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  1. Deepest Team Rankings

    We lost our starting QB (who happened to be playing probably the best football in the league except maybe Brady for the 13 games he was in), All Pro LT , Pro Bowl MLB, Darren Sproles (who is almost by himself our entire ST return game/a featured weapon on O), our other LB for multiple games with Kendricks, our best corner didnt play for the first 10 weeks, not to mention our 2nd round pick Sidney Jones who we essentially redshirted....What else...ummm Ertz missed some games, as did Cox.... We didnt have players dropping like flies or anything. But not having its All Pro LT, or the leader of its defense at MLB, or its #1 corner for most of the year, and then its QB going down late season.....that would typically ruin most teams. Thats where depth comes in. Guys like Rasul Douglas, Corey Clement, Vatai, Beau Allen, etc all stepping up and playing solid to sometimes very good football in place of their injured teammates. The fact that Washington basically looked like a dumpster fire when their key players went down is not a good sign of quality depth. Same with Dallas. If Sean Lee and Tyron Smith go out then their defense and offense both basically crumble.
  2. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Hey there may be. You've watched more Washington football than I have Im sure. But I still dont see all this talent on your team.
  3. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Your defense is more talented than whose? KC's? Eh. Not by much. I like your DL (somewhat....I am a big Allen fan but dont like Payne at all and think he was a bad pick). You have two good to great OLBs in Smith and Kerrigan. But outside of that.... Your secondary isnt very good and you dont have much depth either anywhere. Norman and Scandrick are going to be your top two corners it seems.....unless Fabian Mereua (sp) moves outside and Scandrick inside. Fabian is the one corner I like on the team as it is. Norman and Scandrick will be 31 and 32 respectively this season, Norman isnt elite anymore and Scandrick is just not good. Swearinger is a journeyman safety who cant do much besides hit people and trash talk a lot. And Everett is another castoff who has bounced around. I think that people are overrating this defense. 11th in DVOA last year seems about as good as it could be barring some major changes in a year. And then whats this about noone being surprised if Guice is better than Hunt? Seriously? I love when guys like Guice freefall in the draft, then everyone calls the team who takes him "geniuses" and that hes just gonna tear up the league. Because more often than not it doesnt happen. If a guy is so talented, that he could potentially be AS GOOD OR BETTER than Hunt, the guy who just led the league in rushing IIRC and had one of the best RB rookie seasons ever, then why did this aforementioned player slide down? I dont see it. I like the OL, even though OL is all about being a unit and yours can't seem to stay on the field. And I do like Guice/Thompson/Perrine (I just think Hunt>Guice). Your WRs are solid...Doctson is still fairly unproven and Crowder, a slot WR, a very good one at that, is your best receiver. Right now, absolutely the 17 KC offense was more talented than this Wash one. And btw Alex Smith didnt like just magically turn into an aggressive QB overnight at the age of 33 or what ever. He threw down field last year because of the offense he was in. He had the perfect system/players/coaching around him to allow him to throw downfield so much. He still isnt aggressive. Aggressive doesnr just mean throwing deep passes a lot. It means pushing the ball downfield by making tough throws into tight windows more than anything.
  4. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    I find this post hilarious because Im from Philly and went to ASU for 4 years. But it's also pretty accurate. As far as ASU goes though, its because our students all get so drunk before the game that theyre already basicallly blacked out by the 1st quarter. And theres a LOT if idiot frat boy "paint my body" a-holes at my former school. Like, probably more than any other Ive visited (which is many). (No offense to any one if you happen to be a said idiot frat boy, I respect every and all choices lol)
  5. I would put money that Ertz and Kelce will be the top two TEs in catches and yards. I expect Graham and a healthy Gronk to lead in TDs. My sleeper pick is Kittle. Jimmy G at QB for a full season...Shannahan is as good as anyone at scheming his players in ways that best utilize their talents. And also, Engram is another one I think will have a big year. Already has Eli's trust, and hell see a lot of targets. Hes just not really a sleeper like Kittle. Same with Henry. Id say the top tier of TEs are Gronk, Kelce, and Ertz. And theres the tier of the veterans who still can play at a high level like Graham, Delanie Walker, Charles Clay (though his QB situation hurts him), Brate, and Kyle Rudolph. And then you have a bunch of talented risers, many of whom can easily vault into top 5 TE discussion this season IMO: Evan Engram Hunter Henry *Henry and Engram are my two picks to become top TEs this year. Trey Burton Tyler Kroft David Njokou (who I love this year) George Kittle OJ Howard Jesse James And then some promising untapped potential with Dallas Goedert who (even if he werent an Eagles fan Id be saying this) has the chance to be even better than Ertz. I think he is going to be really special.
  6. Saquon Barkley vs. Ezekiel Elliott

    I think Barkley is going to be better. Im not sure if hell have more total yards then Zeke this season, because NY's OL is still pretty bad right now (I like Hernandez a lot but dont think hell be a day 1 impact OL, and signing the 30 year old Solder making him the highest paid OL in the NFL was stupid as hell. The guy was actually one of the worse OTs in the NFL this past year, despite the Pats OL beside him actually doing quite well in the same time). People who criticize Barkley for not putting up big rushing #s against better teams dont realize just how truly horrible the Penn State OL, especially the interior, was. Like, horrific. He legit wasnt able to run up the middle because hed be swallowed up immediately. And it sucks that hes now going to another team with a bad OL. And it's not exactly like he has some great QB in Eli who will make defenses pay for stacking the box and taking out the rushing attack. Like someone said above, Barkley behind Dallas' OL (the 2016 unit, really) would have put up similar or better numbers. Hes not as powerful a runner as Zeke, but if you just give him some space to run through, he will be able to just tear through defenses because of he is so damn shifty, and he is incredible at making guys miss in the 2nd and 3rd+ levels. Zeke is definitely just beastly in terms of his size and athleticism combo. But hes not the same player. Not to mention, Barkley is a superior receiver, though thats not to say Zeke isnt a good one bc he is. But Barkley can legitimately be split at slot WR. He is great in pass pro. And people seem to forget how big he is too bc hes so damn elusive and explosive. If NY can just give him a solid OL in the next year or two, i see Barkley having Le'Veon Bell type production or better maybe
  7. Browns Offense vs. Jets Offense

    In his defense, Haley is a pretty bad OC in general. IMO, a good way to truly find out if a coach is good or not is to see how fans of the team that he recently left react to him leaving. Seeing as literally almost every Steelers fan couldn't wait to get Haley out of town, theres a good chance he isnt very good at his job. (IE Wash fans really didnt want to losd McVay last year, we Eagles fans didnt want to lose John DeFilippo this past offseason, etc) I absolutely think Haley and Hue Jackson could really hold the Browns offense back. Those 2 both need to go.
  8. I said that posting the stats from a box score arent the end all be all. I never used the term analytics in that post. You literally implied that because Lane Johnson and Collins had "similar stats" then they clearly are on the same level as players. I think that showing how often a guy was beat aka pressures allowed, are one of the best ways of using a statistic to gauge an OLinemans performance compared to the rest of them. Because things like penalties committed and sacks given up have to be given with CONTEXT to be even thoroughly examined, as there are so many other factors that can contribute toward them.
  9. And to put that number in perspective: The Cowboys as a whole allowed 153 QB pressures last season. Collins himself allowed 51. 51. Or, 33.33% of the entire team.
  10. Oh ok. I mean since you say so, it must be true. Forget analytics or literally the opinions of tons of other people who watch football.
  11. Also @Calvert28..... La'el Collins allowed 51 pressures last year. He was BY FAR their worst starter out of Smith, Cooper, Frederick, and Martin. Those 4 guys allowed 20, 20, 12, and 11 pressures each, respectively, in comparison. And he was graded by PFF with a 50.7 overall, by far worst of that entire group. So if hes better than the Eagles best OLineman, youre saying that last season, your teams WORST starting OLineman was better than the Eagles' best. Even though we had arguably THE best line in 2017. Ok buddy
  12. who will be the top 10 RBs this season?

    Huh? Since when? There are absolutely gaps in almost any top 10 list. The first that comes to mind: QBs.
  13. Yeah Im just gonna go ahead and avoid a pointless argument by leaving it at this. You literally are box score scouting Offensive Lineman. Which is one of the hardest positional units to evaluate, as in it requires actually watching the games. Not looking up arbitrary stats that you don't even source, and mindlessly posting them as if that truly can tell you how good someone is. Lane Johnson is indisputably one of THE best tackles in the league, whether its left or right. But yeah sure man, La'el Collins is still better though
  14. Collins was one of the better RTs in the league last year? What? For 10 minutes one game? Come on now. Thats just flat out , objectively not true. Also, from what Ive heard and read, Collins isnt going to play book end. He's slotted in at guard and Fleming at RT, correct? Fleming is clearly the "other" weak hole. The guy is bad. I can see Dallas' OL being somewhat of a problem, at least relative to what its generally thought of and what its been in the past. Williams has the potential to play well, for sure. But he fell for valid reasons. I dont think he can play tackle. So once Fleming is inevitably benched this season, who will take over at tackle? Let me guess: Collins? Sure, and his development will just continue to decline. You cant just keep switching a young guy or really almost any one for that matter, from guard to tackle. Even switching sides is stupid. Theres a reason Lane Johnson has never moved to the left side even when JP has gone down. Its incredibly difficult for these guys to develop at just one position as the league is now already. IIRC it was Geoff Schwartz who summed up what it was like going from LG to RG or RT to LT etc...."Its like wiping your rear end with one hand your entire life then suddenly having to use the other. It just doesnt feel right"
  15. Browns Offense vs. Jets Offense

    In regards to the thread's question though...I think that barring some unforeseen major weird things happening, the Browns will have a better offense. I think the Jets have that "scrappy, we're better than you think we are despite no big name individuals" potential. I like Anderson a lot, as long as he doesnt get in any more legal trouble, hell play most of the season. One thing that bugs me about their offense is how they handle their RBs..the last few years they've had 1 or 2 backs that I either liked or really liked, only they would ignore him or them in favor of like Bilal Powell. And Im afraid of them doing that this year with Crowell, who I think can be a 1000 yard rusher 100%. He has the ability to tote the rock 20 times a game and give you consistent yards almost every time, plus has a rare size/athleticism combination. So if things all go pretty much right for NY, I see their offensive cast playing at least average/solid football. But the Browns...I feel like they have such a high ceiling in that department, and their floor isnt any lower than NYJ's is also. Thats the big difference to me. I love their WRs. Im still high on Coleman. He just has to stay healthy (which tbh odds are against him in that dept). But even so, I think hell be their third most targeted WR at best behind Gordon and Landry. Coleman, ideally, would be a home run threat who can take the top off and give the Browns like 35 catches 500+ yards and 3-4 TDs. And I like Njokou at TE, and think they have a trio of running backs who bring a ton of different things to the table in Chubb, Johnson, and Hyde. I love the Chubb pick. And hope they use two RB formations with Chubb/Hyde in the backfield and Johnson either in the slot or split out, or maybe some two man backfields with one or both motioning outside to receiver. Just a ton of talent there at skill positions for Cleveland with a bunch of versatile guys who give you different things. And their interior OL is top 5 in the league, which in todays NFL, is becoming more and more important due to these pass rushing interior guy on D that can take over games if the other team cant contain them. Hubbard could be good at T but also has some bust potential. My biggest fear is Hue though. They need to go hire a very savvy and smart offensive coach like what we've seen LA, Philly, Chi, etc do. Like if you put Doug Pederson in Cleveland, Id be confident in saying that Cleveland could win 10 games possibly, mostly due to their offense. He and McVay and others are so good at maximing each individual's strengths and limiting their weaknesses, that when you give him a collection of diverse talent on offense, he can just run wild.