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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    The CAR contract Breeland signed was 3YR/24M. It was nullified by a foot infection resulting from a non-football injury prior to the start of the season.
  2. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    One with no long term memory?
  3. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Rams fans complaining about the refs is the cherry on top of this chocolate covered crap sundae of a game.
  4. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    I don't know if this was intended to be funny, but it cracked my up. It's like someone brought back my dad from the 70's so he could rant about how terrible "today's" music is. Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin suck, just ask him! Don't even get him started on hack comics like Richard Pryor.
  5. If we're going to discuss technologies that aren't here yet, why stop at machine learned officiating? Lets go full blown Minority Report and put together a pre-penalty unit that lets refs know which penalties are going to happen before each play. The amount of time saved would be tremendous, and is only slightly less likely to happen than what was suggested by the OP.
  6. Too many reviews isn't the problem, it's the absurd review process. There is zero reason why a centralized review team with immediate access to all replay angles could not handle reviews in less than half the time it currently takes. This ritual where the on field ref goes to the sideline to review replays is beyond stupid.
  7. Second Round WR - It’s Time

    With zero proof, I am confident that much of the group currently dismissing MVS and EQ has roots in a similar group which was ready to cut ties with Adams after his rough 2nd year.
  8. Second Round WR - It’s Time

    According to that trade chart, our 2019 RD3 pick is worth more than our RD4a + RD4b + RD5 + RD6 picks combined. If you subscribe to that line of thinking, I don't know what to say other than I do not agree.
  9. Second Round WR - It’s Time

    With a new scheme coming in I have absolutely no idea how big of a problem WR will be. The team already has a top end WR1 and invested multiple picks in the position last season. I'm not sure that investing an RD2/RD3 pick at the position in April will do much to improve the team. To me, replacing Cobb with a vet WR who can actually get open from the slot should be the priority if the team is going to invest at the position.
  10. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    Call it whatever you want. They had a chance to sign him, and they blew it.
  11. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    This is discouraging. So it appears that GB lost RIzzi by trying to lowball him.
  12. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I only wish Vegas was willing to post odds on this. I'd put up a lot of money betting against Graham posting those numbers in GB next season. EDIT: One of those three stats? Maybe. All three? Very unlikely. Ertz and Kelce were the only TE's to hit those numbers in 2018. In 2017 it was only Kelce.
  13. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    TE is likely going to be ugly next season with or without Graham. Best hope IMO is that the team can develop a TE prospect who is ready to step in for 2020.
  14. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    A 32 year old TE with an injury history being used as an inline blocker more than he's suited to not holding up over the course of 17 weeks?
  15. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Without a ton of research, my initial thoughts for GB's top 3 picks have been #12 - Ferrell (Edge) #30 - Hockenson (TE) #44 - Ferguson (Edge) Is that realistic? Would it be a good thing?