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  1. 2018 OTA's

    2012 Peyton Manning signing probably changes the dynamic of a team more than 2014/2018 combined. That's the best part about the Draft though, we are all high on potential right now.
  2. Wide Receiver is a position that takes a lot longer to adjust to the NFL than most (I've heard more than any other than QB). I don't have crazy expectations for Sutton this year, but he is on square 1 with Keenum as are our other WR.
  3. Reports with Cleveland shopping pick 4. I am curious how this affects us, slightly worried if a teams QB1 falls to 4 the Browns might be smart enough to trade back. GAHHHH! That is supposed to be our trade back.
  4. Draft "What ifs"

    Am I stupid for kinda being okay with Allen at 12, despite not wanting him at all at 5? I know some are higher on him than me, but I would be disappointed with him at 5. Grabbing an extra pick at 22nd, and hopefully another 2nd/3rd helps lessen the blow.
  5. Heck I am all in on anyone whose name we call.
  6. Wanted to join the fun, here is something I quickly put together with my dream scenario of trading back with Buffalo. *Trade - Denver trades the 5th overall pick to Buffalo for picks 12, 22, and 65. 1.12 - Tremaine Edmunds LB, Virginia Tech 1.22 - Josh Jackson CB, Iowa 2.40 - Sony Michel RB, UGA 3.65 - Tim Settle DT, Virginia Tech 3.71 - Michael Gallup WR, Colorado State 3.99 - Brandon Parker OT, NC A&T 4.106 - Shaquem Griffin LB, UCF 4.113 - Wyatt Teller OG, Virginia Tech 5.149 - Chris Herndon TE, Miami 5.160 - Greg Stroman CB, Virginia Tech Not going to lie, I really wanted to see how many Hokies we could fit into one mock draft. Not sure Edmunds is there at 12, or if we would draft a 2nd CB after taking one in the first.
  7. True you can make up the height deficiency with wing span / vertical, but mind you Harris wasn't playing on the outside much during that span. I think it just seems dangerous to employ a trio of CB below 6 foot tall because it could be exploited by teams. The Chargers have some tall *** receivers!
  8. I would be interested to see how many of the successful 'shorter' corners have a taller counterpart across from them, similar to the way that Talib (I guess only 6'1") was across from Chris Harris Jr. Basically what I am saying is you could have two spectacular 5'11" corners and compete well between the 20's but I think that would pose a problem in the red zone with some of the taller receivers in the league.
  9. Former baseball player too, to be fair.
  10. Your First Round Big Board

    Darnold Rosen Chubb Barkley Nelson Allen Mayfield Edmunds Fitzpatrick Ward To me, trading back would fit between the 3rd and 4th. Homer bias helps Edmunds sneak into my top 10.
  11. Draft "What ifs"

    What is the bar for this trade to be worth it for Darnold, an above average QB...top 10 QB, perennial Pro Bowler? I am scared to trade up, but if we do it's because the front office has their #1 QB available, whom I'd assume they see as a perennial Pro Bowl level player.
  12. %'s of elway drafting certain positions?

    Unfortunately I think we have enough "needs" to not have to reach on any certain position, and just fill in the back of the draft with positions that we missed. It's weird, teams drafting at the back end of the 1st have the luxury of more often than not being more complete teams, able to pick BPA. Teams picking in the top 10 usually have enough needs they can basically take BPA. I think we all saw too many times being in that no mans land of the 12-24th picks where teams feel obligated to reach for positions.
  13. %'s of elway drafting certain positions?

    I kind of like this way of looking at it. The %'s add up to 8.2, which is about spot on for our 8 picks. RB / WR / T / G / LB / CB seem like definite picks. Then we can bank on one defensive lineman, and i guess either a QB or a TE?
  14. Random Thoughts

    I think they are completely ok with it being that as well. No need for plot - people are there to see the action. I mean the preview I saw in theatres for i seemed like it gave away the entire story! Unfortunately that is far too common these days.
  15. Trade Down Mock

    Definitely would like if this happened. Curious though, is Wynn getting drafted instead of Hernandez here over preference or because Hernandez isn't on the board? Obviously I have no idea who will be the better pro, but have seen a lot of Hernandez love. I am very meh on drafting a QB outside of the top 6, feel like another potential starter would be there in the 3rd instead of reaching on a QB? Also it is funny that Brandon Parker is appearing in everyones mock, will he last that long?