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  1. If he gets reinstated, I’d be curious as to what kind of shape he is in and how are his skills? He is gonna be rusty as hell!!
  2. DT Irving suspended first 4 games (again)

    The problem with not cutting him, what message does this send to the team? He is not a team player for sure. Multiple suspensions. Holds outs of offseason work even though he signed his tender. He is one failed test away from his next suspension (regardless of PED’s or illicits) and that will be a 10 gamer. No team will sign him to a long term deal under those conditions. Our comp pick for him will be a measly 7 rounder.
  3. Can we just get rid of this kid already???? thanks god we haven’t payed him the big money https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2018/06/15/breaking-cowboys-dl-david-irving-suspended-four-games-2018-season
  4. DT Collins breaks foot

    Todd Archer reporting that this is his second left foot surgery in last 5 months. can we now say hello DT Terrell McClain, welcome back!
  5. Free Agency 2.0 UDFA time!

    Ok, what UDFA’s you want to bring in?? And any UDFA signings I’ll add them to OP UDFA’s Signed:
  6. Switzer traded to Oakland for DT Jihad Ward

    I still think the heard gets thinned later down the road.
  7. We still need a DT and Safety.
  8. Round 6 # 208 Cedrick Wilson WR

    Well, let the WR competition begin!!! Gonna say this, I’m really starting to think that TWill and Bease are gonna be trade bait come TC time.
  9. Wow, another WR??? We are stocking up on receivers!! Somebody is being pushed off this squad. I think Twill and Bease will be TC trade fodder!!
  10. So long as our UDFA QB coach can continue the development. Still not a fan of Kellen Moore as a QB coach
  11. Ummmm a QB?? Really 5th round pick 171 Western Kentucky QB Mike White