games. They’d also be demonstrating that they don’t understand the elasticity of demand for their product in the UK. - All my data can be easily found at the other side of a quick Google search (other search engines are available). I’d link it if I thought you were intelligent enough to understand it f
  7. What evidence is there that the NFL could fill a 60k seater stadium in London 8 times in 18 weeks? You talk about “scalability” (presumably you’re just playing buzzword bingo), what relevance does it being cheaper on a per game basis have when you’re asking for people to pay significantly more than they ever have? Do I get discounts on train tickets or flights? Nope. Does the cost of hanging about London for the day decrease? Nah. Does the annoyance of getting to the most difficult stadium to travel to in London subside? No. We’re not far removed from the NFL struggling to shift four
  8. You’ve just contradicted your own sources. Try harder 🙂
  9. Tryon should not be in coverage on 3rd down. Go home Bowles, you’re drunk.
  10. Can’t help but feel the defence looked past Miami a bit. Glad we seem to have woken up on that side of things. The offence is approaching mid season form.
  11. Ah, using marketing stories as your source. I’m sure those aren’t written to create a sense of urgency among fans. Meanwhile, several people on this thread tell you how it is in the real world. Besides, 34k people waiting to buy isn’t really that good when you consider we’ve not had a game here in 2 years. Certainly not when you compare how quickly tickets for other sporting events sell out.
  12. A textbook example of why numbers with no context are useless. After 14 years, the NFL isn’t attracting “less than 0.01%” of the Greater London area’s population, so what steps would you take to attract more “locals”? How would you make going to an NFL game for a team you don’t care about more attractive than going to watch the soccer team you support (many of which will play some of their home games on a Sunday), or any of the hundreds of other things there are to do in London? You and your calculator don’t understand the cultural differences at play here.
  13. Going to the movies is not the same as giving up a weekend to travel hundreds of miles to an NFL game, paying £100+ travel and £80+ for a ticket (before you even need to book a hotel in one of the most expensive cities in the world). You need to be a “real fan” to be prepared to stump up that cash 8 times a season.
  14. They’d just use Spurs’ stadium. They’ve got the NFL field under the soccer field anyway.
  15. Why would “real fans” invest emotionally in a team that’s not theirs? More European kids in the NFL = more interest and coverage = more people interested in playing the sport at a young age = a bigger following. Throw billions at a saturated market if you want, but you won’t sell out a stadium for 8 games.
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