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  1. What I want to see from Pace

    He can block a bit but he is not elite at it...he would present a massive upgrade over Burton at this point though given his speed and fluidity...a true receiving TE in this scheme would make all the difference.
  2. What I want to see from Pace

    Truth be told it appears Trubisky needs a TE and a running game to help him be an effective QB...sign Kareem Hunt if he makes it through the year in Cleveland and draft Brycen Hopkins in round 2 which changing some of the staff on the offensive side and watch this offence grow...Hunt & Kelce were what made that offence go in KC and we need to try and replicate it...then I agree keep bring in big bodies out wide to make up for the inaccurate throws and we will be there or there abouts.
  3. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    Anyone else find it fascinating how much better Roquan has been since Danny T has went down?
  4. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    No but I would love to give him a shot at it...dude is 6-3" probably 240lbs...why not give him a go at the F.

    Hunter Henry is bar far the best talent on that list...just wish he could stay healthy...even at that for the right kind of money I would probably take the risk.
  6. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    No doubt but the point is these guys can adapt...Jackson has shown that...even before him Vick did to some extent...plus Hurts is much thicker and stronger.
  7. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Just like Lamar Jackson in his last year at Louisville and that seems to be working.
  8. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Hurts is never going to be Peyton Manning...but he doesn't have to be because that is not what the NFL is these days...we need a playmaker at the QB position and that means a guy who can not just throw but also make something happen out of nothing...not only that but this team as a whole needs more than just a new QB...we need a leader and everyone who has ever came into contact with Hurts has said he is one of the best leaders they have ever been around...we have seen this year clearly talented players playing poorly...Hurts will hold everyone to a higher standard because he will outwork them...dude is more than just a QB and right now we need that.
  9. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    I think he brings a playmaking element that when thing do breakdown and aren't drawn up as they should be he can make something out of nothing...that spark can't be taught and for me would be enough to keep people in a job.
  10. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    He runs the ball sure...he also is completing 73% of his passes and has over 3000 yards on the season...no doubt the scheme helps but to say he can't pass is utterly false at this point...you don't start at QB at Bama & Oklahoma if you can't throw the ball...not only that but Hurts brings so much more in terms of mentality to the position which can't be overlooked.
  11. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    For anything other than a QB I would agree but everyone loses their jobs if a move isn't made to get a new QB this offseason and I would rather swing for the fences than get someone like Foles or Dalton.
  12. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    😂 okay then
  13. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    We need Hurts...this team badly needs a spark and some leadership at QB...I would happily give up our 2021 1st to make it happen...selling your future isn't an issue if it is for a quality QB.
  14. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    Both Whitehair and Daniels are being asked to do things that just don't fit their game...this OL is a zone blocking OL all day long.
  15. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    When Trubisky has time he shows why he was a such a high pick...just a shane he can't make anything happen if the set up isn't perfect.