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  1. Agreed but I am giving up hope of Nagy actually allowing Fields to test them deep...I expect this to be a repeat of the Rams game offensively.
  2. That Cleveland 2 deep is scary strong...they are 100% one of the class teams of the NFL this year and with that said all I hope for is that Fields plays smart football and that the defence continues to change up the pass rush a bit to progress for the games ahead... In terms of game planning for Fields the "weakness" of that D is right up the middle at DTs...run right at them with Monty and only when the DEs crash down to help get Fields on the outside...passing wise Fields had a lot of mesh plays under Ryan Day with multiple drag routes over the middle...their ILBs are good but not as st
  3. In fairness this is exactly what should be said due to the fact Dalton is only out with injury and didn't stink up the job...make Fields beat him out in his absence...he drops 350 yards and 3 scores on the Browns and that assessment then changes because Fields has won the job...never hand anything to a player.
  4. Not 100% sure he is ready for it and I am still probably on the Ed Dodds train but I watched a thing about Dan Morgan when he was in Buffalo and man that guys work ethic and attitude is exactly what you want running any kind of team.
  5. I would 100% give Graham a chance.
  6. Hey guys...wondering if there were any Vols fans that could tell me what kind of scheme and philosophy that Derrick Ansley ran when he was your DC? Thanks in advance for any info.
  7. Right now before FA I would say our first two picks need to bw a combination of CB/C/WR.
  8. The good news is there is a ton of CB talent available in this draft and some good talent in FA out there as well... In terms of centres I haven't been overly impressed with Patterson the twice I have saw him this year...I do however love Ricky Stromberg from Arkansas even though he is only a junior...Lindstrom from BC would be a great fit as well in that 2nd round range.
  9. I went back and watched the game focusing on the line play and one player who really stood out to me for all the wrong reasons was Sam Mustipher...dude tries hard but against those big talented interior linemen on the Bengals he was consistently pushed around...no doubt IMO we need a new centre in the offseaaon with Mustipher being a good backup at the centre spot.
  10. This one shocked me a little... This one didn't... Johnson if he stays healthy is only going to get better...teams will soon start to stay away from him since he is good and our other CBs are not...as soon as that happens tho it makes helping everyone else so much easier.
  11. Getting Mario back will be big but in reality playing Cleveland the player we really need is Eddie Goldman...Chubb and Hunt coming at us behind that OL is not going to be good for us.
  12. My thoughts exactly when I heard this.
  13. The problem I have had with TE in the Nagy era is more to do with the fact we drafted one in the 2nd round...pay a vet big money...sign another really experienced vet in FA and have the best preseason player of this year at the spot...and we barely throw the ball their way 🙄
  14. I keep reminding myself that this experience with Vildor outside can only help him next season...when he is the starting slot corner...I don't feel he can play outside long term but snaps are never a bad thing for a young defensive back... This season nickel is a huge concern and I don't see who can fill it...would have no issue with us just working some guys on the street out because it can't get much worse than it has been.
  15. Agreed...we beat a team we should be beating...how often do you see a team with a 4-1 turnover ratio only win by 3 points? A win is always great but there are still some major issues here.
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