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  1. Training Camp Notes & Observations

    I am optimistic on Bolles too, but Pro Bowl voting is whack - I feel like non-skill position players just get in based on reputation alone, so it might take two great seasons from Bolles to reach it.
  2. Random Thoughts

    Ahh man, the place i watched SB50 at burned to the ground yesterday. Bad omen for this upcoming season, yikes!
  3. Let the Offseason Begin

    Unfortunate situation for the Bucs and McCoy I feel like. Hate to see these franchise players leave on the back end of their career like this. I wish there was some sort of salary cap benefit to rostering players for a certain number of years. Haven't thought about it beyond that initial idea, so no idea if that makes sense at all - I just wish we saw more players finish their careers with one team which is not the norm these days.
  4. UDFA tracker

    Stats are misleading, especially PFF's relatively made up stats...but here are some interesting points regarding UDFA's from @PFF_Broncos Brian Wallace - good on 1st down, among 42 eligible RT, his 77.5 pass block grade was 7th (three hits and one hurry on 127 snaps). However he was 40th among 69 (nice) eligible RT for the entire season. Joe Dineen Jr - 59 run stops this year, highest in the Big-12 (86.1 overall grade, best among draft eligible Big 12 LB). Led 2017 with 53 stops for a win (not sure what that means). He was highest graded LB after 5 weeks of the 2018 season. Ahman Gooden - 25% pressure rate since 2017 (highest rate among draft eligible edge defenders, Bosa at 20.7%). Again, these are cherry picked "stats" but at least they are encouraging! (Source: @PFF_Broncos)
  5. I was hoping we landed Wilson, got upset that the Browns took him right before us. Not even sure he was on our radar though. Also it's important that we did get a 6th back in the trade so its 1 year of Watson + 4 year min-wage flier on a guy vs. 4 year min-wage flier on a possibly slightly better guy. I don't like the trade either, but lets not act like the sky is falling because we moved back 60 spots.
  6. Couple weeks ago you hinted at liking a Safety very much in this draft - not sure if I missed a post where you mentioned who it was or not, but I am still curious as to who it is? Savage is getting a lot of hype this week.
  7. I’ll be happy with the draft if...

    That is a great point. I think the worst thing for all of us would be if Lock were available at 25 or whatever, tempting Elway. It seems that we all agree with what DieHardBronxFan said - if he isn't your guy at 10 then he isn't worth it later in the 1st. If the front office believes in a QB enough to take them at 10? That is fine with me.
  8. I think if anything it is a 2020 2nd. Contending team decides to go all in this year, gives up a 2020 2nd for CHJ. Shame on the Broncos / CHJ for making us think about this during our Christmas! Happy draft day everyone - i'll be on a plane until like pick 21 or so...hoping the wifi works well
  9. I’ll be happy with the draft if...

    I don't think the dynamics of the draft will allow him to fall past 15. Murray / Haskins / Lock / Jones might all be gone by 15, certainly the top 3.
  10. Trading the 10th Pick

    Gary has a shoulder issue, I could see him falling. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/top-draft-prospect-rashan-gary-has-flagged-shoulder-will-likely-need-to-be-managed-in-2019/
  11. Trading the 10th Pick

    Albert Breer is reporting that both the Texans (23rd pick) and Panthers (16th pick) are both looking to trade up. Again it all depends on who is available at 10 - I wouldn't want to trade back if someone like Oliver or Devin White are there. But perhaps trading back and being able to nab Devin Bush (unlikely at 23) or Drew Lock would be good. Here is what I think we could expect if either of those two were to trade up to pick 10. Texans (have picks 1.23, and two second rounders) 1.10 <> 1.23, 2.54, 2020 2nd? Panthers (have picks 1.16, 2.47, 3.77, 3.100) 1.10 <> 1.16, 2.47?
  12. Let the Offseason Begin

    Okay yeah I guess I was exaggerating when I said he would need to be a top 3 TE right off the bat, but you are telling me he is going to be a top 3 TE within 3 years? Because the difference between the 5th best TE in the league (without looking at names) and the 15th best TE isn't that much - you are really only getting an advantage with the truly elite guys.
  13. Let the Offseason Begin

    Am I the only one that does not want Hockenson at 10? Have seen his name floated around quite a bit, but I am not finding the appeal. Unless he is going to be a top 3 TE right off the bat I just have a hard time seeing the value. Someone help me believe, so I am not pissed off if he is the pick lol.
  14. 2019 Schedule

    I went through an optimistic lens and got us to 9-7, pessimistic 6-10. Then I realized this year we really have no idea what we are going to get with a new HC and QB. So while I expect us to fall in the 6-9 win (nice) range, I would not be surprised if we were a wild card contender in the second half of the season.
  15. Grizmo's 2019 Mock Draft

    Mocks are all in good fun, and generally fall under "wishful thinking" for players to be there. There are certainly scenarios in which both of those players fall to the respective spots.