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  1. Past Performance Is Not Indicative Of Future Results
  2. This is the real decision for the FO. While I agree that the FO has set Rodgers up to be the one to make the call to move on, I also think they'll be happy to accommodate him if he'll sign an extension that makes his 2022 cap number work. I expect the FO is good with either outcome.
  3. I read these posts and I feel like you are having a completely different conversation than the posts you are responding to. I am not even sure who you are arguing with.
  4. The problem is that regardless whatever flaws he has, Rodgers is still an undeniably great QB. Love could run the MLF offense to perfection, but is unlikely to produce seasons anything like what Rodgers is still capable of. My guess right now would be Rodgers restructures to free up a big chunk of 2022 cap space and remains in GB.
  5. I hate to break this to you, but recognizing the correct progressions when reviewing game film isn't exactly brain surgery. Doing it well in real time as a QB on the field is crazy hard. That is why they make a lot of money. Doing it on the couch when reviewing game film after the fact... not so hard.
  6. The thing is, Rodgers will be great no matter where he goes. If Rodgers went to Denver and ran this same offense with Hackett, he'd put up numbers even crazier than what he's done the past couple years in GB. Without being pre-disposed to locking in on Adams, he'd be far more likely to make use of the complete offense.
  7. If Douglas is actually good with coming back at a number anything close to the minimum, that seems like a no-brainer. He can't really mean that, can he?
  8. With GB poaching him from the Cardinals PS, does Douglas still qualify as a comp pick for GB if he's lost in FA? I kind of hope someone else opens up the checkbook for him. I have a feeling this was one of those seasons for Douglas where everything came together perfectly for a brief window, but it won't be sustainable long term.
  9. The primary reason the offense doesn't go in the tank when Adams is out is because that is the only time Rodgers executes the offense as it's designed.
  10. WR/TE talent is pretty far down the list of reasons GB lost to SF (other than the Lewis fumble). The film shows pretty clearly that Rodgers had guys to thrown to on many of the plays where he was force the ball to Adams and Jones. The receivers not named Adams can't produce if Rodgers isn't going to throw them the ball when they are open.
  11. The primary difference of course being that it was Adams running the route, so that is who Rodgers was looking at.
  12. The initial still pic of the last throw by Rodgers looked bad. The live film looks much worse. If Rodgers targets Lazard with a decent ball, it's an uncontested catch 20 yards downfield, with at least 10-20 yards of RAC on top of that. At the moment Rodgers releases the ball (above) Lazard is breaking free across the middle with every SF player in the secondary running away from him. The two SF players in best position to bring Lazard down after the catch are both running downfield at full speed to bracket Adams. Just an inexcusable decision by Rodgers.
  13. Another failed fourth quarter comeback for Brady. Loser
  14. Just thinking about it, GB has put together a pretty decent Mt Rushmore of terrible ST coaching over the past decade or so. Slocum maybe wasn't terrible, but the past 4 other than him are Drayton, Mennenga, Zook and Stock. Woof.
  15. I have no real dislike for Brady other than that he plays for TAM. Living in central Florida, it's the Bucs I enjoy watching lose.
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