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  1. 5up 5 down

    So glad they cut Skipper for this guy.
  2. 5up 5 down

    Maybe, but I don't think that's why they drafted him. I'm just saying I am pleasantly surprised so far with how well Bush is playing overall.
  3. 5up 5 down

    Compare Bush's play intercepting the batted ball, versus Chickillo. I was worried about Bush being able to make splash plays, but I forgot how good the D can be with athletic players.
  4. 5up 5 down

    Rudolph will start versus Miami. I think 10-6 is doable, but I think 9-7 is realistic.
  5. 5up 5 down

    We can enjoy the win over the hapless Chargers. However, I'm not going to get overly excited. Looking at the schedule, the good news is the Rams look totally beatable. The bad news is the Colts and Bills look more formidable than I expected. So, I see anywhere from 1-5 more losses on the schedule.
  6. the order of disapproval

    Late 2nd Q. Steelers 1st and 5 at Baltimore 11 after a Ravens penalty, Conner gets 4 on 1st down. 2nd and 1, Wild Cat? Really?! Not PA, no simple dive to try to get the 1st, just trot out the Wild Cat that Baltimore has pretty much shut down all half. Brilliant! Late 4th Q. Steelers 1st and 10 at Baltimore 18. Conner gets 4 on 1st down. 2nd and 6, Conner gets 1 to set up 3rd and 5 and a flat pass for a 2 yard loss to Samuels. Just maddeningly conservative there with a chance to up 7 instead of settling for the FG. In both situations, you basically put your QB in a must-pass situation on 3rd down rather than using a little creativity or variation on 2nd down that might help the team score points. Good thing Boz made the FGs or he'd be the scapegoat for the crappy gameplan and playcalling.
  7. Week #4 5 Up and 5 Down Bengals Win 1-3

    First off, they are not as bad as Miami, Cinci, NYJ, Denver, AZ, and Wash. However, I am not sure they are any better than any other AFC team not named NE or KC. I think the Ravens game is going to be a real challenge, and it's quite possible the Steelers will be 1-5 at the bye. So, while you can honestly say the Steelers lost narrowly to two "decent" teams, you also have to acknowledge that there are serious challenges facing the Steelers going forward. The Steelers D cannot seem to cover very well most of the time. SF turned the ball over 5 times. I would say 2 of those were due to the Steelers making a play, versus SF just doing something stupid on the others. If not for those TOs, that game was not as close as it was in the end. Versus Seattle was just as bad in the 2nd half. It seemed that the Steelers had no answer on D for anything Seattle did. On O, the run game is just not there consistently. Even versus Cinci, the Steelers failed to get a 1st down on 3rd and 4th and 1. That was bad. Also, some of the play calling is still mind boggling. Rudolph does show promise, but he is checking down too often with guys open down field. On the bright side, the additions of Vannett and Fitzpatrick seem to be having immediate impacts on both the O and D. If the Steelers some how manage to get to the bye at 3-3, it will be close to a miracle.
  8. Week #4 5 Up and 5 Down Bengals Win 1-3

    Up: The Steelers beat a team they should have beaten. Down: Bengals are a bad team, and the Steelers aren't much better yet.
  9. the order of disapproval

    I made the argument on another board that the Steelers could cut Chickillo and keep Skipper, and Chickillo would be available if the Steelers wanted to brig him back. I was basically called an idiot. I am not the most knowledgeable football fan by a long shot, but I know when I see a player that deserves more PT. I said the same thing many years ago when the Steelers sat/cut Deebo and played Porter instead. Oh well, I don't know crap.
  10. the order of disapproval

    Dupree has played decent this year. Not great, but decent. I doubt seeing how things played out that Skipper would have gotten very many reps.
  11. the order of disapproval

    In no specific order: Moncrief has been a huge disappointment so far. His drops were killer in the 1st two games. Overall D has been extremely disappointing. They're getting gashed by the run, and allowing WRs to roam free. While the pass rush has been decent (except versus NE), they cannot get there fast enough if a QB is throwing to his first -- wide open -- read. I'm still disappointed by losing Skipper. I don't think he would have much impact this season, but next season there's going to be a huge hole. O Line. They've been inconsistent. I don't think losing Munchak in one year would make this much difference, but if so... wow! TE Fail. The trade for Bush means the Steelers passed on some good TE talent. Gentry looked lost when he was thrown in vs. the 9ers. It's not like we didn't suspect McDonald might get hurt and Grimble wasn't very good. Coaching has been below the line. There's no other way to say it. The schemes suck or are too difficult to perform successfully. Saying the players are not executing is a cop out. Give them something they can execute.
  12. Seahawks trading TE Nick Vannett to the Steelers

    TE1 McDonald and TE2 Grimble both went down. TE3 and rookie Gentry is not ready to be an NFL blocking TE. I think this was a desperation move by the Steelers, but there had to be a reason they wanted this guy. Tomlin (with the Vikings at the time) was reportedly at Vannett's Ohio St. Pro Day. I'm not sure why Seattle would make this trade. They drafted him in the 3rd round. Did he play that poorly, or is this just a matter of getting something for a guy who is a free agent next year?
  13. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    I expect to hear: Welcome back Landry Jones... (barf emoji).
  14. 5 Down Week 2 vs Seahawks

    I thought Nelson played very well, especially against Metcalf. Watt made some plays, so did Bud, just not enough. If the D could have figured out how to stop Seattle, I believe Rudolph would have gotten the Steelers in position for the go ahead FG. Boz looks confident and back to his 2017 self.
  15. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    The Steelers were lucky that most teams that wanted/needed a QB took one in the 1st round last year. By the time the 3rd round came along, the Steelers draft board likely had Mason way up top. They knew Cinci had two picks in front of them, so they traded up to get Rudolph. For all intents and purposes, Rudolph is now the Steelers QB of the future. That said, if the Steelers go 2-14 all bets are off. There could be a complete house cleaning depending on how Rooney feels about the past 10 years or so since the last SB appearance.