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  1. Bears 100 throwback jersey leaked?

    I like these...nice change up.
  2. Trent Williams vows not to play for the Skins

    Cleveland should just offer up whatever it takes to get him right now...would be an excellent addition and really complete that offence.
  3. 2019 Darling of Camp

    I think Whyte will have some explosive plays and everyone will lose their minds.
  4. Burton out indefinitely (hernia surgery)

    All of what this front office and coaching staff could not care less about...these guys have such self confidence and belief that they don't care what anyone outside that building knows...or thinks they know.
  5. I expect us to carry 8 so the 3 backups will be Coward, Bars & Larsen.
  6. There is no doubt Whyte is going to have a big role on this offence just purely because of his speed...Nagy will scheme a way to get him the ball in space and when that happens it's over against this guy if the defence don't respect it.
  7. Even with these switches I see no way either make the roster.
  8. The snap issues for Whitehair were always in the back of most peoples minds and come playoff time that can't come back to bite you...I think he will be far better at OG than at centre with his ability to use his hands earlier when blocking...Daniels excelled at centre in college and showed he still have the ability to pull from that spot which will be important for the running game this year.
  9. I think even from a far this was clear to see...Jackson was excellent last year and it was all down to his instincts and anticipation...that ability to see things before they happen is so rare that it's only elite defenders like Reed who it can be compared too.
  10. Bears "best kept secret" Eddie Goldman

    Yeah so.... Goldman is an awesome DL in this scheme...he has enough pass rush to make him solid in that regard but is ability to take up blockers and keep Roquan and Danny T clean is fantastic...he will never be huge on the stat sheet but his work goes way beyond that.
  11. Rank your favorite draft pick ...

    Montgomery is the best of our picks in terms of floor and his ability to make an impact from day 1...I expect him to put up good averages on his touches and with the increase in talent around him and less focus on him from his Iowa State days I think he will be the best RB to come out of this draft even if he is never a top 5 back.
  12. League 2019 off season

    Perception has made a lot of people look very stupid over the years...frankly I couldn't care less what other fans see or even other NFL teams...if Pace & Nagy rates Trubisky (which they clearly do)...and if his team mates rate him (which they clearly do) then that is the only thing that will ever matter.
  13. ARob Poised For A Breakout Year

    Agreed...I really like Robinson but he has to be one of the best receivers in the NFL this year to justify keeping him at that price.
  14. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    I see no way Pace uses to pieces of draft capital on kickers even with how little Eddy has cost...I think the whole Gould thing is over...if this kid doesn't do well I think we target someone like Kaare Vedvik in FA but I like this kick...nothing but good reports on him so far.
  15. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    I don't think there is an doubt this guy will be the guy...I have no doubt about the physical talent...just need to hope he can handle the mental pressure he will be under.