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  1. Right on. Bucs played 19 games last year, its important we preserve guys so they dont see them banged up weekly.
  2. You can guarantee at least 1 of our OL starters is going to miss time. I’m all abroad the depth train. I think R3 would be a good area to draft some insurance. Walker Little could be a guy that can play OG/OT if they need him to
  3. Guy got dominated by a rookie and his cop out was Brady gets the ball out too fast. While true, the film does not lie Wirfs was dominating him snap in and snap out. 0 accountability on not playing well is a loser mentality cant wait to hang 40 on their ***** next year
  4. Barmore is a good pass rusher but not a stout run guy at the POA. I’m not sure if Bowles will be OK with that. My top 5 would go 1) Azeez Ojulari OLB 2) Joseph Ossai OLB 3) Joe Tyron OLB 4) Jaelin Phillips OLB 5) Najee Harris RB I value OLB more than DTs in Bowles system though. He likes to drop his backers off in coverage so i cant see the kid from Penn State and Gregory Rosseau on the board. JPP is getting older and its time to start thinking about life after him. His contract is up in 2022 (12M in savings) We can find a rotational DT in R2 to spe
  5. Prayers brother. Mac Jones is going to suck IMO
  6. Honestly would love to see D Wat on the Dolphins paired up with Brian Flores & that stingy defensive unit. Not sure MIA will make a move but damn you would be a legit SB contender with the move. If im HOU ima see if he’s down to go to NY. They have more picks to offer and you’ll get a chance to mold Zach Wilson or J Fields.
  7. Boston smoked me and J Wall hit the over with the game particularly over. 2-2 onto the next day
  8. Giannis 3 ball made under 1.5 hit yesterday. They took him out at the midway of the 4th so that certainly helps. today I played: Celtics -2 John Wall under 2.5 3 pt made McDermott under 4.5 rebounds Eric Bledsoe under 1.5 3 pt made
  9. Please feel free to share. You send good prop bets for NFL too.
  10. Yeah there’s going to be a lot of WTF picks in the first 2 rounds. This year is really a crapshoot. From 1 year wonders, to guys opting out and guys ascending. I think Bucs are in good shape though. Trench guys and running backs are easy to evaluate.
  11. Been nailing J Wall and J Morant under 3 ball made player props. Free $ Ja Morant 1.5 is risky but dude barley shoots them often & Wall making over 2.5 in a game is how often it rains in Southern California.
  12. Sign me up. Another physical freak amongst Vea and White would give us bright future. Guy gets to learn from JPP for a year and help the depth.
  13. Man his tape looks good this year not even going to lie. A lot of 1 year wonders in this class but his upside is worth it at 32. The kid from UGA also looks like a gamer. Joe Tyron will be a steal for some team in R2. JPP a UFA next year wouldnt be opposed to doubling up
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