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  1. PFF ranks our oline 13th heading into the season

    I was one the main ones saying the OL is not the issue. Winston is and was. Run blocking wise we dont move the needle but we held up fine for the most part. Sans Carolina n both saints games london game
  2. Antonio Brown to Bucs?

    Lmao not happening
  3. Jamal Adams announces who he'd like to be traded to

    Winfield will be a star
  4. Jamal Adams announces who he'd like to be traded to

    Bucs made the list... Adams and Winfield 👀
  5. WR3

    Miller will have the upperhand due to reps/system familiarity but i think we see johnson later down the line to make an impact.
  6. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

  7. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

    Agreed. Evans is top 5 ish if we’re being honest, he will be the only player in NFL history to have 7 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons. Consistency is unwavering here. And he’s been able to do it with multiple qbs starting at the helm. Glennon, McCown, Winston and Fitzpatrick. Only think Mike isnt good at is yards after catch but he is an elite deep threat, short and intermediate pass catcher. Thomas has better hands but I dont think the margin is that big at all.
  8. Who wins the AFC East?

    Bills Defense is just nasty and they added Diggs/Moss to their offense. Cant ignore what the Jets did either, they somehow won 7 games last year with a pile of a trash at CB, CJ mosley gone and other key starters not playing. It’ll be a tough division for sure and im not counting out the Pats either. It’ll be a 3 team race but I feel like the Bills got the better defense. I dont like what the Jets have to offer pass rush wise. I expect the division winner to be a head by 1 or 2 GB.
  9. 2nd year breakouts

    Not going to lie...I wanted to say him but I was not trying to be a homer. I cant wait to see how he plays this year under a full season with Bowles
  10. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

    Hell no not even close. Godwin is a WAY more complete WR than Sanders. Godwin is an excellent run blocker, lead the NFL in yards after catch and smokes him out the water in terms of contested catch rate. Sanders is a good WR but he aint on Godwin level. Cook > Brate but not by much. Howard was terrible last year idk he is being brought up. Brate is more consistent pass catcher and more reliable on third downs. Cook suffers from the dropsies more than you like but his ability to separate from DBs make him better. Gronk has to prove this year that he is back at his old self otherwise im taking Saints.
  11. 2nd year breakouts

    Jeffery Simmons is going to be a stud for sure. Miles Sanders should break out this year for PHI if he can stay healthy. Adderley and Lindstorm are pro bowl talents and are in good situations. Looking forward to see how they pan out.
  12. Reid. He’s been a quality coach for a whole two decades now. The ability to adapt the way the game has changed makes him second. Payton and Tomlin are right there with him but Andy has just done it longer. Entering decade 3, Reid will continue to run it up and add to his resume. That longevity is just impressive.
  13. Mahomes will surpass Brady as the Goat. True or False?

    Very tall order Aside from post season success we’re talking about being on top of a division for two decades. I dont think we will ever see that again.
  14. I love Todd Bowles guy gets it. Gotta be able to attack offenses and bring the heat. Creates turnovers