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  1. 1st and Goal at the 3 and we cant even punch it in smfh not a single freaking point
  2. We just gonna give his game away. We had all the early games go our way and we just gonna say eff it and choke as usual
  3. So what half time adjustments is Linehan and Garrett going to make to get us into the end zone more?????? Ill be waiting
  4. That tells me that the Defense is doing there part but the Offense is anemic
  5. Thank god for Dan the man! But not finding the end zone is killing us!
  6. Dez is such a primadonna I can’t stand it. All the bitching on the side line then goes and fumbles it. My first DF of the game!
  7. textaz03


    Phase 2 now complete, Cincinnati just beat Detroit. Now we just need tontake take care of business against Seattle and this will be a good weekend
  8. textaz03


    Phase 1 complete or making it to playoffs. Atlanta lost to NOLA
  9. Not good for his long term health and his future sustainability for seasons to come. Each concussion he gets will be worse and worse. This will affect his contract negotiations and may also aid us to go and get a big 1-Tech ?
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