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  1. QB play at Michigan was really bad, but I wouldn't have batted an eye if they took him instead of Deguara and he still lasted to the 6th.
  2. I still would have liked to spend a late round flyer on DPJ.
  3. Goff is an odd one. We've seen him both put together possibly the worst season of quarterbacking in NFL history (his rookie year, all rookies are bad but he was "is this fixable" bad) and also "championship calibre if the supporting cast is enough." Very little he does would surprise me at this point.
  4. I'm really curious how Burns's game is going to age, your undersized twitch and bend rushers sometimes have shooting star style careers. Like Clay couldn't do that 45 degree edge bend around the corner for all that many years.
  5. The sense I got from rewatching the game last night on NFLN (I fell asleep in the 2nd half) is that the Rams position on defense was largely "we're going to drop 7 and bet you can't score touchdowns without explosive plays" and the Packers offense was mostly just "okay, we'll do that then."
  6. Hey, we don't have a Jack Easterby or a Cal McNair in the organization, so that's a positive in the Green Bay column.
  7. Gary really is a worst nightmare for your "wily old veteran OL" since you can win every rep above the neck and deploy every "dirty" trick in your arsenal, but your long and strong guys are still going to make you work harder than you want to.
  8. Odd how then national media managed thousands of hours of "Rams D v. Packers O" this week and maybe 10 minutes of "Packers D vs. Rams O" which had more to say about the outcome of this one.
  9. The important thing is that Donald heals up so he's ready for the fall season.
  10. I can't remember any NFL player ever going into the hall as a member of a team rather than just "an individual who is being honored for their accomplishments." The "going in as a member of a team" is a baseball thing not a football thing, because the baseball players are depicted as "wearing baseball hats" (which will have team insignia on it) whereas the football players will just have busts that depict their head sans helmet.
  11. I'd rather play the Bears again than any other team in the playoffs.
  12. The NFL's idea in "making week 17 all divisional games" is basically "that gives the best chance of having a game that has playoff implications for both teams" in case we have a head-to-head matchup for a division. We got close to that since the AFCS and NFCE were up for grabs, but the TV people got unlucky in having the matchups in those divisions being precisely the wrong ones. Had the Colts played the Titans, or the Football Team played the Giants or the Cowboys you would have had an obvious candidate. It's just that based on the schedule laid out months ago the Colts and the Titans p
  13. Houston also doesn't have a 2nd round pick this year. I would say, going forward "getting bailed out of no good matchups because no other GMs are as profligate with draft capital" is not something the NFL can really count on.
  14. That would have just been "Tennessee is playing for the division, having already secured at least a wild card, while Houston has literally nothing to play for except pride since they don't have any draft picks" though.
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