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  1. The 2020 Bears Offseason Tracker

    Moves that had to be made...glad it's Gabriel & not Patterson at this point although if we draft a speed WR in the 2nd I would expect Patterson to be cut if we still need cap space... Prince was always solid but I suspect we try and find a really athletic and quick CB to try and find someone a little different to Fuller on the other side.
  2. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    I really like Hamler...I just worry about Mitch's ability to get the best out of him after what we have seen with Gabriel...totally off topic but has anyone else noticed that for a 5-9" WR Hamler seems to have really long arms...like really long šŸ˜‚
  3. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    The offence we need to steal from is not the Chiefs but the Ravens...get this dude a couple of TEs so he can attack the middle of the field and then open up the deep ball.
  4. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Matt Moore baby!!! šŸ˜‚
  5. Pre-Combine Mock 2020

    Resignā€¦ TEā€¦J.P Holtz OTā€¦Rashaad Coward OLā€¦Ted Larsen NTā€¦Nick Williams DEā€¦Roy Robertson-Harris ILBā€¦Kevin Pierre-Louis OLBā€¦Aaron Lynch SSā€¦Deon Bush FSā€¦Deandre Houston-Carson LSā€¦Patrick Scales Holtz played well for us and I could see him as a #3 TE who could also play the H-Back roleā€¦Coward still has potential and is a good backupā€¦Larsen isnā€™t a great player IMO but at least he offers versatility and a cheap backup insideā€¦Williams is a really good nickle rusher who should have a decent market but we badly need to keep him as a we lack pass rush as it isā€¦RRH is still a quality rotational guy who again is key to keep or we simply open another hole upfrontā€¦KPL has shown up with on special teams and seems solid as a nickel LBā€¦Lynch is a solid OLB who brings some versatilityā€¦I would like to see him with his hand on the ground more in nickelā€¦Bush is a solid player who with the cost cutting that will need to be done can come back and compete for the starting SS jobā€¦DHC is a solid backup and special teamerā€¦Scales has always been solid. Releaseā€¦ QBā€¦Chase Daniel TEā€¦Bradley Sowell OTā€¦Cornelius Lucas OLā€¦T.J Clemmings DEā€¦Brent Urban ILBā€¦Danny Trevathan ILBā€¦Nick Kwiatkoski OLBā€¦Isaiah Irving CBā€¦Sherrick McManis SSā€¦Haha Clinton-Dix Daniel is just making too much money and for a guy who should be helping Trubisky more doesnā€™t seem worth itā€¦bringing in another experienced back up would make more senseā€¦Sowell couldnā€™t even stay on the roster this year let alone nextā€¦Lucas played well when called upon and more than likely we are outpriced for himā€¦Clemmings is uselessā€¦Urban was okay but we could get younger and betterā€¦We have been going back and forward over who to keep with Danny T and Nick-K but truthfully both have pluses an negativesā€¦letā€™s try and find someone who can do both their best bitsā€¦someone will sign Nick-K as a starter which might get us a conditional pick...Irving is just a guyā€¦McManis has been passed up by Buster and Shellyā€¦I suspect Haha will be looking for a payday that we canā€™t afford unless he desperately wants to play next too Eddie. Cutsā€¦ WRā€¦Taylor Gabrielā€¦save $4.5 millionā€¦$2.0 million dead TEā€¦Adam Shaheenā€¦save $1.3 millionā€¦$0.6 million dead CBā€¦Prince Amukamaraā€¦save $8 millionā€¦$1 million dead Gabriel has fallen off as the season went on and truthfully a 5-8ā€ WR is not the guy we need for Trubiskyā€¦Amukamara has been good again this season but $9 million is just too muchā€¦time to get younger and cheaperā€¦time to pull the plug on Shaheen as well. Free Agencyā€¦ QBā€¦Matt Mooreā€¦Chiefsā€¦ Chase Daniels was brough here to be a clipboard holder and to be able to help develop Mitch Trubiskā€¦we just havenā€™t seen much of that development and for $5 million a season I canā€™t see why we would reup himā€¦Moore is a guy I have liked for a long time and he has hung around the league because of his moxyā€¦coming from KC high off the success of a superbowl and having worked with some excellent QB guys he would seem the perfect backup at a cheaper price. IOLā€¦Stefan Wisniewskiā€¦Chiefsā€¦ One of my favourite all time prospects and players Wisniewski is still a versatile and quality interior optionā€¦I have faith Wisniewski would present an upgrade to what we rolled out with this season at RG but if we can add him as a depth piece than we are set inside for the next couple of seasons. DLā€¦Vernon Butlerā€¦Panthersā€¦ You can never have enough huge young physically talented DLs on your teamā€¦Butler has been a disappointment for the Panthers in their 4-3 scheme but that always felt like a miscast for meā€¦Butler is a big space eater who has the ability to hold up against double teams and let the LBs behind him runā€¦hopefully with the physical talents he also has a guy like Hicks can take him under his wing and show him how to disrupted the pocket as wellā€¦I see Pagano wanting to get bigger inside & Butler needing a change of sceneryā€¦who wouldnā€™t want to play on this D? ILBā€¦Patrick Onwuasorā€¦Ravensā€¦ There has been a lot of talk this offseason about who we should keep between Danny-T and Nick-Kā€¦Danny is a quality leader and better against the pass but has a big time injury historyā€¦Nick-K is young and a thumper inside but is limited in coverage which is a huge part of todayā€™s gameā€¦so why not spend the money on a guy who brings the strength of bothā€¦Onwuasor is an elite athlete who covers a ton of ground in coverage but he is also an aggressive run defender who brings real intensity to his gameā€¦Onwuasor and Roquan would be an insanely athletic pairing inside who if we use the DL to keep people off them would be tackling machines. CBā€¦P.J Williamsā€¦Saintsā€¦ With cutting Amukamara we are going to have to find a replacement at CB as I donā€™t feel Toliver is ready to just be handed the jobā€¦no doubt we draft a rookie but having another young CB on the roster with experience starting both inside and out makes a ton of senseā€¦Williams is a quality athlete who has probably been asked to play a little too much on an island in NOā€¦here he would have a safety like Jackson playing over the top of him and a better pass rush so I think he could make it workā€¦Toliver, Williams, Roberson & a rookie competing for the #2 CB role would be an excellent battle. Sā€¦Curtis Rileyā€¦Raidersā€¦ With Haha moving on for a bigger pay day we are going to have to look at the bargain basement safety options to compete with Bush for the starting SS jobā€¦Riley is an interesting case of a guy who had a down year in 2019 starting just 3 games for the Raidersā€¦go back a year to his time in New York and itā€™s a different storyā€¦with the Giants in 2018 Riley had 75 tackles with 5 PBUs and 4 INTsā€¦at just 27 years old he could be worth a flyer especially with Deshea Townsend here as a DB coachā€¦I really like Juston Burris as SS as well. Draftā€¦ Round 2ā€¦ Cā€¦Lloyd Cushenberry IIIā€¦6-3ā€ 315lbsā€¦LSUā€¦ The offensive line suffered massively last season from being asked to do something they simply werenā€™t suited to doā€¦Leno, Daniels, Whitehair & Massie are all better suited to a zone scheme and with Castillo here we will see far more of that this seasonā€¦another thing the line suffered from was trying to force Daniels into being a centre then having to revert back to LG and putting Whitehair back in thereā€¦both guys had offseason distractions with Daniels studying for his degree and Whitehair becoming a father for the first time but truthfully both are better suited to LG & RG respectivelyā€¦drafting a true centre like Cushenberry III makes a ton of sense as Castillo has always valued quality at that positionā€¦look at Kelce in Phillyā€¦Cushenberry III has the size, strength and athletic ability to be a real impact in this schemeā€¦his length is a massive asset when it comes to reach blocking and pass pro where he has shown he can handle one on ones as well as double teams. Bears trade second 2d round pick for late 2nd & 3rd round pick. Round 2ā€¦ CBā€¦Jeff Gladneyā€¦6-0ā€ 190lbsā€¦TCUā€¦ I really like the signing of Roberson and feel he could be real depth at outside CB if not compete for the #2 CBā€¦I also suspect we will bring in a cheaper veteran CB to compete for Amukamaraā€™s spot however I think we need a draft pick to really lock in the competitionā€¦Gladney is raising quickly because of how quick and fluid he is when mirror receivers his ability to break quickly on routes make him dangerous when it comes to defending slantsā€¦his recovery speed is also impressive on deeper routes even when he is beat deep and his length is good enough to come underneath roundsā€¦he isnā€™s elite against the run but it isnā€™t a massive weakness either as a solid tackler who will play the runā€¦Gladney, Roberson & a veteran such as Williams would give us a great battle and excellent depth on the outsideā€¦thatā€™s even before you throw in Toliverā€¦in a pass first NFL that is exactly what you need on the outside. Round 3ā€¦ TEā€¦Adam Trautmanā€¦6-5ā€ 250lbsā€¦Daytonā€¦ Time to start helping out Trubiskyā€¦some will say round 3 is too late for this but truthfully I think the TE class is going to really start playing out from mid 2nd to the bottom of the 3rdā€¦I have 4 TEs off the board before this spot and think this is where need meets talent levelā€¦some may compare Trautman to Shaheen given the level of competition they are coming from but truthfully these guys are completely different on filmā€¦Trautman has much more fluidity and natural hands which is where Shaheen has struggledā€¦Trautman has also shown the ability to line up at multiple spots all over the offence which is exactly what we need from a TEā€¦I really think this guy has the skills to solve the ā€œFā€ TE spot. Round 4 (comp pick)ā€¦ WRā€¦Antonio Gandy-Goldenā€¦6-3ā€ 223lbsā€¦Libertyā€¦ More help for Trubisky this time on the outsideā€¦I think everyone would love a true burner on the outside but there arenā€™t many of those guys in this draft and they will be at a higher premium than late 4thā€¦I also think we need to understand that Trubisky just canā€™t be trusted to his smaller targetsā€¦AGG reminds me a ton of Kenny Golladay as a tall and long guy who is also a deep threatā€¦his ability after the catch is excellent and putting him on the outside across from Robinson would create far more balance than we seen last season and allows Miller to focus on the slot which is probably his best position in the pros. Round 5 (via OAK)ā€¦ TEā€¦Stephen Sullivanā€¦6-5ā€ 245lbsā€¦LSUā€¦ Time to double dip at the TE spot and steal a little from Baltimoreā€¦how do you help a QB who isnā€™t the most accurate? You get him quality TEs with size and lengthā€¦Sullivan was underutilised at LSU for much of his time there in the passing attack but when he was running routes you can see he has the athletic ability to attach the middle of the fieldā€¦his hands look solid enough and he has the size to be a match up issue for both LBs & Ssā€¦where Sullican really excels though is his blockingā€¦he is not the heaviest guy but his length, strength and hand usage really stand outā€¦him inline and Trautman in the slot gives two big versatile TEs that make is so much easier on Trubisky. Round 5 (Via Philly)ā€¦ OLBā€¦Alex Highsmithā€¦6-3ā€ 245lbsā€¦Charlotteā€¦ More front seven depth and competition at the OLB spotā€¦Highsmith had excellent productivity this season with 14 sacks & 21.5 TFLā€¦those are eye popping numbers on a team with limited defensive talent where every offensive coordinator knows where the danger is coming from and to game plan itā€¦I think we have to be looking for a Mark Anderson type of situational guy who is a pure pass rusher if we are going to keep Floyd as a more versatile OLB. Round 6ā€¦ RBā€¦Elijah Mitchellā€¦5-10" 218lbsā€¦La.-Lafayetteā€¦ Nagy has a type at RBā€¦5-10ish 220lbsish bowling balls with quick feet, good vision and handsā€¦enter Mitchell who is exactly thatā€¦with size & power the knock on him will be he wonā€™t blow anyone away with long speed but he is a very similar runner to Montgomery and the blocking schemes could remain the exact same no matter which on is in the backfieldā€¦coming of a highly productive season with 1147 yards at 5.8 YPC and 16 TDs there are some skills thereā€¦look back to 2018 and he also had 20 receptions for an average of 17.5 yards per catch so he is productive in that area too. Round 7ā€¦ OTā€¦Cameron Clarkā€¦6-5ā€ 295lbsā€¦Charlotteā€¦ I was a huge fan of Nate Davis in last years draft and he has went on to be a quality blocker for Derrick Henryā€¦Charlotte have another good one on their hands who is flying under the radar in Clarkā€¦a 2 time captain who was the offensive MVP back in 2017 he has a ton of starting experience at LT in a zone blocking scheme and graded out as C-USAā€™s best overall blocker in 2019ā€¦teams will probably be put off by his lightness but in an NFL strength programme guys have shown they can add good weight and strengthā€¦Clark would hopefully follow a Leno path as a 7th round pick who after a few years blossoms into a starter with the right kind of coaching and commitmentā€¦I also think both he and Highsmith have probably really helped each other along the way. Round 7ā€¦ Kā€¦Dominik Eberleā€¦6-2ā€ 190lbsā€¦Utah Stateā€¦ Iā€™m still not fully convinced that Eddy is the guy so competition is keyā€¦Eberle has a really good track record when it comes to accuracy and while he doesnā€™t have a cannon for a leg itā€™s the mental make up that interest meā€¦dude appears to be very laid back in his approach and that type of mentality usually means a kicker wonā€™t buckle under pressure. Depth Chartā€¦ QBā€¦Mitch Trubiskyā€¦Matt More RBā€¦David Montgomeryā€¦Elijah Mitchellā€¦Tarik Cohen FBā€¦Ben Braunecker WRā€¦Allen Robinsonā€¦Javon Wims WRā€¦Antonio Gandy-Goldenā€¦Riley Reid Weaponā€¦Cordarrelle Pattersonā€¦Anthony Miller TEā€¦Adam Trautman...Stephen Sullivanā€¦Jesper Horstedā€¦JP Holtzā€¦(Burton IR) LTā€¦Charles Lenoā€¦Cameron Clark LGā€¦James Daniels Cā€¦Lloyd Cushenberry IIIā€¦Ted Larsen RGā€¦Cody Whitehairā€¦Stefen Wisniewski RTā€¦Bobby Massieā€¦Rashaad Coward LEā€¦Akiem Hicksā€¦Roy Robertson-Harris NTā€¦Eddie Goldmanā€¦Nick Williams REā€¦Bilal Nicholsā€¦Vernon Butler LOLBā€¦Khalil Mackā€¦Alex Highsmith ILBā€¦Roquan Smithā€¦Kevin-Pierre Louis ILBā€¦Patrick Onwuasorā€¦Joel Iyiegbuniwe ROLBā€¦Leonard Floydā€¦Aaron Lynch NBā€¦Buster Skrineā€¦Duke Shelley CBā€¦Kyle Fullerā€¦Tre Roberson CBā€¦Jeff Gladneyā€¦P.J Williamsā€¦Kevin Toliver SSā€¦Deon Bushā€¦Curtis Riley FSā€¦Eddie Jacksonā€¦Deandre Houston-Carson Pā€¦Pat Oā€™Donnell Kā€¦ Eddy PiƱeiro/Dominik Eberle LSā€¦Patrick Scales
  6. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    I feel Gruden has his guys...Mack is a very special player who became available.
  7. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    I agree that I don't think this franchise has given up on Mitch...I think the only reason we move on to a new QB is if we can get a clear cut #1 QB who is a real franchise guy...it's the reason I have no interest in spending a chunk of cap space on a Dalton or Mariota...I have always been pretty high on Carr and do see him as a franchise QB...for the right deal I pull the trigger.
  8. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    I haven't completely jumped off the Mitch train just yet but I can't see why Carr and us aren't the perfect match...he is a clearly talented QB who would fit really well in our version of the RPO...he is still only 28 years old as well so you could get 8-10 years out of him...that is worth significant investment if they don't believe in Mitch.
  9. XFL thoughts

    I think there "PATs" are pretty good and would make for coaches getting to use more trick plays down at the goal line when there aren't so many points on the line... I also agree that having all the skill guys hearing the calls is an excellent idea.
  10. Pre-Combine Mock 2020

    Moore cost you $3 million a season...Dalton costs you $13 million...that is the difference...you get Dalton you miss out on two or maybe even three others that help you overall.
  11. Pre-Combine Mock 2020

    I would trust Moore more than Daniel that's for sure.
  12. Pre-Combine Mock 2020

    I am struggling to see the mid tier TE who makes any kind of impact...that's why I double dipped in the draft... Blythe would be an excellent pick up at RG but money wise he would probably cost too much.
  13. Pre-Combine Mock 2020

    I think Onwuasor would be a pretty big get in FA...he is a player who is no doubt on the raise...the rest of FA would be competition guys but I would think we hold money back for extensions of our own guys because for as disappointing as last season was there is talent on this squad.
  14. Pre-Combine Mock 2020

    I don't think we have the draft capital or the FA budget to get true competition at the QB spot so would much rather try and surround Trubisky with weapons and protection...he will then either sink or swim.
  15. Would you pull Floyd's option?

    How many years can we keep saying that?... Plus to don't you think an extra $13 million in cap space would help to fix that offence?
  16. Would you pull Floyd's option?

    I'm putting together a mock right now...can anyone give me a valid reason to keep Floyd around at $13.2 million for the upcoming season? Because I am struggling mightily to see why on earth we would instead of just drafting a guy in the 2nd.
  17. Letā€™s Play A Game...

    No one said you did man
  18. Rumor: Pace looking to trade to grab the 1st pick?

    For that jump your probably looking at both our 2nds this year, 1st & 2nd next year, Trubisky & say Roquan Smith... I love Burrows but no way am I giving up all of that.
  19. Letā€™s Play A Game...

    Yeah I already had my OL set by the 4th then seen this and was like sure I'll take a 2nd rounder in the 7th šŸ˜‚
  20. Letā€™s Play A Game...

    1 QB Joe Burrow DE Chase Young OT Jedrick Wills Jr DT Derrick Brown 2 DE Yetur Gross-Matos OT Austin Jackson S Grant Delpit C Tyler Biadasz 3 WR Chase Claypool CB A.J Green DT Raekwon Davis OG Robert Hunt 4 TE Harrison Bryant ILB Evan Weaver OLB David Woodward OLB Tony Dye 5 WR Antonio Gandy-Golden RB Patrick Taylor Jr QB Anthony Gordon CB Michael Ojemudia 6 S Jeremy Chinn RB JaMycal Hasty TE Jacob Breeland S Shyheim Carter 7 OG Shane Lemieux OT Terence Steele DE Alex Highsmith DT Bravvion Roy Depth... QB Joe Burrow Anthony Gordon RB Patrick Taylor Jr JaMycal Hasty WR Chase Claypool WR Antonio Gandy-Golden TE Harrison Bryant TE Jacob Breeland LT Austin Jackson Terence Steele LG Shane Lemieux C Tyler Biadasz RG Robert Hunt RT Jedrick Wills Jr LE Yetur Gross-Matos Alex Highsmith DT Derrick Brown DT Raekwon Davis Bravvion Roy RE Chase Young OLB David Woodword MLB Evan Weaver OLB Tony Dye CB Michael Ojemudia CB A.J Green SS Jeremy Chinn Shyheim Carter FS Grant Delpit
  21. 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    Bit late to the "Adam vs. Adam" party but looking at Trautman no one can tell me he isn't significantly more fluid than Shaheen...doesn't have the same type of strength or mass but like I said seems much more fluid and natural catching passes...even against lower level competition from the 3 bits of tape I watch he did some good things.
  22. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I really like what Floyd can do to...just not at the price we are paying.
  23. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Problem is Burton will be on the roster next year one way or another and that eats a large part of an cap space...two guys like them on a decent chunk of change does not do anything for me.
  24. Around the NFL Thread

    I would agree with them...I don't feel Leno, Massie, Whitehair or Daniels are without talent but they are all far better suited to a zone scheme over a power one...get a talented RG and I think we see a big bounce back from the OL.
  25. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Pass...Ebron is Trey Burton 2.0...clearly talented guy who when things are going well is a good player but man oh man is he soft physically and mentally...dude won't play through pain or put the team first.