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  1. The agenda is tiresome. True enough.
  2. Week 5 Games

    I thought the decision to go for it was worse than the play call. Five minutes left is still plenty of time to get a stop. Now IND is already in position to make it a 2 score game.
  3. Week 5 Games

    Luck really screwed IND. Brisset is OK, but that team would be rock solid with Luck at QB.
  4. Pack at Dallas Post Game: Four and One

    Carson must be gold in pass-pro because he is turrible as a runner.
  5. I am genuinely curious who these theoretical best available WR candidates might be, and what Gute should be willing to give up to get him. Easy to talk in generalities when you're looking for someone else to execute the action.
  6. To summarize your initial post: Gute is a fool if he doesn't look at his 6-1 team and decide to go all in on immediately pursuing the best WR a team will give up, and you don't care about the price. GB going 6-1 seems reasonably possible. The trade deadline is definitely happening. There is no chance of Gute going all in to pursue a WR. Let alone with a mentality of "no matter the cost"
  7. Pack at Dallas Post Game: Four and One

    4-1 with road wins vs CHI and DAL. Did not have the season penciled in to start this way. Need to take care of business at home these next two weeks vs sneaky competent DET and OAK..
  8. Bring in a new WR for the 2nd half of the season? You must realize that has zero chance of happening.
  9. I shudder to think how negative things would be around here were the team 1-4 rather than 4-1. The team has flaws, but not nearly as many as I thought it would. My only real concern at this point is the injuries starting to mount. If the team can stay reasonably healthy, I feel like this roster has the kind of play makers that can do some damage come playoff time. Been a few years since I felt that way about the team.
  10. It's true enough that having an elite guy like Adams puts the GB group on par with most teams. There are not many WR groups out their that need to be feared. The DAL group GB faced today (Cooper/Gallup/Cobb) is better than most, and I wanted no part of Cobb after last season.
  11. The Rams top 3 is better than all of these
  12. Rodgers losing Adams for a few weeks may be a blessing in disguise for the long term. Forcing the issue may be the only way Rodgers is going to get any chemistry with targets not named Davante.
  13. I am not sure they are under performing. I think this is who they are. Rodgers has also missed a few throws that probably make the WR situation seem a little more bleak than it actually is.
  14. Great win, but Alexander should be feeling a little humbled tonight. Even the Alexander INT should have been a big gain for Cooper.
  15. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I would just as soon have college sports be openly for profit business vs the charade of the "student athlete" we have today.