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  1. Aaron Rodgers' Knee Thread

    I mean a sprain is a tear, but the fact that they are calling it a "sprain" and not being more specific means it's almost certainly a grade 1 MCL tear, which is the most minor of knee sprains.
  2. Week 2 GDT - Minnesota (1-0) @ Green Bay (1-0)

    I mean, you could tell it was an MCL sprain from the fact that he said "it hurt" (there are no nerves in a lot of knee ligaments, so tearing one's ACL doesn't hurt at all) and the fact that the doctors let him go back out there (so none of the stability tests were failed.) A torn MCL, for those who haven't had one, is basically just an ankle sprain but for your knee- same recovery process; just take it easy and it will heal itself- you can move around on it as you need to.
  3. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    Browns are frisky this year- they are already off to their best start since 2004.
  4. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    I mean, if I wanted to own the first round pick of any good team in the NFL, picking a team in the NFC South is not a bad call because that division is always crazy.
  5. New Rules

    In fact, the "force out" rule was eliminated in 2008. Also I have no idea what Collinsworth was talking about re: "they will blow the whistle now" since the penalty in question was a neutral zone infraction, which has always stopped the play.
  6. Do you expect our running game to change?

    I figure that fundamentally the identity of this team is "a passing team carried by Aaron Rodgers" so the Packers are never going to be an especially effective running team.
  7. Packers Roster Cuts

    For me the "high risk later round pass rusher" I was bummed the Packers didn't land was Josh Sweat. Sure, the medial was concerning but I was heartbroken when he went 3 before they picked in the 4th (I liked Moore, but I liked Sweat a lot.)
  8. Packers Roster Cuts

    I mean, considering Pettine ran some great Jets defenses with some thoroughly average edge talent, I'm not about to freak out because our backups aren't amazing. Like, seriously, give me Matthews and Perry over Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace, and give me Gilbert and Fackrell over Jamaal Westerman and Vernon Gholston.
  9. Packers Roster Cuts

    "Draft Better" is a goal, not a solution. Plus, when you have like 5 CBs go down with injury for any team odds are pretty good that the #6 guy was not a high draft pick.
  10. Packers Roster Cuts

    I mean, what's the alternative you are proposing? - Draft more CBs? -Overpay for the good CBs who hit free agency? -Sign journeyman FA CBs and hope? Seems like this is less a "philosophy" issue and more a "make decisions based on current circumstances" issue.
  11. Packers Roster Cuts

    IIRC, there have been a lot more trade deadline trades in the last couple seasons than there have been in the previous decade.
  12. Packers Roster Cuts

    I mean the hope with guys you add to your roster after the cutdown to 53 is "those guys won't have to play a lot, outside of special teams" any way.
  13. Packers Roster Cuts

    I mean 100% the biggest unknown in scouting is "we don't know what this guy is going to do when you hand him a pile of money and take him out of his support network at college". Some guys mess that up in messy and dramatic ways, but for a lot of guys it just doesn't go well quietly. For everybody who takes their NFL job incredibly seriously and buckles down there are five guys who probably just want to sit at home and play FIFA on the xbox (c.f. Lynch, Paxton). Sometimes you can spot mindset problems in advance, and sometimes they just crop up because a guy moves to a different situation.
  14. Packers Roster Cuts

    Like genuinely the hope in 2015 was that a Byron Jones, Marcus Peters, or Kevin Johnson would land at 30 or that Vic Beasley would slip because he's undersized or that Bud Dupree would slip because he's raw. All those guys were gone so the options were pretty much "reach at a non-premium position" or pull a rabbit out of your hat. Like it's not like Randall couldn't play, and play corner, all of his problems were between his ears. I figure the former GM honestly found value where there literally was none, it's just that things didn't develop as well as they were hoped.
  15. Packers Roster Cuts

    But since he went 45th, it's unlikely a lot of teams actually had a 1st round grade on him. Kendricks is simply an average player whose skillset is perfect for the modern NFL, odds are pretty good if you took him in the 1st people are going to be mad about how their linebacker isn't producing up to his draft status for like 5 years. If they took an ILB it probably would have been Anthony and I don't think that went well for the Saints.