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  1. wow. Great attempt at a terrible analogy. Wentz tore his ACL last season. And broke his wrist in 2014 in college, missing 10 games. He played his entire rookie season. All 16 games. And followed that up by playing 13 games before the incredibly fluky ACL tear. So your definition of injury prone would mean that Tom Brady is also injury prone. He did after all miss all of 2008. And you obviously would call Rodgers injury prone then too yes? And Philip Rivers? And Roethlisberger?
  2. Also, just read a stat via theringer.com that Fletcher Cox has now played 718 straight snaps WITHOUT missing a tackle. Thats over a season 😆. No wonder the guy is getting fed up with how most non Eagles fans/writers underrate the hell out of him. The guys just a monster. And as for Carson, Kevin Clark on the Ringer was arguing for his decision to choose Wentz as his answer for "Who will be the best QB in 3 years?". And he brought up how Wentz, literally, as elite at ANY throw. Each route and Carsons QB rating on said route and how it compared to the rest of the league in 2017: Go Routes: 108.2 (+20.8) Hitch Routes: 102.8 (+17.5) In Routes: 118.3 (+37.3) !!!!!!! Out Routes: 98.9 (+15.0) Quick Outs: 115.3 (+19.9) Crossing Routes: 108.4 (+12.9) Sooooo yeah. People can just keep slobbing all over Mahomes' knob. Please do. And just let Carson destroy defenses under the radar as long as possible. *Another Fun Stat: 91% of Mahomes' completions this season have been to guys who had more than a yard of separation. The guy is literally just throwing it to wide open dudes.
  3. I mean, 100% agree that our DL masks a LOT of our corner's deficiencies. But this ranking by FO was based on pure coverage, accounted for pass rush/how often the CB was targeted on rushed throws, things like that. Mills also has been one of the best tackling corners not just on our team the last year and a half, but in the league. People keep wondering why Schwartz loves Mills so much and the above is probably a big reason. That and his confidence / short memory as a corner. For some reason, Schwartz has always given his corners large cushions against WRs, which means that there isnt going to be safety help over the top often, as our safeties will normally be on TEs (see Jenkins) or playing close to the box, and also that our corners just need to keep their WRs in front of them for, at best, minimum gains that are tackled right away. The defense is built around the DL. We all know this. And with how fast QBs are getting the ball out (i believe it was the fastest ever this week on average per QB), I dont really know if we can continue to use our corners like that. Would rather play McLeod in a centerfield role, with Jenkins shadowing TE/RB, and press with our corners at the LOS. Let them play cover 1.
  4. Not defending Mills' play this season but.... FWIW he was the 3rd best cornerback according to Football Outsiders throughout the entire 2017-2018 postseason.
  5. Because JMatt can catch 20 passes off little 4 yard drag routes all he wants but his production doesnt make up for the fact that his inability to play outside hurts the offense in a bigger way than his 0 YAC catches help us. He'll force Agholor outside. And Nelly can play outside, but hes so clearly more explosive/more of a threat from the slot. And no-one is saying that he wont be more effective than Carter or Aiken. But thats just saying that he will be better than basically nothing ie those guys' production. But there 100% were a lot of better options out there, whether its off the street, trading a 5th or 6th for Gordon (btw if Gordon does end up killing it in NE like I think he will, I will forever hold that against Howie for not making the move), or trading for another one of the umpteenth WRs around the league
  6. I get that its been an amazing 2 games for Mahomes statistically and he has definitely shown that he can pretty much (physically) make most all the throws. He has a cannon. No doubt. But...HE HAS PLAYED 2 GAMES. Theres absolutely 0 chance he sustains this level of play. People are just insanely inept to becoming prisoners of the moment. I mean, 2 regular season games and suddenly Mahomes is the best young QB, yet I havent seen many mentions at all of Jimmy GQ or Watson, who both would have been two of the top candidates (behind Wentz obvi) 2-3 weeks ago before the season began. So I guess now suddenly 2 games are enough of a sample size to determine amytning about any player. 👌 Also, I admit Mahomes has proved me wrong about him so far, but I still have my doubts about him and think he could crash back down to earth hard. I heard a stat via Ryan Russillo on theringer.com that only 9 percent of Mahomes' completions have been "contested" throws. NINE percent. That's ridiculous. So over 90 percent of his completions so far this year have literally been to guys who were already open. Really, it says more about Andy Reid's ability to scheme around his guys on offense and how KC has done such a good job of building this offense in the exact way they envisioned it with Mahomes at QB. And of course it speaks to how talented Hill and Kelce are, as well as Watkins, Conley (someone I loved coming out of UGA and am glad to see him putting it together bc hes so athletically gifted) etc. Im sorry but right now theres absolutely no way that, If I had the choice for some reason, am taking Mahomes as my teams QB over either Wentz or Goff. 2 NFL games vs 29 and 27 respectively. I dont count last years meaningless week 17 game.
  7. I was super high on JMatt coming out of college but I even have come to grips with the fact that he is garbage. Its crazy because he was such a different playet at Vandy. Made contested catches, was physical, had YAC ability.....and since coming into the league all he has been able to do is run slants, drags, and ins/outs, and just falling down after every catch basically. I honestly dont even think we can call him serviceable at this point. Why sign someone who's just gonna get hurt every game? We already have dudes dropping like flies. And what makes anyone think the guy is even the same player he was with us (which even then was meh)? Since being traded he did nothing in Buffalo when he managed to stay on the field which was seldom....and they didnt even keep him despite having maybe the worst WR group in the league, remained unsigned until NE got desparate enough that they made their 145th WR move of the offseason and signed him, only to cut him a week later. Again, one of the worst WR groups in the NFL in NE as well. I guess looking at it glass half full, it could be okay because Carson seems to have trusted him in 2016 a lot and he is familiar with our offense and the players for the most part... But I think were gonna make a move for a WR. Im almost positive we will in the next few weeks. Even with Jeffrey back, its still just he and Agholor at WR. With Wallace gone, we dont have someone to play outside opposite Jeffrey....Matthews is strictly a slot guy. And Agholor is a much more dynamic playmaker in the slot. So JMatt really almost kinda could have more of a negative impact based on that alone. I think Howie will pull a jedi move and trade one of our corners (Darby or Mills) and a pick for a pretty well known guy at WR. I could even see it being Amari Cooper. His value is as low is its gonna be, but he is still a good player IMO. And Howie could probably convince that dope Gruden to let him bang his wife, so Im guessing we'd get him for peanuts. And as much as people are calling for Mills' head , I could see the corner we trade being Darby. Cause even Darby was pretty horrendous Sunday...his tackling gave me horrible Byron Maxwell flashbacks. Also I still have hope that Mills can be a solid #2. And he's gonna be much cheaper than Darby will be anyway. Sidney Jones needs to be moved outside, put Maddox in the slot, and Douglas as our dime d-back. Hopefully Douglas can develop into our #2 because I like him a lot. And Maddox looks promising as a slot corner.
  8. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    I just find it odd that CLE fans and even other NFL people keep saying how Dorsey "is trying to build a strong locker room by cutting ties with guys like Gordon". I mean did he not draft Tyreke Hill? And then in CLE in his 1st year as GM also drafted Antonio Callaway.... Who as we saw on Hard Knocks, literally sat there and lied to Dorsey and Hue Jackson's faces about that whole incident with the marijuana at 3 am. And if Dorsey did believe Calloway's defense that "he was NOT aware of marijuana being in his car" even though its his freaking car and the cop literally first thing says to Callaway that he smelled weed from the car, then Dorsey is just an idiot and not a hypocrite. Maybe hes even both. I mean lets not even talk about how he is allowing Gregg Williams to coach on that team. That alone is egregious. The guy should have been banned from coaching in the NFL. And he literally, on camera, is seen telling his players to hit his own teams QB in practice and pretty much acting like a psychopath. I mean, Dorsey is 100% a hypocrite by cutting Gordon (even if it was a trade) the way he did. It wasnt just about his hamstring. It was also because the team's staff thought Gordon seemed like he wasnt himself (old person speak for "Youre high on drugs). So then why not let him take a Drug Test and find out? This guy has been rehabbing with sobriety for a long time. Dorsey's team and Head Coach put a LOT of time and energy into Gordon. So axing him in this way seems like a moronic, hypocritical, and ego-driven move by Dorsey. And its a terrific move by the Pats. Not only for getting a talent like Gordon, who is in his prime and healthy and has no pending suspensions, for a measly FIFTH ROUND PICK?! And lets not forget how NE also have him under contract at 700k this year and then get him as a RFA the following year. And that if Gordon doesnt play 10 games this year, they get back a 7th rounder. I have to imagine Belichick and McDaniels are in an office right now drinking whiskey and clanging glasses while laughing at how they just got away with the NFL equivalent of stealing millions of dollars from a bank and never being caught.
  9. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Im 100% with your take. Should Brown be responding to Twitter trolls like he did? Itd be better if he didn't. But its not a HUGE deal. Not even close to, say, Kevin Durant and the fake accounts he made. But AB really seems like a me-first kind of player who will say he acts the way he does (ie yelling at coaches and teammates on the sidelines, pouting if he isnt directly involved in a big play) because "he only cares about winning", while truly he really just wants to put up big numbers every game, with winning just being a bonus. For NFL teams to TRULY have the kind of success needed to win a Superbowl, you need essentially all your players from your stars to your rotational guys and so forth to all know their roles. And no WR's true role, no matter how great he is, comes down to just him needing 15-20 targets a game. #1 WRs are just as important because of what they do when they arent being thrown to as when they are. Maybe more so. Because of how their presence alone can affect the opposing team's defense and shift its focus toward you and allow for more space for mismatches to be created and others getting open. (Note: Im using the Eagles as an example because I watch every snap of every game they play and simply know more about them) But the 2017 Eagles team really really embodied the whole "team first" philosophy. Every single player on that team bought in to it. Alshon Jeffrey, who was extended mid freaking season to a big contract, was awesome all season with how he handled himself on and off the field, his effort and focus, blah blah blah etc. He was fine whether he was being thrown to 15 times in a game and putting up numbers, or also if he wasnt getting many looks at all because he was being double teamed all day long. The latter was because he relished in his teammates' accomplishments whether he got credit or not . And that goes for every single others player. *Note that Alshon also, as we later found out, was literally playing through the latter half of the year (AFTER he got all that money) despite being injured with something that would have most players not playing. And then theres Jason Peters...the guy who is still an All Pro at 36 or w.e he is now, yet when he goes down with that season ending injury againsy Carolina isnt seen on the cart clutching his leg/ankle and crying. Hes seen freaking trying to give as much advice and coaching to his replacement as possible before hes carted away. THAT is just a select few (of many) examples of how you can be an excellent individual player, be recognized for it, and still be a team first player. I just dont think the Steelers have enough of those guys. I think Shazier was such an incredible leader and is someone who fits the description above of the ultimate team player, and thus losing him last year to such a sad injury like his has really impacted the team in a lot of ways. And some blame HAS to go to Tomlin. You're the HC. You dont have control of what your players say ultimately, but you damn well have a LOT of power and influence there. IE the players all bashing Bell when he didnt report to camp. I mean really? Especially ones who are supposed to be veteran leaders and NFLPA members like Pouncey or Foster. Things like that dont happen right now in Philly, or New England, or Minnesota, or the Rams....
  10. Youre really, actually concerned that Wentz hasn't played in the regular season yet? What sane team would do anything but what our staff has done with Wentz so far? People think because Watson is on the field that Wentz should be as well. Only they fail to remember that Wentz tore his ACL at the end of the 13th game of the year, in December. And Watson tore his, IIRC, in week 7? And we have zero reason to rush him back. The staff has been extremely (and wisely) cautious with the rehabbing despite Carson's insistence on getting out there sooner. We just won the Superbowl and have the MVP of the SB as our fill-in, along with an elite OL, top 3 head coach, and elite defense. Its just odd how, before the preseason, it was widely accepted that Foles would be our starter for probably a month or so. Only the delusional optimists thought otherwise. I mean, I figured the fact that we turned down a 2nd round pick for Foles in April would pretty much confirm to everyone that the team clearly had plans all along to give Wentz as much time to heal as possible. If anything, I think people should be LESS concerned about Wentz's future because of all of that. He is now cleared for contact. And we still are not even considering him as the starter yet. Watson for instance doesn't get the luxury of taking his time to rehab. The Texans literally started him the second they thought he was good to go. And given how bad that OL is too, I am concerned for Watson really. Especially because that is also his 2nd ACL tear in 3 years I believe. Maybe 4. Whereas Wentz has had ONE other notable injury which was in college when he broke his wrist. Gonna be fun to see the reactions of some of the skeptics when Wentz returns and starts playing like the top 5 QB he is.
  11. Top 10 General Managers

    Am I just a total moron here? Because I read these two responses and cant help but continue to believe that they are both really, really poor attempts at deflecting on your part? Because looking at what the Cowboys have done since 2014 and what the Rams have done since 2014 and comparing them.....There is just absolutely zero argument there. The Rams have ran circles around Dallas. I mean it's almost like you took the two FOs that have ran their teams in the entirely opposite directions. Dallas has had a young, above average (ish) QB being paid almost literally nothing and they've gone on to do as much as they possibly could to just not give him anything to work with besides "We have Zeke nothing else matters!!!!". And to top that off, they've managed to continuously keep their head coach around despite his utterly laughable incompetence. Meanwhile, the Rams and Snead were one of the few smart teams to realize "oh crap, were paying our QB peanuts so lets acquire all the talent we can". And they followed their firing of their incompetent as hell HC in Fisher by hiring one of the most innovative minds in football as HC. Basically the antithesis of Jason Garrett. 😆
  12. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Honestly, I think it came down to what were seeing. The logical assumption would be that Dorsey didnt feel Gordon was worth keeping and taking reps away from other guys, because he likely either doesnt want to keep Gordon around or doesnt think Gordon WILL be around at all to even keep. Dorsey hasnzero ties to Gordon and theres the fact that he basically has almost zero relationship or connection to him. I mean Gordon had been away almost the entire time Dorsey has been there. Also, Browns already have one troubled young talented WR in Callaway who they are going to have to "watch over" so to speak, and Dorsey was the one who drafted Callaway. So he probably didnt want 2 of his top 3 WRs essentially both being ticking time bombs, so to speak. Tbh I feel that, if it is true that there was no failed test or proof of relapse by Gordon, then Dorsey is going to look back on this in 5 years and think to himself "holy ef what was I thinking???". Especially if (and it's the more likely scenario) Gordon goes on to have a great career and Callaway goes on to be Martavis Bryant 2.0. I would absolutely CMJ if the Eagles managed to get Gordon. My lord..Jeffrey and Gordon outside, Agholor in the slot, and Ertz at TE? BRB need new jorts. Side note: anyone else totally picturing Hue Jackson just quietly sobbing into a towel in his office right now? 😆 He was sooo freaking excited when Gordon arrived to TC. You could even say he was quite giddy.
  13. Top 10 General Managers

    Ok so basically a GM's abilities/success are completely based off of their team's W/L record with no context. Hey bro PM me. I have some exciting real estate opportunities in Gary, Indiana that Id like to discuss with you. 😆
  14. Top 10 General Managers

    And I think youre making the cliche mistake of caring too much about things that happened years or decades ago when evaluating GMs. Nobody can just buy themselves a life-time of immunity to criticism in this league. When were talking about the best players or HCs or GMs currently and not in an "all time list" way, the most recent 3-5 or so years of performance is IRREFUTABLY the most important factor. People, in any profession, decline or improve as time goes on. Its a fact. And sorry, but if youre referring to Snead in "simply winning a division title and an offseason" then I am not so sure you truly are able to evaluate GMs' success. Snead has been a great GM for years. He didnt just all of a sudden acquire Aaron Donald last year. Or Gurley. Or Goff. Or Brockers.
  15. Top 10 General Managers

    I mean, Jerry Jones is obviously one of the best minds in football. He did, after all, win those 3 Superbowls over 25 years ago.