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  1. This is ALWASYS my worry with Shanny though. Sometimes he's not the smartest guy in the room. But he often feels the need to prove that he is. Hope this isn't one of those times. We shall see...
  2. Like seriously, who trades two firsts and a third for Matt Ryan?? You may stay pat and take him within the top five buy you don't mortgage your future for him...no way. Derek Carr and Dalton were 2nd round picks. Cousins was a 4th round pick....these are his comps. Make the value add up, somebody? Anybody? You can't...
  3. I'm not sure how much space we currently have but I know Warner's extension might have something to do it with. Doubt they'll attach a big cap hit the this year but depending on what happens to Jimmy they could structure it to where we could be players in free agency next year.
  4. I could TOTALLY get behind that though I don't really see how he makes it out of the first round.
  5. But there is a ton of inconsistencies with his accuracy and ball placement. Say what you will about Fields but his accuracy is pretty much a non-issue. That's one thing I like about his tape. Josh Allen is a outlier. Most QBs don't improve their accuracy as quickly and as deftly as he has to begin their career. Its extremely rare. I don't know if I would have the balls to bank on that at #3 overall. Like you said, that's a pretty steep and narrow ledge your stepping out on. If we had stayed@12 and Lance fell to us I definitely would be all-in on that gamble. I'd much rather have Lance th
  6. Yea I'm never really a proponent of leveraging future gains for one specific player. I'd much rather play the hand that's dealt. BUT if you are going to sacrifice future premium picks, I feel like it needs to be for elite or transcendent talent. Lawerence & Wilson were the only ones who made sense for me at that time if you are going to trade up. Since then, I have come around on Fields though. I still think Wilson is the better prospect but not by as wide of a margin as I once did. I do have questions about Wilson's injury history and the ability to stay healthy at the next level. It
  7. I might have mentioned in the trade thread that I'd be disappointed if they did this and Wilson wasn't the play. Intially I didn't want a trade up for anyone except for Lawrence or Wilson. I wanted us to stay pat@12 and draft a QB later. But I've long since said that now that we're there, the best of the rest is clearly Fields for me.
  8. I mean the likelihood of it being Wilson is slim to none, though the Jets could surprise us all. When we first traded up I thought it was because we had intel that the Jets were sticking with Darnold and that Wilson was a possibility. But that ship sailed quite awhile ago... My very first post in this thread on Page 2, I said I'd rather have Fields...
  9. When did I say that??? I still prefer Wilson over Fields but the gap isn't as wide as it once was very early in the draft process. I've made my intentions very clear throughout this thread that my preference is Fields if Lawrence & Wilson are off the board.
  10. I get so misty-eyed thinking about Fields in this offense with Shanny. Those out-breaking throws to the boundary are absolute "gawd" level and are throws I continuely bash Jimmy for either a) not even attempting or b) being insanely inaccurate. C'mon Shanny, make my wet dreams come true 🙏🙏🙏
  11. Second as in second round. Not second day.
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