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  1. Laken Tomlinson extended by 49ers

    I'll trust Kid Shanny on this one. Must be something there that they saw worth investing in beyond 2018. Having a full-offseason in the scheme will probably benefit him, as he was traded right after pre-season and as you stated, needed to gel with the rest of the line, while also learning the playbook.
  2. Dwight Clark passes away

    Prayers and condelences to the Clark family and 49er family. R.I.P #87
  3. OTAs

    But where did I imply that in my previous post? And you're comparing apples and oranges here. A guy like Bouye wasnt re-signed because of his price tag, more or less. Not because of his talent level. Fusco could have easily have been re-signed if we chose to. He was a bargain signing. From the outside looking in, it seems as though they found his skillset as replaceable.
  4. OTAs

    Meh, I saw home get pushed around way too much when I was paying attention. I will side with the coaching staff on this one. They saw him for a entire year and chose not to re-sign him so....
  5. OTAs

    If he could play MIKE, that could do wonders for this defense. Considering all the time Foster is due to miss because of injuries every game
  6. OTAs

    Only thing with Bourne is he is more of a possession guy, with the lack of speed. But he could develop into a solid 2nd WR down the road.
  7. Packers sign Byron Bell

    But Bell is not a tackle though. His stint with the 'Boys last year should have confirmed that. He's makes more sense playing along the interior.
  8. OTAs

    Good point about DeCastro. He was awful his first 2 years but managed to turn it around. Thing is, he was/is in a scheme that suited his skill-set from Day 1...Garnett hasn't been as lucky. From Chip Kelly to now Shanny, he's been square peg in a round hole from the beginning. I truly believe Baalke was high and drunk when he moved up to select him for what Kelly was running.
  9. OTAs

    Because he sucked. I mean he wasn't as bad as Beadles but he isn't a front-line starter. There's a reason Minny let him walk and suddenly began to block ppl as soon as he left. I don't think he's better than Garnett from a talent perspective and I think Mags has a chance to be much better player down the line but we shall see....
  10. OTAs

    It is what it is. Former first rounder or not, if he's not the better player for this scheme, than he shouldn't start. Whether its Cooper or Person, I want the best player on the field that gives offense the best chance to succeed. Garnett is still very young and could be trade bait to a team with a blocking scheme more in-line with his skill-set. I won't see it as troublesome if isn't named the starter. Just means the other guys are better, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've said all along, Cooper could surprise ppl in this zone-scheme. And Person seems like a capable back-up/utility guy. Not mention, I think Magnuson could be a sleeper@RG. Really won't know about any of them until the pads come on so its all just talk at this point...
  11. Minor Niner News Thread

    I definitely think he can make Bourne expendable. I don't think his spot on the 53 is as safe as ppl think...
  12. 49ers Select Fred Warner, LB, BYU #70 Overall

    I keep watching Warner's Combine performance over and over and I'm just amazed by how fluid he is in space. I mean he looks like a DB, all jokes aside. No wasted motion, nor steps. Flips his hips, plants and is off in one fluid motion. No stiffness what so ever. Kid looks like he could be special in coverage if his instincts are there.
  13. Minor Niner News Thread

    Y2 summed it up perfectly. James was picked in the 7th but i believe he had 3rd-4th round talent. He will turn heads. He just needs to stay healthy. Talent wise, he's on par with any WR on the roster, sans Garcon. As much as I like guys like Taylor and Bourne, I see James as better natural pass-catcher, who can affect the passing game at all levels.
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    James is making the roster so that's six. Would not surprise me if James had more of an impact than Pettis as a rookie.
  15. OTAs

    Where did you hear this? From what Shanny had to say, he's looked good thus far. I kno that's just regular media banter but I haven't heard he was stuggling.