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  1. Most watched since 1990 and the Officiating was like that?? That probably turned some viewers back off
  2. IMO Current offseason needs: LT, LG, Kicker, CB x 2, MLB,
  3. It’s called, this is what they have served to us year in year out. They give us Hope, then they crush us!! until this team breaks the cycle, I’m done getting my hopes up
  4. While that is true, you took a positive play off the board for a negative play. I’m a firm believe you don’t take points off the board
  5. Hopefully this Mini Bye we fix some issues! but I’m still fuming over McCarthy literally taking points off the board that would have been the winning point and these Refs having so much influence over the outcome of a game. It’s disgusting
  6. A Brown has probably 3/4 of those yards!!! His *** needs benched badly!!
  7. Just think, 1 extra point off the board thanks to McCarthy taking the penalty and this game would have been a win and not a loss in OT smfh!!!
  8. Can’t stress this hard enough WE NEED A FREAKING TOUCHDOWN!!!!
  9. And now, Dak needs to engineer his best drive of the season without CeeDee and Cooper
  10. Jocks: McCarthy, K Moore, injuries, COViD, and who ever decision it was to rotate Olineman every series in the first half Biggest smelliest dirty Diapers: REFS!!!! Anthony Brown!!! Game Balls only to Pollard and Parsons.
  11. Last 2 weeks, I’m sick of seeing screens. We haven’t been a good screen team in forever. And he’s been using a bunch of them to no success
  12. Oh look another 3rd down we probably not gonna get off the field
  13. Piss poor coaching! Taking points off the board, literally
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