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  1. Possibilities for new coaches

    Hell no to this
  2. Mock Drafts

    Im all for Little in r1. Has the tools to be an elite OT. Guy moves people and is a good athlete for the position. R2 go get DE or CB
  3. Possibilities for new coaches

    Eventually we will get lucky. Fourths time a try.
  4. 🏈 Week 15: Bucs (5-8) @ Ravens (7-6)

    Yeah I agree here. Guy takes bad angles and his coverage ability is hard to judge. Good safeties have a knack for making plays. Evans just be out there playing the last man back most games. Hardly a playmaker. He wasnt that great at TAMU but hopefully new coaching staff can speed up the progression.
  5. Every man for himself

    LMAOOOO Yeah they know a change is coming and people there are here now wont be here next year.
  6. 🏈 Week 15: Bucs (5-8) @ Ravens (7-6)

    GMC is gone. He isn’t worth the money he is being paid. We invest so much money into the DL and they still arent very good. McCoy has my upmost respect but he just not the worth the contract. Use that money somewhere else.
  7. 🏈 Week 15: Bucs (5-8) @ Ravens (7-6)

    Why the hell are our safeties playing so far back? Damn they suck if they scared of Ravens WRs getting behind them. Horribe 2 min Defense
  8. 🏈 Week 15: Bucs (5-8) @ Ravens (7-6)

    Last week plus that Steelers game. That is a habit of his.
  9. 🏈 Week 15: Bucs (5-8) @ Ravens (7-6)

    Pause that talk on Godwin. He good but his hands are super inconsistent.
  10. 🏈 Week 15: Bucs (5-8) @ Ravens (7-6)

    He is not good. Im not supporting mediocre ****. We can find a Tackle in the first two rounds. Trey Adams in R2 or Little/Williams R1.
  11. Possibilities for new coaches

    Bring him in. Bring that 3-4 defense too.
  12. 🏈 Week 15: Bucs (5-8) @ Ravens (7-6)

    Struggles in the run game and okay in pass pro. Way overpaid. Could be a scheme issue though.
  13. Mock Drafts

    Lord knows we need a true #1 CB. I’ll take it but hopefully get OL rounds 2-3.
  14. Free Agents

    Throw that bag at Bradley Roby. He can be the #1 here. I’d also try to get a veteran safety either Honey Badger or Collins. Let Don Smith walk. Guy is lazy and not worth the big money. We can find a rookie OT in rounds 1-3 and be just fine. Little from Ole Miss would be good to me. Mosley and Cann need to be Bucs too. Think we can find a good guard and a linebacker in the draft it comes down to it.