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  1. It has nothing to do with character. He's worth at least 17 per imo. And I wouldn't have a problem with paying him that much. He does soooooo much for our offense as a whole, its hard to even quantify it. Its about maximizing your value while you can. He has every right to break the bank. Not saying he will but I would have no issue if he tried. Its a business at the end of the day.
  2. No, they ranked the Top 10 safety tandems in the league and the Top 10 CB trio. We didn't make the the safety tandems list but we were #2 behind the Pats for CB trio. They also ranked the Top 10 DE tandem and we were #1 on that list. They included AA in the tandem, along with Ford & Bosa. We also ranked #10 on their O-Line list which kind of surprised me. They ranked us as the #1 TE unit, basically on the strength of Kittle. They also ranked all 32 WR units and we came in at #25.
  3. I won't believe its anything less than 15 per until I see it for myself...
  4. Meh, that's still too much for me. A 2021 first, Tartt, and maybe I throw in a 5th in 2022 if Adams meets some type of play escalator...that's it.
  5. The 'idea' of Washington is based solely on a rookie DE. That's my problem. And they don't have established depth like we do. The projection is based clearly around Young. So if that's the case, show Kinlaw the same respect. Steelers...meh. Watt is a beast but I think after Heyward, they lack interior depth. And Dupree is kind of 'hit or miss' for me but I digress.
  6. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-linebacker-rankings-all-32-units-entering-the-2020-nfl-season So they gave Seattle the #1 spot because they believe Wright will return back to his former form, ignoring the fact he comes off his worst year as a pro and is only getting older. Whatever. FYI, we ranked 10th. While we're arguably one of the best coverage LB units in the league, Kwon and Warner were two of the worst in terms of missed tackles so that dropped the unit. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-defensive-line-rankings-all-32-units-entering-the-2020-nfl-season Okay, I KNOW we lost Buckner but seriously?? Washington and Philly ranked ahead of us? The disrespect is real...
  7. I thinking they'll play more man with Adams. They'll be a little less predictable from a coverage perspective but I laugh at their fanbase believing he's the answer to Kittle. If Carroll thinks for a second that Adams is capable of handling GK in man, he'll be in for a rude awakening.
  8. That's fine. I'm sure our presence made them drive up the compensation for Adams. Mission accomplished. It makes their defense better overall but not enough to worry me. They still have no pass-rush and this deal pretty much kills any hope of Clowney returning. It's just like the Lambs trading for Ramsey. Looks good on paper but schematically, how does it help you stop Shanny's O? It doesn't...
  9. But with the cap situation in limbo, looking like it won't rise for the foreseeable future, it makes little sense to fork over premium picks AND pay Adams at the same time. I don't care how bad they've been at drafting 1st rounders recently, you don't give up that kind of compensation at a time like this. Most teams are going to have to replenish through the draft on the cheap. They won't have the luxury to go out spend on FAs like they have in the past, banking on the cap increasing every year. Seattle is one of those teams. Granted they don't have alot of younger talent they need to resign at the moment. But they're going to have add some pass-rushing talent at some point. And with no first rounders for two years, along with not having the money to go and snag one in free agency, it's going to be difficult to do. And that prevents them from getting the most out of Adams in the process.
  10. As much as I would have liked Adams in a Niner uni, that's waaaaay to much for SS. Great player, but not worth that compensation. And now you have to pay him...
  11. Seriously doubt they would push back the season. That would mess up the entire off-season schedule. The Combine, draft, free agency, etc. I could see a shorten season before I could see them pushing it back, personally... I've maintained that I don't think football...college or pro, is going to happen this year. Now I could see them pushing back college to spring. I think that's doable for them. But its just too much of a risk for the powers that be to try and pull off a 16 game NFL schedule and postseason, sticking with a traditional schedule. Especially with some states seeing massive spikes in cases and some regions of the country being hotspots right now over others. And then what happens when you get a positive test or two on one team? Do you have to quarantine the whole 55-man roster, coaches, and assistants? And in that case, do you forfeit your game? Its just too weird right now. I understand the money at stake and the potential for lost revenue for the entire league. I just think its bigger than money at this point. Goddell and the owners will probably never see it that way but its the truth.
  12. As a billion-dollar sports league, they SHOULD be utterly embarrassed. Their biggest stars are calling them out on social media, for the world to see. Not a good look. The NFL is such a reactionary league. No innovation or forsight in these past four months just further echos that sentiment.
  13. You can't fire an owner...he OWNS the team. Worst case is a Donald Sterling scenario where the league forces him to sell the team but it would truly have to be some bombshell worthy, scandal type of news for that to happen.
  14. I think we go a different direction with the first pick if we had Garrett in the fold. I think we go after Ford in free agency still and maybe look at another position if we're picking top 10.
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