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  1. Remember when the general consensus was that 2020 would be a year of regression for the Packers, and they would struggle to make the playoffs? Me too. All of this talk about how this was GB's last/best chance to make a deep run with Rodgers is so dumb it actually made my day to read it.
  2. Much like Bostic after the 2014 loss, I don't know how GB can bring King back into the locker room after how he played today. King hitting FA and moving on is probably best for everyone involved.
  3. No denying that it was a terrible call by Pettine, but the fact that King willingly gave up the outside in that situation tells me all I need to know about his football IQ. The only possible silver lining to that play would be if it tips the scales for the team cutting ties with both of them. I hope to never see either of them in Packers colors again.
  4. This place will be unbearable if Pettine stays on as DC. I hope MLF considers that when making his decision.
  5. I have to admit that the idea of Pettine getting booted from his DC gig in GB as the result of a stupidly aggressive defensive call backfiring does appeal to my sense of the absurd.
  6. Agree 100%. Some real denial among Packers fans about how often Rodgers lies squarely within the list of players who fail to rise to the occasion in the playoffs losses.
  7. I've generally been in King's corner, but I don't know how GB can give him any kind of significant deal after this game. Plenty of blame to go around for today's loss, but King is right at the front of the line.
  8. So that would be a "yes" on the free pass for the defense on that end if half TD?
  9. Maybe I am misreading this, but are you giving the defense a free pass on that TD before the half?
  10. Last two minutes of Q2, first two minutes of Q3. That is where the game was lost. GB is thinking two scores to grab momentum in a tight game. Instead, they turn the ball over twice and give up two quick TD's. Just enough of a mini-meltdown to keep them from advancing. Quite honestly, teams that do that kind of **** in the NFCC don't deserve to advance.
  11. MLF, Pettine, Rodgers, Jones, Adams, King, Packers Offense, Packers Defense, Packers Special Teams Take your pick, they all had major issues that lead to this loss. GB didn't look like a championship team today, and they got bounced. Plenty of blame to go around, and it's all deserved. This team wasn't ready for the moment, and it showed up all over the roster.
  12. Generally speaking I couldn't care less about Stafford, but I sure wouldn't want to see Watson land in DET
  13. I am familiar with all of the reasons why fans seem to think Brady and NE should have an asterisk next to everything they have accomplished.
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