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  1. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    I’d be happy to trade some of this offensive production for a more balanced attack with a competent running game. We simply can’t establish the run, which makes us so unbalanced. It’s tough to win consistently when you’re throwing 50+ times per game.
  2. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    Winston outgained the Cleveland offence by 115 yards. Our offence is putting up crazy numbers.
  3. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    Cappa literally can’t be any worse at this stage. Smith isn’t exactly setting the world on fire during his reps at RG either. This is a tendency of this coaching staff - continue to play the same player, despite the results being terrible and other players with more potential behind them. We did it with Martin, we now appear to be doing it with Bennenoch.
  4. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    The only LB on our practice squad is Nzeocha, who’s an international pathway player. Whilst that’s the same pathway as Efe Obada at the Panthers, I don’t think he’s got anywhere near the same level of experience as Obada. Long story short, I don’t think he’s the answer at this point and won’t be promoted.
  5. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    I think we’d be pushing to get Beckwith back anyway, but that’s a mystery in itself. There’s no timeline for his return and it seems to be one of these injuries that’s just not healing quickly/properly. Good things we brought Bond back, but I wonder whether we trade for a LB, or bring someone in from their couch.
  6. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    He walked it off, so I’m hopeful, but the initial tests are usually quite accurate. It’s a huge loss. Taylor needs to step up.
  7. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    What was the reason for cutting him? Were the other guys better on specials?
  8. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    One thing today revealed is that Humph isn’t a reliable punt returner. He didn’t make good decisions on a number of returns. I don’t see why we don’t use Jackson back there. Jackson is a threat to run one back. I don’t believe Humph has the speed to finish a long run back.
  9. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    He was an absolute steal. Having watched Hard Knocks, I can’t quite work out why Cleveland couldn’t find a spot for him. Not that I’m complaining!
  10. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    This must be a new policy, especially after that time you decided to slide into my DMs to continue an argument. Very interesting 🧐
  11. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    Very true. Catanzaro might have just saved his job, even if he should be done.
  12. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    Such stunning depth of analysis. Keep up the quality posts.
  13. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    I’m not even happy. That performance was absolutely ****.
  14. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    Child please, Rodgers wasn’t even out his break when time ran out.
  15. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    I wondered when you’d surface. Right after a Winston pick, unsurprisingly 🤔