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  1. KC Chris Jones trade value?

    I would say 1st and 2nd rounder. He is a nightmare.
  2. 2021 NFL Draft Order

    Same as 2020 and Bengals will offered so many picks and players for that #1 pick it would be insane.
  3. NFL Late Bloomers in 2020

    Darren Waller went from 18 yards - 2015 85 yards - 2016 0 yards - 2017 75 yards - 2018 1,145 yards - 2019 He has over come a lot in his life and he is a legit superstar player.
  4. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    I fully expect the Bucs to be in the NFC Championship game.
  5. Calais Campbell Traded to Ravens

    Another high level move by the Ravens. Surprise, surprise.
  6. Vikings cut CB Xavier Rhodes

    Vikings love drafting CBs. With Rhodes out Its almost a lock they draft one in the first now.
  7. Browns release LB Christian Kirksey

    Raiders have had historically bad LB play in recent years. Anyone is an upgrade over Tahir Whitehead.
  8. Rams new logo unveiled

    This is definitely a mashup of Rams and Chargers.
  9. Romo is fantastic so that's good news. I'm surprised Madden video game hasn't gotten him yet. Also its pretty funny how Romo went from such a hated player to so loved by fans now.
  10. He is what he is at this point. Middle of the pack QB at best. It doesn't help Carr plays his worst football vs the Chiefs.
  11. New Derek Carr thread

    Here is all I know Mahomes is a Frankenstein monster at QB and Chiefs won the lottery when they traded up for him. The Chiefs roster overall is solid but nothing amazing. Mahomes is a complete freak and is going to be a terror for a long time. Mark Davis better approach building this team the right way. Don't do what the Jets, Bills and Dolphins did the whole time New England had Tom Brady. Its been like 18 years of misery for that division. We can not change coaches, we can not waste draft picks and raiders need to find a QB who can go blow for blow with Mahomes. I hate to say it because I like Carr but its painfully obvious he is not that guy. He could barely beat the Chiefs when they had Alex Smith.
  12. I would definitely load up this off-season and make him starter. I think he's good.
  13. Mahomes would have been great anywhere. He's a true franchise QB. Would have tuned any team into a winner.
  14. Cardinals QB Kyler Murray wins OROY

    I don't have an issue with Murray winning. Would have been cool to see Jacobs win but Kyler is a stud.
  15. Report: Patriots willing to spend 30m to Bring Brady Back

    Gruden is definitely trying to move on from Carr. He wanted Kyler Murray last year but Arizona was trading the pick and now he wants Tom Brady. If Brady really does hit the open market I fully expect Raiders to offer a big deal.