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  1. Ben is a big part of the problem with the offense. I am not discounting OL issues, but Ben is not reading the defense very well, and he is not consistently making throws to open receivers. There are plenty of examples from people who know a lot more about football than I do. My guess is Ben is anticipating pressure and getting rid of the ball as soon as he can on many plays. Defenses are crowding near the LOS to stop the run and prevent the short throws. Until the O can consistently hit medium range passes to counter it, we're going to see the same thing every week. It has been thi
  2. Two biggest differences in this game: Ben versus Lamar Jackson Steelers D vs. Ravens D Ben is not going to try to run if the first read is not there. Question is, can the young Steelers OL hold up and allow him to find the secondary receivers? Will Ben even try? I'm not sure the Ravens D was all that due to injuries and so forth. If the Steelers front 7 bring the same heat they brought versus Buffalo, and if the secondary is solid... this could be a huge Steelers blow out. Leatherwood for the Raiders has to be a concern for them. And if they help on that side, Highsmith an
  3. Overall, I agree on the matchup keys. If the Steelers go three and out on several early drives, they could find themselves down 14-21 points before half time, with the Buffalo D teeing off on Ben. The Steelers need to sustain drives to keep the D fresh, and not let the game get out of hand.
  4. There are many variables just for the QB position alone. If the Steelers win the SB, Ben could come back for an encore. However, he could just as easily ride into the Sunset. If the Steelers barely miss the playoffs, or flame out in the 1st round, then I doubt Ben comes back. So Rudolph v. Haskins is a distinct possibility, and it is likely the Steelers' current plan of record. Fans don't like it for various reasons, but that's what we're looking at. If the Steelers have a really bad year, then drafting a QB in round 1 is certainly not out of the question. It likely means Ben w
  5. First off, he will be 1st ballet HOFer without a doubt. His numbers are good, and he has been to three SBs, winning two of them. Ben has God-given talents that have enabled him to be among the best QBs in the NFL for a very long time. That said, justified or not, he has a couple really bad allegations against him that has hurt his national standing. I cannot go to any story about him without negative comments about those allegations. It is what it is.
  6. Eh, I think the Steelers by and large could not have cared less on the game's outcome tonight. Aside from the "junior varsity" performance, I think the real take away is what did they see in the few actual position battles left on this team. Jamir Jones stood out, and he has a shot to make the team. Loudermilk played decent, but did he do enough? How about Pierre? Sexton flopped and is likely cut. Haskins did not play great, but I do not think anyone expected greatness. How will he respond to the adversity? That is what they are going to look at, IMO. Is he worth keeping three QBs? I
  7. I have low expectations for the overall team with so many starters out, so I am focusing on individuals.
  8. I think that the limited number of pass attempts back in those days compared with today makes the sack numbers from those guys even more impressive.
  9. Must be because they said he could wear the ball cap
  10. I am not convinced Mayfield is "elite" so I have doubts about how good the Browns will be. However, they have improved as a team overall in the last few years.
  11. Very good points. I obviously have not paid as much attention to other team's schedules. I tend to look at the Steelers in a bubble and ignore the rest
  12. Strength of schedule to me is more than just who the opponents are. It's how the schedule lines up against those opponents. In the 1st 4 games the Steelers have two very tough road games @ BUF and @ GB. In the middle of the season they have three prime-time games, two of them on the road. The final stretch is Tenn, @ KC, Clev, and @ Balt. This doesn't mean the opponents are world beaters or leaps and bounds better than the Steelers. It just means there are challenges to the schedule that make it rather difficult to navigate. It's the NFL, and there should not be any "easy" games. Ho
  13. I see the season being generally disappointing with a few highs and too many lows, a record ranging anywhere from 6-11 to 12-5, and hinging on several key games. My best guess for the season is somewhere in between, probably 9-8. I generally think the O will be okay. I am not sure the D will stop the better teams in the league, and it remains to be seen who those teams will be. I'd be willing to bet there are at least 4 losses and at least 4 wins. L - @ Buff 0-1, Unless the D really steps up and surprises me, this is a loss. ? - LV 1-1 or 0-2, This will be closer than the Bills, but the
  14. I think 0-1 is strong possibility. Despite last year's undefeated string, there were issues with this team, and they historically start slow. That said, I am excited to see what Najee can do in the pros. I think he gives the team a real chance to contend as a balanced attack. I think the D will be less effective than last year without Dupree opposite TJ. I have hopes for Highsmith, but not very high.
  15. It's really hard to predict at this point what the 53 will look like. I only have a few quibbles: Dobbs vs. Haskins: I think Ben likes Dobbs, and I am not sure Haskins is any better than the last experiment with Paxton Lynch. RB: I think the Steelers carry 4 this year; I'm iffy if they keep Watt though. It depends how much they plan to use 'muth as a HB. WRs: 5 I think. OL: I think they will bring in a veteran FA toward the end of pre-season. I don't have a lot of faith in Haeg or Coward as decent depth guys. ILB: Allen shows more position flexibility; so I would expe
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