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  1. I think it came down to Graham or Fuller to balance the books in terms of the cap...releasing any offensive piece right now with a rookie QB potentially starting would be a bad move...especially a massive target at TE.
  2. Desai is a Fangio disciple...expect a ton of bend but don't break...I don't think we will be top 11 in yards given up...could very well be top 11 in points allowed though...that said as others have said a lot will depend on how much the offence improves as well as if we can generate pass rush at a higher level than last season...health will as usual be one of the biggest factors also.
  3. And more importantly a younger and cheaper version...hopefully he can develop into the same talent.
  4. I think there is a clear uptick in how much receivers are getting paid and that balance has been swinging for a while with running backs losing money and receivers gaining it...personally I would take Allen over both those receivers and as much as $20 million a year seems like a ton of money maybe we all just need to adjust our thinking on how much these guys are worth in today's NFL.
  5. The dude is really in a no win situation...either annoy your boss or your best player 😂
  6. That is a whole lot of people who are just happy to see someone outwith their bubble after the past year hahaha...all the best man.
  7. As much as it pains me to say it I have always liked Matt LaFleur but man does it look like he is about to cry every time the press asks him about Rodgers leaving 😂
  8. Was just watching PFT and they did a run down of the #1 overall selected QBs to start games in a rookie year records...only one with a winning season since 2007 was Andrew Luck going 11-5...I doubt Lawrence will be able to have a winning season either but if we start Fields I would be fairly confident of a winning season for his first year in the league.
  9. I personally wouldn't give Fields a single 1st team rep...I would make him take them...we are relaying on him to make everyone better...send him out there with 2nd team talent at receiver and if he makes them better then you know your on the right path...make him Russell Wilson the competition where we are almost having to stack the odds in Dalton's favour...if Fields still looks better and takes those 1st team reps then we know he is ready to start.
  10. Dude is not a 1 trait guy...that is pretty clear to see...330lbs is still plenty big and puts him in the top 20% of linemen in the NFL in terms of weight especially at OT.
  11. I don't see on tape why he would need to be pigeonholed into a guard...no he is not a LT with ballerina feet but not all OTs are...I think Borom can pretty easily stay out at RT based on the tape I have seen especially after a full year of changing is body to drop bad weight and add good.
  12. Coming off an ACL that is no guarantee.
  13. Borom reminds me of when the Packers drafted Josh Sitton...no one had a clue who he was...if I remember right NFLN didn't even have a grade on him...but when people started to look into his physical talents, analytics & tape the pick made a lot of sense... Borom is a 6-6" 330lbs OT who has position and scheme versatility and didn't allow a sack in the SEC last year against some really good defences...why was he not on more people's radar? Some of these guys just fall through the cracks a little...also why 30% of the NFL is made up of undrafted players.
  14. As much as it is exciting to have so much speed at the skill positions on this team it does give me pause to think how many of our defence would make this list? There is a lot of speedy offences in the NFL and right now or defence seems ill equipped to deal with it...outside of Roquan we have no one who has elite speed at their position...hopefully Desai can scheme us around this but next offseason we need to get way more athletic on the defensive side of the ball.
  15. Another super impressive press conference from Fields...got to love the fact he said if you are not striving to be in a starting job then you shouldn't be here...tells you where his head is at and that he has the confidence to take the starting job.
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