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  1. Raiders Officially known as the "Las Vegas Raiders"

    Should be interesting to see if players there can avoid all the distractions the city provides.
  2. Mariota

    Mariota is not a good fit for the Steelers at any price.
  3. Mariota

    Funny, but the sole reason? I think emphasizing Derrick Henry had more to do with it.
  4. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    A few thoughts ... I thought I read somewhere that cutting Berry would be a plus capwise. I think TE is a good pick for the Steelers round 2 pick, but it depends on who is there in the draft as well. I like what Bud did in 2019, but he has been an under-performer most of his career. Can we count on him going forward?
  5. Way too Early Mocks...

    I think Edmunds is a rotation type player. He has a role, but he should not be a starter, IMO. I thnk it is clear if you compare the play and skills that Fitzpatrick shows, versus the play and skills Edmunds does not. I did not mean this to be a bash Edminds thread, Just saying, S should be a serious consideration for the 2020 draft.
  6. Way too Early Mocks...

    I have said this for two years now... the next splash play Edmunds makes will be his first. I think it is time to admit they drafted a 3rd round talent in the 1st round, and he is in fact a 3rd round talent.
  7. Way too Early Mocks...

    It's early for me yet, so I am more looking at positions of need than specific players. To me RB has to be a focus. Snell should be better next year, but I don't think he'll be the feature back the Steelers need. Conner is a nice story, but he cannot stay healthy. Other than that, you have what, practice squad/UDFA guys? I just don't see how RB is not their 1st or 2nd pick in the draft. Other than Dobbins, I like Moss from Utah and Taylor from Wisconsin. Someone to look at for a potential 3rd round comp pick would be Perine from Florida. As for S, there are a few guys I've watched a bit. Wade from Ohio St. and Davis from Cal might be guys to look at. The Steelers lost Sean Davis, so it'll be interesting to see if they consider him as part of their plans for 2020. I know Edmunds has gotten a lot of playng time and praise, but I hope to God behind the scenes they see the need to replace him.
  8. Way too Early Mocks...

    First three picks should be RB, TE, and S in whatever order you think is best. I can see a need to get a really good OL prospect as well, but I also see it as less of a priority. I really like Okwuegbunam (TE from Missouri), but I seriously doubt he makes it to the 3rd round, never mind the 4th.
  9. Mariota

    I have little confidence that Mariota would be used correctly by the Steelers. I watched him a lot at Oregon, and he is way better as a Lamar Jackson type of QB. He was wasted in Tenn, and he'll likely be wasted by his next team if they don't enphasize his running ability. If He was smart, he'd likely be a good fit as Murray's backup in AZ.
  10. Dalton

    Dalton was never that good in my opinion. He has all the tools, but so many times he just does not make the play -- or worse -- makes a horrible throw. I think Rudolph should be able to show if he can take that next step or not -- assuming Ben is not ready. If not, then the Steelers need to find a new starter in 2021.
  11. IF?

    IF the Steelers make it in, good for them. They'll be on the road at KC or NE (unlikely). While the D has been playing well and forcing a lot of turnovers this year, there is no chance the O can do much more than they did versus Buff or NYJ. They are just too limited at QB, and the OC has done a piss poor job all year trying to figure out how best to use either Rudolph or Duck. I don't see any need to bring in anybody, because I don't see how anybody can make a difference. Frankly, if the Steelers beat the Ravens, I'll be shocked. And the only way I see that happening is if the Steelers D scores 14+ by themselves.
  12. Mock draft

    Eason is not better than Mason Rudolph. So, I see no reason to waste a pick on him. The Steelers need a quality RB besides Conner (or maybe instead of him). They also need a quality TE period. If there really isn't a good TE in the draft, then they should look at OL.
  13. Mock draft

    I watch PAC-12 football a lot. So, I am surprised you have your top 2 from the PAC-12. Eason is not a 2nd rounder. He'll be lucky to be drafted in the 5th. I suppose Davis is okay in the 4th, but ignoring TE for the Steelers this year is criminal.
  14. The Duck Hodges thread

    It really is a shame that Rudolph has not played well since getting knocked out. Obviously something changed with him, and he is not that same kid we saw in preseason and the start of this year. Perhaps sitting out another week or two will help, or perhaps nothing will. He really did have potential though. I hope he can get it back.
  15. Wildcard Watch

    We'll see. If the Steelers can get consistent pressure on Mayfield, they'll have a shot. I worry about Chubb running all over them, as well as wide open OBJ and Landry for easy completions despite any pressure.