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  1. NFL Schedule (Week one - 9ers Sept 8th @ 4:25)

    It’ll be like that time Keyshawn came back with the Panthers.
  2. NFL Schedule (Week one - 9ers Sept 8th @ 4:25)

    And the Denver game that year. I remember it being said on that broadcast that there had t been a weather delay in years, yet we’ve had one every time we’ve played an early season 4pm home game, possibly with the exception of the Tennessee game in 2015. Looking at the schedule, we’ll probably have another 2 weather delays this season. I guess the NFL will never learn.
  3. NFL Schedule (Week one - 9ers Sept 8th @ 4:25)

    I am indeed. The stadium looks awesome, so it’ll be great to see it in person. Annoyingly, I’m in Florida at the start of August, but I’ll just miss the Steelers game. I might try to get to an open training camp practice, though I think they’re for season ticket holders only. I will report back!
  4. NFL Schedule (Week one - 9ers Sept 8th @ 4:25)

    He’ll probably have a great game and look like someone who can consistently form tackle. That’s the way these things usually go for us, sadly. Either that he’ll be so hyped, he’ll be trash. I can’t see there being any in between.
  5. Offseason Rumors

    McCoy is done based on today’s comments. He’s not been worth his number for a few years, disappears during games and tends not to make plays when it matters. We can upgrade at #5 while paying less. We just need to cut McCoy first because I can’t see anyone wanting him at 13m.
  6. DeSean Jackson to be released by Tampa

    He probably wants to go to a specific team who’s unwilling to take on his existing contract. I reckon he’s just torpedoed any efforts we were making to trade him.
  7. 49ers sign Kwon Alexander LB

    I’m sad to see Alexander go, but if bringing him back meant giving him this much money, we made the right decision. On his day, he’ll be one of the best players on the field, but he’s incredibly inconsistent and will drive you crazy by making the routine look impossible. At least he might be able to afford to buy a house in San Fran now.
  8. 2018/19 Europe Thread - It begins again

    That’s such a difficult call and I still can’t make my mind up either way. It’s arguable his arm was in an unnatural position and it looks like he might have left his arm out just a little bit. Thing is, that would never have been given before the introduction of VAR. Strictly speaking, it’s probably the right call, but it just doesn’t feel like football.
  9. That’s a terrifying stat. I don’t hate this deal. 3 years is short enough that it gives us some flexibility and move on if this proves to be a huge mistake. This deal is more about management. Letting Smith walk created additional problems for a position group that needed rebuilt anyway. We have enough holes on the roster as it is.
  10. Free Agents

    Don’t underestimate the Europeans. The one part of the game where it’s not possible to be light years behind America is the kicking game. We’ve got some good ones over here, even if most teams go for 2 because they can’t trust their kicker to consistently hit a 20 yard XP.
  11. Exactly. I’ll never understand the issue with it. Why the offence wouldn’t just line up in the pistol to prevent that play being effective is beyond me.
  12. NFC next year, early predictions

    Koetter’s weakness was building a consistent running game. A lot was made of the weapons the Bucs have in the passing game, but you’re fundamentally limited as an offence if you don’t have a reliable running game. Tampa was the most one dimensional team in the league and we couldn’t close games because we couldn’t run the ball. If Atlanta can build their offence around the RBs and then add in the deep passing game with the receivers they’ve got, they could have a huge season. If Koetter continues with his aggressive, downfield passing attack while neglecting the running game, Atlanta will put up huge numbers, but won’t go very far.
  13. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    Apparently a company Brady partly owns is paid to provide the trainers/ medical services to the Pats. Every other team in the NFL gets sponsorship money from their providers, along with those services. Is that the one you’re thinking of?
  14. The un-HYPEd Thread

    His body language has always been terrible. Remember the overtime game in Atlanta in 2015? He’s never a leader in a million years and it’s a mark of the stupidity of the coaching staffs we’ve had that they’ve tried to force him into that role. I can’t imagine Derrick Brooks ever responding to this stuff on Twitter. Leaders simply don't respond to inconsequential noise.
  15. Was this the worst call in NFL history?

    It’s getting embarrassing now with these statements tbh. What do they want Goodell to do? Release a comment about a single bad call in a game that had game changing bad calls for both teams? Throw the referees under the bus for one of the bad calls which didn’t actually prevent the Saints from having a great opportunity to win the game? We’re four days on and it’s absolutely staggering to me that a 38 year old is demanding a statement about a single incident, while conveniently ignoring a similarly bad call against the Rams which cost them a sure fire opportunity to take the lead.