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  1. The team has some legit injury issues and is sitting at 5-1. After the week 1 performance I sure didn't see this coming.
  2. Next two weeks vs CHI and WAS won't tell us much about the defense unless there is a complete meltdown. Weeks 8 and 9 vs ARI and KC will be really tough match-ups with the injuries. I am already looking forward to the revival of the "burn it all down" thread in the lead up to week 10.
  3. This is where Adams pays the price for the relatively slow start to his career. He didn't have a 1000 yard season until year 5, so his second contract was a very good contract, but wasn't a deal that set a new bar for WR's. Now that he is truly elite, he's too old for a team to want to give him a huge deal. Using the tag is really the only move that makes sense for GB.
  4. Per JSO That is so dumb I wouldn't believe it if the explanation wasn't coming straight from the team.
  5. The 7 missed XP's in the first half of yesterday's early games would suggest otherwise.
  6. I think it's just a matter of defenses now being more aware of him as a threat and are less likely to lose track of him
  7. I am not sure Tonyan or Lazard are players you design plays for.
  8. Yeah, I was flipping out when they first showed it was 4th down. But when GB lined up for the 4th down play, it was obvious that the yellow line they were showing on 3rd down was way off. I don't know that I can recall another time where that yellow line was so far off on a TV broadcast for such a critical play.
  9. I think hope is as far as it's going to go with Jaire and Z. Even if they return, I do not expect either of them to be near their normal level of effectiveness.
  10. Even with Garrett as HC, I'd probably take the 2014 "Dez Bryant no catch" team over this current DAL team.
  11. I am willing to concede the possibility that Barry may not be a terrible DC after all.
  12. This is the simple truth. Rack up the wins needed to get into the playoffs, then see what happens. Rinse. Repeat.
  13. Watching Hebert at Oregon I was convinced he'd be a terrible pro QB.
  14. Generally speaking, my days of cursing at the Packers while watching the games are behind me. But even before Burrow threw the pass, when I saw the DL dropping back and not even trying to rush the QB, I couldn't help myself. I am not sure what to make of the idea that the call was supposedly made by the CIN offense and was misinterpreted by the entire Packers DL. Does that make it better or worse from the, "Holy *** that was dumb" standpoint?
  15. After the big Jones run late in Q4, GB had 4 additional running plays, all in obvious running situations. Those plays went for 0, -1, -4 and -1 yards. I expect that played a role in MLF's decision to send Crosby out to (again) attempt a game winner rather than going for that final 4th down.
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