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  1. Well, since the j is pronounced like an h, he could be our bohemian punter.
  2. I'm really thinking about getting a Bojorquez jersey.
  3. I really think the Packers had their hearts set on Dickson in 2018 and panicked when the Seahawks sniped them in the top 150, and panicked when they picked JK Scott. Glad he's gone.
  4. Watson's not playing football this year.
  5. He's cheap and he plays special teams OK.
  6. I'm legit excited about Bojorquez.
  7. Are the PS rules still altered from last year's special covid rules, or are they back to normal?
  8. I don't like how the new uniforms make them look like Baylor.
  9. He technically cannot opt out unless he has developed a high risk condition since last season. It's technically possible to develop like cancer at any point, but there's also no indication this has happened.
  10. I am surprised that some people who follow football do not understand the concept of a redshirt year and how preparing with no expectation of playing oftentimes prepares a player much better than preparing with the expectation of maybe playing. Particularly when the bulk of the work a guy needs to do involves "learning to work within the system."
  11. It's sincerely my hope that in the next few years professional athletes can just be as open about their sexual orientations and gender identities as they want to be and it's just not a big deal. There have always been guys who came out after they were done, and guys have been various levels of coy about their personal relationships, but if a guy comes out and it's just NBD then that's good progress.
  12. For Harrell all of his college injuries where things that were not really a big deal once they heal (the torn bicep, some ankle sprains). What happened with him was that at the time the S&C coach was pushing guys too hard (the Packers had a historical number of injuries with him) leading to the back injury which is not something you come back from as a big man.
  13. It feels weird to give the Thompson pick a pass due to injury but not the Harrell pick. I'm still convinced that without that back injury, Harrell would have been a good one.
  14. I think the entire issue here is the push/pull about who gets to control when Rodgers' Green Bay career ends. Rodgers wants to avoid the situation where the FO can just say "well, Love is ready, so see ya" while Green Bay wants to avoid Rodgers being able to put them between a rock and a hard place. Neither side benefits from Rodgers forcing the issue this year, so that's why there's not going to be any trade in 2021.
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