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  1. G men will regret passing on Fields
  2. Denver is going to field a tremendous defense with a healthy Von. Surtain and Fuller on the outside? And Justin Simmons at safety. I like their chances being good with the pairing of Vic Fangio. They may not be top 5 good but I can see them borderline 5
  3. K1 Got a much better supporting cast around him this year and should have a better run game.
  4. He coached up a good one with Dak. Hope the Bucs score a similar player or better
  5. In the opener I would love to see Brady go up against the Bills. Would be a great matchup. I’m fine with the Saints too just would rather see a different team since we did play them last year.
  6. Bad idea would think him getting reps in pre season and TC would be beneficial long term. Hope this doesnt change that
  7. I dont get the need for Gabbert Griffin was a cheap #3 qb guy Dont need 4 Qbs
  8. i would wait on making any moves until like pre season. Think Bucs will be OK with Hainsey and Stinnie off the bench though.
  9. Frank Vogel is trying to throw the game Taking out Gasol and THT was detrimental
  10. I was just checking 2022 DT prospects and I dont see anybody to wow about. In the mean time Suh, McClendon will free up cash while Akiem Hicks will be a UFA. At 32 cant see that guy trying break the bank. I know paying Godwin & Davis III is priority but I like our chances.
  11. I agree completely. Cant wait to see what they say about his rookie mini camp. Guy threw 43 TDs and 5 INTs in the SEC .. and has good film against some of the best defenses in the country UGA & Bama. Bucs have some of the best weapons in the league so he’ll get the same benefit here. Plus a good OL. It’ll be hard for him to fail but my expectations for him is to be a top 12 -14 qb. Manage the game with good reads and sound judgement. Our playmakers will do the rest
  12. He’s got that Kirk Cousins type of game to him in a sense. Doesn’t have super high ceiling but I dont think its a requirement to be successful. Brees, Cousins, Brady, Prescott, Tannehill type of arm. I think he can be a Cousins guy top 12 at best
  13. I was startled that we actually pulled the trigger on a QB. Guy doesn’t have any ‘wow’ type of physical tools so I was not hype about it but he has other good quantities about him. He doesnt throw INTs and he is pretty accurate with his ball placement. So that’s an upgrade from INTston
  14. Darden has pro bowl return guy all over him. Think we did a solid job picking as late as we did. See 1-2 possible starters down the road Trask & Tyron everyone else are just ST & depth guys. Thats fine with me seeing that we have our core young and intact.
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