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  1. We are talking about the same guy who kept Capers at DC several years too long. Adjusting on the fly isn't really MM's thing.
  2. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Group think agenda? Any agenda that involves Davis is a bad agenda.
  3. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Davis is fighting the same hammy issue today he was fighting in OTA's. The same issue kept him our vs TEN. I don't see him on the roster if he can't get over the issue within the next week or so. Personally, I don't want him on the roster under any circumstances, but I think his sore hammy's will make it an easy decision to cut him.
  4. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    Kumerow has a high floor, but also has a limited ceiling. I would not label him as a player with high potential. At 26, I'm not even sure I'd label him as young.
  5. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Does every fan base expect 7 WR's to make the roster every year, or is that just a GB thing? Seems like 6 is more than enough after Davis is cut loose.
  6. Wide Receiver Outlook

    6'4" 205 qualifies as a big WR for me
  7. So the team is managing Cobb's ankle soreness two weeks into camp. Excellent.
  8. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Agree with pretty much all of this. The suddenness that made Cobb tough to cover in his early years is a distant memory.
  9. Sounds like the bulk of Rollins snaps are coming at the hybrid ILB/S spot in the dime package. I don't hate that as a role for him.
  10. I can honestly say I've never been on Reddit. I'm old.
  11. I feel like I'm missing something
  12. Cobb is going to be one of the guys who makes/breaks this season for GB. The return of something resembling 2014 Cobb would be a huge lift for the offense.
  13. Rollins is entering his fourth year. He's never been a great athlete, and that goes beyond his 40 time. Speed has always been a glaring issue, and now he's coming off a torn Achilles. In three seasons, his peak was showing occasional flashes as a rookie. Since then, the swagger he seemed to show as a rookie is long gone. He's just been flat out bad the past two seasons. I'm just not seeing the cause for optimism.
  14. Does anyone else feel like Monty is going to come out of camp at RB1? Injuries be damned, McCarthy just seems to love the guy.