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  1. We got absolutely zero help today. Guess we just have to take care of our own business. Cooper should be a little more ready, Zeke’s knee bruise should be mostly healed, RG should be back. Now if the dang Oline could get it’s **** together, that would be nice
  2. Freaking Georgia gonna lose the SEC Championship to freaking Bama 🙄
  3. That last 4 plays of OSU brutal!! 4th and goal from the half yard and miss the pilon by mere inches
  4. He who shall not be named is my least favorite pick, followed by Barbie Carpenter
  5. Absolutely incredible for a rookie that most here looked down on when drafted
  6. This has to be LVE last season with us. We could use 2 LBers in this offseason for sure.
  7. 24 snaps for Coop 62 snaps for CeeDee 64 snaps for Gallup Coop was definitely affected by his lungs I would guess and was probably set out as a decoy
  8. Pick number 9!!! Can we have the DPOY and DROY on the same defense? Sure as hell looks like it!!
  9. Another sack and another big game for Parsons. DROY is definitely in the books
  10. If anyone find out Coopers snap count, let me know. Doesn’t seem like I saw him out there much. I’m sure his lungs are still recovering posy covid
  11. I only have 1 Defense Jersey (Ware), Parsons will be my next
  12. 12:30 am tonight on NFL Network bro. Set your recorder
  13. And now we finally get the mini bye!! Let’s rest up and go quarantine guys!!
  14. Defense is getting torch for some massive yards of late, they need to figure that out. 900 yards of offense allowed in the last 2 games. 😲😲
  15. Gameballs: HC Dan Quinn, Parsons, Diggs, Watkins and Lawrence Jocks: Run Blocking, Zekes Knee, Run Blocking and COVID
  16. And that’s why you have to play a full 60 min 🤬🤬🤬
  17. Piss poor tackling and angles 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  18. Let’s get a TD damn it!! Need to put this game away now!!
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