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  1. Not only sucking at Free Agency, but also the over valuing of our own players who are in contract Windows.
  2. https://twitter.com/fishsports/status/1383448002015096841?s=21 looks like we can take Hurst off the market
  3. How time flies!! We have had a lot of good members come and go for sure! It’s truly amazing how long some of us have been here. Either Nov or Dec 2005 for me can’t quite remember. Wish the old “Member Since” would have carried over from the old site page to this one.
  4. I was literally just thinking this. activate the smoke screen machine!
  5. Houston should have traded for whatever they could have gotten. Their headache is about to be much bigger!!
  6. What was the vote tallies on that?
  7. Poe was worst, couldn’t stop a damn thing
  8. I saw a piece on him yesterday saying he missed 10% of his tackles in 2020. But I’ll still take that over the missed tackles by Smith and LVE
  9. Definitely not going Safety in the first, but we DO need a starting CB opposite of Diggs. So yes, a DB could very well be the first pick we make.
  10. God this would be right up there with the Matt Jones selection by Jaguars in 2005 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Sometimes I really wished Jerry and Steven would make some draft capital trades like these today! Really makes the Offseason and the Draft that much more exciting.
  12. love it, and it’s about dang time we addressed the back ends! Now if they could, please turn our attention to upgrading DT!!! I’m seeing many mocks where we ignore DT (again 🙄)
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