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  1. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Denver did not see Allen, Rosen, or Jackson as franchise QBs - if they did, they take them at 1.5 in an instant. They may very well have been wrong, but if you don't think they are going to be a perennial Pro Bowl QB you do not take them that early. They very well may have wanted to trade up to 1.2 to draft Darnold but I am guessing the asking price from NYG was too much for them to come to terms with, which probably means they weren't sky high on Darnold either. At least I HOPE that is how they felt, or else they are idiots for taking Chubb over a QB they saw as a Pro Bowl caliber player.
  2. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Just a brutal game to watch. The false hope from starting quick very quickly receded once I realized our offense wasn't going to keep pace. Keenum's awareness was so aggravating for most of the game. Jewell made a play on a pass to their TE and I got excited and texted my Ravens fan friend that we hadn't done that for 15 years, and the very next play we gave up a 30ish yard pass to the TE lol. Kept waiting for the DLine to make a play to get us back in the game.
  3. Random Thoughts

    Get this misplaced Tyrod slander out of here! Team would have been 2-0 going into last night if it weren't for their kicker. I am not sure Baker would have been able to tie the Steelers week one... Tyrod looked like crap last night, but the playcalling and line were abysmal with him in there. Baker definitely looked great, and made many throws that Tyrod is not capable of.
  4. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    Yes indeed, guess I am due for a name change from the automatically generated one lol.
  5. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    I've got a thousand wide receivers and need running backs. Inquire within!
  6. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    I grew up in Baltimore, and started hating the Ravens during their first middle school run. Unfortunately cannot make it back home for this matchup, but I am excited to trash talk my friends. Like you said - the key is getting up early, establishing the run game and make Flacco beat us (with Von in his grill). When was the last time we got off to a quick start on offense? Some of that has to fall on Vance right? If he is drawing up the first 10 or so offensive plays and we routinely go 3 and out...
  7. Random Thoughts

    I know this could probably be found out by googling my question but I wanted to ask you guys - Why were #30 and #24 available this season? I assumed they would have been retired. Elway, Tripucka, Floyd Little are the only ones to have their numbers retired. I'd have also liked to see #27 retired, but obviously he wasn't the game changing HoF player the aforementioned were. It is weird, I didn't expect to have this much of an opinion / feeling on this retired number thing until now lol. I do like it when you see the article that Player X has asked Player Y for permission to wear the number, that is fun.
  8. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    Do you dabble in roto for fantasy football? I love roto for fantasy baseball but have never tried it for football. At the end of the season there is just no disputing who the best team is, it's always fair. H2H can be so lucky/unlucky.
  9. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    Amari Cooper stinks why did I even draft him?!? The Rams pick 6 at the end sealed my matchup - in Wade Phillips we trust!
  10. Random Thoughts

    I have never really done a Survivor pool - so it is based on the WIN not the LOSS? As in a tie would eliminate the Steelers? Interesting,
  11. Random Thoughts

    Everyone who would have taken the Saints thanks you!
  12. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    Aw what the heck - where do i send my email in to get in this thing? Also - official petition to make this league the Broncos Forum Official Fantasy League, none of that unofficial crap.
  13. Broncos Forum Unofficial Fantasy League

    No dice for me - too many leagues as it is.
  14. Pre season game #4 final auditions.

    What veteran QB are out there that would sign for a few million? I get the wanting to cut Lynch but his dead cap is prohibitive, and the options out there aren't great.
  15. DEN signs Pacman Jones to 1 year 1M deal

    14-2?!? Fake news!!!!