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  1. I can't link it, but per Chris Tomasson, Minnesota asked for Drew Lock in the trade also, but the Broncos wouldn't budge.
  2. Not sure what the point of this is. Maybe they are opening up a spot for Patrick Jones, or perhaps another trade is looming.
  3. Osborn has really turned the corner for us. He is extremely reliable and is a certified WR 3 for us. I didn't think that he would ever be any good, let alone this good this quickly. What a great pick by Rick
  4. Vilma says, "If it isn't a touchdown, then fire me." I REALLY hope its not a touchdown
  5. It definitely was, but it doesn't matter because Osborn is a beast!
  6. The Panthers have 5 catches and somehow we are in over time
  7. Here comes a Dalvin fumble where he acts hurt afterwards
  8. That is a lot to ask of a team who has two 2nd half touchdowns all year
  9. I wouldn't care at all. I really wouldn't. However, I wouldn't want that Voodoo on him because it will ruin his HOF career
  10. Win or lose, Zimmer needs to go after this game
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