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  1. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    I am resigned to four more years of, "we weren't on the same page" answers from Rodgers. Don't let those open WR's fool you, they are all running bad routes.
  2. High Mock

    I was confused by the number too, but I think they are supposed to represent the per year total, not the total of the contract. I think 3yr/14m was intended to represent 14m per year for 3 years.
  3. 2020 Packer coaching changes, should there be any ?

    Our 5th round comp pick entering his 2nd season and learning a new system wasn't ready to start? Am I supposed to be surprised by that? The group of UDFA WR's underachieved? Relative to what? I am pretty sure the term, "garbage in, garbage out" applies to this group of WR's not named Adams. Lazard eventually stepped up, and expecting more than one player from this group to pan out was never realistic. Would it have been nice? Sure. It was never likely.
  4. 2020 Packer coaching changes, should there be any ?

    Sure, lets fire the WR coach based on his success coaching a group of UDFA's for a single season in a new offensive system. Esp since I've read multiple posts in this very forum explaining how one of those UDFA's is performing as well as a league average WR2. Not to mention the fact that I seem to remember watching multiple games this season where WR's were open, but the QB was either not throwing them the ball, or making poor throws when he did. Great plan.
  5. At least it took 90 minutes or so before the " Packers haven't played a complete game" lemmings showed up. Much longer than usual. I'm pretty sure I'd see the same posts after a SB win.
  6. I am truly at the point where I would rather scrap replay altogether and just live with what the refs miss in real time. The bad calls we now get with replay review are every bit as infuriating (and ludicrous) as anything that was happening before replay was instituted, but now we get to wait five minutes before they make a terrible call.
  7. I am not counting out any team that dominated BAL the way TEN did, and Reid usually finds a way to choke in the playoffs.
  8. First I saw a year full of really unlikely wins. Then I saw Jimmy Graham making multiple catches in huge moments to play a large role in a playoff win. I am beginning to think that maybe the football gods are wearing cheese heads this season.
  9. Why stop with Pettine? Lets get rid of the entire staff. A lot of ugly football this season, and the offense has usually been worse than the defense. I say all 14 of these wins could have easily gone the other way. Get rid of em all I say!
  10. I really wish I didn't despise Carroll so much. I actually like the SEA team in general.
  11. Watching Pete complain to the officials at the end of the game is especially sweet icing on the cake
  12. I'll give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume nobody actually thought this team was going to make things easy after that great first half.
  13. 20-17 is very low scoring? I do not think it means what you think it means.
  14. Good thing KC got their act together after that crazy start. Chiefs are saving everyone from a TEN vs HOU championship game that I am pretty sure nobody outside of Tennessee and Houston wanted to watch.
  15. 2019 Divisional Round Playoffs

    After watching the Titans go into Baltimore and beat up on the Ravens, TEN vs KC has become quite the intriguing match-up. If TEN gets to the SB, that means they got there by beating NE, BAL and KC... all on the road. No way I wouldn't be hugely impressed by that.