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  1. Couple of under rated things I noticed... No doubt we will really miss Eddie Goldman this season...his ability to keep those LBs clean in the run game was never questioned but even when rushing the passer he was the guy who could stay at home and stop the QB stepping up into the pocket when the outside rush is about to get home...we saw less of that. Montgomery has clearly put in the work in the offseason...the diet & weight loss makes him look far quicker to the hole but he still has that mentality of fighting for every yard when he gets hit...the blocking scheme clearly suits his running style far more and if he isn't even 100% fit then he is going to look great when he is.
  2. Was really surprised with how normal last nights game felt...obviously only 17,000 fans but it still felt like a proper atmosphere.
  3. Would like to see Brown around 10-15lbs lighter and on the main roster...experience and skill level should see him push for reps.
  4. I like this move...could play DE early downs in our 4-2-5 if we use that as a base as well as a DT in the nickel...soild depth behind Nichols...just need to hope Hicks stays healthy.
  5. Dude certainly looks like a monster in that picture...hopefully it's all go and not all show.
  6. It's getting to the point where if there was ever a year to bomb for a QB in the draft it is this year.
  7. Getting anything is pretty heroic from Pace 😂
  8. Does it tho since Pace had his HC in Nagy?
  9. You can't possibly say the talent on this team is bad...even average is selling them well short.
  10. As least your seeing that... Like I said to think you win by just having the best QB is just not true...ever one of those QBs played on great teams...did they elevate those teams? Sure...but they played as a team...I just can't accept that a GMs entire job comes down to one position.
  11. Peyton Manning in Indy...greatest QB of all time IMO...how many superbowls in Indy? Aaron Rodgers...in the conversation for greatest of all time...how many superbowls? Thinking you build a winner with a QB and nothing else is foolish.
  12. And your inability to see that the most important decision is not the only decision just shows your continued short sightedness...this is all a waste of time anyway...if Foles or Trubisky play well the first 3 games of the year your entire opinion will change again...as usual.
  13. PHIL EMERY DUMPSTER FIRE... After that comment there is very little point trying to discuss this further...Pace has put us back on the right path after we were at our worst in my life time.
  14. It is the most important...but it's not the only job...that is where your argument falls down IMO... Without hindsight Pace made the right pick at the time.
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