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  1. The thing with Nick that I really liked is that he's timing in the pocket seems more NFL-ready than CJ's. He doesn't drop back like he's doing the slow waltz. He plays faster than CJ but not rushed. There's a difference. CJ seems oblivious to pressure and really struggles to sense where the pressure is coming from. Mullens had urgency in the pocket. He had an idea of just how much time each play needed to develop and when he felt like that time was up, he got rid of the ball. That's what you want ideally from a young QB with little experience. CJ to me, doesn't seem to play with urgency from the pocket. He drops back like every pass will be blocked perfectly and he just needs to make his reads and deliver the ball. His drops, his reads, everything seems elongated and just a tick too slow if that makes any sense. You saw last nite, Mullens identified the blitz early pre-snap and got rid of the ball. He looked more like Jimmy G than CJ in that regard. Even that one little pass to Kittle when he side-armed it as a defender was right in his grill...very Jimmy G-esque. And though he's in inch shorter than CJ, he didn't have one batted ball last night....his wind up is quicker than CJ. Less time for defenders to react and get their hands up.
  2. Call me crazy, but I really believe Shanny will go back to CJ. At least for the Giants game, IF he's healthy. He played Mullens out of necessity, not because he was fed up with CJ. I like what I saw out Mullens. He was poised, threw with accuracy and had good pocket presence. Was a bit late on some throws but for his first start, on a short week with virtually no reps with the 1's, he definitely showed something. BUT it was against the Raiders. Even CJ could have beaten that team last night. So I would like to see Mullens against a actual NFL team to gauge him more. But he definitely looked the part of a capable back-up last night. He definitely seems like he can identify a blitz, something I'm not sure CJ will ever learned.
  3. I was actually hoping they'd give Mosely a shot at some point and with Mabin now gone, makes sense. Mosley is more of a slot guy but wouldn't hurt to see if he could play on the outside. Since they seem hell bent on NOT giving Moore any real burn on gamedays.
  4. Meh, apples and oranges. Bradford had a significant knee injury in college. Not the same as Jimmy G who's only other significant injury in his athletic career was the shoulder injury he suffered with the Pats. Like I said, I'm not worried about him staying healthy. QBs get hurt from time to time. They tend to take a accumulation of hits over the course of a season. Rodgers, Brady, and Rivers have all miss time with various injuires over their career. I don't think any of those guys would be considered 'injury-prone'. We'll know more about Jimmy's penchant for injury as he plays more. We just need to find a legit #2 who can come in a win a few games here and there, simply for the fact that any one hit can potentially ruin a season, no matter who the QB is.
  5. ACL's for QBs are a freak injury. Especially of the non-contact variety. I have no worries about Jimmy G being injury-proned. But the #2 slot behind him definitely needs to be revaluated.
  6. For what they went and got personnel wise, their defense has underwhelmed. Granted, they've been hit with injuries to key guys like Talib and Peters, teams have still been lighting them up. If Montgomery doesn't fumble the kick-off, Rodgers probably performs another one of his magical comebacks today. They are the best team in the NFC at this point but I still think the Saints or the Vikes could best them in the playoffs. Even though they did beat the Vikes already, I still see that as a tough match-up for them.
  7. I just take solace in the fact that with Jimmy, I think at worst we're 5-3 right now. We've been competitive all year, sans the Rams game and a competent QB beats Arizona twice, while also beating the Packers and the Chargers. The defense has it's warts still but with a healthy Jimmy G, we're right there in the playoff hunt. So regardless what happens the rest of the season, I know the team isn't that far away. We definitely have holes and depth needs to improve at certain areas but it's not as bad as it may appear to be as the losses mount. One thing I hope come from this though is they will go out sign a vet to compete with Beat Hard for the back-up spot next year. It should be clear now that Beat Hard isn't capable of coming in and winning games in this league.
  8. Minor Niner News Thread

    I'd ship them both. Ward has no future on this team. Garcon is still a pretty good player but his production can easily be replaced. The more draft captial we can acquire and thus use to secure some depth and find some diamond-in-the-ruff types, the better.
  9. Minor Niner News Thread

    I'm almost certain we would have signed Cousins if we'd been in the market for a QB so that comment from Shanny is not surprising to me in the least. I didn't care for Watson but I really liked Mahommes. Didn't think he would go top 15 though and didn't think he would look this good, this early. I wanted us to take him in the second but seeing as he went a lot earlier than I expected, I see nothing wrong wit the approach Lynch and Shanny took regarding the position. Mahommes was really the only QB I liked from that entire class and had we been in the market for a QB when the 2018 draft rolled around, I'm sure we would have nabbed either Rosen or Darnold. I actually thought the football gods smiled on us when we were able to ****** Jimmy G from the Pats. More than happy with the outcome. Jimmy's injury was just a misfortune...it happens.
  10. I'm just amazed by how badly the young guys who showed promise last year have regressed. And Beat Hard hasn't shown ANY growth whatsoever. He looks exactly as he did as a rookie. I'm concerned by the player development at this point. But this loss was just laughable. When I looked up and saw they had cut the lead to 15-10, I knew we were gonna lose. It was evitable really...
  11. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-what-happened-to-reuben-foster
  12. Adrian Colbert Placed on IR

    If I thought Reed's future was@FS I would agree. He's not a safety, he's a nickelback. He should be the future@nickelback IMO. I understand Williams is a fixture there for the time being but I think it's a HUGE mistake taking Reed and trying to make him a FS. He's a natural CB. It was one of the reasons I liked that pick so much. Moving him to FS was a head-scratcher. I still don't understand the reasoning there to be quite honest...
  13. Adrian Colbert Placed on IR

    I'd rather them give all the young guys burn on the outside, including Moore. Let's see who improves and shows development over the second half of the year.
  14. Adrian Colbert Placed on IR

    I would honestly like for them to move Ward to the starting FS spot if he's ever healthy again. I don't believe Reed is a FS. Never liked his fit there. Another example of them taking a guy and not playing him to his strengths...
  15. No one(at least not me) is saying Shanny should be fired. But how this team is coached and how they prepare each week should definitely be under scrintinity. Top 5 OC he is but it's his TEAM(offense included) that doesn't seem to do the little things to win games. Having a top 5 offense means very little if your 1-6. Offense is 1/3 of the team. If he wants to be measured by how his offense plays, he should have stuck to being just an OC. Hate to keep comparing him to McVay but he doesn't have a former HC and one of the best DC's running the other side of the ball for him so he can just worry about the offense. He has a first time DC so he has to devote as much of his time to shoring up that side of the ball as he does game-planning the offense every week. There was a national beat writer who wrote something about the team in TC that though talented, the team lacked discipline and focus. That sentiment was echoed by a local beat writer as well. If people outside of the organization can see it and we as fans are witnessing it every Sunday, than what more needs to be said? It's something Shanny HAS to rectify because obviously what he's done this far in his coaching tenure is not getting through to his players.