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  1. Now that the Brewers have clinched, I am immune to anything that happens tonight vs SF
  2. I will be impressed if GB keeps this close. SF is going to dominate the LOS.
  3. Going back and trying to and remember my draft day reactions to the picks, I think the only time I was really disappointed by passing on IDL was when Gary was taken over Simmons. This past draft it was hard to be overly disappointed just because there were no great options.
  4. You are saying most RD3 picks don't make it to the end of year 2 on the team that drafted them?
  5. I actually found it funny that the Athletic ran a piece a couple weeks back about how GB carved up the STL two-high looks in the playoffs because of their discipline and patience on offense, and then GB showed none of that vs the Saints. It could be as simple as the difference between how a team plays in September vs how they play in January.
  6. Yeah, it seemed like Rodgers was determined to use week 1 as a showcase for how much MVS has improved. By trying to force the issue, it kind of had the opposite effect. MVS can be a fine complimentary player, but he's not someone you should be forcing the ball to.
  7. They will be giving each other losses. There will be a wild card team outside of the NFCW
  8. I can give the OL some slack since that side has been consistently good, but the lack of resources put into the DL really confuses me.
  9. I actually forgot that this season is supposed to be the "last dance" for Rodgers in GB. I think today must have been the pee-wee herman.
  10. Rodgers has us all right where he wants us. Dance puppets! Dance!
  11. The DET comeback in the SF game was actually entertaining as hell if you had a SF fan to watch it with.
  12. I'm confused as to whether your complaint is about the match ups or the games themselves. As often as not, week 1 is typically a **** show from a game quality standpoint.
  13. So it's safe to assume you watched the games in question?
  14. You eventually do a 180, with a series finale titled, "Indistinguishable"
  15. So what are the chances of Goff making that TD throw Stafford made? Right around 0.0?
  16. I thought Divergent was tolerable. The next two, not so much.
  17. Didn't think of it, but I am sure this must be part of why today's GB game didn't bother me much. When was the last time Badger football and the Packers were the problem with WI sports?
  18. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome
  19. maybe by "lights out" he meant that Rodgers would play like he couldn't see anything?
  20. If this is how "happy" Rodgers plays, I am pretty sure I prefer pissed off Rodgers.
  21. Pretty much how I feel as well. If the same thing happens in week 2, I'll be more concerned.
  22. WAS making the playoff would not surprise me at all.
  23. In Cobb's own words I'm not exactly a Cobb fan, but I'd agree he looked better in DAL than he did during his last couple years in GB.
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