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  1. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Saw an interesting note today where Mel said that if Herbert was in the 2018 class, he would've ranked 5th (behind Mayfield, Darnold, Allen, Rosen). So just take everything with a grain of salt when you see QB talk in the next 5 months, because obviously they get a lot of hype. Wouldn't be surprised if we see 4 drafted in the 1st round, despite the lack of overwhelming talent, just based on draft dynamics.
  2. Random Thoughts

    Forgot my password and gave up trying after the "forgot my password" feature didn't work for me a few times in a row. I'm back now, lol.
  3. WR Emmanuel Sanders tears Achilles, on IR

    Where are you getting your 10-12 month timeline? Crabtree tore his achilles in May 2013, and played 5 games that year - that is obviously a much younger player at the time. http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/261854/new-advances-in-achilles-treatment-encouraging-for-sidney-jones-nfl-players Article goes over how advancement in medical field has made recovery very feasible, with a high recovery rate. I know he will be 32, and won't be near as explosive. We don't know the extent of the injury at this time so a lot is still in the air, but I am optimistic he will return for 2019.
  4. When VJ gets fired

    I am not football savvy enough to know how Jewell has looked this year in his playing time? Seems hard to evaluate LB's. Hope Hamilton can get healthy after the bye so we can get a better look at him as the 3rd WR.
  5. Another former Bronco WR move today - Brandon Marshall was released. I don't think this is relevant, really, just wanted to point out that it was good to see him get the help he needed and have a long and successful career.
  6. Latest Broncos rumors.

    Broncos FF drinking game: Drink every time: AAA mentions McDaniels Broncofan mentions Rosen over Chubb AKRNA mentions an old Bronco great you weren't alive to see jsthomp2007 makes a innuendo
  7. GDT: Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

    Had the pleasure of listening to this game on the radio on a 7 hour trek up i-95 yesterday. Why the heck wasn't this a 4pm game? Coulda watched the second half?!? Anyways - i was frustrated with the announcers because it seemed they were very biased on thinking Denver was getting penalized too much / some no calls for the Chiefs, but someone here mentioned it too so now I am thinking the officiating was just really bad. Heard Chubb's name early quite a bit, not sure if he faded in the 2nd half or what? Also sounded like they were picking on Roby a lot, which makes sense. Anyone else equally excited for Sutton as they are Lindsay? I find myself getting so excited when he is targeted, I wish he was targeted more often (3rd WR I understand he won't get 10 a game). Also VJ should have been fired on the spot for even THINKING about considering 3rd and 26 instead of 4th and 6 or whatever the yardage was lol.
  8. 2019 draft/QB position league wide

    I mean there are a lot of really bad QBs taken in the first round. EJ Manuel, Brandon Weeden, Gabbert, Ponder, Tebow, etc etc. You guys are right though, it is the opportunity cost of Lynch specifically that set us back. Osweiler wasn't as bad I don't think (granted he was horrible, but do we win Super Bowl without him? who knows).
  9. 2019 draft/QB position league wide

    Got curious about the QB position relative to Elway's drafting and I figure some of you could use this ammo for the haters - 2012 - Luck, Griffin, Tannehill, Weeden all go before the Broncos 1st pick at 25. Broncos select Osweiler in the 2nd, and subsequently miss out on Wilson, Foles, Cousins 2013 - No QB in this draft class ever did anything noteworthy, Manning is playing well still 2014 - Bortles, Manziel get drafted ahead of Broncos 1st pick at 31. Broncos select Bradley Roby and subsequently miss out on Bridgewater, Carr, Jimmy G 2015 - Winston, Mariota get drafted ahead of Broncos 1st pick at 23. No notable QBs selected after. 2016 - Goff and Wentz go 1/2. We are coming off of a SB victory, and Manning is retiring. Elway trades up to select Paxton Lynch , a complete waste of a 1st rounder. Dak is drafted late 4th round, although I am not sure he is a good QB he is worth mentioning. 2017 - Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson all drafted well before the Broncos 20th pick. Should we have traded up to select Mahomes / Watson? Probably - this looks like our biggest miss, but it never would have happened due to Lynch being R1 2016. 2018 - We choose Chubb over Rosen. Jury is still out, we need a QB. To recap - we missed Wilson, Foles, Cousins in 2012 because we took Brock before them. We missed Teddy, Carr, Jimmy G in 2014 because we drafted Roby. It likely would have taken 2 1sts to trade up for Mahomes / Watson. And we missed Rosen. I really don't think that is as bad as people think, seeing as we have not been in position to draft elite QB talent with the exception of the 2018 draft. For some reason the whole Elway / QB thing was bothering me so I had to look into it - hope they will stop citing failed 7th round picks as failures because they really aren't of any significance.
  10. Injuries have doomed us again

    Where do the Dolphins go to fill the void at WR? Obviously biased (username checks out), but I loved Isaiah Ford at Virginia Tech, he would prob fit Gase offense too. Any word if he has a chance to make the team?
  11. Latest Broncos rumors.

    Dallas would be an ironic landing spot, have been having the Demaryius vs. Dez debate for the better part of a decade with some friends who are fans of the Cowboys.
  12. GDT: Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals

    On the flip side, I think there is an argument to be made their our defense has more experience against Mahomes, which may help - although it is probably more of a test for Woods to create a gameplan to contain for 4Q which he was unable to do last game against KC. They are fired up right now, don't really have much of a reason to be unconfident going into this game. And yeah Watt will be a problem, we essentially just need Miller to be a bigger problem for Watson lol. Hopkins / Fuller are a talented 1 2 punch not to be taken lightly.
  13. GDT: Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals

    Von's personality, leadership, and play are all 10/10. We are lucky to have him - it seems like "generational talent" is praised in every draft class (which literally makes no sense), but he truly is one. What a fun game to watch though, I know a lot of us are thinking about the 2019 draft but if you can't get excited for what we saw last night then you're crazy. Oh and btw, the Front Office knows how bad Arizona is - I do not think a blowout win against a horrible team will lead to any false expectations moving forward. They are who we thought they were.
  14. GDT: Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals

    I agree with everything except the bold. $36m over 2 years is far from front line starter money and is closer to bottom line starter money - Dalton and Brady are the only starting QBs (not on rookie deals) making less per year.
  15. When VJ gets fired

    Name just popped into my head as a HC candidate because we are playing Arizona and I thought he was still their coach...what about Bruce Arians?