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  1. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    I think we have a shot at Michel at 38. But yeah I really want one of these DBs and a guard.
  2. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    Barkley I’m fine with. Hughes I’m meh on because I have not scouted him. Just not fond on having VG3, Grimes, and Hughes as our corners. Need some length out there man.
  3. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    Need to able to run the football. Its fun as hell to watch Winston convert third and longs but its just not ideal. Winning football is ahead of the chains and Q would help. Red zone, 3rd down %, play action all goes up.
  4. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    You draft a safety within the first two rounds he needs to have some type of ball skills. He doesn’t have to be Ed Reed but need to see some type of ability to contest passes NOT using a helmet or big hit. James checks out but I think we are getting Q instead. Bucs can find a SS later or perhaps sign a FA.
  5. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    Nelson will be the pick next week. Q, Jensen, and Marpet will be an elite interior for years to come.
  6. Offseason Workout Discussion

    He will be a nice third DE in our rotation. Maybe learn some tricks from JPP.
  7. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    Call Vaccaro or Reid.
  8. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    Well push RB to day three. CB is more important and would take one in the second round. Pick 104 could be traded up for a third to covet a RB. Nelson/Oliver/Penny is plausible
  9. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    No chance bucs pass on Nelson there.
  10. Demar Dotson to miss entire offseason program

    Can McGlinchey play guard? Ideally we can start him inside and then kick him to tackle depending what we do with Smith/Dotson.
  11. Offseason Discussion

    No they can play at the same time. Godwin on the outside and D Jax in slot.
  12. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    I support Fitzpatrick over James ONLY if we plan to use him as a CB. I think James has a higher ceiling at safety than him but as a corner Fitzpatrick could be elite.
  13. Dez Bryant Released

    Dak stinks. Dez will be a 1,000 yard receiver and Cowboys will be looking for a new QB in 2019. 5-11
  14. Offseason Discussion

    1. Sweezy 2. Barber 3. Conte 4. Smith Ryan Smith has not showing anything that he is a capable starter. Him and Conte suck cannot be hidden. Sweezy and Barber lack of talent can be masked though.
  15. New Mock

    Not a fan of Guice at 22. Limited pass catching abilities but he can do everything else. As others pointed out he’s a r2 prospect more than anything but I get it. Fill the need. According to PR sources Bucs like James more than Fitzpatrick. I think he’s good but his ceiling isn’t nearly as high as DJ. I would be okay with him just not personally high on him as others are. Olivers and Himes are good picks.