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  1. I think some of the concepts will have to change given it's the NFL but the feel of it will be similar...lots of 11 personnel...lots of RPO...bigger OL who will double team guys at the POA in the run game...plenty of WCO and mesh in the routes in the passing game...lots of versatility which any great offence has...this could be an exciting time to be in this offence.
  2. Albert Breer @AlbertBreer · 6m With Stenavich likely to be promoted to OC in Green Bay, Packers TEs coach Justin Outten would be one name to watch for the Broncos OC job. More signs pointing to Getsy coming here.
  3. Johnathan Wood @Johnathan_Wood1 · 5h You know what LB would fit in great next to Roquan next year? Anthony Walker. He's affordable (1 year, $3M deal this year), solid player, not too old (27 for 2022 season), and came up under Matt Eberflus in Indy. Plus he's a Northwestern alum, which is a great added bonus. My thoughts exactly.
  4. Mike Klis @mikeklis · 8m Per source, Packers aren’t letting OL coach Adam Stenavich interview for Broncos OC job. Would think he might get OC job with the Pack. Interviewing coordinators a lil more involved process with league policies. Hackett, who will call plays, has other options. #9sports This seems like it could be good news.
  5. I think MIA seemed to be pretty interest...but again that NY market is tough to turn down...I hope the guy does really well...will be interested to see his staff to see if the rumours of issues there were true.
  6. The Phins were strongly wanting him...and apparently NO had requested an interview so it was NY who then jumped to close it out.
  7. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 1m Sources: The #Giants are working to hire #Bills OC Brian Daboll as their new head coach. The two sides will attempt to do a deal and reunite him with old friend and new NYG GM Joe Schoen. As it was always going to be.
  8. Albert Breer @AlbertBreer · 6m The Colts will interview ex-Jaguars DC Joe Cullen for their defensive coordinator job tomorrow, per sources. Indy is looking at a number of outside candidates to bring in. Meanwhile, the Bears will interview Colts safeties coach Alan Williams (among others) for their DC job.
  9. Beer seems to be trying to back his own words here…Getsy isn’t a pure Shanahan disciple and that won’t be the offence he will bring here…he stuck on LeFleur’s staff because Rodgers wanted him… Expect to see the sort of Joe Moorhead type of offence... https://fishduck.com/2021/08/incredible-information-easily-learn-about-the-joe-moorhead-offense/
  10. Albert Breer @AlbertBreer · 20m Getsy’s been Eberflus’ top guy from the start. There’s a process to go through, of course. But this would give Eberflus the Shanahan-style offense he wants, and Getsy the shot to call it. If this goes down, expect the Packers to promote Adam Stenavich to offensive coordinator.
  11. Matt Schneidman @mattschneidman Nathaniel Hackett: “Matt LaFleur, I’m gonna make a run at being the sexiest head coach in the NFL against him.” Who do you guys think will be the HC in Denver for 2024? 😂
  12. No doubt Flus will call plays but you still need a proper DC for game planning and install especially with Flus' HC duties...Sean McVay has said Kevin O'Connell has been excellent for him because after they both do the install O'Connell does all the install and McVay just shows up and calls the plays on a Sunday...it's a really important role...could just be we are waiting on Rod.
  13. Really interesting that so far we have heard nothing about a DC…have to wonder if when the Raiders HC job gets filled if that changes…would much rather have Rod as a DL coach but if he is tabbed as DC it wouldn’t be so bad… First choice for DC in this scheme would be Bills DB coach John Butler…excellent DB coach and has DC experience from Penn State.
  14. That would seem like too many cooks to me...I would let Flip walk if we can get Pep in...he has recent history of helping these young QBs so clearly understands what they need... I would have no issue with getting rid of all staff from Nagy's staff.
  15. Luke Steckel the Tennesse Titans TE coach could be a shout for this staff...Eberflus was on the same staff as his dad at Toledo.
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