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  1. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    1) In 2016, guess how many teams the Bucs faced that picked in the top 10 of the draft of the following year? *drums roll* Six (hint two were in our division) So yes, I cannot imagine the Bucs winning ten games with Jameis at QB because our fluke 1 win season when we won only 9 games and played cupcakes all season. 2) 2018 playoff QB's: Mahomes, Luck, Watson, Prescott, Foles, Tribusky, Rivers, Brady, Brees and Goff INT rate by each QB: 2.1%, Luck 2.3%, Watson 1.8%, Prescott 1.5%, Wentz 1.7%, Tribusky 2.8%, Rivers 2.4%, Brady 1.9%, Brees (1%), and Goff 2.1% In Jameis BEST season as a pro in 2016, guess what his INT rate was? 3.2% 2017 playoff QB's also mirror above but instead of Mahomes and Luck insert Smith/Taylor at a whooping 1% 3) I want you to realize that Carson Palmer 2013 season when he tossed 24 INT's in a season was an anomaly. And QB turnovers go hand in hand with turnover differential and becoming a playoff team. Your chances of making the post season is infinitely better when your defense is giving you the ball back. 4) Jameis Winston has arguably the best WR duo in the NFL and an OL that is above average pass blocking wise(minus Smith) He absolutely should be producing as many points as he is now, the problem is, he puts our defense(who already isn't good as is) in horrible positions. Pick sixes and giving teams short fields after his turnovers from forcing the ball. I'm aware of his bad run game and mediocre at BEST OL, however, that does not excuse him from being a turnover machine. Matt Ryan is in the same exact situation in ATL right now in a very similar offense, do you know many INTs he has? And his offensive line is much, much worse than ours. Forget whole numbers, per pass Winston INT rate is at an absurd 4.5% to Ryan 2.5% and both players are in the damn near same situation.
  2. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    1) Im not arguing to argue. thats not what you insinuated. Just because a, single, one team made it that year does not mean the Bucs in any given 9-7 year are a lock in. We may or not me the only team with that 9-7 record. You keep saying you can win nine games with Jameis dude that was ONE out of FIVE seasons wtf. Obviously having a winning year for him was not the norm. 2) Because they werent in the bottom of turnover differential like this bucs team currently is. Thats how they win 10 games. 3) the defense has had its issues this year but Jameis doesnt help them either. You can argue Devin White FF saved Jameis butt after the turnover on our side of the field vs the Colts. And that is why I allude to turnover differential and winning. 4) Kansas City, LAC, and Rams are also vertically attack. Rams and Chiefs run lot more horizontal crossing concepts. Its fair to compare a OL as a whole but you have to figure that when backups come in and play terrible their overall ratings will go down. 5) Bucs have played from behind more than they have played with a lead this year.
  3. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    1) All im saying is a 9-7 record is not a lock for playoffs. That AZ team also wasnt bottom 5 in turnover differential either so to compare that team to this one is laughable. Back to 9-7 though, more than likely going to need to win tiebreakers to get in. So yeah A 9-7 team got in that doesnt mean if TB went 9-7 that same year, we’d be the team to get in..Got it? 9-7 aint a lock, you will need to own a tie breakers. So just looking at the calendar and saying oh look! A 9-7 team got in, we could’v got in too is simply dense thinking. Again, a 9-7 record is not a lock for a playoff birth regardless it a team did it any given year. 2) We could’ve had ten wins if Jameis did throw pick sixes vs Niners, Giants, a 5 turnover game vs the Titans. Cant blame the defense for everything when Jameis also help giving teams points in our loses. If he doesnt throw a pick 6 we against the giants were at 7-6. It goes both ways 3) The passing scheme itself does require our OL to block longer than most. The Bucs were playing catch up in a lot of games this year though. Mostly due to turnovers from #3 that led to the opposing team fielding great field position.
  4. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    as a whole doesnt mean much to me because theres only one side of the conference that we should pay close attention to regarding trends, analytics etc... No they cant get to 10 wins, not at the rate Winston turns the ball over. We could have ten wins if he played differently in 3-4 games this year but handed picks out like it was Halloween. Our turnover differential is bottom 5. If your not going create many turnovers then you need to at least not give them away. We are a losing 6-7 team because of that. You allude to our 2016 team that was +2 middle of the pack. Which means our defense was taking the ball away creating more possessions for our offense thus better chance to win. 2) To each its own. I think you look @ both aspects. I say that because its harder to pass block when your down 17 and teams can T off on your QB every play. OL has been put at a disadvantage and they also have been downright bad. As a whole Cappa misses time this year, Dotson missed a couple weeks. So you really gotta factor in the backups.
  5. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    lot of those sacks are on jameis though for not throwing the ball away, holding the ball too long. Too many games this year he ran into sacks too. really its a group effort because both dotson/smith have got owned this year in certain games
  6. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    9-7 isnt a lock for the playoffs. I just looked back from the past 5 seasons in the NFC and a 9-7 record just isn’t no matter how many times you say it. Yes it happens but its not every year thing. smith 28/62 out of his position marpet 11/63 cappa 42/63 dotson 27/62 those are OL grades that does not say bad OL at all. We arent great by any means but we do at least pass protect at an above average rate.
  7. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    My point is 9-7 aint good enough for a post season. This will be twice under the Winston era that’s occurred. It aint good enough because you cannot win games consistently with a qb like Winston. Sunday was the first time in his career he won three games in a row. The Bucs do not have a below average line. In fact they lead the league in seconds to throw in the NFL. Run blocking we arent good at thanks to Dotson and Smith (both guys are graded middle of pack this year. My logic is if we didnt have a retarded qb that makes DUMB decisions and doesnt put his team beyond most of the time we’d have a better shot at the playoffs. It should not be hard to put up points when you have arguably the best WR duo in the league.
  8. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    No playoffs even at 9-7 if we win out. I want bucs fans to not accept mediocrity. we are close to playoffs but we turn the ball over too much. If our qb doesnt throw pick sixes vs Niners, Giants, Titans etc we potentially can win those games. 2016 bucs D was 12th ranked in DVOA not elite but better than given credit for but good enough that year. regardless, i dont think winston is capable of winning a super bowl. hell he hast even proved to put 3-4 stretches consecutively in the regular season there’s no reason to believe he could do that in the post season against good teams. a playoff birth we’re probably stuck with jameis (thank god) Any average qb could light it up with our weapons
  9. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    Due to an elite defense. Which this team does not have and wont be barring massive changes. In the meantime he does not play winning football. He’s the same qb he was at FSU and his freshman year is a proven fluke.
  10. "Forget the draft, go win games"

    We do...My issue is a #1 overall pick should accentuate the talent on the team. Year 5 and there’s still talk about how we need to add pieces to make him above average. That is nonsense. im hoping its for the next guy because this turnover machine will never see a post season.
  11. Week 14: Colts (6-6) @ Bucs (5-7)

    behind the WR
  12. Week 14: Colts (6-6) @ Bucs (5-7)

    tackled the guy and the ball wasnt even there yet panicked for no reason
  13. Week 14: Colts (6-6) @ Bucs (5-7)

    good strip 45
  14. Week 14: Colts (6-6) @ Bucs (5-7)

    Suh is not a good pass rusher at all. Just brute strength to get to the qb. We need to upgrade that spot.