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  1. I'm not convinced this season will go for 16 games plus playoffs, so I'm hesitant to trade for anybody.
  2. I mean, if you can't get something useful out of a player as physically gifted as Rashan Gary, that's an indictment of coaching.
  3. I caught some of the MN/IND game today and I have to ask- are the 2020 Vikings a bad team?
  4. They learned Taylor couldn't go during pregame warmups. Chargers DL is legit though, which explains the box score.
  5. The most Packers thing imaginable is if the Packers are like 14-0 and have secured home field advantage, then the season is postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing plague.
  6. Lots of people who aren't in NFL front offices did. It's just that the NFL itself is stuck in the past. Picking Josh Allen before Lamar Jackson is just evidence of that.
  7. You don't get to crow unless you had Lamar Jackson at #1, since Jackson is clearly the best QB from that group.
  8. Special teams was especially hit hard by the whole "abbreviated offseason" thing. You want to stay out of as many unusual ST situations as you can until like week 9.
  9. "Starts slow, but then comes on like some sort of offensive juggernaut" is a lot less stressful than last year's "starts strong, then holds on for dear life".
  10. They're trying to justify the $10m/year for their backup QB.
  11. That might be the most Bengals way to lose a football game imaginable.
  12. It's really remarkable to juxtapose "how good Leonard Fournette was in the SEC" and "how good he is in the NFL". His LSU tape was "Adrian Peterson at OU" good.
  13. We are all the poorer for the average NFL broadcast in America choosing to cater to the existing football fan culture that exists instead of trying to make it something better than it is.
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