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  1. OK, so maybe the guy on the left.
  2. I feel like there is no way GB would do it, but if they did I would be happy enough. I'd be under the assumption the the GB medical staff feels good about his injury history, and felt like it was a risk worth taking. I can live with that.
  3. As for actual Packers prospect interest, is CB Farley completely off of GB's board or do they select him in RD1 if he's there?
  4. I read it as at him thinking this moment in time, there are maybe a couple thousand people who have the requisite training/experience to be considered competent at breaking down film. I think maybe what his comment is missing is whether he is talking about a general ability to look at all-22 and understand what is happening, or the ability to look at specific players and positions and understand the technical aspects of how well each player is doing their job. I am probably ok at the former, but not the latter.
  5. Every negative thought I ever had regarding Bush was erased by his performance in the SB. He showed up in a big way when it mattered most. I will always remember him fondly.
  6. That Kenny Clark pick was such a waste. Stupid Packers. Gary too. They never learn.
  7. With CHI's recent luck with QB's, I am half surprised they didn't give up their next couple drafts along with multiple current players to obtain Watson, only to have this latest turn of events play out with Watson suspended indefinitely.
  8. I tend to agree. I think Rodgers desire to keep playing will leave him before any kind of Manning/Brees/Roeth level drop off in physical ability sets in.
  9. If Gute came out of RD4 with those players I would be pretty darn happy.
  10. I am going to be a little bummed if Funches looks to be on the same level as EQ in camp.
  11. Would Jones be a miss had he moved on in FA? That's the only way Herman can justify calling Jones a hit while not doing the same for picks like Jamaal Williams and Blake Martinez. Both Williams and Martinez were fine picks.
  12. If you cut Jacson and Burks, what is the salary of the next two players who are in the top 51 salaries? Would you not need to reduce your calculated cap savings by the amount of those two salaries?
  13. If GB already recovered 7.25M of the potential 8M for P-Smith on the 2021 cap, I am not sure how Herman ever had an interesting point. GB already had the money from P-Smith. It did not get them Kyle Fuller.
  14. How does cutting P-Smith help GB get Kyle Fuller in a 1YR/9.5M deal? Didn't GB already recover most of P-Smith's 2021 cap number with the restructure? I thought his cap hit if we cut him was 8M. After the restructure it's 8.75M.
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