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  1. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    I was so excited for this week leading up to Sunday. But I'm just kinda numb right now. I'm as big of a Laker fan as I am a Niner fan and this one hit me hard. Shed a couple of tears and I'm not a emotional guy AT ALL. Just extremely sadden right now. Me and Kobe are the same age and its like me watching him all those years, we grew into men and matured together, strange as that may sound. I know I'll probably get the jitters/nervousness going when I wake up Sunday and the excitement will kick in around gametime. But everything sports related just seems so insignificant right now... Rest easy Bean & GiGi 🙏 Prayers and condolences to the Altobelti family and others who lost loved ones in this tragedy.
  2. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    They could use some upgrades. They're ILBs are slow and not very athletic. And they could use a stout, physical NT. I'm not a big Pettine fan but he's not a bum. He did enough to earn another year at least, imo. Shanny has his number pretty much but then again, Shanny has everybody's number to a degree. Should be better with another year in the scheme. We'll see them next year in the reg season to gauge if they've made strides defensively...
  3. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    I'm saying its much easier for me to stomach a playoff loss than a SB loss personally. Majority of the times we've lost in past playoffs, prior to the SB, I wasn't as dejected because I could recognize our flaws and the likelihood of us winning it all were slim. 1990...and maybe '87 were probably the only years I was sincerely shocked we lost in the post-season. Like I felt we were almost locks to win it those years. This year has been different in that I didn't really believe until later on in the year that we were legitimate SB contenders. But once I bought into our team's ability, it became SB champs or bust for me. Securing the #1 seed and getting that bye further cemented that this needs to be the year. The team being so young and relatively inexperienced to post-season play had me cautiously nervous for the divisonal round and NFCCG. But now, Im just like we need to win this...we've come this far and have looked too dominant doing it. But I just dont like the match up with Mahommes and that offense. I'm not as confident as I should be I guess....
  4. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    A loss is a loss, whether it be the wildcard round, divisonal round, etc. There is only one winner. You don't get extra points for getting to the SB and losing. I take no solace in a loss. Granted, you have to participate in the game to win it so there's the rub... If you're not the champion than you're lumped in with the rest of the losers. That's how I've viewed it my entire sports life, with any sport. May be a bit extreme to some but that's just how I've always rationalize it. Will this season be viewed as a success if we don't win the SB?? Before the season, I said us making the playoffs would be a successful year. BUT now that we've made to the SB after a dominate reg season and we have a legit chance to win it all??? I cant say that I would view this season as a success if we don't win...as crazy as that may sound.
  5. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    DEFINITELY stressed. It's extremely hard to get to a SB. I know the Pats have made it looked realtively easy the past 15 years or so but these opportunities come around very seldom. We're eight years removed from our last SB appearance. Took us 18 years to get back to one before that. 25 years its been since our last SB win. I really would like us to get #6 before I leave this earth. I feel like we should have been gotten it already...a couple of times. Our lost to the Ravens absolutely crushed me. Never saw this franchise lose a SB before and it sucked soooooooo bad. To the point I'd almost rather not even get there than to get there and lose. It would absolutely rip me apart to see us lose another one. I almost don't want to watch it, as strange as it sounds. As kid, watching this team in the 80's and early 90's, I was always nervous but quietly confident for every SB. I just knew we were the better team, better organization from top to bottom in all our SBs. We had that Bill Walsh/Eddie D magic and it was just a different feeling I had going into those SB match-ups. Not those same feelings as I got older and we descended from the 'Have's to the 'Have nots. This is a extremely tough match-up for us. I'm not as confident as I was in our last SB match up either. I thought we had a better team than the Ravens. Really believed in that Harbaugh team and it sucked to watch them come out and get dominated early, only to comeback and have a chance to win, get my hopes up....and then fail dramatically. Different time, different team....I know. I just want us to somehow pull this off. Don't care how, just want a win. We get #6 and everything after that is icing on the cake for me. BUT I badly want to witness us winning that 6th Lombardi....realtively soon.....like in 11 days.
  6. 49ers Stats and Observations

    Yea its absolutely crazy how successful our back-up O-Lineman have been for us. Its unheard of really. 97% of the time you lose a starting O-Lineman, there is a huge drop-off in play. That has not been the case with us this season. That being said, Garland is going to have his hands full dealing with Chris Jones. He can definitely wreck a gameplan and our interior guys had better be ready.
  7. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    I don't do Reddit but I'll take your word for it. Its very short-sighted to blame the OC when the OC is the reason you were there to begin with. That team doesn't sniff a SB appearance w/o Shanny's offensive wizardry. That's further been proven since their team success pretty much disappeared the moment Shanny got on a plane, headed to Santa Clara.
  8. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    Why would they be triggered?? They know very well what happened and that their defense has more liability for that outcome than Kyle's offense. They also know had Freeman not missed a free blitzer, history looks@Shanny, Ryan, Quinn, and that Falcons team quite differently. At the time, I really had no issue with how Kyle called the game. Maybe he should have called one less pass instead of run during that critical stretch late in the 4th but as I recall, they were not running the ball that great the entire game. They had been a aggressive team that entire season. He stayed true to their identity. They just didn't execute when it mattered most.
  9. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    1990 will always be a ugly stain on my fandom memory. Those other losses were not as brutal for me because I didn't really think we were good enough to win it all. But I just knew we were going to be the first team to win three SBs in a row when that 1990 team came around smh...still gets me upset thinking about how shocked, furious and hurt I was after that defeat.
  10. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    ANY given Sunday! Did we not just watched a QB who threw for under 100 yards beat the MVP of the league and the hardest offense to defend in all of the NFL? The most talented team is not guaranteed victory...
  11. 2020 Draft Thread

    Well we won't pick a WR in the first....and I'm totally on board with that. Killins imo, is more Tyrek Hill than RB. But I do like that he has that toughness to line up in the backfield and incoperate some RPO type of looks. But his future at the next level is definitely as a guy in the slot, making plays in space. If you're looking to double down....which I think Shanny has done of enough of with this unit personally, I would probably lean towards a guy like James Proche of SMU. Can be had on either day two or three...reminds me alot of Deebo. He's one of my sleepers.
  12. 2020 Draft Thread

    I like Jalen Reagor of TCU or Killins of UCF. Though Killins is labeled a RB, I think he's more of that Darren Sproles type of hybrid scat-back/slot WR. Ruggs III for 'Bama is a player too though I dont think he falls out of the first.
  13. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    Maaaaaan I'm nervous. I hope we don't blow this. The stars have aligned in our favor this year. Must take advantage this opportunity. I'm hopefully optimistic but a excruciating ball of nerves the closer gameday is upon us.
  14. 2020 Draft Thread

    The WR you described is already on the team. His name is Jalen Hurd. My thing with WR is that if we draft a WR, he needs to bring a element we already lack. The only type I see us adding to our group is a speed guy, as I see us moving on from Goodwin. A rookie like the Saints Deonte Harris would be perfect for us. He gave us all kinds of fits when we played them and that fast as lighting, jitterbug type of guy I think would put that group over the top as far as being able to exploit any and every type of defensive coverage. I just don't want to draft a WR because that's what we've done every draft up until now. We've got two very talented guys coming back from IR in Hurd and Taylor. We already have Deebo as a potential WR1 type. Bourne has made his case as a potential starter next year though I'd like to see him be more consistent catching the ball and eleminating the drops. We'll either re-sign Sanders or add another vet type that could be chasing a ring and may come here at a discount. You could throw Pettis in there as the wildcard that maybe the light comes on in his 3rd year. That's a very crowded room already. If we draft one, they need to bring something different to the table IMO.
  15. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    I completely disagree about Shanny calling up another coach for advice. He definitely doesn't strike me as the type of personality that would be comfortable asking another coach for gameplanning ideas or help. Just don't see that happening. Shanny has been calling plays and gameplanning at a very high level, for a good amount of time. I don't think he needs any advice nor trusts anyone elses advice except for his dad. LaFluer's a different story. He's new to this so maybe he lends on a friend for stragedy and what not. But there are certain coaches....Reid, Belichick, Peyton and Shanny that I just think have done it all and seen it all to where coaches call them....not the other way around.