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  1. Deadlines spur action, presumably the player would rather get their signing bonus ASAP but the team doesn't actually have to do anything for months potentially. The first big deadline was "get under the cap before the start of the league year" and there isn't another one for a while unless they have a player they really want to sign.
  2. Presumably there are some extensions that are in the works with just a few points of contention, if the team needs the money in a hurry then those things break in the favor of the player, and if they don't then they break in favor of the team. I mean, they're going to need to free up some more money anyway to sign the draft class.
  3. You'd expect positions which are good, and deep in the draft to have depressed FA value anyway. The contrapositive is why all the edge guys are getting paid.
  4. The schedule's not out, but the full moons during the NFL season fall on 9/20, 10/20, 11/19, and 12/18. Biggest risk is if the Lions are scheduled for Monday night on September 20th, or a Saturday game on December 18th. They're probably not going to play on consecutive Thursdays in November.
  5. Basically every deal in the league is a 3 year deal with a series of options thereafter.
  6. The difference is that that every NFL team knows the cap dip is an aberration due to covid, and that the numbers are going to go way up when the new TV deals are finished. So spending against a future cap is probably cheaper than it has ever been right now.
  7. I can guarantee that they're not even in on Jones. Say what you will about the Jordan Love pick, but the reason basically none of Rodgers backups ever came to anything is that you simply cannot run the same offense with Aaron Rodgers and Brian Brohm/Matt Flynn/Brett Hundley/Deshone Kizer/etc. Whether or not Love ever comes to anything, he at least has the tools to be able to execute the same kind of offense you build around Rodgers. But like, full stop, you can't have an immobile guy backing up a mobile guy without installing two offenses.
  8. Hey, #143 is a real draft pick. Usually you run out of players you actually have strong feelings about midway through the 5th, so 178 probably isn't.
  9. I mean, LaFleur oversaw some pretty mediocre to worse offenses in Tennessee, so "track record" may not mean anything. The most important part of a coordinator interview has to be "look at what we've got, what are you going to do with that, and what would you need to make this work?" which is something we have very little insight on from outside the building.
  10. Pick #187, 5 before we got Runyan jr.
  11. QB play at Michigan was really bad, but I wouldn't have batted an eye if they took him instead of Deguara and he still lasted to the 6th.
  12. I still would have liked to spend a late round flyer on DPJ.
  13. Goff is an odd one. We've seen him both put together possibly the worst season of quarterbacking in NFL history (his rookie year, all rookies are bad but he was "is this fixable" bad) and also "championship calibre if the supporting cast is enough." Very little he does would surprise me at this point.
  14. I'm really curious how Burns's game is going to age, your undersized twitch and bend rushers sometimes have shooting star style careers. Like Clay couldn't do that 45 degree edge bend around the corner for all that many years.
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