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  1. I figure if the Bengals really have concerns about his hand size, they can bring him in the building and measure them themselves.
  2. Why is Tua getting a pass?

    It's not uncommon for the #1 and #2 names to be known but not the order (e.g. Luck and RG3, Manning and Leaf) but it's super rare that you can't even come up with a strong argument for the other guy at #1.
  3. Why is Tua getting a pass?

    The whole "Burrow does/doesn't want to go to the Bengals" thing is a controversy manufactured to deal with the fact that the #1 overall pick has not been this obvious, this early in the process in over a decade. We need something to talk about and there's no way to say "Will the team picking #1 who needs a QB, pick QB A or QB B" because the second guy is hurt.
  4. Packers re-sign Mason Crosby to 3 year deal

    I mean, if you have a kicker you can count on, don't get cute (c.f. Gould, Robbie.)
  5. 2020 NFL Combine Thread

    Is there any reason to suspect that "doing athletic testing in the evening instead of in the morning" will throw off the value of the testing data as a historical comparison? As for the OL arm length issue it seems like the threshold should be "anything over 33" is not a minus".
  6. Is there any chance the Redskins take Tua at #2?

    There's a better chance Washington passes on Young to take Okudah than passing on Young to take Tua, IMO.
  7. Why not always trade up in the draft?

    Green Bay fans who lived through "Jeff Saturday Packers Pro Bowl Center" probably should not need to be reminded about this, but here we are.
  8. Why not always trade up in the draft?

    For a lot of positions "pro bowl" is more about name recognition than "how good you are." If you're going to do this sort of analysis, it's better to look at something like PFR's Approximate Value statistic. Fans are notoriously bad about picking offensive linemen, IDL, DBs, etc. and the "linebacker" position is entirely skewed towards pass rushers.
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I don't get why some people hate fun.
  10. Packers Regression

    It feels like the best preventative for regression is "score more points than you did last year" which feels doable.
  11. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    Combine Invite List is out: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001101482/article/2020-nfl-scouting-combine-full-list-of-invited-prospects
  12. Superb Owl Discussion Thread

    I'm happy for Andy Reid and I don't mind seeing Patrick Mahomes everywhere for the next few months because he sounds like a muppet and that's delightful.
  13. Is it time to switch to a 4-3 defense?

    A 4-3 defense requires more investment in "off ball" LBs than a 3-4 does. Why on earth would we want to do that considering the state of that group.
  14. HOF 2020 modern era inductees revealed

    I honestly would have had Atwater as the 4th of the 4 safeties in the finalists this year. Wow.
  15. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    From a strategic perspective, I'm gonna blitz my invisible safety a lot.