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  1. @SaveOurSonics You had 3 buy players and 1 inactive player in your lineup this past week (WK 9). Not cool man... Everyone needs to make every effort to have a full active lineup every week. Shouldn't have to be said but, here we are...
  2. Friendly reminder @Oregon Ducks You still don't have a full starting lineup.
  3. *NOTE* I feel silly for even having to type this but, I guess I have to... Everyone must have a FULL starting roster EVERY WEEK. No exceptions!!! Looking at you @Oregon Ducks
  4. Well that sucks! Would really hate to lose ya around here. Kinda early for such a decision don't you think? Heck, it was only a 10-3 Bears loss...
  5. Still can't figure out if he's just that good or the Dolphins are just that bad...
  6. My team put up some points but jeez, I'm still getting destroyed. Well I guess it's "no Luck, no problem" for @Bigbear72, lol.
  7. The initial waive order should be the same as our recent draft order (minus trades of course). After that, it's a rolling waiver system IIRC.
  8. Sorry for the absence guys. I have my mom in town for a couple of weeks and now we're having to scramble to get prepped for Dorian...
  9. @Bigbear72 Please give me the Browns D/ST for my last pick. Thanks!
  10. At pick 5.10, I'll take: Mason Crosby / K / Packers @Lieker
  11. At pick 5.8, I'll take: Austin Hooper / TE / Falcons @mike23md is OTC
  12. At pick 4.10, I'll take: Dontrell Hilliard / RB / Browns @Lieker is OTC
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