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  1. Yeah he really isn't lol. Who actually thinks that he is "one of the greatest offensive minds in the league"??? Besides well Josh McDaniels. Also, McDaniels absolutely is not getting an offer to be the HC of any other team that isn't his current employer. He literally is so disliked and disrespected IN NFL circles after what he pulled this past off-season that Mike Lombardi of all people, aka the guy who literally garbles on the knob of Belichick and the Pats any chance he has, had said that McDaniels is not going to get offers to be HC any time soon, if ever. Even HE was bashing McDaniels pretty badly when it happened. Which, if anyone listens to Lombardi on theringer or knows of him, is pretty surprising.
  2. Dude you can't just throw out the Pats as a comparison for us or any team in this scenario. They're a massive anamoly in football in so many different ways. Just wanted to bring that up. I keep seeing people here bring them up as if they haven't been doing things that we havent ever seen ever for decades now under BB and Brady
  3. Ben Simmons or Luka Doncic

    This. Very much. And I don't agree at all with this notion that Simmons has already peaked as a player when he's only played a little over one full season.....Yeah, he can't shoot right now. But I find it insane that people really believe that Simmons just never is going to learn how to shoot. Because he hasn't yet? He's like 20!!! Maybe 21? Took guys like Cousins how long to learn to shoot? 7-8 years? Ben is a bigger player than he is "small". He's got the body of a 4. He would be a "big guy" if this were 1995. All it will come down to will be just one summer in the next few years, Ben ends up working only on his jumper and will all of a sudden start shooting 3s , like 2.5-4.5 a game off rip. Maybe shoots 33% to start. But he will be fine. He isn't Markelle. His game has PLENTY of room for growth. The notion he's at his ceiling is laughable. Guys go from never shooting 3s for years and years to suddenly being 38 percent shooters all of a sudden one year all the time. Also, I wanna say I'm a huge Doncic fan though. Love the kid. Love that Dallas was smart enough to get him. And I agreed with him at the time and still do, when Bill Simmons said that when the Hawks traded down and passed on Doncic for Trae Young that it would end up being one of the more questionable decisions when we look back at it in 5-10 years. I like Young. But Doncic was clearly just so much better before he even stepped into an NBA locker room.
  4. I'm hoping we add Ariza after he inevitably is bought out by Phoenix and leaves soon. He makes too much sense. Also was thinking about someone like Otto Porter or Kelly Oubre maybe via trade (trying to think of any Fultz scenarios). Or even freaking Josh Jackson from Phoenix. He seems to be losing minutes in Phoenix because of the fact that he isn't the best fit for what Suns are trying to do. Swap Fultz for him? Who says no? Phoenix needs a PG, and Fultz still has hope if he goes somewhere not here (I really think that if he is on the team all year this season, Jimmy Butler ends up just breaking the little spirit left in that kid when it's over with....). And for FAs in 2019....right now my #1 hope for us is to resign Jimmy, and then sign Tobias Harris. Harris is gonna be a FA after the seasons over. He's only 26 still. Has developed into a very good two way forward and has improved from not being able to shoot 3s at first years ago to now being a 41% shooter on 4+ attempts a game. A lineup with Simmons, Butler, Harris, and Embiid as 4/5 starters is filthy. So much defense. So much versatility. So much scoring. So much playmaking. Simmons would be able to do his best work distributing the ball and making plays all over the court with his elite basketball IQ.
  5. Kemba would be a horrible fit here. How do you play Kemba, Butler and Simmons all together on one team? Simmons' development doesn't need to be stunted any more either. Simply put we need to go after shooters, ideally a wing player who doesn't need the ball in his hands and can just shoot spot up 3s and play defense. Wed to move on from Fultz, ideally in a trade where we get something for him but right now the guys trade value is legit just nothing. Nobody knows what to make of him. For now, we will definitely be adding guys via buyouts and such like we did last year in Bellinelli and Erlyasova (just not Korver)

    Sup. I'm right here. Been here all this time. Never once lost faith in my boy Andrew Luck, even though it wasn't long ago (like weeks even) that people on here were saying Luck isn't good at all, isn't a top 10 QB even, had never had more than ONE good season in his life, etc etc. It's hilarious. I'm happy for the only Colts fan I know of on here also @Wyld Stallyns
  7. It's a perfect storm of injuries and then the losses in our coaching brain trust (and especially the failure to adequately replace Reich and JDFP....clearly Groh and Duece are not.....very good? Like, at all?). We were definitely hit by injuries last year in a few key positions, but nothing even close to what we've dealt with this season. Jeffrey didn't miss any time, not Agholor or really any WR. Ajayi, Clement, Blount all stayed healthy. Wentz (until the Rams game) was the best in the league, and now he's only 10 months removed from a torn ACL. Defensively, we mostly just were down Hicks Last season. We had Jenkins, McLeod, Robinson, Mills (yuck but still) all healthy all year. Darby went out but was back by week 10. Up front we stayed healthy all year. Nobody missed time really at the DL positions. Long, Cox, Timmy, Beau Allen, Barnett, Graham...all played pretty much every game. Bradham was healthy. Kendricks was in and out but he wasn't a starter. Compare that defense last year to this one. We trotted out 4 of the starters this week from the SB winning defense of last year (Jenkins, Cox, Bradham, Graham). That's it. And we lost only ONE guy to free agency which was Robinson who also happened to have gone down for the season recently in NO. And one other thing I haven't seen talked about enough has been the OL's regression from the best in the NFL by far, to just mediocre at best. Notably Lane Johnson. Hes been hurt lately but even before he did get hurt, he was having his worst year as a starter I can remember in his career. He was literally THE clear-cut best Tackle in the NFL in 2017, but has fallen off to an extreme this season (ie he was legit just stonewalling the best pass rushers in the league every week last season, and now this year he has let a few rookie/no names just take his lunch money and then go bang his mom in front of him).
  8. Dakota more clutch than Wentz?

    Dude don't even bother. Matts lost any credibility he might have had (esp. in our Eagles forum) last year when he literally disappeared for months and months after we won the SB, and has just recently this season resurfaced and disappear and so on. Depends on the success of the Eagles or Cowboys from week to week.
  9. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    Yeah. Literally knew your next response would be some stupid GIF. This forums gone to trash. Lame. How about instead of just posting quotes of other statements out of context and GIFs, you actually respond with your own words? Or is it hard to type with just the one hand right now
  10. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    Uhh and? You posted the thing about Wentz before I responded to the moronic statement about the Eagles roster being "really good" right now. I brought up Wentz once to compare him to Watson. But ok. Clearly you have an agenda. Cowboys fan aren't you
  11. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    Literally the only starters from the SB winning defense left rn are Cox, Graham, Bradham, and Jenkins. 4. Out of 11. But yah this is basically the same team tho apparently
  12. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    Oh you're right. I'm so stupid. I managed to just make this all about Wentz. Wait hold on...*reads post*. Oh. No. I actually brought up Wentz because of the strikingly similar seasons he and Watson are having/going through (bad OL, inferior coaching, coming off torn ACLs) But hey screw context am I right
  13. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    What? Trubisky has had to CARRY the offense? Yeah....Cause Tarik Cohen Jordan Howard Anthony Miller Trey Burton Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel have all been so bad and have just been bailed out so many times by Trubisky right? Dude. I know now. YOU are Mitchell Trubisky's mom aren't you??? So why did you make him change it from Mitch to Mitchell? Just curious
  14. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and just stop you right here. Have you watched our team? At all? Or are you just looking at our SB roster? Because missing from that SB team are: Torrey Smith and Mack Hollins at WR Derek Barnett and Tommy Jernigan at DE and DT All three of our starting corners from SB? One left, one just tore his ACL, and the other is hurt and also sucks when he is healthy. Lane Johnson, Wizniewski, and JP have all been either hurt, inexplicably benched, or bad and then hurt. In that order. Our starting safety McLeod is out and has been gone all this season pretty much. And we have had to start a 4th round rookie slot cornerback who is 5'9 in his place. Ajayi just tore his ACL. Blount left. We have a dinged up Clement and Smallwood at RB. Oh and two of our assistant coaches have left and gone on to do incredibly well in their jobs as HC in Indy and Oc In Minnesota. And we didn't replace either of them. So please tell me more about this SB caliber roster that Wentz is surrounded by. I'll wait
  15. The NFC LEast Thread

    Hahahahahaha Lincoln Riley is never leaving OU to come coach newly signed, $150 million Dak Prescott with the Jones family running things. Keep dreaming though.