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  1. Worst 2 Rounder You'll Ever See (No Trades)

    I think if Mack Wilson. ILB. Alabama is on the board, he will be the pick here.
  2. Should we trade up for Devin White?

    If Devin White falls to 10-15 range, then absolutely the Steelers should make offers to go get him. I've seen a lot of mocks with White going at #5. I think that would cost too much. Have the Steelers ever traded a future #1 or #2 pick in a trade?
  3. 2019 Mock Draft: Número Cuatro [UPDATE]

    I see plenty of people giving Bush to the Steelers at #20. Most people I've discussed this with just do not see Bush being more than a SS, and not worth a 1st round pick. He is just over matched by NFL-level talent. Steelers really need a solid CB. Burns has proven to be not any good, and Haden is in his last year. The FA they signed is not a long-term solution. I like TE Oliver in the 2nd, but would prefer him in the third. I would take Mack from Alabama if he is on the board at #52.
  4. Nas mock post combine

    Excellent pick. Not sure the Steelers will actually pick him, but they should.
  5. Brian Burns Mock Draft

    I just meant that I don't see Detroit trading for only our 1 and 2.
  6. Brian Burns Mock Draft

    In what dream world does Detroit do this?
  7. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I think most of the FA signings simply indicate that the Steelers will stay put at 20 and take the BPA on their board.
  8. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    Apologies... I see Bush and I'm like a moth to the flame. As for Edge, I think Winovich in the 3rd is a good spot for him and the Steelers. If he can spend a year playing ST and bulk up a bit for the NFL, I think he can offer a decent rotational OLB. I do think Ferrell in the 1st would be a good pick, but I still contend that CB in the first is a better option if Murphy, Baker, or Williams is still on the board.
  9. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    Yes, there is a lot of noise around Bush at the moment. I hope it is smoke. If not, I do hope someone else takes him first.
  10. Predictive Post First Wave FA 7 Rounder

    I think this pick belongs to the Steelers now with trade for Gilbert.
  11. One Round Mock

    I see a lot of mocks with the Steelers taking Bush. It is a probable pick if he is still on the board. Unfortunately, Bush does not translate well to NFL LB, IMO. Hopefully, they will use him more as a Safety hybrid.
  12. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    I suppose it is not out of the realm of possibility given the Steelers past penchant for reaching, but with CBs Murphy and Baker still on the board, I have to believe the Steelers would pick one of them. They recently acquired Mark Barron to fill the ILB/S role -- at least for the short term. There's also the possibility they'd take TE Fant here as well. The Steelers just acquired Montcrief. So now they have, JuJu, Washington, Montcrief, Switzer, and Rogers. I see them going after WR in the 4th - 6th round. If the Steelers go CD in the 1st, I can see TE here, or vise-versa.
  13. 2019 Mock Draft: Número Cuatro [UPDATE]

    Yes. Given how the draft played out to this point, this pick makes the most sense to me. No. They let Gilbert go to the Cardinals because they have pieces in place. OL later in this draft, sure, but not here. I think TE is a better position here. Maybe ILB, depending on who is on the board.
  14. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think Devin White is the player the Steelers need this year. I've noted this in several threads. Unfortunately, I've seen some mocks with White off the board as high as #3. I think it might cost next year's #1 to move up high enough to get him. It's just too bad a team like Miami is not high enough, because any team between 1-12 not going after QB could easily draft White as BPA. Miami is likely tanking for 2020, and I can see them trading down several times.
  15. Steeler Pro Day/Visits

    I hope so. The Steelers should be targeting best CB at 20, IMO.