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  1. To be fair, he came back and threw a bomb to Bourne to retake the lead. He's exactly who most thought he was. He will win alot of games with his heady play if you surround him with enough pieces. But he isn't physically talented enough to overcome when other parts around him don't hold up. He has looked the best of all the rookie QBs, by far. But I expected that honestly. But I don't see him being that much better once the game slows down for him. He'll be better from a timing and anticipatory aspect. But his lack of arm talent will always put a cap on his effectiveness from the po
  2. Until further notice, I'm just going to chalk it up as another miss by Shanny & Lynch at the position. All the weird coach speak and quasi-motivational tactics just leaves a bad taste in my mouth in terms of future production. This regime just can't get out of its own way....it's becoming painfully evident.
  3. Meh, I just don't see it. He has some power and a bit of wiggle for his size. Maybe in a different scheme I could see the potential. But for what we need him to do within Shanny's run game, I don't see how he was worthy of a 3rd round pick. Time will tell the tale.
  4. The pick was a total head scratcher for me. Like there's absolutely no reason we should ever draft a RB that high as long as Shanny is the coach. I mean does anyone here believe Sermon will ever play at a level to warrant a second contract? He has talent but not the type of talent where you could see him being extended as the RB1. He doesn't have elite physical talent. He has some attractive traits but nothing that wows you. He's a bigger, slightly better version of Jeff Wilson. That's not worth a 3rd round pick imo. LOVED us picking Mitchell where we did. Thought that was tremendous valu
  5. Shanny's problem is he put all his eggs in the 2019 basket in regards to trying to mirror that team, 2 years later. That's just not how professional football works. I've said it REPEATEDLY, for years....if you're trying to stay pat or keep the status quo in the NFL, you'll soon be woefully behind. You HAVE to evolve. From your playbook to roster construction. You can't just say 'wow, we were so good last year, doing it this way let's just run it back again and try to recreate that'. That strategy has a minimum 2 year shelf life. But others soon catch up. Its part of the reason
  6. I think it's more deliberate to get him more acclimated with his reads from the pocket. The ability to use his legs will always be there. He needs to be more comfortable and more concise with his timing at this level, from the pocket so I think it's a concerted effort by both him and Nagy. Work on beating defenses with your arm first. It's a throwaway year for him, developmental wise anyway. I actually think it's pretty smart. I would hope we'd do the same for Trey if he became the de facto starter but I doubt it. Don't have him rely on his legs as a facet of the offense. Make him stay in
  7. I've maintained from jump that we'll never pay WRs top dollar in this offense. Shanny can manufacture production from WRs as long as he has the horses in the backfield and the O-Line to make the run game pop. I think it was one of the reasons why up until this recent draft, we had taken a WR within the first 4 rounds of every draft since 2018. Kittle will be the closest we'll ever see to a top end receiving talent get paid. And a majority of that was based off other facets of his game that help the offense (mainly his blocking). Regardless of the season he has, I doubt Deebo is resigned. Espec
  8. Meh, sometimes fans need to step back from the ledge and actually do some critical thinking. We haven't played even a good game all year, on either side of the ball. That being said, we're 2-2. A better defensive stand against A-Rod late in the 4th and we're 3-1. We just lost to a QB who has pretty much owned this franchsie since the Harbaugh days. Even in 2019, when the defense was elite, that didn't stop us from struggling mightily to beat Russell Wilson & The Gang. We're not in that bad of shape, considering our lack of bodies@both CB & RB. Shanny hasn't looked good from
  9. I mean its better than trotting Dontae Johnson out there. All those guys are vets so it shouldn't be difficult to step right in and be serviceable if they physically still have it. I would like to see Lenior get a shot in the slot though. I think he has the athletic tools and temperament to make a elite nickelback once his mental gets up to speed. But I have no problems if they choose to go with Skrine's experience instead.
  10. Jimmy shortcomings aren't so much arm talent related as much as they are about his accuracy and decision-making. Jimmy's arm strength is good enough. And his quick release is such a benefit within certain aspects of the position. It's the fact that he takes gambles at the most inopportune times and he's basically allergic to pushing the ball downfield when certain passing concepts dictate he should. Defenses can bait Jimmy into alot of mistakes. Is that a lack of intelligence/film study or is that a result of just not having enough physical talent to overcome certain situations that arise in a
  11. TB12 wanted to end his career as a Niner. Spin any way you want, that much should be clear. He reached out and we said thanks but no thanks. At the time I could see why they would be hesitant. I mean even if it is Brady, gambling on a then 43 year old QB, a feat that there is no precedent for and with no real succession plan behind him, is a very bold. I mean what kind of team are we last year with Brady insted of Jimmy and all the injuries?? Definitely not SB caliber imo. As it stands now, I am much more content with Lance as the QBOTF than trying to chase a ring with a 46 year old
  12. Excatly. Like I'm not even really all that upset about the loss, per say. It's our performance within that loss. We look very pedestrian offensively. Defensively I'm more frustrated. Even with the losses@CB we have more than enough talent. We should be performing better, especially on 3rd downs. Some of it is Ryans and his approach on some of these down & distance situations. Some of it is simply guys aren't winning thier one-on-ones in crucial moments.
  13. Hopefully they'll give Lenior a shot in the slot and Skrine is the back-up. Skrine does have experience but is oft-injured and has dealt with his share of injuries & concussions. Would like to see them give Kirkpatrick some run on the outside and see what Lenior can do inside. Norman should be back in a week or two and we get a CB comimg off IR this week. See how versatile Lenior could be for us down the road while the opportunity has presented itself.
  14. I don't think we'll get destroyed. I feel we're too talented to get completely owned by anyone. But I do feel like McVay is going to have an array plays set-up to brilliatly counter our D-Line's aggressive nature to get upfield. They're going to view Stafford as a sitting duck back there and McVay's going to use that to his advantage. Hopefully Ryans has settled in by then but I'm not holding my breath. I'm definitely not expecting a win though.
  15. I mean I know its still early but the hope was that Lance would push Jimmy to be the best version of himself. That certainly ain't happenin' And Shanny is in this weird ball-control type of trance where he seems content dinking and dunking down the field. I'm sorry but that's not going to get it done. Your margin for error is razor thin with that kind of approach. And when you're QB is Jimmy, chances are something bad or unforseen will derail any progress in a series of plays. I watched the Rams dismantle the Bucs and for the first time in my life....even going back to the Great
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