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  1. I really thought Miami would have landed him. Apparently Saints wanted to talk to him too. think this leads me to KM being the front runner for Miami now?
  2. Hearing reports he’s been assured of returning for 2022. I will update title, cause I’m sure he’s on a very short leash.
  3. As in former Safety Adrian Wilson?? interesting
  4. Listening to Payton’s press conference, he’s going to take some time off. But is not giving up on football. Maybe next year, or thereafter he said
  5. yup! I was hoping to get off work and see the headlines
  6. Man what is I like to have a QB and support players who can pull those types of drives in big games. My jaw is on the floor in awe. What a freaking game!!
  7. Wow!! What a final 2 minutes of this game
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