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  1. Justin Evans taken off PUP

    The dude gets paid millions of dollars to figure that out. Lets not make excuses for him bc not every single snap he was playing 20 yards off the LOS. I’ve seen him whiff and take bad angles playing close too so its really moot. Just because he went in the 4th round does not mean he is considered a worse prospect than Evans. He dropped that far due to character concerns. Jackson was a second round talent. Mayock called him the steal of the draft for a reason. Yes he was a CB/S tweener but he showed a nose for the football despite being an average ATH in college. Said I would hold judgment on his coverage skills just off the mere fact of the scheme itself. However I doubt he becomes this good tackler especially with missing so much time. We’d best to work him in as the third guy before taking snaps away.
  2. Justin Evans taken off PUP

    So having a bad DB coach leads to bad angles in run pursuit and miss tackles? Please dont discredit T Jack. Yes coaching matter but people were aware of his ability. He fell to us due to character concerns. Mayock called him steal of draft. He just was simply a better prospect coming out call a spade a spade. Evans was always a project coming into the league.
  3. Justin Evans taken off PUP

    T-Jack was special. Dude was playing all pro ball as a rookie. He could tackle and cover well. Evans doesnt do neither well. I’ll give him a pass for the coverage grades due to scheme and inept coaching...however him taking bad angles and missing tackles when he was healthy isnt acceptable
  4. Tidbits from around the league

    Luck and Arians link up in TB 2021
  5. All hail Todd Bowles

    I remember it was a pretty guaranteed 6 points whenever a team got to the red zone under Smitty..
  6. Justin Evans taken off PUP

    Do not want him playing much. Needs to ease into the rotation. That rust will get exposed if we play him much
  7. Is Noah Spence done?

    No he is Licht saving grace and reason why we passed on the next LT, Josh Allen.
  8. JPP placed on non-football injury list

    JPP back by wk 6
  9. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    Tua watch 2020
  10. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    Yeah they had strong 2 games but the units they faced were not as good as you guys. This was a true test and boy are we in trouble vs good DLs this season.
  11. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    Not watching but i heard our franchise LT got destroyed tonight. Dotson and Cappa both utterly dominated as well. pray for jameis to make it a full 16
  12. Our alternate helmet

    XFL swag three dumbs down
  13. Bucs Training Camp '19

    He sticks. Lets make sure Brate has a good season for trade bait and replace him with tanner
  14. Bucs Training Camp '19

    At the rams game this year. Pull up
  15. Bucs Training Camp '19

    Welcome back