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  1. Bucs should blow them out the water Saints D dominated them and it wasnt pretty to watch
  2. J Dean is not good. When facing good players he is lost and looks deer in the headlights. His technique is sloppy and he loses focus too easily. Hope his injury isnt too serious but getting a replacement that can make plays on the ball would help. Teams are hammering us on the perimeter.
  3. Lord knows we need him. He’s easily 2nd best CB on the team with SMB and Dean healthy
  4. Rough game today BUT missing JPP, AB, SMB, and Dean did not help Our pass rush was non existent all day a combo of getting the ball out quick and simply having all day to throw. Weird not seeing Bowles not dial up blitzes. Cant be trying to play honest AND still get beat deep. Im looking at you Mike Edwards. I would rather lose coming out swinging and firing a blaze. Not a fan of the passive strategy but I get it bc those screens will get housed if you blitz too much. RD and third down defense just awful Rams D generated more - plays than we did and that is the differe
  5. We got a ring out of the pick so no complaints 😂
  6. Impressed with the Texans not even kidding Games I think they lose they end up competing and making it interesting.
  7. JPP pass rushing at DT might be his best role. Tryon pass rush prowess is special based on what I seen
  8. I will be at the game Sunday with my dad. Great seats too, dropped 400+ because why not? Seen Brady before in person in Jerry’s world and I know he’ll be on a tear at SoFi stadium. Passed on the opportunity to see Rams v Bucs when Winston was here because that ugly lost the week before against the G Men made me prioritize other things. Fast forward to now and I have no regrets
  9. JPP up there in age and his body is breaking down before our eyes. I’m fine with resting him for awhile and let the rook get his feet wet. Going need JPP to be at his best in the OFFs. Guy literally said his body felt like a rookie again but that did not hold up 2 weeks in
  10. Looks like ima take the under for the Saints Pats game.
  11. A Rod has a GOD awful track record at Candelstick Park but methinks GB has a decent shot to at least cover the spread. Then I watch that pass rush and secondary play and go against Goff and yeah I can see Niners putting another spanking down. Just going to stray away from that game. Not sure who the RB for the niners will be
  12. Scooter time! That guy is a baller man and its a shame he is behind in the depth chart. He is a capable #3 on most teams. Tyler Johnson could probably be a 3 on most teams too
  13. He’s solid no doubt I just dont think he has good hands.
  14. Tryon and Edwards def deserve more tick this game. Rams will be pass happy from the gate. Tryon is bad at gap containment in the run at this point but that wont be an issue Sunday when Stafford is asked to throw 40 times.
  15. I dont really see White out of position as much in coverage as he was his rookie year and last year. He is just a fraction of a second late in his drop which will be easy for a fast twitch guy to adjust to. He’ll going on a stretch of really dominant ball at some point this year. My guess by week 5 or 6 he ramps it up. Last year playoffs was great start but its a new season and teams are coming out with new wrinkles and things we have not seen before. I agree with Edwards should be playing more but I dont wanna take JR off. Need to just run more 3 safety sets. Or make Whitehead a part time pla
  16. White needs to play better period. He has not looked really sharp at all. Someone at PR said it and right now he is playing out of control. I was like WTF when he let Matt Ryan shake away from him last Sunday. Just a tad late in coverage responsibilities and tackling open field hasnt been all pro worthy. Honestly have not been impresses by him or Winfield through 2 but no doubt they’ll be better.
  17. ive never seen him run that route before refreshing to see
  18. Raheem is actually a good DC , so Leftwich needs to bring his A game. These are the type of games you bust out new wrinkles. Rams going to air it out like they did last year. I can see their offense killing us with the short and intermediate completions. We’ll just have to tighten up in the RZ or force some negative plays to get necessary stops. Dean is most likely going to get targeted and worked. until our open field tackling improves i just cannot see them containing Kupp Rams 38 Bucs 30
  19. GB DL is garbage Goff has all day to throw tonight No chance in hell they going back to the NFCCG with this defense
  20. There’s usually 5 dogs that win every week wk 3 im tempted to play LAC +6.5 ATL +3 GB +4 Bucs +1.5 MIN +1
  21. Line for AZ jumped up half a point already which means it’ll probably go up even more until Sunday.
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