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  1. With guys like Chark still on the board, no I wasn't happy with the pick. I think that there were better WRs on the board from my eval. Time will tell whether the brass got it right or us armchair GMs.
  2. OTAs

    Harold is not a great run defender though. He's adequate but he struggles on edge with bigger guys, just like you're suggesting Warner will. Watson is better in that department but not by much. I don't believe the ideal SAM is on the roster currently. But I'm willing to give Warner a shot there and prove me wrong. I know what I have in Harold and Watson....which isnt much. I think Warner could surprise. BYU used him all over....DE, ILB, OLB, and SS. He's played with his hand in the dirt some so if he could add some strength, maybe bulk up to around 240-245 he could be a fixture@SAM. He's got the length and the frame for it. I think WILLs are far more easy to find than SAMs in this particular scheme.
  3. OTAs

    That's not entirely accurate. Though on base downs, the SAM is very similar to the LOLB in a 3-4, he is tasked to drop into coverage way more than any 3-4 base team would allow their OLB to be. The SAM in this scheme has to be adapt in coverage AND be able to set the edge. KJ Wright is basically the ideal player here. Big enough and stout@the POA to be a OLB in a 3-4 for but athletic and fast enough to be able to drop into short zones and carry potential receivers in his area into the next man's zone. Now I firmly believe Warner is best in this scheme as a WILL. And think he is the future there. But while Smith is here, I think he could play SAM and be effective. More so, for his coverage ability. I think playing next to Armstead on base downs, could mask some of his shortcomings as a edge setter. Not that he's horrible in that department but I think he'll struggle strength-wise versus NFL O-Lineman, stacking and shedding. But playing next to a guy like Armstead, who can absorb multiple blockers, while working down the line, towards the ball should free up Warner some. I just think he can't do any worst than Harold or Watson against the run but should be leaps and bounds better in coverage. Especially running Cover 3 with base personnel, where teams exploited us routinely last year in the short-middle.
  4. OTAs

    As long as he didn't sacrifice any speed, I'm all for this. His ability to cover ground is one of the reasons I think he stoodout as a starter. Hate to see him lose a step in that department.
  5. OTAs

    I know but I'm talking about eventually as a starter. Foster is the MIKE for the foreseeable future. Sure Warner could/can play MIKE but I see his future@WILL or SAM, next to Foster. And he's the MIKE with the 2nd team right now but Toomer is the MIKE with the first team. I still say its Toomer who starts@MIKE when Foster is eventually suspended. Toomer was a underrated signing. Very good back-up who has played in this scheme for years. The quickest way for Warner to see significant minutes as a rookie is through the SAM position, not the MIKE imo.
  6. Minor Niner News Thread

    Well I've been just as bullish on Colbert. The team says its not on him....meanwhile, they moved his stiffest competition to start@FS to CB and did not draft nor sign any viable competition to contend with him for the starting FS spot. All this while naming him the starter before OTAs even began. They're actions are speaking much louder than they're words.
  7. Minor Niner News Thread

  8. OTAs

    I think Warner could play SAM rather well. He needs to improve his strength so setting the edge he might struggle with at times but there's absolutley no reason he can't beat out Harold for the SAM spot. I'm actually expecting him to...
  9. Well Whitworth was thought to be too stiff and non athletic to be a LT in the pros. He projected mostly as a RT coming out of college, which dropped him to the second round. McG seems to be much more athletic to the naked eye. Whitworth the more powerful of the two.
  10. If we had just stayed pat and drafted him in our original slot, I wouldn't like the pick but I wouldn't hate it either but the trade up just makes it hard to stomach. He has to evolve into a legitimate #2 WR to justify the pick IMO. Anything less and it was wasted pick. AND the fact we got such great value for Richie James makes the pick look that much more of a reach.
  11. Around the NFL

    He'd make a awesome WILL in this scheme. But you can't play both him and Smith on the field together so that's the dilmenia if the staff still views Smith as a front-line starter. Not sure about Kendricks as a MIKE. He's more of a coverage guy.
  12. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    Seeing this made my day. His footwork was downright atrocious at times last year. So pumped to see him and the staff working diligently to fix that one major flaw. Improved footwork, with his release, takes his game to ANOTHER level....can't wait for TC.
  13. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Meh, his ex turned out to be a lying, manipulative, con artist who was out for personal gain, at his expense. He isn't the first man to find out after the fact he chose a crazy b*$# to be in a relationship with. Happens in all walks of life. Now if this had been a case of hanger-ons influencing his judgement then that's one thing. But I can't really fault him for his ex being a psycho, out to ruin him. What I will say is that Foster has to address his obvious love for weed. That to me, will be his biggest hurdle going forward. Much more so than any off-the-field type of incidents.
  14. pass rush

    He's running yeah...but stopping and starting, cutting, pivoting and transferring body weight from one direction to another is totally different. And these are physical demands a CB has do repetitively, at a high level. He's a ways away from being 'ready' per say. It takes the majority professional athletes, almost 2 years to recover fully from a Achilles tear. I don't expect Sherman to be the anomaly. I think he'll be well enough to perform at a above average level but I'm not expecting the Seattle version of Sherman this year and I think anyone who is, is in for a letdown.
  15. 2019 Draft Talk

    Actually the more realistic comp is Fusco/Garnett. I don't see Cooper as anything more than a back-up at his point. Garnett is the one who the staff seems is firmly behind and will get every opportunity this off-season and TC to cement himself as the starter. Cooper seems more like a quality back-up who could potentially surprise if thrust into a starting position due to injury, but isn't likely to be your everyday starter if everyone is healthy.