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  1. Training Camp 2018

    Thank the Lord this is finally here 😁
  2. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    For Madden he is an awesome ILB...I expect him to be the same in real life.
  3. TABT

    I'll have you know I am more a combination of grounds keeper Willie and the Hound 😂
  4. Bears Sign TE Zach Miller to 1 year deal

    Have to agree this is a very classy move that shout be applauded by any fan around the league.
  5. TABT

    He could have been a high 2nd in 2019...big time size and skill set but maybe lacks top end speed...fits what Fangio likes...if we could get him for a 4th I would.
  6. TABT

    Interesting that Adonis Alexander is entering the supplemental draft this year...I think many expected us to do more at CB...obviously we don't want to give up much more resource in 2019 but he is a talented kid.
  7. Bears Offseason Tracker

    If White does go for 800 yards this season he will be the #2 WR on this team...maybe even the #2 in over targets...I doubt we would let him walk if he starts paying up to his obvious skill set...if White does reach his potential this receiving core with Robinson as the #1...Miller in the slot...Gabriel as a joker as well as Cohen getting some reps there will be pretty unstoppable...that's before you add in Burton & Shaheen who could also both come up big.
  8. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Vikes we cool...just can't like the lions...still pales in comparison to the hatred of the pack 😂
  9. 11 Months Too Early Mock

    For the Bears I would be really disappointed with Brown as the pick considering David Edwards is still on the board.
  10. Day 3 Draft Picks

    I think watching Fitts when he was healthy back in 2015 I would have taken him way before the likes of Kemoko Turay, Lorenzo Carter or Sam Hubbard...he looks to have everything you look for from a HWS perspective as well as a variety of moves and an instinct for getting to the ball whither that be sacking the QB of knocking the pass down...very interesting to hear the area scout say he might be an even better base edge due to his run stopping ability rather than a pass rushing specialist early on...keep him healthy and he could be a massive pick up for us... The more I read and look into Iggy, Nichols & Fitts the more I love what Pace did late on in this draft.
  11. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    I wouldn't agree that White has looked less natural than Patterson when healthy.
  12. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Detroit Lions... Stafford was outstanding last season and looks to have really found his way with Cooter's offence...hard to believe he is still only 30 years old...feels like he has been around forever...I think he will continue to carry the team next season...I really liked the Johnson pick and feel he can finally be the type of RB they need who can run inside and out and will be a force in the passing game...Blount gives them some power inside too...Abdullah and Riddick should see their roles diminish...Marivn Jones turned out to be an excellent FA signing and will continue to rack up yards...Tate is a really good receiver as well and I love the potential of Golladay with another years seasoning...they can really win deep...T.J Jones is decent depth as well...I think Willson was a solid pick up as a move TE and Toililo as a solid blocker...upfront the Lions look pretty good...Decker and Wagner as solid at OT...Lang inside is rock solid...I liked the Ragnow pick up at centre for them and they then have a competition for the other guard spot with Glasgow who has starting experience and Dahl who is a player I really like inside at guard...the Crosby pick that late was solid as well and gives them depth...all in all I feel they will continue to put up big numbers on offence and their running game will be better...just depend on if Cooter wants to use it. On defence things aren't so rosie...Ansah is still a force upfront but not getting his long term deal will probably led to him not given it quite as much as last season and he has always been inconsistent...Zettel played well last season but would be best served as a nickel pass rusher inside where he did most of his damage...Hand was a decent pick up but in a 4-3 is he a DE or DT? Washington didn't do much for us so I am not sure what will be different...they had to do more upfront and I was surprised they didn't take Landry given the obvious links...inside they have a bunch of decent run stuffers but not much pass rushers and I don't see where the playmakers are...speaking of a lack of playmakers the LB core is really lacking...Davis looked poor last season so will have to come on this...Jones & Kennard bring nothing special to the group and that is even including the fact Jones played better for us last year...they really need someone to emerge...at DB Slay was the most underrated CB and possibly defensive player in the NFL last season...he was outstanding...will be very interesting to see the development of Tabor on the other side...Lawson and Diggs both played well last season but are best suited to the nickel so Tabor has to show more because people will stay away from Slay and rightly so...big fan of Glover Quinn at safety and he has been quality for a long time...Killebrew and Wilson at SS is a good combo as well but again outside of Slay and Quinn I just don't see consistent difference makers for this team... All in all I see this as typical Lions...will put up points and look good on offence but won't be able to stop anyone on a consistent basis which will cost them again and again...I see them finishing last in the division.
  13. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Green Bay Packers... I know I am about to be very much so in the minority here but...I think last season we started to see Rodgers play fall off a little...now by a little I really do mean a little and a 85-90% Aaron Rodgers is still better than 99% of QBs but I just think he started to look like a 33 now 34 year old QB...I still think he is a top 3 QB in the NFL but he isn't the superhuman one he was a few years back and the Packers need to start helping him out more...for me they should have done more at RB to take some of the pressure off him...Jones played well last season but a RBBC is not the way to go...for me they have should have found a real gamebreaking RB to keep teams honest more often...keeping Adams was big and the right move but I am surprised that Cobb is still holding on...they need better play from him and for someone to step up and be their #3...Moore or St. Brown could be the guys with both talented picks...Graham is a huge pick up given the uncertainty at WR...in Seattle he was used all wrong...I don't doubt that Rodgers and McCarthy will find the right spots to put him in the be a game wrecker again...I expect a 1000 yard 10+TD season from him...only saving grace for us and the rest of the division is he will soon be 32 years old and has had a little injury history...Bakhtiari is the best passing blocking LT in the NFL today and very underrated...keeping Linsley was big at centre and Bulaga if healthy is a rock solid RT...but much like Minnesota there are some questions at OG...not as bad because Lane Taylor looked good last season...also like the Madison pick as a transition to OG...I think all in all it's a very solid OL which becomes very good due to Rodgers ability to buy time but as I said that might not be so evident this season. On defence Daniels is still an excellent DL...Kenny Clark was better than I think anyone expected him to be on the nose and should take another step this season...Wilkerson is a guy who if he turns it on can destroy even good OGs but he has to get him mind right...if all are healthy and motivated it's a very good starting ground...depth is an issue though and I am surprised they didn't do more in the draft to address it...at LB Martinez is underrated and does everything well...taking Burks in the 3rd was a solid pick up with more importantly allows Matthews to play nothing but OLB...him and Perry are solid at this point as pass rushers...Ryan & Fackrell are good depth...at CB I am not so sure what the plan is...they have so many young guys at CB with King, Rollins and now Alexander and Jackson...add in House & Williams plus even Hawkins and they have potentially 7 starting CBs...I think they have too many good options and not enough great ones...at Safety I really like the combination of HaHa and Jones but I am shocked they allowed Morgan Burnett to walk...not only is he a good player but he was an outstanding leader for that secondary and given all the youth they have I am surprised they let him walk for $5 million a year. All in all this IMO is a team in decline...Rodgers keeps them very competitive and is still one of the elite of the elite at the most important spot in all of sport...but outside Adams and Graham I don't see great playmakers...a front seven that lacks depth and a very young secondary and I honestly believe if Rodgers isn't on it they are looking at 3rd in the division.
  14. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Minnesota Vikings... By a distance IMO the best team in this division leading into the season...I disagree with some who feel Cousins isn't much better than Keenum...Cousins is in a different league in terms of talent and was a massive get for the Vikings who will now be able to do more with their passing attack...I also like the fact they went out and got Siemian who is one of the better backups in the NFL...they understand the value of the position...getting Cook back healthy will be massive for them and Murray is a very good do it all rotational piece alongside him...Diggs and Thielen are still one of the best combinations of receivers in the NFL...look out for Korey Robertson who was one of the best UDFA signings in the NFL and will make their roster...if Treadwell can step up it would be massive although I don't have high hopes...Rudolph is a good TE and I loved the Tyler Conklin pick for them as a move TE...now for the bad part of their offseason...the OL...why oh why did they not draft Will Hernandez at the tail end of the 1st? Elflein looks like he is going to be a good centre for a long time but who are they starting at OG? Josh Andrews? Nick Easton? Danny Isidora? you just invested $84 million guaranteed in a QB and those are your options for protecting him inside? That is insane...Hernandez is a plug and play OG who protects him and blows open holes in the running game for Cook...he was the perfect fit and they dropped the ball...at OT they took Brian O'Neill in the 2nd who is all upside but not ready to start this year...Reiff and Remmers aren't inspiring either at the OT positions...they have plenty of talent at the skill positions but that OL is going to hold them back. Defensively they are a Top 5 unit in the NFL...Griffen and Hunter are an excellent set of DE and adding Richardson inside makes them even better...Richardson has been up and down but I think he is another guy like Randy Moss where if he is on a winning team he is pretty quiet and just gets on with it...it's losing the guy can't deal with...Joseph is the most underrated DT in the NFL and his run stuffing and ability to take up blockers opens things up for the other 3...possibly the best front 4 in the NFL and they have depth to come at you in waves...at LB they have speed and instincts in Kendricks and size and versatility in Barr...good solid pairing although if one went down they look a little short on depth Gedeon is decent tho...at DB again they have a ton of talent and depth...Rhodes was excellent last year and Waynes really came on...Newman seems to be able to play forever in the nickel...then you have Alexander and now Hughes as depth...starting safeties are an excellent pair as well with Smith one of the best in the NFL. I think overall if the Vikings don't at least make the conference game it's a poor season because with there talent and the coaching staff they have they really should be able too...my only concern it that OL...I think their draft overall was a weird one...this is a team who are clearly one or two players away from a championship and there draft seems to be geared towards the future and give how small of a window teams have to be elite in the NFL these days I don't see why they didn't take higher floor guys like Hernandez in the 1st then follow that up with a guy like Orlando Brown in the 2nd to solidify that OL from day one.
  15. The Bears Offensive Depth Chart Discussion

    I think we badly need a pass rusher...either a true OLB or looking at the class better yet a 5 tech...Rashan Gary would be out of this world in Fangio's scheme...OL would be next up for me...OT first and foremost...still love the idea of taking a true LT like David Edwards then pushing everyone one spot to the right...Leno at LG...Daniels at C...Whitehair at RG...that gives you and extremely young and athletic front... After those two I think we are looking at CB for the long term behind Prince and some more pass rush help... If everyone develops like they should and we stay healthy this team really are primed to be good.