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  1. No worries. I was genuinely confused by the initial response. Makes perfect sense now.
  2. I have no idea how that is your take away from what I posted.
  3. Not football, but if Durant's foot lands two inches further back at the end of game 7... The Bucks are knocked out in the conf semi's (again) Bud is fired Giannis is probably regretting signing the super max.
  4. I expect Aaron is probably indifferent to how Love's career in GB plays out. Rodgers cares about Rodgers and not much else. Always has. This is just the first time that trait has become inconvenient for GB fans.
  5. If this thread is any indication, not half as much as Rodgers has been messing with the heads of Packers fans.
  6. That much is true, it was a clear flagrant. It's been a rough series for the refs.
  7. I don't know about league wide, but among MIL fans Portis is one of the most popular players on the team. Do you not hear the "BOBBY!" chants at the home games when he's on the floor?
  8. Interesting to read that. I had assumed it was just my pro-MIL bias that made Booker seem unlikable. CP3's personality traits are well documented, so I don't give him much thought. I don't see any issues with other Suns players.
  9. Agreed. I have no issue with either play. Paul actually did MIL a huge favor with the foul (assuming that's the foul at the end of game 5)
  10. I don't dispute in any way that the Kyrie/Harden injuries are what allowed MIL to get past the Nets. That being said, injuries to their injury prone big 3 was always their biggest risk factor. Even with the injuries, if Joe Harris doesn't go in the tank after game 2 they would have advanced. Next year could easily play out differently and the Nets may cruise to a title. They were on a completely different level than anyone else in the playoffs until the injuries hit.
  11. Regardless of what happens the rest of the finals, the off-season program for Giannis needs to be nothing but getting his FT shooting under control. Holiday may not always fill up the stat sheet, but he may be the ultimate glue guy.
  12. Don't know about today since I am not really into MMA anymore, but 5-7 years ago he had fans because he was entertaining. No more complicated than that. McGregor fights were must see events. Back then I would have taken McGregor being a jackass and KO'ing opponents with his left vs watching more skilled fighters taking the match to the mat and ground/pound 10 times out of 10.
  13. There were several unlikely events that all aligned to send GB to the playoffs that year.
  14. Even prior to the Giannis injury, that was a classic lifeless effort from MIL last night. The injury can be attributed to bad luck. The loss can be attributed to pathetic effort. Despite two consecutive years flaming out in the playoffs, this team still hasn't learned how to stay focused.
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