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  1. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    With limited cap space and no 1st round pick who is coming in here and being better?
  2. Rumors and this new league trend.

    With Hicks & Mack in the locker room...I would always take a shot on a guy with character concerns.
  3. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    You can't compare Trubisky to Cutler...especially in terms of support... I still have plenty of rope left for Trubisky and see very few better options that are realistic.
  4. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    It's a little better than that for a 2nd year guy's first year in a new scheme...we need to show patience here.
  5. Rumors and this new league trend.

    I would disagree on Abdul...Charlton would be decent depth...no one is thinking he breaks the top 4 but as a different type of backup to Nick Williams he would be decent...I hate running with only 5 DL.
  6. Rumors and this new league trend.

    I wouldn't mind taking a shot on Taco Charlton as a nickel DL.
  7. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    I disagree...game on the line 4th and long and Trubisky makes the play down the field...Philly play off game last season when Nagy finally let him loose he looked like a quality QB...Nagy just needs to be more consistent with what he is asking of Trubisky so we can see what we actually have in the guy...because I am not sure any of us know.
  8. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Nate Stanley...if Nagy wants to use his QB as a game manager why not have another Kyle Orton type with a strong arm.
  9. Bears Roster Moves

    Ray would be the guy I would go after to be honest...seems to have more of a ceiling.
  10. Bears Roster Moves

    Bears brought in Noah Spence & Shane Ray amongst other pass rushers...think it's clear the ratio of ILB to OLB is wrong right now and with Irving showing next to nothing as a #4 OLB why not take a punt on one of these former high round picks and let our coaches have a pop and turning them around.
  11. Positives

    The Broncos were 17-1 in home openers heading into our game since 2001...goes to show how difficult it is for guys who are not 100% in football shape to play in that stadium...lots of negatives but the win itself is impressive.
  12. Hurry Up?

    The one thing every young QB...every QB to be honest...needs from a player caller is consistency... You can't go from one game asking someone to throw the ball 50 times to the next game barely letting him throw more than 10 yards down the field...that is helping no one...either tell Trubisky he is going to be the guy who he trust or make him a game manager but be consistent.
  13. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    I have never felt so conflicted after a win...we player shockingly and Nagy has a lot of explaining to do...but a win is a win...also credit to Tru for that 4th down strike after buying time...put a bit of trust in the guy.
  14. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    12 men in the huddle...that is unacceptable at this point of the game.
  15. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    Total BS call on Denver there.