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  1. 49ers Pick at 13

    Mid to late round picks makes more sense if you have established starters. We could have potentially both starting CBs (Sherm and Spoon) walk out the door. Harris is a unknown at this point...he shouldn't even factor into the equation. Having the potential to draft a guy like Henderson with elite athleticism, ball skills and measurables will be tempting. He's a sure fire starter in year two with Moseley probably manning the other side. That would be the thinking...
  2. 49ers Pick at 13

    If I'm perfectly honest... Looking at our roster and future needs, its unequivocal that CB should be the pick@13. Its a developmental pick if we choose to go that route but from a roster perspective, it makes alot of sense. No rookie is going to sniff the field with Sherman, Spoon, Williams, and Moseley coming back. BUT the rub is that Sherm, Spoon, and Williams will all be UFAs in 2021. And Moseley will be a RFA though he'll be easy to tender and bring back That's ALOT of talent and depth poised to walk out the door in a year. And that's not including Tartt, who is also a UFA. So drafting a player like Henderson and having him develop for a year makes a ton of sense. Even more so than OT or WR. But I think it will be a OT if one of the top 4 falls to us. So I'll go Thomas only because I think Becton goes before him. I dont think either Willis nor Wirfs makes out the top 10.
  3. 2020 Draft Thread

    One of my sleepers@WR. Could develop into something special in a few years. Cleveland is intriguing. Was turning heads at The Senior Bowl. **Edit** I was thinking of Van Jefferson...Cleveland is the O-Lineman. There's another WR from Florida with the last name Cleveland. Got these three confused lmao...
  4. 2020 Draft Thread

    Also wouldn't surprise to see Ruggs go before either Jeudy or Lamb. Don't think he'll be the first WR off the board but definitely wouldn't be shocked if some teams viewed him as Tyreek Hill type of home-run threat and go with elite speed and explosiveness over prototypical WR1 measurables. Especially the Raiders. Mayock seems like the type that would want combat what the Chiefs are doing with his own version of Hill.
  5. 2020 Draft Thread

    Honestly though, I will be surprised if any of the top 4 OTs drop to #13. So many OL needy teams pick before us and I'm just not sold that teams are going to go WR over O-Line in some of these instances. Especially in a deep class. Wouldn't be surprised to see a guy like Josh Jones go alot earlier than some expect. I think either Jeudy or Lamb will be there@13 if we want them.
  6. 2020 Draft Thread

    I disagree. A talent like Becton doesn't grow on trees. I guy that big and with his feet and athleticism is rare. And he's insanely powerful. I would have no problem with that pick. Becton played in Satterfield's zone blocking scheme last year. He's much more equipped to come in and hit the ground running as O-Lineman than any WR we draft. As much as Iike Jeudy and Lamb, I think ppl are overestimating the impact they will have as rookies. Shanny's scheme is complex and his playbook is enormous. There's going to be a learning curve for any rookie WR. Deebo said it took him nearly 12 weeks into the season to feel like he had a good grasp of the offense. And remember they had Deebo for a week down in Mobile for the Senior Bowl so he got a little test run, before he was even drafted. Now with the off-season almost assured to be shortened, it will be hard for any rookie WR to get a foothold in the scheme and really have a impact immediately. Its one of the reasons I'm starting to think Goodwin will stick around, at least through TC...if we have one. As talented as Jeudy and Lamb are they are not the only WRs in this draft who will leave their mark as pros. This is one of the deepest WR drafts in long while. So if anything, passing on a WR early, makes more sense than passing on a OT. Especially if you dont believe the gap between those two and the next tier is that big.
  7. 2020 Draft Thread

    If we do go WR@13, I think a guy like Josh Jones is a real possibility@31. He looked good@The Senior Bowl and though he has issues with his footwork, there's alot of upside to develop into a legit starting caliber LT. 31 is a reach for him but if we don't trade down and accumulate picks, its good pick there addressing the future imo.
  8. 2020 Draft Thread

    I mentioned Jefferson a couple of weeks ago. Thing is, you have to get him@31. So if we go in another direction@13, I think Jefferson should definitely be on our radar if we decide to go WR.
  9. 2020 Draft Thread

    Elite physical traits dont always equate to production though. The reason I compared him to Nuk is because he was labeled as a guy with great ability but limited physical traits when he was a prospect. He ran a 4.57 forty and a subpar short shuttle so ppl viewed him as a guy with a limited ceiling physically. But the ability to run routes and separate is a elite trait. And you combine that with sub 4.5 speed and that's a guy with the ability to get open against press-man. Jeudy might not make those impressive catches like Hopkins. But he has the ability to get open against great press CBs, much like Hopkins.
  10. 2020 Draft Thread

    Pretty much sums up why he's been my 1A on my list for some time now. His route running is tailor made for Shanny and this scheme. Its something to marvel at really. And while he may not have the RAC ability of a Lamb, he creates separation in a way other guys can only dream up. He's like a faster version of Nuk.
  11. Smh....we seem to always be a day late and a dollar short. Even though he isn't the player he was earlier in his career, I would have loved him next to AA. That would have eased alot of my worries in regards to our interior depth
  12. 2020 Draft Thread

    Im curious as to where ppl have AJ Terrell slotted. I think he's a solid CB at the next level and I wouldn't be mad if we took him@31 though it might be a slight reach. People have slotted anywhere from a late first to late 2nd. Thoughts?
  13. 49ers sign Travis Benjamin WR

    Yea but Benjamin is on the wrong side of 30 though...
  14. 2020 Draft Thread

    Meh...I dont like the idea of a guy who has a long history of being hurt, moving closer to the LOS. That just doesn't excite me at all. Tartt's physicality and ability to maneuver in and around the box is not something I feel Ward can replicate. He's a good tackler as coverage safeties go. But its totally different lining up@SS snap after snap and being able to be that 8th guy in the box repeatedly. I may be in the minority here but if they really thought Moore was starting material, Ward would be signed to play elsewhere right now. I dont see them wanting to play both Ward and Moore at the same time. I think that would have happened when Tartt got hurt last year. This upcoming year is going to be litmus test for alot of younger guys in the secondary. As it stands now, Sherm, Spoon, Williams, and Tartt are all scheduled to hit the market in 2021. Alot of depth and experience we stand to possibly lose so it wouldn't surprise me to see either safety or CB targeted multiple times in the draft.
  15. 49ers sign Travis Benjamin WR

    I sure as hell hope not. Benjamin is not the answer. I don't get this signing. Like Taylor Gabriel is just sitting in free agency, waiting to be signed. Much better player than Benjamin and is familiar with the scheme. I'm not understanding the thinking here with this move.