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  1. Packers could be interested in trading for Khalil Mack

    So while the Raiders haven't done anything *insane* precisely, the Raiders have been known to allow personality issues override professional sense, like when they cut Marquette King (who is a very good punter and was affordable) for no apparent reason beyond "Gruden didn't like him." So if Gruden boots his punter because he's colorful and Gruden wants to be the "Get off my lawn" curmudgeon, who's to say he won't react even more irrationally to a young player "asking for more than he's worth" or "not honoring his contract" or whatever.
  2. Packers could be interested in trading for Khalil Mack

    I'd give up the 2 firsts but I'd like to recoup a day 2 pick somehow in the trade.
  3. Browns WR Antonio Callway Cited for Marijuana

    How do we take into account that this is already like his 3rd chance?
  4. Packers could be interested in trading for Khalil Mack

    We got two first round picks, so lets get both Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald
  5. Browns WR Antonio Callway Cited for Marijuana

    Considering his track record, you have to figure that this is kind of a "best case scenario" for Antonio Callaway making the national NFL media news in August. However, didn't Carmelo Anthony get cleared from having drugs in his bag at the airport when a friend claimed them? I know it's a different league but he might not get in trouble if something like that happens here.
  6. Supplemental Draft

    Specifically this is because you basically are down a year for development- a guy you took in the supplemental draft misses the whole minicamp "install and learn the playbook" part of the year but the rookie year during which he sits on the bench and occupies a roster spot still counts towards the four years in which a guy is really cheap.
  7. Random Packer News & Notes

    Alas, one of the things that is hard to see on tape is "dumb as a box of hammers".
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    Really gotta hand it to this team for finding new and exciting ways to get hurt.
  9. Supplemental Draft

    I'd bid a 5, since it's not like that's a real draft pick anyway.
  10. Packers Forum 2018 NFL Draft Discussion (NO SPOILERS!)

    Wasn't there a report today that there was a debate inside the Dolphins room about whether to trade back or take Fitzpatrick? I could see that as potentially weighing a specific offer to move back, which could have come from GB.
  11. I mean, it's clear the St. Browns don't have cats, since cats stretch a lot.
  12. 4th Round Pick (133rd Overall): J'Mon Moore [WR; Mizzou]

    Some guys have been slow to adapt to having to play on both sides in the NFL, since it's "do everything you're used to doing, but reverse left and right". So it's something that might slow his development, but just in a "it's another thing he needs to learn" sort of way.
  13. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Honestly, I would be concerned about Dez being a bad influence on the promising rookies in the WR room. If they do sign a vet, I'd think someone in the "consummate professional" mold would be preferable.
  14. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    One of only 3 picks from the previous GM that immediately showed that they had absolutely no business being on an NFL playing field (the others being Ricky Elmore and Brian Brohm).
  15. Potential Trade?

    Well, we don't call people "fans" because they are rational.