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  1. Evens up the MVP race too since Dak missed a week.
  2. Except this back up RB. Pollard is far more essential to this Offense than Cox is to the Defense
  3. 2 2nd day picks so either 2 2nds, 2 3rds, or a 2nd and a 3rd
  4. Henry has a broken foot and will miss a few weeks
  5. Von Miller headed to LA Rams, joining that defense
  6. Im trying to remember what Plan called Zimmer, something idiot
  7. I would definitely like to see some sort of a move, deadline is tomorrow I believe.
  8. Dak is such a difference maker on this team, there is no denying it. With him, we probably have a 2 score lead right now
  9. He was clearly tugging that shirt. They will call that shirt pull every single time
  10. TCU and Head Coach Gary Patterson have agreed to mutually part ways effective immediately. Coach Patterson has been the HC since 2000, prior to that he was TCU DC / safeties coach from 98-00
  11. Odds of us winning now just flipped, here comes 5-2 And ending our 5 game win streak as I have 0 faith in Cooper Rush
  12. Dak is inactive!!!! guess that calf is worse than we thought
  13. Eagles picking up a 6th round pick for this trade according to local news here
  14. I think so too. But Im also not sold on Jimmy G.
  15. Its still a double standard here with Comrade Goddell. This guy has 22 civil complaints on him and the NFL league offices hasnt done squat against him. Its the Texans themselves who are holding him inactive weekly.
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