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  1. I don't see a need to argue about which weak position is most worthy of an upgrade. This team can spend next years premium picks at virtually any position and it will be a position of need. If there was ever a year to stick to BPA, this is it.
  2. 2020 Draft to be held in Las Vegas

    Quite honestly, it seems like holding the draft in LV should be an annual event for the league. Similar to holding the combine in Indy. Pairing an off-season event like the draft with LV seems like a match made in heaven from a cash-flow standpoint.
  3. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Packers will win this one just to keep that glimmer of playoff hope alive to torture the Packers faithful a little longer. Either that, or the CHI defense will outscore the GB offense.
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    From the same McGinn article, anyone questioning whether TT has legit health issues can put those doubts to rest.
  5. Random, generic TE describes Graham perfectly at this stage of his career.
  6. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    Not sure what his being a Bears fan has to do with anything. I watch plenty of CHI games year over year, and you are vastly underrating the impact Mack has made for them. The statements Pool made are valid enough. That being said, it's easy to look back on this lost season and feel like it's just as well that Mack did not land in GB.
  7. Is Leonard Fournette a bust?

    JAX knew Fournette had an injury injury when then took him. They made a bet on the injuries not following him to the NFL, and so far they've lost that bet. I do get what JAX was thinking when they took him. A healthy Fournette fits the JAX team identity perfectly. Unfortunately for JAX (and LSU), staying healthy is exactly what Fournette can't seem to do. If that doesn't change over the next couple years, Fournette will certainly fall into the bust category. Don't think he's there quite yet.
  8. Lester Hayes is your huckleberry.
  9. I am so tired of hearing how Rodgers not trusting <insertrandomplayernameshere> somehow means he's not at fault. Rodgers not being able to play with new players is a Rodgers problem, not a new player problem.
  10. Kareem Hunt clears waivers, is officially a Free Agent

    Hunt is a good, but not great talent. In a league where very productive RB's come out of nowhere every year, I'm not sure why a team would go out of it's way to claim Hunt. He's currently the focal point of a PR disaster, and it seems clear that the league plans to hit him with a significant suspension. Hunt will be back in the league soon enough, but I 100% understand why he wasn't claimed.
  11. NFL Looking to Change up Punting

    Take the punt returner out of the play altogether. The defense goes for the block every time. Wherever the ball initially hits the the turf after the punt (no extra roll) is where the other team takes over. Fake punts are still allowed.
  12. It's not about playoff success, it's about making the playoffs. It was harder to make the playoffs during the Lombardi era. But I don't think saying Mac would need to win two playoff games is quite the same since those games are by definition vs the best teams in the league.
  13. Why would I need too? Up until his final season, Lombardi had to win a 7 or 8 team division to make the playoffs. In his final season, he had to win a 4 team division. Mac has had to either win a 4 team division OR have one of the two best remaining records. It seems to me that it was far more difficult for Lombardi to make the playoffs than Mac.
  14. How many times Mac would have missed the playoffs using Lombardi era seeding is actually an interesting question. Mac's SB team of 2010 doesn't even make the playoffs without the expanded playoff seeds of the modern era. Mac and Rodgers would both be viewed VERY differently without that playoff run in 2010.
  15. The constant groin and hamstring injuries speak directly to the S&C staff