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  1. Aldon wasn't proven though. He emerged that year, same as Bosa in 2019. He was a nickel player in 2011, Harlason was the starter. And its not about name recognition, its about talent. I just think the 2012 team was more talented and if the two units are completely healthy and I need to pick one to go to battle with, I'm going to lean on the group with the most talent. And I'd take Rogers in slot everyday over Williams. Williams was great last year but he couldn't do what Rogers did in terms of starting on the outside then dropping to the nickel and still being above average. You cou
  2. Unequivocally, Watson's cap hit would be the least of my concerns in terms of acquiring his services. Great players cost alot of money....duh!
  3. Interesting. I have to go with 2012. I've always loved Fangio's scheme and man for man, I think they were a more talented team. Aldon took the league by storm as a pass-rushing force his first year as a starter. Cowboy was still one of the most dominant interior players in the league. Ray McDonald was underrated af. Brooks was solid on the strong-side. You had both Bow & Willis in their prime. Goldson & Hitner were heat seeking missles@safety. And TB, Rogers, Culliver & Cox were as good of a CB foursome as one could have hoped for. Not to mention pretty good depth along the interio
  4. Notice I said completely healthy. I'm not talking about production or who had a better run in the post-season. I'm talking man for man, talent vs talent...which unit which you rather have?
  5. To be fair, Baalke tenure didn't start out bad at all. I mean he did help build a SB roster. His tenure early on is comparable to Lynch's currently. It just went downhill fast after our SB run because of his ego in regards to personnel decisions and roster building. Which brings me to a discussion I was having with a fellow Niner fan last week. Which defensive unit would you take completely healthy...2012 or 2019??
  6. I honestly think its all about money. If we come relatively close to the best offer, I could see him returning. But athletes say I want to win all the time and then go running to the highest bidder. He wants to be compensated handsomely for his talents....that's what I think it boils down to. As far as the QB, ultimately I think he will trust Kyle. Whether that's with a rookie or Jimmy. He made the playoffs with a rookie QB w/Kyle as the OC so I don't think that would necessarily be a determent for us. But I don't think Kyle will just hand the position over to a rookie QB, no matter where
  7. I don't see that happening. Williams will 100% test the market and if he doesn't he needs to fire his representation with the quickness. That's just not smart business. That's why he restructured his deal so he couldn't be tagged. This is his last payday. He's gonna to get as much bang for his buck as possible and I don't blame him at all.
  8. Trask is Brandon Weeden 2.0 for me... I've said it from jump, I don't see anything that makes me think he's a legitimate starting NFL QB.
  9. Only way this is even a possibility is if we are Watson's preferred destination. And even then, its still a uphill climb.
  10. WWWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.... I just turned on the Steelers/Browns game....28-0 in the first quarter???
  11. I don't know if he's a better run defender in a 3-4. Depends who's playing in front of him. But you're always at the mercy of DCs who try to fit square pegs in round holes. That's my only caveat.
  12. Back the Brinks truck up to Fred's house.... it's about that time Jed
  13. Just playing devil's advocate here but is Warner's play scheme-dependant in a way? Once Saleh leaves and a new scheme is implemented, does he have the same type impact in the pass defense? Is he as dominant if we switch to a 3-4 with different coverage principles?? Pass-rushers translate into ANY scheme.
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