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  1. Mock offseason

    Peat is going to cost more than that. other fa moves are great though
  2. Prospects to keep an eye on

    trenches! OL OL QB lets give those safeties another year
  3. Mock offseason and draft 1.0

    they say this every year about LSU and they produce nothing but quality DB’s There are many examples of His range, ball skills and hands are on full display with him on an island. This isnt a mark barron ish prospect.
  4. Mock offseason and draft 1.0

    why he’s good
  5. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    i can see that eason happening either way ill be content
  6. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    bucs could trade up at the end of the first and get a quality OL. After getting Eason.
  7. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    i can get behind rivers + eason additions. rivers will be cheaper and we can cut our ties after 1 year instead of investing money on mediocre the next 3 years like we did with donovan smith.
  8. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    i know jpp is tired of jameis antics lol..the look on his face be priceless
  9. Senior Bowl

    Bring Dot back for depth and draft Jones.
  10. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    phillip rivers moved to florida...very interesting
  11. Mock offseason and draft 1.0

    franchise tag is more appropriate turnover machine will be on a very short leash if he is brought back. draft/fa is solid
  12. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    at Louisville Teddy last year he averaged 9.3 yards per attempt and completed over 70% of his passes. Jameis last year was 8.4 per attempt and 65%. I think he’d be fine here because he doesnt make many dumb decisions and his arm/mobility would work here.
  13. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Titans will win. Henry couldnt be stopped the first outing when CJ95 was playing...dont see it much different next Sunday. Titans secondary has been ballin all post season. Mahomes threw for almost 500 yards and still lost in their first meeting? It’s going be even more difficult to win now. Titans by 7
  14. PFF all rookie team 2019

    https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-pff-2019-all-rookie-team Excited to see Dean play next year! Hopefully he changes out of #35
  15. 2020 Mock Drafts - we pick 14th

    aj and eason would be ideal there. dobbins is a luxury with OT being a big need