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  1. Just pin Parsons ears back and let him go to town!! He's our only shot at getting any real consistent pressure. If Osa and Hill can get some sort of push up the middle, I would be extremely satisfied.
  2. Don’t remind me 🤬🤬🤬 bigger drop off in production than anticipated with the hiring of Sark. the inability find a good QB has killed this team for years. But the bigger issue has been the defense. We haven’t had a quality defense for, god, I don’t know how long!
  3. Good gawd, the Falcons are trash!! 3 points through 2 games
  4. Yet all the talk has been Kyler Murray and Rodgers and Josh Allen
  5. Without RG ummm Quin is going to have to work some serious magic this week
  6. I saw that we opened up as 2.5 point underdogs this week
  7. Henry Ruggs is a bigger POS than I thought. in a court filing today, him and his lawyers are blaming the Fire Department for their slow response in the death of the driver. what a complete scumbag!!!
  8. This should quiet the Dak for MVP or OPY talk! Complete and udder garbage!
  9. We got ourselves a championship caliber team right here 🙄 1 and done playoff bound as usual
  10. That’s it!! Time to string Matt’s up!! He has failed us
  11. T-Rex has been officially listed as OUT for this weeks game
  12. Ok I’m caught up now lol. Poor D82 gonna have so many notifications 🤣🤣
  13. Moore and Deion Sanders are top candidates apparently
  14. Throw the book at his ***!!! 156mph ??????
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