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  1. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    I wouldn't set Cruz as a lock...the fact he played so deep into the 1st preseason game says a lot...right now I still have Wright over him.
  2. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    Can't hurt to have a look.
  3. Interior vs Outside

    Great question...a lot will depend on scheme of course...for example when the Saints had Evans & Nicks at OG they were able to short set which gave Brees' not only a great pocket to keep guys out his face but also created natural escape routes which allow him to move around between guard and tackle stepping up to get himself out of trouble and give him better sight lines...we see the Seahawks do that with Wilson as well to compensate for his height and use his athletic ability to the fullest...on the other hand teams with excellent OTs are able to get their RBs & TEs out in passing formations far more which then take rushers away from blitzing or gives your QB easy completions... I think right now I would probably say interior...simply put the quickest way between two points is a straight line...some of the guys we are seeing playing DT and even NT these days 10 years ago would have been 50lbs lighter and playing LB...you need to be able to keep these guys out of your QBs face or they will destroy the rhythm and timing of your plays... Having a strong interior is also a bigger benefit in the running game as well.
  4. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    I just can't see any way we throw Trubisky into a game against the Falcons...he was excellent last night...but you read about what we have seen in camp and it tells a more balanced story...I just don't want to end up in the same old situation where we rush a rookie QB to be the savior and he gets burned for it...we are doing nothing this season with or without Trubisky starting...so why not allow him to fully acclimatize to the NFL then start him next year under a new HC who will bring an offence built around him where we can add more talent than we currently have? Rushing him would be the worst possible thing and if I'm Pace or ownership I take that decision out of the coaches hands.
  5. TABT

    Looks like Buffalo are looking to build up some picks and stick this year to get into the QB sweep steaks next offseason...trade our Watkins and Darby for two guys who might struggle to start and a 2nd + 3rd round pick,
  6. Glennon during the Broncos game

    I can't be down on Glennon for keeping himself to himself...at the end of the day some players are like that...and we have to remember being a starter is new to him again...he has to focus as much as he can on his own game...Sanchez is the guy who is here to mentor Trubisky...both are more similar in terms of styles and I though it was really interesting last night that the commentators said how much Jason Garrett had praised the work Sanchez did with Dak in Dallas.
  7. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    No way you cut Glennon...it's a long season and altho he looked really poor against the Broncos you have to keep in mind that is one of the better secondaries in football...I think the best plan long term is to roll with Glennon this year until week 12 then when the season is lost give Trubisky the last 4 games.
  8. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    I really don't think we could have asked for anything more from Trubisky...dude looks legit.
  9. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    Game one of Preseason...hoping to see us come out the game healthy and with a couple of impact plays on either side of the ball...and of course can't wait to see the rookies.
  10. OL Erik Kush out for year

    Maybe worth a look.
  11. OL Erik Kush out for year

    I think both Grasu and Kush would have made the roster...it's disappointing that he is out for the year and I agree I would like to see a vet brought in at least to compete for his job.
  12. TABT

    I would like to see Jay doing well...I never had anything against the guy...that said I don't see how being on the Dolphins will make any difference...I still think we will see a guy who makes throws that no other QB can make then see him throw up an easy one for an INT...he is just that inconsistent.
  13. Bears Training Camp 2017

    Jones is a guy who you with would just switch the light on...he has all the physical tools and I reckon he easily makes the team as the 4th ILB/OLB
  14. Bold Predictions Thread

    Now this is swinging for the fences lol... I'm going to go with Jordan Howard leading the NFL in rushing yards and rushing TDs... Cody Whitehair & Kyle Long go to the pro bowl with people seeing that Whitehair is on Travis Frederick's level... Glennon plays 12 games...Trubisky 4... I agree Leonard Floyd breaks out... Kyle Fuller stays healthy and looks like a #1 CB... Eddie Jackson is our best safety.

    I'm Mike, just about to turn 30 years old from Glasgow, Scotland...I'm a massive sports fan in general and been a Bears fan for the past 8 years...I have no ties to the states but became a Bears fan after seeing Brian Urlacher run over a guard and destroy a runningback...the size, the speed, the hit...hell even the guys name was just cool...then you do a bit of research and see the history of our franchise and I was hooked for life.