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  1. Week 11 Games

    I'm not concerned about the 49ers winning or losing. If Both GB and SF end up 14-2, the Packers have the tiebreaker. If you don't beat them next week, you don't deserve the higher seed anyway. Frankly I'd prefer the 49ers winning their own division.
  2. Week 11 Games

    He sort of got one back because they put 2:01 on the clock, so we get two 2-minute warnings. That earlier missed FG looms very large.
  3. Week 11 Games

    And Fangio wastes a time out on a challenge that will never work.
  4. Week 11 Games

    Announcers keep saying "Denver hasn't scored a 4th quarter touchdown in 5 games" like they're trying to jinx it.
  5. Week 11 Games

  6. Week 11 Games

    Broncos looking like Baylor last night.
  7. Week 11 Games

    And the Vikings fumble the ensuing kickoff.
  8. Week 11 Games

    Vikings line up in an illegal formation on a chip shot field goal giving the Broncos a first down, lol. And the officials decided not to throw the flag, aww...
  9. Week 11 Games

    This result is unexpected but not unwelcome.
  10. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Wasn't Bo Jackson's injury treated improperly, which is why it ended his career? I recall hearing something about how he was walking around with internal bleeding in his hip for weeks, which I understand is not recommended.
  11. NFL News & Notes

    Here's a pretty good breakdown of the whole thing (tweet 1 of 8) : https://twitter.com/hbryant42/status/1195833632755200001
  12. NFL News & Notes

    The NFL's waiver that they insisted Kaepernick sign included a clause which would have exonerated regarding employment-related issues which occurred since the settlement in February. The standard injury waiver for a team workout has nothing of the sort. The standard injury waiver is just "you won't sue us if you tear your ACL or whatever when you're working out at our facility". It has nothing to say about what happened before, or what happens after the workout is concluded.
  13. NFL News & Notes

    Well, Kaepernick's representative countered with "we will sign the standard injury waiver" but the NFL declined saying that he must sign the modified waiver. That the NFL was unwilling to let him work out with a standard injury waiver (or just without an injury waiver) suggests the NFL's agenda here was CYA not to actually try to give him a shot.
  14. NFL News & Notes

    The NFL's whole purpose of holding this workout was to try to trap Kaepernick between "not showing up for a workout" (which would undermine a second lawsuit) and "signing a waiver that would waive his right to sue". The original settlement was only to resolve the indemnify the NFL from their past collusion to not employ Kaepernick, it does not protect them if they continue to do it. Kaepernick should have never signed that waiver, or anything other than "a normal injury waiver that players sign before being worked out for NFL teams". That the NFL gave him a different one was scummy. Of course, this whole thing, given how rushed it was, is scummy on the part of the NFL. Jeff Pash should lose his job over this. But now Kaepernick has the NFL between a rock and a hard place, since there were NFL officials who were willing to fly in from out of state to watch Kaepernick work out on the NFL's terms, but these same people weren't willing to drive a half-hour to see his actual workout. Probably the NFL's only real out here is to lean on the Eagles or the Lions or somebody to sign him. Hell, if the Packers sign Kaepernick I'll buy his jersey.
  15. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    It seems pretty clear this whole thing was to bait Kaepernick into signing a waiver which indemnifies the NFL from a second lawsuit, since they didn't manage to secure that with their settlement earlier. in doing so they set themselves up for a lawsuit in the event that NFL representatives who were going to attend the workout at the Falcons facility choose not to attend the alternative venue workout, since the only thing different is "the location" and "that waiver was not signed." Jeff Pash is slimy.