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  1. Sorry, missed this ... Given this scenario, my pick would be Lloyd Cushenberry III LSU
  2. Ben did not play enough in 2019 to show how bad the offense can be -- healthy or not -- but the games versus New England and Seattle were not promising. The Steelers have typical relied on a balanced attack, which a requires a better than run-of-the-mill RB to complement a good QB. The struggle is real, and it works both ways. I get that there are lots of RBs that can do the basic job, but there are very few who require the attention of the other team's DC.
  3. I took BPA (according to me) for every position. Since the 2nd one did not have the projected comp pick, I didn't see anyone worth taking earlier than Dillon. We'll have to disagree on the importance of the RB position tho. Without a healthy Conner (or Bell before him), the Steelers are an ineffective team. Even Ben struggles with his receivers not getting open due to defenses not being worried about a running threat.
  4. Mock from first-pick.com: Round 2 Pick 17: Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame Round 3 Pick 38 (COMP): Lloyd Cushenberry III, C/OG, LSU Round 4 Pick 18: Zack Moss, RB, Utah Round 4 Pick 29: Reggie Floyd, FS/SS, Virginia Tech Round 6 Pick 19: Isaiahh Loudermilk, DT, Wisconsin Round 7 Pick 18: Richard Moore, OLB, SMU Mock from thedraftnetwork.com (no comps): 49 Cole Kmet, TE Notre Dame 114 Solomon Kindley, IOL Georgia 125 Nick Coe, EDGE Auburn 178 Antoine Brooks Jr., S Maryland 209 A.J. Dillon, RB Boston College
  5. I consider the XFL the equivalent of the 4th quarter of an NFL preseason game. Cardale was not good enough to stick with an NFL team. Neither was Landry Jones and arguably neither was Eli Rogers. These guys should get shots to make NFL squads, but to hope for more than camp fodder is optiistic.
  6. Overall, I can't quibble about the positions at this point, but I think the Steelers will go O early: TE, OL, WR, and pick up D later. Maybe D before WR, but definitly not before OL and TE. Obvioulsy, we need to see how free agency shakes out. .
  7. I never said Rudolph had no part in this, but this was primarily instigated and escalated by Garrett. Here is how I saw the whole video, with some commentary. Less than 30 seconds left in the game, and Garrett charges hard at Rudolph on a screen play. Nothing wrong here. Rudolph gets the ball out to the RB and Garrett grabs Rudolph, wraps his arms around around Rudolph's waist, twists and holds on, dragging Rudolph to the ground. (Instegation) Maybe Garrett didn't know the ball was gone, but I find that difficult to believe, since Garrett is looking at Rudolph the whole time. On the ground, Garrett is still holding onto Rudolph (Escalation), and then Rudolph shoves, grabs, and twists Garrett's helmet trying to get up (Over-reaction?) So, is Rudolph supposed to just lay there meekly until Garrett decides to let him up? We realize the game is over, but Rudolph is trying to hurry up and get to the next play. Garrett starts to get up while still holding Rudolph down (Escalation), and the two start shoving each other. At this point, 66 and 71 start to grab Garrett, and the ref 34 joins the fray (Escalation) Then, Garrett grabs and holds onto Rudolph's facemask and begins lifting Rudolph off the ground (Escalation) Rudolph shoves his foot into Garrett's crotch (Escalation or Reaction?) While being held by 66, Garrett continues to hold onto Rudolph's helment. There are three distinct pulling actions, and on the third as Rudolph falls to the ground, the helmet comes off. (Escalation) Garrett continues to hold onto the helmet as 66 and Garrett move backwards toward the endzone. Why is he still holding the helment? Rudolph charges after them grabbing for his helmet (Escalation) Garrett swings the helemt and hits Rudolph in the head (Escalation and Assault). I am sure there were many colorful words between them, like "get off me m*rf*r", but there is no evidence of any racials slurs used. There is no excuse for what Garrett did. None. To even suggest that Rudolph did more than over-react to this situtation is just not factual.
  8. Bull crap. Garrett was the instigator. You're blaming Rudolph for trying to get up after an illegal tackle and pin.
  9. Who started it? The guy who was tackled illegally and struggled to get bacl to his feet? Or the guy who threw the QB down and stayed on top of him?
  10. Why? Because Rudolph protested about the way Garrett brought him to the gound and kept him there? Foolish.
  11. Of course you don't. You think swinging a helmet at a guy's head is forgivable.
  12. The same should be true for Thomas then.
  13. The Harrison hit on McCoy was at least a part of a football move. Call it dirty if you want, but it was these types of shots we cheered about for many many years before it became illegal. This past season, Earl Thomas hit Rudolph in a very similar fashion as Harrison hit McCoy. It was 8 or 9 years later than the Harrison hit. I'm not seeing a lot calls for Thomas' hit being dirty. What Garrett did is assault with a weapon to Rudolph's unprotected head. Not the same thing at all as the above shots.
  14. Never say never, but for the Steelers, I think you have at least three guys taken later that I don't think the Steelers would pass on: 50. Chicago - Antoine Winfield Jr [ S ] Minnesota 57. Houston - Cole Kmet [ TE ] Notre Dame 60. Baltimore - Jonathan Taylor [ RB ] Wisconsin I also think these two are better OL prospects, but I'm biased again Michigan. 63. Seattle (From San Francisco) - Solomon Kindley [OG] Georgia 64. Kansas City - John Simpson [OG] Clemson
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