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  1. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    He player both Sam & Leo....
  2. 49ers sign Jordan Matthews WR

    Your point is valid. He's production has tailed off dramatically after his promising third season. I just like his fit in this scheme, if he is able to stay healthy. He flashed a little in his return to Philly last season. Think he may have some solid play still in him, under the right circumstances.
  3. 49ers sign Jordan Matthews WR

    Wouldn't surprise me if Matthews turns out to be one of the more underrated signings of all of free agency. I think his length and ability from the slot gives a different look to the offense and provides a bigger target than the rest of the WRs in the red-zone. Though he isn't your typical big red-zone threat as a WR, he could be used in a variety of ways in that area which could cause guys like Kittle and Pettis to exploit match-ups elsewhere. Not saying he's going to be a Pro Bowler or anything, but if he and Jimmy can develop good chemistry, he could become a nice new element to the passing game.
  4. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    They'll be regulated to the bench which isn't necessarily a bad thing for either. Moore is young and still learning the nuainces of a new position. I thought he looked pretty good for a raw rookie last year but the ideal scenario was for him is to sit and watch for a year or two regardless. 'Spoon needed competition. We tried anointing him as the 'future'@CB and it kinda backfired. He regressed last year and though he kind of picked up his play before the end of the season, it's obviously we can't fully trust him opposite Sherman. Verrett allows him to earn the starting spot against a vet who has played at a extremely high level in the league. If he wins the competition then that says a lot about his future going forward. If he doesn't if means he's not quite ready as a starter and coming off the bench may be better for his overall development instead of putting him in a role he's not quite ready for.
  5. 49ers Sign CB Jason Verrett

    That's why I always maintained he could a phenomenal in the slot. Would love to see him move inside in our nickel.
  6. I don't see us moving on from Breida after a stellar 2nd year. I don't see the Coleman/Morstert signings as any indication we're ready to move on. I just think Coleman is insurance in case McKinnon isn't ready for TC or both he and Brieda can't stay healthy.
  7. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Warner------Collins------Alexander Even though I'm not the biggest Alexander fan, that would be one athletic, rangy LB corps...
  8. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I'd definitely give a hard look@Collins. I'd really prefer to have Warner off the ball so if we can find a vet to man the MIKE who has some athletic upside, I'd definitely be down for it.
  9. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Pretty sure we could have moved on after 2 years with minimal cap hit if that were the case. Seems to be the way Marthe likes to structure deals. I understand the appeal of Bell to Shanny as far as a receiving threat but his running style is just not a good mesh for a zone-blocking scheme. Its a moot point now but that would have been interesting to see. That and the fact we would have had over 50 million dollars invested in the RB position. But I'm sure McKinnon would have been gone if Bell would have signed though.
  10. 49ers Re-sign Jimmie Ward

    Seriously doubt that happens. If we want him, his name has to be called@36. Honestly, wouldn't surprise me in the least if he was a late first rounder. The only real question was just how good of an athlete is he and his Combine performance completely put that to bed. There aren't many true man coverage safeties in the league and his tape at CB is better than most of the CBs in this draft. It's just that his wingspan is on the shorter side but I feel alot of teams will value his ability to cover the slot...or maybe even go back to CB, as well as his range in the middle of the field and will value him bottom of the first. Especially the playoff teams that don't really have long-term answers@FS like the Rams and Eagles. But ultimately I think his best landing spot could be the Pats@31. Belichick loves versatility in his DBs and McCourty is getting up their in milegae. Thornhill would really be a good fit for what the Pats like to do on defense. I'd be mildly shocked if he isn't the first FS off the board and utterly dumbfounded if he last past the middle of the 2nd.
  11. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    If they even think of using Alexander at MIKE, this defense is in a world of trouble... Leave him@WILL and let the chips fall where they may.
  12. 49ers sign Jordan Matthews WR

    Garcon Goodwin Pettis Bourne Taylor James
  13. 49ers sign Jordan Matthews WR

    I don't think anyone is safe outside of Pettis and Goodwin on the current roster. Really have to see where WR is slotted in the draft pecking order to determine the fate of the rest . If we don't address WR in the first three rounds then it may be a good sign for guys like Matthews, Bourne, and Taylor...
  14. 49ers sign Jordan Matthews WR

    I actually like this. I wanted Matthews when his rookie deal was up like 2 years ago(or was it last year?) Think he's a good fit@the Z. He's long with speed. And he can work from the slot to give us a different wrinkle there. He struggled with drops early in his career and he has some durability concerns(seems to be a running theme this off-season) but he could really shine in Shanny's scheme.
  15. 49ers Sign CB Jason Verrett

    No. Witherspoon may be the third CB on the field when we go nickel but he's strictly a boundary player. Either Verrett goes inside in that instance or Williams is the nickelback and Witherspoon is strictly the back-up@outside CB in that scenario. But Verrett played in the slot as a rookie and Im certain he can do it. Just have to see how it all plays out at this point. Too early to tell..