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  1. I'd like to see Cyprien get a shot. Word was he was making plays left and right in camp. Plus I still dont trust Harris as a starter. I don't understand why haven't tried Moore as the nickelback. He played there some in camp and word was he looked pretty good there. Really couldn't hurt to give him some looks there at this point.
  2. And to that I would say who have we played this year that is actually decent at running the ball? Jets, Iggles & Giants are all bottom 5 rushing units. AZ is middle of the pack but still Murray nearly ran for 100 yards against us. The sample size is skewed.
  3. Well that's what I expect Saleh to do really. Make Cam beat us with his arm by stacking the box to stop the run. And hopefully Moseley, Verrett and Taylor can do enough in man coverage situations to hold up. Our pass rush is non existent so we should just play contain with Cam and not try to get upfield to apply pressure. But that goes against the philosophy really so we'll have to see what the gameplan is for keeping Cam in the pocket. We need to have a spy on him at all times imo. But easier said than done. We've struggle containing gameplans designed to spread us out with mobile QBs and run out of 3-4 WR sets. Its a problem Saleh has yet to solve. But your lack of a passing game at the moment does give me a glimmer of hope that maybe we can right the ship. Stay tuned....
  4. Thing is, we are not a great run stopping D. The Wide 9 is notorious for being easy to run against because the wide splits and that has not changed with us. Especially now with our nickelback Williams being out. He's arguably one of our better run defenders as a nickelback and was critical to our success stopping the run in certain fits. But the true back-breaker is we are horrible....like absolutely horrendous at stopping mobile QBs. If McDaniels is smart he'll just spread us out and run read option with Cam and some fly sweeps against our nickel defense until we wave the white flag. Our front 7 was built to stop the pass. Penetrating front 4 with small, quick athletic LBs behind them who can cover in space. We're not really built to hold up against a physical rushing team for 60 mins. It just so happens that our run game got our offense off to fast starts early in games last year so most teams had to throw the ball early and often. That played right into our hands. If run-blocking is you're strength than you should definitely just base your gameplan around that and timely play-action off of it. Its our lack of success against the run and Cam being your QB that has wondering how we pull this one off.
  5. BB is going to bring the house consistently and put pressure on the O-Line to adjust protections and pick-up the blitz. We've been horrible at it thus far and I was really surprised the Lambs didn't dial up more pressure. Not sure what to make of the Pats offense right but nobody knows Jimmy's weaknesses like Bill. I expect the offense to struggle. But I won't predict a loss.
  6. We've thrown deep plenty in previous seasons when we've had that kind of speed on the outsideand when Goodwin was healthy and a viable option. We were never that good at it....but still, we took shots. So the question is are we not throwing deep as much this year becasue we a) lack a true deep threat, b) don't trust the O-Line to hold up or c) dont trust the QBs to be competent in that area? Hard for me to answer that at this juncture, but being able to have that kind of speed at your disposal has to be somewhat important if Shanny went after Goodwin in his first year as a HC and made it a point to go out and sign a guy like Benjamin this off-season, once Goodwin was jettisoned. Those kind of players obviously hold some sort of value in this scheme one would think.
  7. Not really. If Ross is on the field with Kittle, Aiyuk & Deebo, you absolutely have to honor that kind of speed. We don't necessarily have to throw a bunch of deep balls to him. He just has to run routes like we he is being targeted. And eventually you'll catch the defense laxing or biting up towards the middle to take away a Kittle or a Deebo working that area and he'll be wide open for a easy score.
  8. The jury is still out on Aiyuk being a deep ball threat. Not saying he isn't but that's not how he's being used. We need legit speed on the outside to open up defenses and stop them from clogging up the grass between the hashes. A threat that defenses have to honor when ever they're lined up outside. I'm not sure if that describes Aiyuk as of yet. Ross essentially replaces Goodwin/Benjamin for us in that role...that's how I see it.
  9. And Ross is excatly what's missing from our group....deep speed. Makes too much sense....so that's excatly why it won't happen.
  10. My problem with this is that this is why we are in the predicament we are in now. Like I'm really happy to see Verrett get healthy and actually contribute. But his history suggest you absolutely can not trust him to stay healthy. So if you're singing him to be a frontline starter, I have a huge issue with that. Now if you're signing him and telling him he'll have to compete with another CB signing, I can get on board. But we really need to get away from putting faith in guys who can't stay healthy. I understand he's looking phenomenal and that he could come back at a discount but I really would like to see us not put all our eggs in the Verrett basket.
  11. Wouldn't mind Hasty getting RB1 treatment. Looks to me like Jet can't hit that second gear like he could, pre-ACL. Dont know if its injury-related but he doesn't look quick through the hole like he did in Minny. Might just be me though...
  12. Lucky? Nah. You can't expect a Ferrari rolling on two flats to win the race. Even if it is racing against a Civic. We finally played somewhat up to our standard on offense and was able trot out at least two healthy CBs for once. I mean half of our starters are on IR and our starting QB didn't look healthy enough to throw a decent 10 yard out the week prior. We looked liked stir-fried poo for two straight weeks before Sunday. I mean what were you expecting most fans to say?? Donald feelin a little emo and I get it. He thought we were cooked food also. But Shanny didn't allow him the opportunity to eat. O-Line not giving up a sack was all based around the gameplan Shanny cooked up and we did just enough defensively to survive. Wasn't pretty but a win is a win. Lambs can't take it on the chin but what else is new...
  13. Sidenote: We should just wear the all-white throwback unis at home for the rest of the year...
  14. Wow. HUGE win. Gotta say off the bat, hats off to the O-Line. They played their collective ***** off. I don't think they gave up a sack and neutralized Donald the entire game. Defense is going to be hit or miss for us. We have zero pass-rush. QBs are going to have all day to sit back and pick us a part. But if we can get both Sherm and Williams back healthy here soon, to go along with Moseley and Verrett, we could have one of the best CBs groups in the league. It wasn't pretty but I'll take it. Hopefully this is a win that puts the confidence and the intensity back in the locker room and we can get that swagger back.
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