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  1. I like this move...Herman may have failed at Texas but he had a ton of success outside of that...in an advisory role I don't see any downside.
  2. Good move for Wentz & the Colts...doesn't automatically mean bad move for us...Wentz is clearly very talented but his cap number would have been tough to work around and would have 100% led to the breakup of our defence...a cheaper option who will provide even good QB play would be enough on this team to win probably 10 games next year...give me Minshew with a running game and a healthy D and yes we are sort of back to the future with an upgraded Kyle Orton type but that could be enough to win.
  3. Really solid and smart move this considering we have a first time coordinator.
  4. Wentz has always had excellent TE play...you get rid of Graham I would say you need to replace that production even more than ARob's.
  5. If you can give up the 2022 pick you 100% need to do it...that defences window isn't going to last forever...build to win now if you bring in Wentz...if we keep the 2020 picks then OT in the 1st then OT/TE in the 2nd.
  6. If is was Wentz for our 1st, Foles & Cohen that is a win for us IMO...we clearly don't want Foles on the roster and it clears his cap hit...Cohen is a gadget guy who basically gives away the play when he is on the field...out of reach of the top QB prospects I wouldn't be mad landing Wentz at that...only bad thing is it locks is in to taking the best OT in the 2nd round of the draft.
  7. In the last two years sure...before that Wentz was highly productive to the point where there was no way the Eagles would have traded him.
  8. If it is a 1st and a future 3rd then why are people so mad? Truthfully would you rather have Mac Jones for the same because after trading up to make sure you get the 5th best rookie in this draft that's what we are looking at.
  9. They didn't have over the last few years down to injury which is why he regressed.
  10. I floated the idea of Wentz a while ago...I still feel he can be a really good QB in the league but that comes with the caveat that we have to protect him way better that Philly ever did...now for me with his contract Philly need to eat a good chuck of that money and he needs to be open to a restructure of that deal...Philly also needs to be willing to take Foles off our hands...the draft pick can't be the 1st or 2nd for this year because frankly if you draft for him your first two draft picks better be OTs... With all that said I am praying that I get traded to Indy...playing indoors...b
  11. Much harder to move Wentz with that contract tho.
  12. I like the trade for Minshew...like the drafting of Jordon & Mitchell...don't want to see Book anywhere near a Bears uniform...think Jenkins would be a bit of a reach there and Cunningham has went back to school has he not?
  13. This would be my 1a choice for a 2nd round pick...having read what the Eagles fans are saying a 2nd should do it...get an OT in round 1...Hurts for a 2nd...TE/WR in the 3rd then another quality power back in the 5th...keep Robinson with the tag and suddenly that offence has a lot of ways to beat you.
  14. Yeah for as good as Winston sometimes looks his bad plays are truly mind-boggling...there is no joy in that route unless it is purely as a backup... I am still a Minshew guy and think he could really be a great fit for this offence...Darnold would give me Cutler vibes all over again...great throw one minute...stupid interception the next...I've always been a big fan of Carr but the price would probably be too much...Watson is a no go since we don't have the ammo...if I'm Pace I am on the phone to Philly right now to see if they want to get a 2nd back for Hurts.
  15. Also think given the fact we were in on him and Watson shows we do not want a rookie at that spot.
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