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  1. What disgusts me is Brady has played in more Super Bowls than we have played in actual playoff games since he was drafted in 2000. sad state of affairs this team we love is!
  2. I am so ready for Brady to retire!! 10th freaking Super Bowl appearance WTF
  3. You can be the best chef in the world, but if your eggs are rotten, your meal is gonna turn out 🤢
  4. There are a lot of teams that are going to be looking at QB’s this offseason. Think I pegged 11-12 teams total who could make a run for a QB.
  5. https://bearswire.usatoday.com/2021/01/18/chicago-bears-request-to-speak-dallas-cowboys-defensive-assistant-george-edwards-defensive-coordinator-job/amp/ didnt see this posted yet
  6. Yeah that’s a ****ty thread! Glad you called them out for it! Sounds a lot like some of my friends on FB calling him a turncoat or gutless for not standing up for certain political views. Get over it 🙄
  7. On the site? Which room? So we can bombard it 🤣
  8. It’s a guesstimate of total contract money doled out over the last 2 years on the offensive side.
  9. I hate Brady with a passion! let’s GEAUX Brees!!!!
  10. That I know. But he would be the only one we could get several picks for though.
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