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  1. What ever, he did serve what, a 4 game suspension for nothing
  2. True dat, but Zeke was never charged, and he didn’t have civil complaints against him and he was placed on the Commissioners Exempt list pending investigation from the league. I fully expect Goddell to do the very exact thing if he is traded because Miami or whoever trades for him has no obligation to keep him off the field. That being said, I fully expect who ever trades for him to insert a clause into the trade paperwork recouping picks if he is suspended or gets legal action taken against him that keeps him off the field.
  3. What pisses me off, the NFL has their own ride share program for players who have been drinking. Just plain stupid to drink and drive!
  4. If Dak gets to the Championship game or 🙏🏻 The Super Bowl 🙏🏻 Then yes, he surpasses Romo no doubt!
  5. In years past, I was always worried about the Bye week beating us! This year, I think we kick its ARSE!!!
  6. Still boasts something like a 28 passer rating to opposing QB’s who target him
  7. I’m Giving Dak the under (5100) CeeDee the Over (1500) Cooper the over (1200) Schultz the under (850) Zeke the under (1200) Pollard the under (925)
  8. Yoooo good to see ya Shadow!! it’s not a bad idea at all. Connor Williams is not bad there, on a lot of teams he would be their best guard. But his constant penalties are killing us! I’d like to see more McGovern there too and maybe roll with that. All in all, this is a good problem to have. Means we have some very solid depth on the Oline
  9. Nope, did not hear that. If true, what a turd!!
  10. It’s a pleasant surprise to actually have some down roster depth who is actually contributing weekly to these wins!!
  11. FYI, with Diggs 7 picks on the season, he is halfway to the NFL Single Season Interception Record of 14, held by **** “Night Train” Lane set in 1952. nobody has had more than 10 picks up to 1982 when Cowboys CB Everson Walls had 11.
  12. Jocks go out to Refs and Connor Williams!! Gameballs go out to Diggs and Lamb and Dak!
  13. And the streak continues!!! DIGGS FOR MVP!!
  14. We should be blowing the Pats out of the water right now, 3 missed TD opportunities is killing us!
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