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  1. He’s got HOF like ability, been a special player since his days at Allen. Needs to stay healthy though bc when injured he isnt the same player. As for more bigger statured qbs they dont have that issue. k1 is top 5 at the moment

  2. Just now, buno67 said:

    Wonderful season when you were suppose to be the class of the AL and lose 3-1...ouch. Man those are some low standards. 

    Unlike you I actually have realistic expectations…

    Show me a playoff team that had a deep run with 3 rookie SPs and maye i’ll buy the low standards crap

  3. Just now, buno67 said:

    Go ahead and keeping trolling...we can see how that works out. Speaking of disappointments, how did your Rays do this year? 

    Oh no, I’m shook. 

    Wonderful season. 3 rookie SPs got playoff exp for down the road.

    Dodgers are/were going to bring to repeat regardless anyway…

  4. Just now, buno67 said:

    So are you suppose to throw it when their is absolutely no one open? Cause no browns WR is getting open. When they do get open, baker hits them in the hands and they drop it like OBJ did and Njoku. Its cool, your ignorant to what is going on. Like you calling out baker for scrambling when his 3rd and 4th string tackles can’t block and baker has to avoid the pressure to make something happen. Its cool, GTFO of our sub. Go back to Bucs sub

    I can do whatever I want and comment where ever I want.

    Yeah its called throwing the ball away and avoiding sacks and fumbles. His lamar jackson improvising sucks and he needs to never do it again. I love how you ignore Baker missing odell TWICE wide open in the same drive. Yet im the ignorant one. Lol

    Browns aint going nowhere with #6

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  5. 13 minutes ago, buno67 said:

    apparently you care what browns fans think to come to the browns team sub and spout off and show off how Ignorant you are. Its cool, just don’t become a salt b**** when your ignorance gets called out.

    Awww someones feelings are hurt. Salty? Not at all. Baker aint that guy man, he’s holding the ball too long . Get over it

  6. 2 minutes ago, TB Doug22 said:

    I was skeptical but it’s clear now the Cardinals are the best team in the league. Dominating performance in Cleveland.

    Their offense is fun to watch man. And their D is stout and fast.

    Best team in the NFC right now for sure

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  7. 20 hours ago, ravishingone said:

    The reason why I bring up the possibility is cap strain with all the voided years coming due in a few seasons for these contracts signed this offseason.  My assumption is they would prioritize Wirfs to sign because of age.  A lot can happen 2 yrs down the line.  It would certainly be not be an issue if Brady retired and had to roll with Trask on the last yr of his rookie deal.  

    Not suggesting Smith doesn t deserve a third contract.  However, there are large second contracts for guys on the horizon- Godwin, Davis, Vea, and White.  

    good point. Hopefully JPP, Suh, and Gronk? Free up some dough the next couple seasons. Jansen makes a pretty penny too. Think with Hainsley on the roster he could be expandable 

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