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  1. Browns D is doing everything in their power to keep them in this game
  2. No baker is just garbage. 0 field awareness
  3. Guy isnt very good. His OTs are out but he is turning it over n missing reads
  4. Baker thinks he’s lamar jack when trying to improvise
  5. Mayfield missed Odell wide open twice that drive
  6. Joe Tryon has outplayed JPP this year guy has juice off the edge, just needs to use an inside move more to setup his outside stuff. Will be an annual 8-10 sack guy kyle trask was a waste pick and Hainley wont see the field until OL gets hurt
  7. Arians defending JPP is just coach speak. Everyone knows the truth, JPP will be taken a lessor role next year and paycut
  8. Davis not coming back until after the bye week. SMB status is still up in the there. Sherman maybe out for weeks. ill take a flier CB on a rookie deal atp
  9. AB was super clutch tonight Countless 3rd down conversions
  10. AB is a monster man lmao Pretty sure I was against him but shoot ill take it
  11. Knew JPP high level of play was coming to an end but not this soon. He needs to be regulated as a PT player but that wont happen until next yr
  12. No contain not sure wtf JPP or White was doing therep
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