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  1. I would disagree but either way let's just hope Castillo gets the job done and helps put these guys in better positions to win.
  2. I think to say you can radically change your opinion of players after a 16 game season but that your opinion of that coach didn't change makes no sense...but that's where we differ man.
  3. But saying HH coached them well in 2018 isn't? Can't have it both ways my friend.
  4. As your name suggests Windy your opinion changes just like it does ...you were all for the likes of Daniels and Leno before this season started...and you were right to be because they are talented...but 6-3" 300lbs linemen in a power scheme is just not going to work in the NFL these days...these guys need to be allowed to use that athletic ability and Castillo will do that way more than HH...I don't think anyone is making Coward a starting NFL linemen...I do however think he can massively help Leno, Massie & Daniels bounce back.
  5. Actually he did...because if you remember Nagy said we were going to more of a power scheme like they have in KC and it was a disaster... We don't have average players...we have players who were asked to do something that doesn't fit their skill set...Nagy clear seen this was a mistake and has now brought in a coach who is more versatile.
  6. It is if you look at how bad that offensive line was last season.
  7. Jim Harbaugh would disagree...calls Castillo the best teacher he has ever worked with...which considering some of the coaches he has had is a great complement to Castillo.
  8. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Yeah I think the draft board would need to fall perfectly for us to get close to that kind of result 😂
  9. The 2020 Draft Thread

    There is a little Tavon Austin in Hamler as much as I think he coule be great if used right so I will probably go the other way and get the 2nd best centre in the draft.
  10. The 2020 Draft Thread

    So I have clearly started ramping up the scouting of draft prospects...had a dream last night we came out of the 2nd with Ruiz at #43 & McKinney at #50...that would be pretty sweet 😂
  11. Scouting Potential Bears Selections

    I wouldn't be mad at #50...there is a little bit of OBJ about this guy...his release is savage.
  12. Scouting Potential Bears Selections

    I'm late to Jefferson but man the guy is impressive...shocked he had such limited production but if we rated Ridley last year this guy has all the same size, length and ball skills but with way more gas and suddenness...if we can take a safety/OL by trading down a little and pick up a 3rd I would take this guy.
  13. Yeah man it isn't great right now...even just here in Scotland we had around 76 up until yesterday then 50 in one day which is a worrying jump...that said I can only imagine how bad it is in Spain and the USA right now which is horrible to see...I'm classed as a key worker but I hope the vast majority of you guys are at home with loved ones just taking it easy and staying safe 👍
  14. Foles wins this pretty easily I reckon...he plays more within the scheme and has timing...something Mitch struggles with.
  15. I have Trask just now as a mid 2nd rounder based on potential right now...which means he probably goes top 20 since he is a QB 😂