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  1. I mean yeah, basically all you need these days is a great offensive line and an average defense and you're basically a lock for the Superbowl 😆 Also.....Zeke was only suspended for 4 games....you guys werent a very good team when he was still playing through week 10 or whatever it was. I think the biggest thing holding Dallas back is Jerry Jones' refusal to get rid of The Clapper. Dallas will never win anything as long as that moron head coach of theirs is still there. You know every quality you look for in a great HC? the Clapper doesnt have one
  2. Free Agency Thread

    I feel like less and less teams/front offices these days are incompetent and moronic. Maybe Im wrong, but I see like 20-25 teams' front offices that are actually doing either a pretty good job or a very good job or incredible etc. IMO right now Id say there are just a handful of teams that remain idiots and keep making mind boggling moves...(Sacramento, Charlotte, Orlando are the three worst IMO). There are definitely some that you could say have been either just flat out bad for the most part, despite either signing or drafting one great player (Lakers cough Milwaukee cough), or mediocre at best (Minnesota seems to fit this bill, as do the Knicks sort of). Minnesota might even end up falling into Kings territory. The Gorgeui Deng contract is absolutely horrendous and they are stuck with him for like 2 or more years, Wiggins' extension looks like it was a desparate and premature overpay.....and then you have Teague, making them guys who all earn over 15 mil annually. Plus it seems like they really are bungling this Butler situation tbh. The only reason this team isnt a lottery team is because KAT fell into their laps. Plus theres the whole Thibs thing.....Yikes. And I still find it hilarious that people love to praise the Lakers and Magic and company simply because they signed Lebron. And literally the only reason they got him is their location and their history, even though they havent been relevant since like 2010. In the past few drafts they have done pretty damn badly. The guys they took at 7 and 2 in 2014 and 2015 (Randle and Russell) were both terrible. Ingram was the one pick that you could make a case for as one that was a smart one by them, as opposed to an obvious one or something. Lonzo, their 2nd overall pick a year ago who went from getting ready to be the face and identity of the team, to basically just being dumped to the trash the moment Lebron signed. Anyone remember the Lee Jenkins article when Lebron signed with CLE and he notably left Wiggins out of the column entirely? And people who said anything were accused of looking into it too much etc. Except they werent, and it absolutely was true that he was left out because Lebron and his people told Jenkins (who will just write what LBJ tells him) about what was gonna happen to Wiggins and Love. Then this recent article by Jenkins which is soooo eerily similar....one in which he refers to the Lakers' young nucleus as "Ingram/Hart/Kuzma". No Lonzo anywhere. (Note I could be totally wrong here , so dont attack me @CWood21). Then this whole Kuzma thing where every body keeps acting like hes some future stud who is going to be an All Star and had some amazing rookie season. I mean he shot 35/36/70 with a -2.0 net rating and +/- of -1.6. I mean I like Kuzma and see him becoming a good like 6th or 7th guy on a contender one day, but he isnt anyone Id want my team calling one of its core pieces. Hart is the other pick I give them props for though. I was shocked he fell like he did (Nova fan so I watched a lot of him). But he IMO is gonna be a top 7-8 SG (maybe better) in a year or two. And then theres the 2016 offseason. And yeah, sure I get it....It was a weird offseason thanks to the idiotic decision by the NBAPA regarding the cap spike.....but the Deng and Mozgov contracts are legitimately the worst of the last decade maybe. And dont even get me started on their horrendous post Lebron signings....which were atrocious even if they are 1 year deals... Anyway back to my point....(damn Lakers rant)....I just feel like were seeing teams who used to be laughing stocks like the Nets, Clippers, or even Chicago/NY, Phoenix, etc all begin to make big turn arounds. Idk why anyone thinks GS ruined basketball or whatever the idiots say. I love watching great basketball, and so theyre amazing to watch. And plus, I think this notion that they will be unbeatable for years is nuts. This is their final season in which we see them dominate (although they really came so close to being beaten by Houston until the basketball gods decided to just poop all over Daryl Morey and having his team shoot 27 straight missed threes, something that I dont know we will ever see an NBA team do in any game again) I think that after this season, we will see the parity everyone seems to be craving. GS will IMO be very very good still but wont have Iggy, Green/Klay (one of them), and maybe KD as well. These teams who have talented young stars and such are wisely biding their time and waiting. And itll pay off. Also, I think that in 2020 it will be reversed in terms of the power teams. Philly and Boston are likely going to be the alpha dogs who the other teams try to catch up to.
  3. Free Agency Thread

    What? OKC was an elite defense before Roberson went out. Roberson and George are maybe the best tandem on defense (perimeter) in the entire NBA. The combination of the talent and length between them is ridiculous. And then Adams is a top 5 defensive center IMO at worst. Guys a monster. Somehow still remains underrated. And then Jeremi Grant is solid to pretty damn good himself. I assume that the starting 5 will be Russ-Roberson-George-Grant-Adams. Thats maybe the best starting line up defensively in the league. Russ is the weak link in that regard between them, but hes not someone who has to be hidden by any means. He Actually brings it some nights on D too. But I love this lineup around Russ because its full of guys who can get you 15-20 pts a night (more in PG's case, and Roberson isnt as big a liability on offense as people think. Hes been improving every year, and his size is a big advantage in the post), and with 3 guys in PG, Roberson, Grant who with great length and athleticism who can all switch positions. Plus theres that dude Steven Adams. To quote someone I hate very much, Stephen A Smith, "He is a BAD, BAD MAN!!!!". Anyway, as someone who roots for OKC as sort of my mistress team to my wife team (Philly), Im so happy that we will be rid of Melo. He is the definition of addition by subtraction. And I like the Noel pick up a lot actually. I think hes a great backup to Adams. OKC should be able to finally be the team that lets Noel play the way he should play
  4. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    It truly baffles me that people continue to talk about DeMarcus Cousins and the Warriors as if the last 6 months never happened, and Cousins never ruptured his achilles tendon a few months ago. Its like most people have forgotten how devastating that that injury has been to players in the NBA since forever. Best case (and more recent) scenarios are like Wes Matthews or Rudy Gay. Both of whom never were the same players they were before getting hurt. And the thing is, theyre small forwards and neither are more than 200 lbs.... Cousins is 6'11 and almost 300 pounds! I love Boogie, and always thought that watching him when he was at the height of his game was one of the best things about the NBA for some time. Sure, he is essentially a halfcourt player bc of his bad defense and lackadaisical attitude at times. And he turned the ball over at one of the 5 highest rates in the NBA in 2017....he can be very careless and frustrating to watch with his tendency to make just insanely dumb passes that lead to TOs. But!!! But but but! He was absolutely, all the way until he got hurt so tragically, an All NBA caliber player and someone who could give you 30 and 12 like it was nothing. Thats what makes it so sad also....I always hate to see great players in any sport have their careers irreparably damaged by injury (or injuries). Im not rooting against him at all. I would be thrilled if he were to become one of the very few exceptions to the achilles tendon injured list of players alongside Wilkins. But the chances of that happening are really really slim. My point is just that saying "GS is gonna have a lineup of 5 All Stars" and things like that is just total ignorance to reality when it comes to Cousins' future ability.
  5. Free Agency Thread

    Yeah why would the Lakers want a top 5 two way player in his prime to play alongside Lebron? And you realize that Lebron probably doesnt have that many more amazing years left, yeah? LA doesnt have time to "take a year off and just see how their young core develops". Lebron signing there literally flips that line of thinking. Go ask the Cavs and the Heat.
  6. Free Agency Thread

    LA absolutely should have went after Boogie. For the exact reasons you just said. But theyre one of very few teams that I believe should have signed him to anything more than a 1 yr 5-10 million $ deal. Hes a bad fit on GS on the court. He is ( well he WAS seeing as he ruptured his achilles just a few months ago and I doubt hes ever the same player again) the exact player who a team that wants to slow GS down would want...And also he actually doesn't play defense at all really, makes mind numbingly dumb turnovers A LOT, makes crazy weird and stupid passes, doesnt hustle back on D and leaves his team to play 4 v 5 which when youre already playing Curry, is terrible for your defense. The Warriors signing DMC isnt so much about how it effects them (because I see him having almost little to zero meaningful impact on the court for them this year) but moreso about how teams like LA didnt sign him.
  7. Free Agency Thread

    Literally the first sentence of your post is exactly why the Lakers are so stupid. So they're going to literally waste an entire season in which they have the best player in the world playing for them? how am I the only person who thinks that that is incredibly ludicrous way of thinking
  8. Free Agency Thread

    Im with you in that Im completely befuddled by what the Lakers have done post-Lebron signing with them. The KCP thing makes sense in that I see WHY they did it (because of who reps him....Lebrons agency) . But its a horrid signing nonetheless. And then Randle was let go and just signs for the exact same amount as Rondo only for 2 years not 1...But same as with KCP, look at who reps Randle: Aaron Mintz. Whose two biggest clients are Paul George and DeAngelo Russell ......two guys who the Lakers FO probably arent very fond of right now. I mean, PG didn't even sit down with Magic and Palinka during this FA period (tho Im sure they sat down plenty while the Lakers were blatantly illegally tampering) so Im guessing Mintz doesn't really have a good relationship with the Lakers. And its all so stupid. Theyre crippling their team during a CRUCIAL time in which they are going to have a top 2 player of all time playing for them for the next 3-4 years COMING OFF HIS BEST SEASON EVER. I mean yeah, hes 34 or whatever. But hes still Lebron. And youre gonna surround not only HIM with a bunch of guys who are not only bad/weird fits on the court but in the locker room as well....but also youre going to possibly cripple the development of your key young stars in Lonzo, Ingram, and Kuzma. All because of a weird combination of stupidity/personal feelings/letting Lebron have too much say with FO moves. I just dont get it. Theres zero way that this team can win the West as constructed. I dont even know if they will be better than a 7th seed. Even if you have Lebron go full on 2017 Cleveland and basically wear him down even more. Unless theyre deciding to just take this year off and throw it away, in which case those signings still are STUPID signings. And why the hell would you waste a year of Lebron at this stage of his career? Thats absolute stupidity. Meanwhile, Im gonna really enjoy watching San Antonio send Kawhi to Philly for Saric, Covington, and the Miami FRP in like a week or two. Pop isnt going to just let Kawhi go to LA by trading him for what the Lakers are offering (a poopoo platter) . no effing way. But what about the guy who's in charge of the one team capable of making this trade aka Brett Brown? Who also happens to be EXTREMELY close with Popovich? Remember what BB did with Jimmy G? He sent him to an out of conference team whose HC's family happens to be respected and liked a lot by BB for much less than he could have gotten from, say, the Browns. I really think that anyone who realistically believes that Kawhi will go to LA in a trade without Ingram and Kuzma is blind. And Kawhi can say he wants to go to LA all he wants but again look at PG. He literally had been saying it even after being traded to OKC. But the combination of great players not wanting to play for that many teams in that short a time, OKC being able to woo him for the whole year and get close with him, and the money they can give him etc all are huge factors. You dont think once Kawhi is in Philly playing with Ben Simmons, someone who is already a top 15 player at age 20, one of the most gifted passers in the NBA, super unselfish.....and Embiid who , when youre on his team, will literally have your back to the end and is also a REALLY good player....playing with those two and co in an easy conference where itll be just you and Boston duking it out that Kawhi will think "wait...I can just stay here where I can still win, not have to deal with the Lebron chaos, and get paid MORE??? What the hell was I ever thinking not wanting to stay here???"
  9. Free Agency Thread

    Dude you really cant take your Warriors blinders off can you? You seriously think that Boogie has anything more than a maybe 10% chance to recover completely and not lose a step, all within the next 12 months? Theringer.com's Kevin O'Connor has repeatedly stated that Boogie really didnt get any other offers anywhere, which is because the remaining teams who were even still willing to sign Boogie pre injury proceeded to look at his injury, then look into medical history/facts, and nobody even tried to sign him for anything more than peanuts if at all.
  10. Yeah, I dont know what people are watching when they say Winston has gotten better every season....Because the harsh truth is that he absolutely has not improved like he should from years 1-3. Hes actually looked maybe worse from season to season since he started his first game at FSU.
  11. Free Agency Thread

    Lol Rudy Gay. What? And Wilkins is literally the one example and that was 30 plus years ago. So thats it? Two wing players who were/are both 100 plus pounds lighter than Boogie? Good talk. Cousins definitely has history on his side. I mean look at that sample size
  12. Free Agency Thread

    Basically my point is people keep acting like GS just got pre 2018 Cousins. But they got damaged goods in reality. Id be shocked if he plays like even an average big man at all in a Dubs uniform. We may never see the "All Star" DeMarcus Cousins again (which is incredibly sad because of how great he was especially when he got hurt)
  13. Free Agency Thread

    That's best case scenario. And keep ignoring the giant elephant in the room aka the freaking fact that hes a 28 year old, 6'11+ 295 pound center who relied on his quick feet and ball skills and he just suffered the worst possible injury that he could have had. Name me one center who ever came back and played even half as well as before tearing their achilles. Hell, name me any NBA player.
  14. Free Agency Thread

    Again, Warriors arent trotting out a lineup of 5 all stars.....theres a 98% chance he wont even be ready until Christmas or later, AND that when he is back he wont look even close to the same player he was pre injury. Achilles tears are career ruiners.
  15. Free Agency Thread

    Guess you don't know your own team as well as you thought huh? Do you really not remember when Curry was thought of as a possible injury liability/possible bust? Because it was widely thought that he had bad ankles and would possibly never recover. Even his own team thought so.