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  1. 2019 Green Bay Packers offseason - OTAs/minicamps

    Well, that particular shooting sport is like the worst choice. S***t shooting drove me nuts as a perfectionist, since every target I miss is 100% my fault. While I prefer double trap, people who aren't serious about it can have a good time doing sporting clays (it's golf with a shotgun).
  2. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    I feel like you will never get a draft pick that's not like a conditional 7th for Jones. What could motivate a trade is a player for player thing, where a team is loaded at a position and was going to cut a roster worthy player, so instead swap him for a guy like Jones.
  3. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    So that's what saving all that cap room is for- when Saquon is a FA in 3 years.
  4. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    I feel like "Houston has had money to spend in free agency for these last two years and hasn't really done anything with it" probably has more to do with it than anything that did or didn't happen in the draft.
  5. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    Do we really think that if they took Cody Ford, or McGary, or Little, or Jawaan, or Risner this doesn't happen?
  6. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    Was this like a "Draft class looked bad in OTAs" thing? I can see firing a guy right after the draft (you decided to fire him months ago, but you didn't want to bring someone else in to run a draft they didn't prepare) but like "during organized team activities" I don't get.
  7. Oren Burks

    Would the NFL let him play in shorts? Plus like shoulder pads and a helmet. Might be trouble in the latter part of the season but it would be a strong incentive to get the defense off of the field so he can go stand next to a heater.
  8. 2019 Green Bay Packers offseason - OTAs/minicamps

    One of the reasons I was so glad we got Gary and not like Detroit is that Gary is precisely the kind of rusher Bakh has the most trouble with- long speed-to-power guys. We'd hate him if we had to play him 2x per year.
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I mean, the thing about "IOL vs. WR" in the draft is also somewhat tied to "what helps your QB more" in addition to salaries. It's not hard to see that Rodgers' best years were when he had really good interior OL play and some of his recent issues can be somewhat linked to "interior pressure". Which is to say the WR would be dependent on Rodgers, and Rodgers is somewhat dependent on the OL. So if there's an issue with the OL, you fix that first.
  10. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    I mean, I don't think there ever was a guy whose ceiling was "triple digit sacks". But if there were, you definitely do whatever you can to draft that guy.
  11. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    I mean, if he's a very good run defender who gets a lot of pressures but is like an 8-9 sacks/year guy, are people going to be mad? Well, yes... but should they be?
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I would not doubt that there are teams which had Metcalf off their boards entirely purely for Medical, and Green Bay is likely one of the most conservative teams when it comes to neck/spine injuries (in part this is bad luck, but I mean... Sam Shields is still playing.)
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I would not be surprised if, internally, Green Bay had a better grade on J'Mon than A.J. Brown, a better grade on MVS or ESB than Metcalf, and didn't see Paris Campbell as a scheme fit (he's a guy you have to manufacture touches for, IMO.)
  14. 1[21]: Darnell Savage [S; Maryland]

  15. Biggest head scratching picks

    Also for absurdly overvaluing the role of the running gamer in the modern NFL, both in paying incredible money to RBs, but also in allocating resources towards "things that enable/inhibit the running game on offense/defense" and away from things which enable/inhibit the passing game.