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  1. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Taking Capela out was stupid as hell
  2. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    LeBron is the measuring stick. He consistently plays well against them. Harden doesnt. Harden has bad games against them thats why he has a bad wrap. Bron could lose vs the dubs but it wont be because their best player didnt play his best game. That is all on that. Harden is not exempt from criticism.
  3. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    We’re talking about Bron v harden in terms of individual play. Thats the main point forget winning against the dubs. Across the board Bron is consistently playing well and shooting better. Bron is way more efficient than James. Harden game 6 wasnt very good either, it wasnt just 7. And yes CP3 was hurt but that still isnt excuse to shoot below his season average. Im rooting for you all to BEAT Golden State but the criticism Harden gets is well deserved. His playoff stretches are Kobe like in a sense, he will go crazy for 5 games but have 2 bad games in a series. Thats the difference between him and LeBron. LeBron might have one bad game in a series, in an entire playoffs at that.
  4. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Harden has several STINKERS vs GS and has yet to beat them in a series. Bron has did it before. Bron might lose the series but he will be playing lights out basketball. When Rockets lose to GS its bc Harden plays terrible. Shot 13% from 3 in a game 7 last year. Bron with this rockets team is beating the dubs.
  5. 2019 Prospects thread.

    How much are u willing to bet about them taking a QB at 4.
  6. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    rockets in 6 over dubs.
  7. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Ur fav pg went shot 3-14? Kyrie and Dame would NEVER
  8. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Carr contract solidifies a defensive pick at 4.
  9. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Murray not going 1 anymore definitely is not a good sign for us.
  10. Final Mock

    Not familiar w the third round pick but its a solid 3 first rounds. We need guys ready to contribute on defense.
  11. Mock Drafts

    All I know is TB is drafting a RG with one of those first 3 picks. Defense needs to be 2/3. We need impact day 1 starters.
  12. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    I said DEN defense would be a problem this year. Playoffs a different animal.
  13. 2019 Prospects thread.

    He is very good. JPP replacement most likely in the future..
  14. Offseason Rumors

    David can cover he is way better than given credit for. He just happens to be asked to cover tough assignments. We literally asked him to guard Mike Thomas in the slot week 1.
  15. Offseason Rumors

    I like D Buc but I thought he just had a role as a moneybacker? Like that pick up seemed like he would be a situational player. Either way, I expect him to contribute in Bowles system. I really want DL first pick but the LB depth is bare. If we wait to address LB in round 4 ill be fine with. Im holding hope Q or Oliver is our pick but the depth at LB might force licht hand.