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  1. And why can't they do research with Pace still in place?
  2. And have those franchises won every single year? No...but they stay consistent in their approach and everyone knows there job is safe until at least the offseason... Again no candidate is interviewing before the end of the season regardless of if you fire someone or not because you can't make an official approach until that clubs season is done...and again that doesn't stop ownership doing the leg work now to identify new candidates.
  3. So in other words you can't think of a well ran franchise who have sacked everyone midseason... The logic is that no quality candidate is coming here if he feels that at any point during the year he could be given the bullet...smart teams take there time and make changes after the season...there is nothing to stop the owners researching candidates even with Pace & Nagy still in place.
  4. Name one smart team who have fired a GM & coach midseason?
  5. Pretty much...the NFL is ever changing but a lot of the time that change is going back to what used to work...with offences having became track meets defences have became smaller and faster...how does an offence counter that change? Go back to trying to run them over which is exactly what the Titans are doing at their core...then they add in more exotic stuff off that base.
  6. Watching some of the TEN vs. IND game and I am even more convinced that Arthur Smith's offence would be excellent in Chicago...physical at every position and just able to wear down defences with that running game before using a ton of playaction...you use that style of offence in cold weather & on a bad field and you get such a home field advantage.
  7. And we want to follow the led of the Lions because?... That is a terrible franchise who makes the same mistakes over and over again...the best ran franchises in football are the most patient ones...see the Ravens or Steelers...let's copy the good ones...there is 100% time to look at Pace & Nagy...midseason is not it.
  8. Starting to scrape to bottom of the barrel here...Ireland went 46-50 in Miami as a GM...would far rather take a shot on someone from a winner.
  9. I don't see why he would be instantly ruled out.
  10. Guys like Toub and even Dan Campbell in NO would be interesting choices for me...purely depends of course on who they could bring with them.
  11. I'm not sure that is an option but if it wasn't I wouldn't be totally against in...Nagy is an alpha who can hold a room...you get him maybe a Joe Brady type from the college ranks and let them imprint there identity on the offence and you might have a chance.
  12. This is one of the things I feel we need to get away from...sure if you can get a great offensive mind who has the tools to be a great HC then fantastic...but if you have a great offensive mind who doesn't have all the HC tools like a Pete Carmichael then I would be all for going with a defensive minded guy who has HC tools.
  13. I would like to see Nick Caserio finally get his shot...he has been in NE for years so understands how to build a winner...there are clear links between the Pats & the Titans so we could hopefully pick up more talent around that pipeline... If we are going to go back to the defensive side of the ball I would love to get Ed Dodds out of Indy along with Matt Eberflus...find a way of getting Kellen Moore out of Dallas and we are in good shape.
  14. I'm in no way shape or form 100% sold that we let go of Nagy for a whole host of reasons...if we can't get Joe Brady who does seem to be the #1 candidate for every potential HC gig then I like the idea of Arthur Smith from Tennessee...Smith has proven he can make an offence work with less an elite talent at the QB position with Tannehill looking like a completely different player under Smith than he ever did in Miami...he has been in Tennessee since 2011 so is clearly very highly regarded surviving 4 Head Coaching changes during that time...I also like the fact he is working with Vrabel which opens him up to a whole heap of coaches from the NE pipeline which especially on the defensive side of the ball would come in very handy.
  15. Yeah he was a guy trying to do too much...just take the sack...but his overall play in that game was pretty impressive.
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