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  1. Fuller to GB would be perfect. He could keep King company on the sideline while they both nurse injuries down the stretch.
  2. I'm still mad that one of Mac's two wins in DAL can be directly linked to perfect execution by his special teams unit on a critical onside kick.
  3. I really don't think availability for the next two games would be much of a factor in considering whether a trade is worth doing. Would it be better in general to have a player sooner rather than later? Of course it is. Would that be a deal breaker? Of course not.
  4. I say why stop with Adams? Lets trade both Adams and Rodgers and allow Gute/MLF to move fwd with their vision of a Love centric offense.
  5. Downplaying MLF's playoff win vs SEA seems kind of silly, but in general I don't have a problem with taking a wait and see approach for how this team will perform vs quality opponents. That's more or less where I am at myself. Beating NO was a nice win even if they were pretty beat up at the time. TAM was the first real test, and that test was failed. The next checkpoint will be SF in a couple weeks. I assume GB will be in the playoffs, but the playoffs really aren't the bar anymore. This year (and MLF) will be judged by what this team does in the playoffs. Not a bad thing.
  6. Reports out of ARI have Simmons as slow to pickup the defense after the canceled OTA's and limited practices in camp.
  7. Not sure where you are coming from with this when HOU put up 21 vs PIT and hasn't been held below 16 all season. Saying GB "maybe should have shut them out altogether" says more about you looking for something to complain about than anything the defense did or didn't do today.
  8. It's hard to know how good or bad the WR's other than Adams actually are when Rodgers has such tunnel vision for Adams. When Adams is targeted 16 times while all other WR's combined have 7 targets (and apparently 2 of them were throw aways) there is more to it than just talent.
  9. MM knew what he was stepping into when he went to DAL, so no real sympathy there, Sure has had some crap luck though. Bad luck or bad coaching, there is no team I enjoy watching lose more than DAL.
  10. Nice to see the defense perform against a competent offense. I have come to accept that MVS is an OK WR3, but seems less likely by the week to ever be more than that. I have no idea what to make of ESB at this point other than MLF doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get him involved. This team will need Lazard back at 100% for the playoffs.
  11. They look like the most complete team in the NFC
  12. Near is I can tell, TAM with Brady is where AB wanted to be. Tough to fight that without going well above the market to get him.
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