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  1. @jrry32 i know you've disliked Luck for years, but after this season especially, how can you sit there and just pretend like Luck couldnt even hold Goffs jockstrap? Did we not just see what Luck was able to do this season, where he finally had a good/great OL (which Goff has had the last 2 years). Or having finally gotten just any production from his runningbacks on the ground? I mean, hey, I know Marlon Mack is an elite talent and was the 2017 OPOY and had 21 TDs this year...wait a second. Jk. That was Gurley. Luck also finally had at least one other guy to throw to finally beside
  2. Ok I had to just point out how irrefutably wrong this stance is. You realize that a handful of some of the most successful plays/concepts being ran today, notably by my team in 2017 en route to a SB win, came from Chip Kelly? Right? Obviously he didn't invent the RPO. But he damn sure used it a LOT with Foles.... And what about a play we see ran almost weekly by any good offense? Chip's HB Wheel-WRs underneath mesh concept? I mean hey, its not like our HC took tape of Chip Kelly's offense, studied it, applied it substantially into his offense, and proceeded to massacre the best
  3. In Free Agency, I think we should prioritize finding a RB capable of being a real #1. No more of this quantity over quality. Clement Smallwood and Adams are all fine....as backup/rotational backs. I want someone who defenses actually might have to even consider putting 8 men in the box for (example: RB who faced the least amount of 8 man boxes in the NFL? Wendell freaking Smallwood...basically teams didnt care if he was running the ball). With how crucial play action is not only to our offense, but really any successful modern NFL offense, we need a RB who can actually help open things up in
  4. He is actually a solid tackling safety. He can play in the box, he can cover HBs, or drop back in a centerfield role. Do you think its a coincidence that despite our poor CB play in 2017, our defense was still able to mask that? DL play and a good safety duo does that. And why did our secondary not miss a beat really when our cbs kept going down the last 2 seasons...only when McLeod goes on IR, we began to actually look like a team rolling out street FAs at corner?
  5. No he really hasnt. Any explanation as to why you think McLeod is so bad that we should not only cut him (when hes in his prime at 28 and on year 3 of a 5 year deal in which almost all of the guaranteed money has already been allocated no less)....but also then go and sign Clinton Dix, who in 2018 was worse than 2017 McLeod, is only 2 years younger, to twice as much $? What tape have you been watching my dude?
  6. I think the best teams in the current and future NFL, will be the ones that have the least amount of third down attempts as a whole. I think 3rd down success rate is still important for obvious reasons, but Id love to see a chart of every teams % of 1st downs gained within the first two downs. Ie who is getting the most out of 1st and 2nd down situations and not even allowing 3rd downs to be of importance. Id be willing to bet large sums of money that if we were to look at this chart I noted and the highest percentages by team over the last 2 years, that the top 5 would be: (*i
  7. IMO the closest thing there is right now to what you're referencing, is Canadian football. Mike Lombardi might be a clown like 80% of the time, but he is right about one thing: teams need to try and not be in ANY third down situations at all. No more "lets try and get to 3rd and short". Treat it like 3 down football, using 1st and 2nd down to get the 1st. Stop with these completely wasteful, down wasting 2 yard runs on 2nd down. Like what the hell is the point? If you're going to run it, use spread concepts with some jet motions etc. At least TRY to get the 1st down on 2
  8. Your reasoning for cutting McLeod makes no sense....and it makes even less sense when I see you mocking Clinton Dix here on an 11 million per year deal????? Ehhhhh not a fan. I like the Sweat pick. But not the Love trade up at all. And wheres the OL?? Cut Wiz and sign or draft noone? Huh
  9. Why are people so eager to axe McLeod? His injury wasnt a career altering one. Hes still only, what, 26 or 27 years old? His contract isnt that bad at all. And he and Jenkins have good chemistry on the back end together on D, and IMO McLeod played really well during our SB run. Plus, retaining him would make it so that we wouldnt need to worry so much about keeping Darby, and more or less, wed be able to keep Maddox (who btw is going to be a freaking stud), Rasul, LeBlanc, and Jones all at corner and let them develop there. Having a veteran safety like McLeod who is both
  10. Goff and Wentz are almost too close. Wentz is the better QB when hes on the field, but the fact that Goffs never been hurt enough to miss any games IIRC is what makes them a tossup. The better poll would be Goff or Wentz or Foles. Dak couldnt even hold BDN's jockstrap (both in a literal and physical sense)
  11. I agree with this mostly. But I find the bolded to be grossly annoying whenever I hear people mention this imagination that is the "McVay coaching tree". Hes like 32! Hes been a HC for 2 years! He even said it himself, fairly recently when it was brought up after the LaFlaeur and Taylor hires, when he pointed out that that this imagined tree of his is fiction. Its more like, McVay, Kyle Shannahan, LaFleur, are all part of the Mike Shannahan tree. And Pederson and Nagy, the Reid tree. Then theres the grocery list of guys from the BB coaching tree. McVay is a
  12. Seriously. I really think, though, that it has less to do with Kitchens himself and his connections to these guys (are there any?), but more so to do with these guys hoping to ride these coordinator jobs into HC gigs. Monken should be a HC right now when you compare him to other hires, but the human garbage that calls itself Jameis Winston really messed up his 2018 resume and made it look worse than it should. Right now if I had to put money on who will be the hottest Head Coaching candidate a year from now, Id put it on Monken. Hes a brilliant offensive mind, going from coaching und
  13. Foles decided a beatdown would be too boring. He wants to give the Saints hope before he literally destroys their souls
  14. Lol no. Our offense is much better. Especially our OL, QB, and HC.
  15. Alright. Whew. Go for it Payton Big Balls Doug would
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