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  1. I havent watched much UGA football other than the televised games. Not sure if dude is a r1 grade but Davis kid stuck out. Bucs should probably trade out the first and get extra picks.
  2. leftwich biggest issues are abandons run game too soon thus puts pressure on the QB . In game adjustment when personnel goes down. (saints game) if that was Winston on Sunday he would of tossed at least 3-4 picks forced balls. Tom just surgical and knows when to take his shots. Dont think we will miss lefty too much he was good but the talent here is overwhelming and we have an elite OL / elite QB. That can make even most people look good.
  3. Welp I felt this was happening. Thankful for that new draft pick comp rule. Should help getting us depth where we are thin
  4. Yeah he certainly has earned it. No AB no Godwin; still produced as a #1 Take that cap hit down
  5. im aware. I think he’s better than Bowles though. Either way its moot because under Arians will likely have Foote calling plays
  6. Think Leftwich is going to get hired by the Jaguars after being a finalist. Makes perfect sense to pair him up with T Law after spending time with Brady - he is an ideal fit. Not sure if it pans out for JAX but I do wish him well. If Bowles goes to MIN, we’ll be promoting from within. Foote/Goodwin will take over. Unfortunate because I think Wink Martindale would be a good fit here at dc
  7. jpp cappa howard jones and brate wont be back Going to have to get some fresh blood this year. Suh may retire and leave us dry at DT. Sucks that kid Barmore turned out to be a stud sure coulda used him yesterday
  8. With this defense and Kyle Trask at QB we’re looking at 4-13 top 10 pick Going need to develop a high end QB prospect this time around.
  9. Both Dean and Bunting UFA in 2023 with cap space being a question mark down the line. Bucs have a lot to think about in March
  10. may have to get a TE too. cant see Howard or Brate back on those contracts.
  11. Maybe Arians comes from the PIT lineage though and they never draft WR early I wouldnt write it off, Vikings got Jefferson at pick 22. Pick 27 maybe a top talent slips
  12. Pass rusher please. Got to develop pass rush juice.. JPP and Suh time is coming to an end
  13. So the blitz on Stafford wasnt communicated? Why the hell does this D continue to have communication issues. Mind boggling
  14. brady really might retire after today That would blow bucs need better pass rush draft DL/CB early what pick do we have?
  15. Damn Scottie was suppose to keep going on that route Sheesh, Godwin is going to get PAID in a month or so. We missed him badly today
  16. Run the ball man. 2 possession game with 12 min left is enough time cant be 1 dimensional
  17. Our special teams have been below average for years now Must make a change in March
  18. Hurry up tempo pls might be able to sneak a big run from Lenny Wells is battling hard man we need to help him with the play calling
  19. Good season get healthy and reload in the trenches Our pass rush hasnt been good today granted 2/4 starters playing hurt - our depth is not good
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