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  1. I can't take any real stance on the idea of trading Rodgers prior to 2021 without seeing how 2020 plays out. If (1) Love looks the part as a rookie, and (2) the passing game stagnates throughout 2020, it could make sense for Gute to shop Rodgers prior to 2021. Above all else, Love needs to show something as a rookie. If Love is flashing ability from the start, Gute should absolutely try to take advantage of that rookie deal. If Love struggles as a rookie, there is no way Gute even considers trading Rodgers after the season. Lets say Gute does trade Rodgers after the 2020 season to start taking advantage of the Love rookie deal. How much is GB going to spend at QB2? Do they go cheap there too? I say lets shake up the NFL and go with a Love/Kaepernick QB room in 2021. The 2021 Love/Kaep jersey sales should eclipse potential Rodgers/Love sales by a good margin. Lets fill those coffers!
  2. Who else is ready for the story to come out in November that a few high profile players with no symptoms tested positive, but the league suppressed the results to keep them on the field?
  3. MLB has 10x the number of games vs the NFL. The NBA 5x. Of course their revenue models are different. The per game viewing demand is vastly different.
  4. Easy to forget that Jordy didn't have his true breakout year until his fourth season. It didn't matter because the team didn't need to lean on from him in the early years. By the end of year three, you could see he was going to be a player. MVS struggled last season because he wasn't yet ready to be a starter. It was entirely predictable. I just hope it didn't ruin him
  5. Does anyone truly believe this is the last time we'll be hearing about how J-Adams wants a new deal? New contract or not, the minute another player sets the S market higher, the clock will be ticking on how long Adams can stay quite about how he feels underpaid.
  6. So the union effectively negotiated away the ability for players to hold out, but at least they can now smoke all the weed they want without fear of suspension. I think this may be the kind of thing Rodgers was looking at when he suggested players were pointing to "wins" in the new CBA in areas that the owners couldn't care less about, while giving the owners wins in areas that they very much cared about.
  7. Makes perfect sense for Cook not to play for 1.3M. Doesn't make much sense for him to expect McCaffery or even Johnson money.
  8. As I remember it, Rodgers was recovering from a broken collar bone in 2017, not a fractured skull.
  9. Doing 80 in a 45 while drinking, pulling a trailer, and passing in a no passing zone. Ed may or may not be a "good" guy, but he is most definitely a dumbass.
  10. It's a problem that doesn't exist... yet. When it becomes a problem, the league will adjust. More or less exactly the same way this rule change to stop blocking interviews came about.
  11. How many 2021 mock drafts show GB taking an early ILB?
  12. Coming off a draft where Gute went Love, Dillon, Deguara with the first three picks, I am good with not getting my hopes up for anyone in particular for GB a year from now.
  13. Seems to me that MLF wants to build the offense around the running game. That being the case, having one high priced WR along with 4-5 reasonable/bargain contracts is probably the new normal at WR in GB. I don't think the team views upgrading at WR as nearly as big of priority as most fans/media do. At this point I'd be much less surprised to see the team give Jones a 2nd contract next off-season vs signing a FA WR to a 10M+ multi year deal. In reality, I don't expect either. I think a day 2 pick at WR in 2021 is the ceiling of what to expect.
  14. Combination of both. MLF's system is known to be very wordy on the play calls, and Rodgers was was still learning it. I don't expect the wrist band to be something Rodgers wears long term. I think his pride alone would prevent it.
  15. I have no expectations whatsoever for EQ. Good or bad. On this roster I can imagine him quickly moving into the WR2 spot opposite Adams, and I can just as easily imagine him being among the final cuts. I would be equally unsurprised by either outcome.
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