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  1. Brandon Staley to the Broncos

    Seen this the other day...excellent hire if true.
  2. League 2019 off season

    Nathaniel Hackett is the new Packers OC which is excellent...for us 😂
  3. Bilal, Roqaun and Daniels make the ESPN all rookie team.

    All three are going to be very good for a very long time.
  4. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Aaaah the wonder that is sport talk radio and the biggest secret of all...Durkin doesn't think for a second that Pagano runs a H.S defence...but if everyone on the radio, tv & newspapers thinks it's a slam dunk hire than there is very little to talk about and that leads to low audiences...happens all the time over here with football (soccer) everyone can see it's a great transfer or whatever but someone will need to come out and call it a risk or say they spent to much to fill the column inches or air waves.
  5. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Can't get link on phone but it's Jack Soble on twitter for the breakdown.
  6. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Interesting that Pagano has let Roy Anderson go after he worked with him in Baltimore and Indy...Ed Reed has said he would love to come work here as a DB coach...have to think Eddie Jackson would be super pumped about that.
  7. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Very difficult not to like Ryan as a position coach...with his experience of implementing a weekly gameplan can't be over looked...my only concern is if he becomes DC due to his playcalling being poor at best.
  8. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Nope 😉
  9. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Just watched a breakdown of what Pagano did with Baltimore's D in his year as DC...the blitz package is much more complicated that it ever was under Fangio...one guy who is utterly ecstatic about this hire? Leonard Floyd...the stunts and twists and awesome and with his speed he should be good for a big big season.
  10. Bears Mock Offseason: Version 1

    I don't think he was every fully over that ankle injury.
  11. Bears Mock Offseason: Version 1

    I would rather sign one or two quality guys then bring in UDFA then bring in average quality vets.
  12. Bears Mock Offseason: Version 1

    Not a fan of the free agents...I don't think we need JAGs with how talented this roster is... The draft I would love but struggle to see Jelks or Diggs being there at that point.
  13. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    I think one thing we need from Pagano is for him to find and help develop the next man up...Donatell seems attached to Fangio's hip...we need someone who won't just follow him out the door...on offence for example if Helfrich were to go I have no doubt Ragone would step up to be OC...we need that on the defensive side as well.
  14. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Looking forward to seeing what kind of staff he retains and builds.
  15. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Via Biggs and a ton of other sources... Have to say if Nagy is looking is looking for someone to run that side of the ball on their own there was no one better out there.