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  1. Trey & Liv Cowherd dating has never been confirmed....just rumors at this point. But if it is true, she's definitely easy on the eyes...I ain't mad.
  2. What mean is, I think we'll ultized more man blocking principles, depending on down/distance, area of the field, etc. I know we're not going to completely abandon the zone-blocking scheme. Its the virtual foundation of the offense. But guys like Banks & Moore to me, signal a concentrated effort to get more power and physicality between the tackles and move away from the 'finesse' type of OG generally associated with the zone-blocking scheme.
  3. And I think that would be a huge mistake imo. Brunskill, as versatile as he is, is not a center. Trying to make him the backup to Mack is just asking for trouble. The Banks pick, along with the picks@RB led me to believe Shanny was going to shift to a more physical rushing attack, between the tackles. That's just not Brunskill's skillset inside....or anywhere if we're being honest. Still a ways to go before TC but I hope that isn't the line of thought heading into this season@back-up center.
  4. I could see Brunskill moving back to the swing tackle role. Banks is almost guaranteed to be a starter as a 2nd rounder. I don't want to just pencil him as the starter, he needs to earn it but I'd be very surprised if he wasn't. McKivitz could be in the mix as the swing guy as well but I just think its Brunskill's job to lose if they're smart about it. If they try to make him the back-up center after last year then they've learned absolutely nothing from last year. Brunskill has no business@Center. I think guys like Coleman and Skule will be fighting to make the roster and look like prim
  5. I'm not discounting leadership. We're talking strictly on field production and play. Leadership is fine and is a important aspect of success. But it isn't something that can be measured or quantified. YOU say he can take some credit for the defense. That's very debatable for me however. I'd give more credit to Bowles and his staff. Guys like White who had been a vocal leader in the media and a lightning rod for that unit towards the later part of that season. They beat Green Bay despite Brady, not because of him. And if GB would have somehow came back and pulled off the comeback, all the
  6. Well I would hope most would understand elite QBs elevate your team as a whole, not just your offense. And we'll see how the Bucs respond this year. Though their division has gotten weaker with the departure of Brees, I expect their road back to the SB to be much harder in 2020. I think the NFC representative in the Super Bowl comes out of the NFC West. If we get Sherman back, I like our chances but wouldn't surprise me if it were the Rams or Cards.
  7. Again, where did I say this?? Did I even insinuate that sentiment?? All I said was Brady's SB run had as much to do with that defense, if not more so than his arm. That's all I'm saying...
  8. This isn't about Brady versus Carr/Jimmy. You're changing the goalposts here... We're talking about a QB who threw three ints in the NFCCG and barely threw for 200 yards in his other two postseason games. Brady is still a clear notch above the majority but the days of his arm carrying offenses to the Super Bowl are over imo. He did no heavy lifting in that Bucs championship run. He made the plays that were there to make, plays you'd expect from a future first ballot HOF and one of the greatest to ever do it. But make no mistake about it, he and that offense benefited greatly from a
  9. I understand your frustrations. And I do like Carr. Alot more than I like Jimmy tbh. But Rodgers is on another planet in terms of talent. Like it shouldn't even be debatable which QBs you want to hitch your wagons to if given the option. As far as Brady, I believe that Bucs defense just started clicking at the right time and it fueled their offense for that SB run. Just like in boxing, football is all about styles & match-ups. And I believe Tampa Bay was/is a bad match-up for Green Bay defensively. It was less about Brady and more about how Bowles and that defense started to find thei
  10. Call me a grumpy old man but I'm not a fan of this rule change. This ain't college. Don't want to see D-Linrman wearing single digit numbers. There was no need to go this route...none!
  11. As far as the NFCW goes, I thought the Cards killed it. Eskridge going to the Hawks absolutely sucks because I really liked him.
  12. Didn't draft a WR for the first time in the Lynch/Shanny era. Pretty shocked by that, as this was a deep class for WRs. Drafted not one but TWO OGs....never saw that coming in a million years. Just when you think you've got them pegged. But it wouldn't be Lynch/Shanny draft w/o the prequisite needless trade up. Some things never change...
  13. I wasn't all that impressed with him during the Senior Bowl practices but I'm okay with the pick.
  14. That would be a big mistake imo. You risk absolutely nothing letting him sit as a rookie. Then in 2022 you probably get a regular off-season with mini-camps/OTAs to get hands on with him and correct some things. You can't rep throwing mechanics and system nuances over ZOOM. Idk...I get you want to unwrapp your shiny new toy. But let's exercise a little patience here.
  15. Well they finally got tired of me bitchin and moaning about being cheap@OG and invested some resources... **slow hand clap** But seriously, there were other OGs I liked better but Jones is solid. Thought he went a round too early imo.
  16. I think there's no question Jimmy is here for this year at least. The worst thing for Lance would be to to rush him on the field early. He's like the 6 Million Dollar Man (for all you old heads lol) in he needs to built from the ground up. You can't necessarily do that the proper way if he's your starter.
  17. Agree with this wholeheartedly. I just want him to have a year where he can just rep out all the bad mechanics and traits. Just work on being fundamentally better as a thrower from the pocket. That should be the only goal for him this year.
  18. SOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful it wasn't Mac. I wanted Fields....time will tell the tale
  19. No matter what happens Thursday, the last 25 pages of his thread have been entertaining af lol
  20. They're not gonna lose sponsorships or be called racists over something as subjective as a draft pick. Its preference at the end of the day. There are enough Mac supporters in and around the league that this should be faaaaaaaaaar removed from even entertaining that line of thought. Nothing wrong with valuing some tratits over others. Might make your stint as a HC shorter than you would like. But it should definitely NOT lump him into that category of ppl.
  21. Agreed. A OLB won't move the needle as much as one of the smartest CBs in the game, who knows the ins and outs of the system. Ryans could also lean on Sherm as a coach on the field type to help his transition to DC. Not to mention Sherm still competes at a high level. He does more for this defense in its current construction. And I know he sees the depth we're building upfront and he's probably salvating at all the ints he'll have a chance to grab if he returns.
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