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  1. 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    Bit late to the "Adam vs. Adam" party but looking at Trautman no one can tell me he isn't significantly more fluid than Shaheen...doesn't have the same type of strength or mass but like I said seems much more fluid and natural catching passes...even against lower level competition from the 3 bits of tape I watch he did some good things.
  2. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I really like what Floyd can do to...just not at the price we are paying.
  3. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Problem is Burton will be on the roster next year one way or another and that eats a large part of an cap space...two guys like them on a decent chunk of change does not do anything for me.
  4. Around the NFL Thread

    I would agree with them...I don't feel Leno, Massie, Whitehair or Daniels are without talent but they are all far better suited to a zone scheme over a power one...get a talented RG and I think we see a big bounce back from the OL.
  5. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Pass...Ebron is Trey Burton 2.0...clearly talented guy who when things are going well is a good player but man oh man is he soft physically and mentally...dude won't play through pain or put the team first.
  6. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Harrison is the only one I would be interested in that high.
  7. The 2020 Draft Thread

    I would prefer an every down kind of guy but if it comes down to it a receiving TE has to be priority...Bryant has the size to at least improve as a blocker.
  8. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Moss would be a good consolation prize if Kmet, Hopkins and Bryant are gone.
  9. Bears hire John DeFlippo as QB Coach

    As I said in one of the other threads it's clear they like Ragone for design more than anything else...getting Flip in to work with Trubisky can only help...Lazor will have a bigger hand in the running game that I figured and Nagy will continue with the playcalling...I think having Nagy, Flip, Ragone & Lazor all there to try and get something from Trubisky will make or break him.
  10. Around the NFL Thread

    My favorite linebacker since Urlacher...dude was a beast and should be heading to the HoF.
  11. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    I red that no offence under Lazor was ever in the top 20 for rushing attempts or average per attempt so I hope he isn't overly involved in the rushing attack.
  12. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    Lazor is a OC in title only...Nagy will call all the plays...I reckon Ragone will take more to do with play design...Castillo will be in charge of the running game...Lazor is your new QB coach and nothing more.
  13. Around the NFL Thread

    Don't say this...we did after Farve and look where that got us 😂
  14. Around the NFL Thread

    Wanker is very different in the USA than here...they were even able to say wanker on the Fresh Prince of Bel-air back in the day hahaha... The problem I have always had with McDaniels is he seems like the kind of coach who would do something just to try and prove he knows better than anyone else...usually never works.
  15. Your #1 FA Target

    Realistically? Austin Blythe... Hunter Henry though for even 14 games a year would make offence so much better.