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  1. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Just watching the game now...no way in hell was that an INT for Golden.
  2. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    It wouldn't be a game in AZ without a comeback victory right? 😊
  3. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Speaking of that game the same goes for Jimmy G.
  4. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    I think anyone looking at what Mayfield done with trying to push the ball down the field compared to what Tru is doing doesn't understand that massive differences in Nagy's and Haley's offences...Nagy is all about short passes to set up bombs where as Haley is purely a vertical based offence...these guys are being asked to do very different things...Mayfield did look good last night but let's not overreact...it was still a very average performance in the grand scheme of it.
  5. Why I have faith in Nagy

    @G08 tone it back a little...everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  6. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    They are happy to protect their QB but when you are averaging 3ppg your going to need to open it up at some point...I would rather they help us to 1 sack if we hold them to 3 points haha.
  7. Why I have faith in Nagy

    I'm not even talking about coaching wise...just general demeanour...Nagy is much more of an alpha who commands a locker room...I don't need players to like a coach...I do however need them to respect him and for me the players never did with Trestman...it's fairly clear they have bought into Nagy and maybe even more importantly Nagy's staff.
  8. Why I have faith in Nagy

    He is far more of a leader than Trestman was.
  9. Why I have faith in Nagy

    I have every faith in Nagy to get this offence right...much like Trubisky tho it will take time...guys need to fully understand this scheme and if you look at what Andy Reid installed in KC it is not simple...ton of different personal groupings as well as guys lining up in unnatural positions like Gabriel at RB even with Cohen on the field in the bunch...I agree we aren't seeing anything like the full playbook and Nagy has already said Trubisky can only call an audible on some plays and not others...that will also have to change and will when guys understand the scheme better... Also Nagy himself is going to need time to adapt to not just being a playcaller but also being responsible for everything that happens on that field...that is a big change but he has the temperament to do it...can he become and elite HC in the NFL? I have no doubts about it.
  10. Every Trubisky play vs Sea

    That can be said for every QB...one thing I would say is I fully believe his occasional poor footwork is down to what is going on in his head...he is still learning how to be a QB in this scheme and with time it is all going to slow down for him then he can focus on those fundamentals...one thing I read which must be so difficult is that some of the verbiage in Nagy's offence is the same as Gase/Loggains but it means totally different things...so not only does he have to learn a new scheme he has to unlearn the old stuff but still use it in a different way...that is tough for anyone... Patience is key here but the raw talent is clearly there.
  11. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    I think @WindyCity nails it on the Trubisky front...some top quality throws and showed his playmaking ability while also missing some throws and on one play trying way to much and throwing into double coverage...he is exactly where I would expect him to be right now given his inexperience...just gonna take time.
  12. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    The whole point of the prevent is to make them run time off the clock knowing their two scores down and have no TOs...as unpleasing as it is to watch for once it was the right call.
  13. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    Outstanding break on the ball by Prince.
  14. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    Fuller is so worried about giving up PI he has let the guy catch the ball...have to be more aggressive there... Time for Mitch to show us what he has learned from last week.
  15. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    Mack is amazing!!!