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  1. Meh, I don't see the compensation being significant enough to move him. And 3 million is chump change in the grand scheme of things. His speed still brings an element to the offense that makes us unique to defend when he's on the field. I actually hoped he is platooned this season because he was never nor should he be a featured back. The role he played in 2019, splitting carries with Coleman & Brieda is exactly how he should be handled to maximzie his production on the field and his health.
  2. I really believe it was just nitpicking. The vegan diet, his throwing motion, questions about his personality, his struggles versus Indiana, his lack of pocket presence. Alot to do about nothing really imo. He is in a offense I think he'll be able to hit the ground running. His weapons aren't great and that O-Line is a little 'meh' but from a schematic standpoint, if he's as good as I think he is, there's no way he isn't the starter by Week 4 at the latest.
  3. For those who were higher on Fields pre draft....pretty good vid.
  4. Only wished Kinlaw was there also, soaking up game...
  5. Agreed. If Jimmy remains on the roster this year, keeping Rosen around makes sense. But going forward with Lance means our back-ups needs to somewhat mirror his athletic traits. That way the offense doesn't have to change too dramatically if Lance were to miss any amount of time.
  6. Well its not really a competition. This is Trey Lance's team. He is the present and the future. The moment he was drafted, he became the face of the franchise. Whether Jimmy is the starting QB come September 12 or not, the QB position for the 49ers is all about Trey Lance moving forward. Jimmy's only saving grace is his presence allows Shanny and the brass to not force a rookie to play early. That's a luxury other teams with high drafted young QBs don't have. So they can take it as slow as they want with Lance and don't have to force him onto the field before he's ready. But a compe
  7. And of Lance is half as good as ppl project him to be...geeeeez
  8. I really believe its a personality thing with Fields. He seems to have a standoffish kind of demeanor from what little I've seen of him. I can see how that could rub some ppl the wrong way and give the impression he's self-absorbed. And at the QB position, EVERYTHING is overanalyzed and dissected to the 100th power. I think its the personality on the field that matters. A-Rod is pretty aloof and a self-centered egomaniac. Doesn't stop him from being one of the greatest QBs of all time. But your absolutely right about Mac. Wouldn't have been too bummed picking him@12 even though I would h
  9. Yea, I'm still not there yet. I'm hoping for the best and I understand the little nuanced attributes he possess from the pocket. But with QBs I tend to gravitate to natural throwers of the ball. Just that effortless ability to drop a dime in a variety of arm angels and off-schedule situations and I haven't seen that yet in Lance. NOT saying it isn't there. But it just isn't evident when I watch the tape. He looks great throwing on air but I want to see if his accuracy has improved when the bullets start flying. That was another major concern of mine when watching him intently. I'm SOOOOOO
  10. I'll go a step further and say if he and Givens both take that next step, we'll have the most dominate D-Line in football...easily
  11. I will never count on Ford. I've placed him on permanent IR in my mind...that's why I didn't mention him. And I won't acknowledge his presence on this team until I see him actually on the field and playing. Though I wasn't a big fan of Key as a prospect, he flashed enough as a Raider to have me believe he can be a decent 3rd rusher.
  12. We don't have that sure-fire legitimate starter opposite Bosa. But we're banking on our deep and talented DTs to make life easier on the strong side DEs and be the catalyst for creating pressure, alongside Bosa imo. So after Ebukaum, and think they're looking for a Hyder-like emergence from either Key, Barrett or Willis. I wouldn't mind another capable starter with a decent resume to be throw into the mix at some point but its not something I'm clamoring for right now.
  13. That is correct. We're not the first team to be caught doing it but you just can't have slip-ups like that where you lose practices. Teams don't practice enough as it is nowadays imo. Just have to be mindful as a staff and pay attention to details.
  14. We need to enclose Ward in a glass case until the season starts. He's the only safety left on the roster with any kind of range and deep third ability. Tartt has the speed and athleticism but he's a walking mash unit himself. What kind of bad karma have we done to deserve the injury luck we've endured for the last 5 years or so??
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