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  1. I really like Reed but I feel like his just moonlighting@FS. I didnt like the idea of moving him to FS and though he hasn't looked bad at all there, I still think they're doing him a disservice by not letting him just back-up the slot and focus on honing his skills there. I understand Williams and Ward may have been ahead him there when he was drafted but you are what you are. Like I said earlier, with the season now pretty much over with Jimmy's injury, let the young guys who you plan on being here and contributing play and take their lumps. Let Ward back-up Colbert and let Reed play his more natural position and back-up Williams in the slot.
  2. I will say this....if Sherman is out for any extended amount of time, they need to play either Mabin or Moore on the boundary. Enough with Ward on the outside. Let him back-up FS for the rest of the year. Without Jimmy, it's pretty much a wrap. Let Moore develop and see what you have in Mabin. Makes no sense to keep playing a guy like Ward who isn't in your long-term plans and obviously isn't a great fit there.
  3. Well I would say at least we didn't get blown out by the Bills. Football is week to week...can't take anything for granted. Sucks about Jimmy but I'm one who has always believed that adversity brings teams/ppl together. On to the Chargers...
  4. What's with the Garcon hate, did I miss something?? He didn't drop anything he should have caught today as far as I saw. I did see Jimmy G clearly overthrow him when he was wide open though. As far as taking targets away from the youngsters, well until they learn to play with some physicality and not get man-handled in press-man, Garcon will be needed. He's the only WR who isn't a world class sprinter who can deal with press-coverage. The rest just fold like a peice of tissue. Pettis didn't get targets because he didn't get open. The only guys that seem to consistently get separation and have a knack for creating a window for the QB are Goodwin, Kittle, and Garcon. The rest are very up and down. Garcon may not have the speed he once had, but just like we saw from Boldin, he just has the ability to create separation in man coverage through crafty route-routing. He's definitely still an asset to the offense. The only tough catch I remember him dropping was the one in the Vikings game. I haven't seen anything else that would warrant him being benched in favor of anyone else.
  5. I watched every single game when Tim Rattay was our QB. I'ma fan, good or bad. I'm going to always watch, hope for the best. My prediction for 9-7 just went out the window though. But I hold out hope that Beat Hard wont be as bad as most think. He threw nice dime to Kittle there. He just really needs to work on speeding up his mental clock inside the pocket. That is his biggest hinderance as a NFL QB.
  6. Wrong. Shanny and RG3 were never a good fit...
  7. Anything that doesn't sideline him the entire year, I'm ok with...
  8. Just go out of bounds Jimmy. No way your we're going to score there. It was 4th down territory. This team as a whole just has to play with more awareness and less emotion. Emotion is good and is needed. But you have to be smarter with it.
  9. That has to be the worst call I've seen all year. Worst than the Clay Matthews call on Cousins. That wasn't even close to being offensive PI. These officials are ruining Sundays...
  10. Brieda should have scored on that toss from Juice. He kept it outside, should have cut up inside and tried to run over someone instead of trying for the pylon.
  11. Yeah there have definitely been mental laspes in coverage but last week I think was more of guys mentally checked out after we went up big. Don't think that would have been a issue this week. Plus, I think at full strength, Saleh calls a different game.
  12. I just think it was asking too much to have Exum, Reed, and Ward all step in and play lights out. I would have loved to have seen us on D, at full strength versus Mahomes & Co. Think we would have been better on 3rs downs, for sure. Our depth just isn't at the point where we can lose starters and the backups come in and there isn't a big dropoff.
  13. These missed tackles smfh...
  14. That's always been my point. This team is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions, early on....