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  1. Wow, Bills came back and taking it to OT!
  2. With 4 weeks remaining, he can easily beat Javon Kearse 1999 Rookie sack record. He is now only 2.5 sacks behind that record. Kearse did this in 16 game season and only 2 rookies have come close to challenging the record, Dwight Freeney in 2002 with 13 and Aldon Smith in 2011 with 14 sacks just .5 from tying the record. incredible
  3. Not including today’s game, 2-3 win loss record 129 of 200 completions for 64% completion percentage 1,357 yards with 271 passing yard average (only 1 game above 300 yards passing) 7 TD’s 4 INT’s 9 sacks Yeah, it’s not very good for sure. Very pedestrian if you ask me. Today’s stat lines was right on par with last 5 weeks stat lines
  4. GB’s: Parsons and Gregory only 2 I’m giving will give an Honorable Mention to Dan Quinn, brought pressure all game Jocks’s: Dak and entire Oline good lord they need to get their act together!! will give an honorable mention to MM and Wonder Boy. MM for making a guarantee and almost blowing it along with NOT resting Zeke. Wonder Kid for not getting this run game back into shape and going ultra conservative in the second half.
  5. Another 2 sacks, strip fumble added to his record pace season!
  6. I had to watch the game on my phone while at work, so couldn’t post. Good lord this offense is putrid right now. Idk what is going on with Dak, but his passes are off. And this Oline needs to get there **** together! 4 sacks from a garbage DLine and only 122 total rushing yards. Zeke is clearly injured. 3.8 yards per rush, for only 45 yards. Why will our coaching staff not sit Zeke for a game or 2 to fully heal up. And Wonder Boy is fading fast on me. The entire second half we go ultra conservative to protect a 27 point lead by bleeding the clock and almost blow it. WTF
  7. somebody gonna be looking for a new job on Monday 🤣🤣🤣
  8. a good game for our Oline to work out what ever kinks are there. One would think this should be a dominating performance by this Oline today
  9. https://kdvr.com/sports/denver-broncos/demaryius-thomas-dead-at-33/amp/ Such a shame. Died from injuries sustained in vehicle accident. RIP
  10. We finally start to get healthy, then BAM!! Injury gods say not today!!!!
  11. I hate when players and coaches guarantee wins 🤬🤬🤬🤬
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