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  1. I actually feel kind of bad for my bud the SF fan. ...kind of. Good bounce back game for Crosby.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'll be plenty happy to see GB pull this out.
  3. Not sure what crow anyone is supposed to eat. The story of this game is two bad teams in a contest to see who can be the last to do something dumb.
  4. This game has been nuts. Both teams refuse to win.
  5. Yet again, it all circles back to the coaching. No attention to detail at all.
  6. Is Mac worse at picking DC's or ST coaches. It's a tough call.
  7. That was a beautiful throw. No wonder Mac lets Rodgers do whatever he wants.
  8. On the bright side, the Brewers are definitely a team with heart. I'll take a Brewers win tonight along with this Packers ****show with no real complaints,
  9. It's Mac that tolerates it. Rodgers needs a new voice in his hear, because right now he does whatever he wants, and Mac lets him.
  10. I personally find it hilarious that Fackrell looks like the best OLB on the roster.
  11. I really have a tough time seeing how this team moves fwd under Mac. The offense looks completely washed. If this is what Mac brings to the table when he has one of the best QB's in the league at his disposal, what exactly is Mac's value?
  12. I am so tired of watching Rodgers hold the ball.
  13. I did two weeks ago. Not so much today.
  14. I am genuinely shocked we had a PR in crunch time and there was no flag.
  15. and just when you are sure the defense is ready to fold...