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  1. Giannis hands down. Had the best record in basketball and got bounced out the playoffs like a bad check. Regular season accolades are great but post season is where your legacy defines you. He has the most to prove out of any superstar. KD would be my second choice. Yes he has two rings but those rings were cake walks. He was balling in the finals/playoffs but honestly put LeBron/Kawhi/Giannis on that squad they are still winning the whole thing. I’m curious to see how well he plays when you don’t have arguably to 2 greatest 3 pt shooters of all time. He won’t get nearly as much as spacing as he did in Gs in BK. So im looking forward to seeing KD operate playing with a lessor team. He’ll be asked to carry his team a lot more than his OKC/GS days. Kawhi - I dont think that man has anything to prove. He’s been the man on both championship teams. Bron and Curry are both running up the score at this point.
  2. Trez is a bucket off the bench. I know he was horrid in the playoffs but to me looked like he was never at tip toe game shape. Did not really see the energy he brought pre-bubble. But I do know this, he is a smart player/good passer and finisher. Will give team fits with Schroder PnR game. He was like second in the league in drawing charges so he did offer minimum rim protection. Kuzma being a third option off the bench is kind of insane but he should also look to be playing more efficient.
  3. On Tom Brady possibly having a confidence problem, possibly calling his own plays“We have Tom calling a lot of his own (plays) or picking his own on the sidelines from the game plan. I don’t think it’s a confidence problem whatsoever. It’s just still… it’s not a lack of trust, just lack of continuity in the offense and the whole picture.”
  4. I do. Not sure how the line is that low considering how bad Lions looked without key players vs a bad Panthers secondary.
  5. Brady literally picked the plays for the 2 min offense. Arians stated that this morning. On the second INT, that was actually a Patriots vertical concept he used in NE. Rams baited Brady and knew he liked that play from playing him in the past. They are trying to get him going with his fav plays.
  6. Yeah we need a true pass catching back. We have Vaughn on the roster why not give him a chance?
  7. Okay I think you are overreacting a little bit. Tom Brady is no longer elite but he is still a good QB. He just has not shown up against quality Defenses. Brady will get better in 2 min situations the more experience he gets. Take these lumps now because we don’t need to be seeing costly mistakes in Jan. Without Vea this team aint going to the SB. We arent elite defensively anymore without him in the middle. He had our pass rush looking dominant this year. Im hoping for a wild card berth 1 win and round 2 exit. Gotta get better depth in the trenches next season
  8. Brady was rushing when the rush wasnt even getting home. He did not look comfortable at any point during the second half. First half getting the ball out quick was working then they went away from it. Because Leftwich is not a good OC
  9. Vikings game has the makings of a shoot out. I think we win out but we got some games that’ll need the D to create a stop or two.
  10. Jansen with help played well against Donald. Hats off to him and Wirfs D White & SMB are HUGE liabilities in zone/man coverage. Black holes
  11. I dont get why we going for chunk plays with a lot of time left. Leftwich does some good things but a LOT of bad too. I expected Tampa to hit them short and then eventually take a shot once we got into FG range.
  12. Cant be TOO mad. Rams outplayed us execution wise. Goff outplayed Brady by a lot. We NEED Ali Marpet back though asap
  13. Agreed. Personnel during 2 min situations should be AB Evans & Godwin with Gronk. Brate is a good player but he aint them
  14. Brady got fooled on that pick thought it was 1 on 1. Post snap adjustment like the Saints do to us
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