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  1. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Don't look now but the Browns can go on a run here late in the season. 9-7 is very realistic and could land them a wild card spot, wild.
  2. Will Oakland make the playoffs?

    Looking at Bills schedule they will make the playoffs for sure. I think Raiders, Chargers, Colts, Steelers, Titans, Jags, There is a bunch of team fighting that last spot. It will be interesting.
  3. Texans acquire Gareon Conley

    Conley has been really bad this season but he can still turn it around. Raiders were done with with this guy so getting a 3rd rounder for someone was not going to be on your roster next year is pretty cool.
  4. Have the Raiders turned it around?

    They have a decent amount of rookies and 2nd year players making an impact. Kolton Miller playing good at left tackle has been a huge bonus. If he pans out that will be huge because Trent Brown has the right side locked down, Raiders O-line could be an special unit. Carr is so up and down though. It will be interesting to see if they draft a QB in 2020 with one of those 1st rounders.
  5. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    Its the Pats, they're good but damn their schedule has been easy.
  6. Raiders trade 2021 5th to Bills for WR Zay Jones

    Raiders have a ton injuries at WR right now. Not a bad move considering its a 2021 pick.
  7. Video Surfaces of Jay Gruden smoking substance

    Jay leaked it himself. The guy is dying to be fired.
  8. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Carr is in his 6th year and continues to make rookie mistakes. Carr under Bill Musgarve was a high level duo but if the rumors are true and it was Carr who wanted to promote his buddy Todd Downing to OC and let Musgrave walk, then he really has no one to blame but himself. Its been nothing but downhill since Musgrave was forced out. There is no way Gruden is gonna walk away from football before Raiders get to Vegas. So thinking about a Gruden replacement isn't realistic at all. Raiders are almost a lock to draft a QB in 2020.
  9. This trade might not look great at the moment but the Steelers are clearly thinking long term. They add one of the best young DB's in the league.
  10. Multiple Dolphins Players Request Trades After Loss

    Dolphins better hope Tua doesn't pull an Eli Manning.
  11. How long before Raiders fans turn on Gruden?

    When I hear they aren't going in any direction. I just laugh. The direction Gruden and Mayock are going is to see if Carr can bounce back and be the long term answer at QB. That's the plan. That's why you trade for AB, sign Tyrell Williams, sign Trent Brown, draft Josh Jacobs. They clearly had a plan and it was to see if they can get that 2016 magic out of Derek Carr again.
  12. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    I thought Gruden handled that phone call pretty good to be honest.
  13. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    If they cut him I was very curious where he would have landed. I think New England. The media would have loved that.
  14. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    I swear if something happens around the league like Zeke getting paid and AB isn't getting any attention he says something ridiculous on social media.
  15. I would never label myself as running one scheme or system. Its 2019, Just put your players in position to be successful.