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  1. Bowles is doing well considering the DB situation. A good front 7 is always going to make it easier to the back 4. We’ve seen timely stops in part of them that helped us win tight games. I figure we start to play better toward end of the year.
  2. Not going to lie I would entertain it. But truthfully, a 4th round pick next year wont help us right now. Keep RoJo bc Lenny will get hurt and miss some games at some point
  3. Mooney and Robinson will torch our DBs. Need the DL to dominate this one
  4. Jeffery Simmons destroyed Dawkins
  5. This is the right decision
  6. what an effort from Allen
  7. Titans just wear people out with this physical offense man King Henry paydirt
  8. Will be a good game for the defense to get right. Fields is a promising talent and they have two good WRs but I think we’ll generate enough stops to win 24-14 type of game
  9. Mickens has been solid. He almost lost a fumble last game but that should not be held against him. Darden might be getting a bigger role Sunday including offense
  10. He’s got HOF like ability, been a special player since his days at Allen. Needs to stay healthy though bc when injured he isnt the same player. As for more bigger statured qbs they dont have that issue. k1 is top 5 at the moment
  11. Unlike you I actually have realistic expectations… Show me a playoff team that had a deep run with 3 rookie SPs and maye i’ll buy the low standards crap
  12. Oh no, I’m shook. Wonderful season. 3 rookie SPs got playoff exp for down the road. Dodgers are/were going to bring to repeat regardless anyway…
  13. I can do whatever I want and comment where ever I want. Yeah its called throwing the ball away and avoiding sacks and fumbles. His lamar jackson improvising sucks and he needs to never do it again. I love how you ignore Baker missing odell TWICE wide open in the same drive. Yet im the ignorant one. Lol Browns aint going nowhere with #6
  14. Awww someones feelings are hurt. Salty? Not at all. Baker aint that guy man, he’s holding the ball too long . Get over it
  15. i literally do not care what u think of me. god bless
  16. Diggs def getting 10+ picks this year
  17. Bridgewater is garbage Broncos should just go ahead and send texans them first rounders bc thats all they really need
  18. Horrible decision DAL 51 yarder on the road…
  19. Jervanta Williams is one impressive back
  20. Their offense is fun to watch man. And their D is stout and fast. Best team in the NFC right now for sure
  21. THE RAIDERZZ @NYRaideris somewhere in LA pouring beer on his head like stone cold steve austin after this win
  22. good point. Hopefully JPP, Suh, and Gronk? Free up some dough the next couple seasons. Jansen makes a pretty penny too. Think with Hainsley on the roster he could be expandable
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