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  1. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Proper pressure kick there...straight down the middle so at least well done to him for that.
  2. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    4 or more...I think he goes unaccounted for especially with Barr out.
  3. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    I think we have a chance to keep just about everyone we want if we are going to be creative...I trust these FO guys.
  4. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    This is today's NFL tho...you have to play fast and loose with the cap and that means at times kicking the can down the road...look at the contenders this year...basically all are projected to be over the cap next year...the Eagles are like $20 over right now on projections...we have to be brave if we are going to compete.
  5. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    Just an opinion.
  6. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    I wouldn't say we have no money in 2019...plenty can be done with that roster to create cap space...if the Saints & Steelers can be so tight to the cap year in year out there is no reason we can't.
  7. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    The CBA is going to be a massive help as I expect the cap to take a big leap forward...like $30-$35 million... I think the key is keep drafting well and pay your own then we don't need to be active in the free agency market...certainly not at the top end.
  8. What to do with Bryce Callahan

    Callahan has been excellent this season and I would love to resign him but we have to be careful here...he has been banged up and missed time in the past and he is strictly a nickelback...he can't hang on the outside...both those things must be taken into consideration when we make him an offer.
  9. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Honestly let O'Donnell kick.
  10. Lions @ Bears GDT

    His contract is a major issue but honestly a rookie would do better than Parkey right now
  11. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Awesome block from Howard...love the attitude from Trubisky after the scored.
  12. Lions @ Bears GDT

    This Lions team are in a lot of trouble on all fronts...zero discipline... Hoping Mitch clears 400 yards today.
  13. Random Packer News & Notes

    Just relax man.
  14. Chicago Bears vs Buffalo bills Nov 4

    Very true.
  15. Chicago Bears vs Buffalo bills Nov 4

    So all positive then ??