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  1. What a gutsy call John Harbaugh!!!
  2. That was a horrible decision by Mahoney there
  3. Honey Badger with a Pick 6 on opening drive
  4. IDk but he is atrocious! IDK why they brought him back this year smfh
  5. What an upset, Titans take down the Seahawks in OT
  6. I’m adding a Jock Strap that I forgot, Anthony “complete garbage” Brown!!!!
  7. I have multiple Game Balls 1 - Micah Parsons just wow. Thrust into starting DE spot and was incredible. Proved me wrong there 2 - Pollard definitely needs more touches than Zeke. He was by far the better back tonight 3 - Steele practically shut down Bosa for the entire game. Great game from the 2nd year player and should be a huge confidence booster 4 - Gregg the Leg I have 0 faith in you a d that was a clutch 56 yard kick Jock Straps 1 - Zebras just plain suck!!! 2 - Yeah I don’t have much of anything else lol
  8. Micah Paraons and Gregg the Leg with the Games Balls for me!!
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