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  1. Russ going terrorize teams that wanna small ball the Lakers. No rim protection going be able to stop Russ AND AD. Its going force teams to play big
  2. I didnt see a Nelson Cruz trade incoming. Either way i’m cool with or without the rental Seeing that he wants an extension it prolly wont happen at all
  3. Pels win this trade as of today because this frees up cap space. But if MEM can hit a home run at 10 and get a bucket getter then it evens out
  4. Rays getting Max baby! Honeywell coming in by Sept, Glas dog and Nicky back next month. Lets roll
  5. Westbrick aint the answer but it’d be funny to see Bron win a ship with Russ knowing KD on the other side of it
  6. Aye didnt the Heat almost trade for Harden but didnt wanna give up herro? Crazy, we’ll see if they made the right decision but man good luck to them fetching something of that caliber now.
  7. Portland just is so bad defensively. Simmons would help in that way, and in addition get a player like Maxey and Thybulle with some future picks I think they should be OK with it. Sixers have a ton of talent to choose from and tbh need to just blow it up because it aint working. Rebuild
  8. Harden is in Miami working out currently, maybe he’s off the strip club wings diet. That remains to be seen. After seeing Giannis get a ring before him he should be more motivated to get right. He also took a subtle shot at him for the request trade comment Nets will be hungrier than ever, and I hope they falter. im hoping Sixers can get Dame because I think they could make a deeper run with dame. Bradley Beal to the Warriors would be interesting, I seen some rumors about that swirling around. I think the Heat will try to make a splash too on an another piece. I think they get
  9. That trio will be much more games together this year than that count of 13. And to be frank, KD really could of played during the regular season but chose not to push himself. Cant say the same for KI and Harden though. Trades are still a thing despite the weak FA class. A few all stars will be changing teams this year like usual. After the Bucks success with Jrue I bet we see more boldness moving forward. Even then there’s still some solid players who can contribute off the bench. Depth should be the most sought after anyway the way injuries derailed most teams this year.
  10. He’s injury prone, there’s still a *chance* he’s healthy with KD and Harden next year. Teams will be looking to stockpile talent to compete with the Nets (when healthy) and Bucks.
  11. I’m aware of their injury history. It’s just silly to dismiss them and basically guarantee they will miss time again in the playoffs. Bucks most likely wont get lucky like that again.
  12. It predicting that happens again is borderline dumb. Injuries are not something you can predict
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