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  1. Under Armor has some of these going right now
  2. There are a lot of worthy candidates. I think either Champ and/or Von are deserving as well. Maybe Von since he was here for the SB victory? Feels like having 3 members of the late 90s offense is just putting too many eggs in one basket. I'll let the old heads figure out the pre-Elway candidates - here is mine from mid 90s to now. Elway / Bailey / Von / Rod Smith Smith being my wildcard, I think his story from undrafted to having a similar career to Michael Irvin is a great one.
  3. I believe we will know how they feel about Bolles in the next week or so, with a May 4th deadline on picking up the 5th year option. Do we know how much $ that is against the cap for 2021? I tried looking for Ryan Ramczyk numbers but couldn't find any. Regardless, I think picking up Bolles 5th year option is the right move. What are we gonna do next year if not, rely on a 2021 draft pick to protect Lock's blindside in a playoff push?
  4. Lol I went back and checked out the 2011 draft threads - boy we really wanted Dareus. Bummer, things worked out okay I guess.
  5. I love Kendall Fuller (hokie bias), but I think we need to be careful about building a secondary out of nickle/slot CBs.
  6. Shoot your shot bro! She asked about your plans, and pouted about not having any - ask her if she wants to go see a movie or something. Start some stupid back and forth app (trivia crack) to keep conversations going. Boom you're in.
  7. Chiefs are exciting right now. I am not rooting for them, by any means, but I do want to see a great game and I don't really care who wins (so I am not actively rooting against them). I realize this way of thinking will be in the past soon, as Mahomes will be there for a while and I will absolutely loathe them for years to come.
  8. Yeah but i wanna cherry pick my hypothetical situation to where we would have won one or two more of those games AND have Lock starting! Good point though, that isn't a reality that would've happened.
  9. It hurts to think about how meaningful this game would be had we not lost even just ONE of the Bears, Jaguars, Colts games.
  10. I think our team has enough holes where we really just let the board fall to us, and we can truly pick BPA. Positions we definitely won't take Rd 1 are basically QB, RB, TE, and maybe S? I remember some of the love for Munchak came from the fact that he was able to take non blue chip prospects and turn them into solid starters - so I think that helps me wait off on OL until 2nd/3rd/whenever for that obvious position of need. I think AAA nailed it when he referenced the 6 positions we need to target with our first couple of rounds. Hope the board is friendly, move up if we have to, and tr
  11. I understand the side he is taking, but he is taking it to the extreme. If you think a dude is a HoF QB, you take him at 1.1 no questions asked. We were able to get a guy who our front office obviously liked, but didn't think was a no doubt pick. That is what it is, and it is totally fine.
  12. Feels good right now, guys. Lately it has almost felt like a chore to watch some games, but yesterday I was downright excited for the game. It has been a while since we've been able to feel this way, and I feel hopeful that Lock and the other young guys can continue to develop into a great core of the franchise. I want to win the final 3 games of the year. Two weeks ago I would have said the exact opposite. Draft position be damned, this is fun. Elway4president. Jk...unless?
  13. In draft order things that I am seeing recently, we are the top pick for the 3-8 teams. Tiebreakers holding will probably be a huge factor for us. 1. Head to Head (Lions game Week 16) 2. Common Opponents (our wins vs. LAC, TEN, CLE)
  14. He has always sneaky had a pretty legit receiving group. I too don't get the narrative that he "does it all by himself"
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