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  1. Dont see Godwin playing in this one but this should be an easier test for our pass game.
  2. Tom about to make Scotty Miller look like a star. Let me get him off waivers right quick
  3. Week 2: 49ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  4. Play calling was not good. Reminded me of last years game vs Niners. Super conservative and run heavy. Bucs are equipped to pass I think we ought to stop fooling around. 3WR 1 TE shot gun out the gate or 2 WR 2 TE in the gun.
  5. You guys quick to forget. The difference is the Raiders have Trent Brown and we have Donovan Smith. One was deemed not good because BB did not want him anymore the other was rewarded mediocre for play. Smith will have his hands full with Brian Burns.
  6. No its not a must win. Way way too early for that and im confident brady will heat up in the second half of the season. That said I think we take the game by 10 or so. 27-17 type score
  7. Whitehead and Dean def cost us points yesterday. Whitehead had 2 other Bucs around him and felt the need to grab Sanders....just frustrating.
  8. Need to rewatch but it appeared D White was assignment sound in pass coverage. Something that concerned me if he keeps this up he will be elite. Clean up the missed tackling of course
  9. SMB is MUCH stronger this year. I seen a press he did on MT and he damn near fell down. Excited to see how he develops over the year. Last year he tried to jam him and he was smoked.
  10. This team still cant run block well. Don Smith and Cappa were whiffing blocks in the run all day.
  11. Special teams awful. Defense played well today despite giving 38 on the board
  12. Im ready to cut ties honestly. Use cap space for Godwin
  13. Im begging bucs cut him next off season if he keeps this up all season.
  14. Saints getting away with that but we also are killing our self
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