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  1. Arod appears to be in complete control again. A few drops on the first drive is why this game isnt tied
  2. Not sure if this has been talked about from the game, but our RB pass protection appeared to be outstanding throughout the game. I saw jones and williams make several good reads and blocks. The OL gets much deserved credit for keeping ARod clean, but RBs were on point too!
  3. I spent 10 minutes looking for games where that season’s superbowl champ was up at least three scores going into the fourth and then gave up three scores or more in the fourth. Its happened like once. Chiefs were up 30-13 vs Ravens going into the 4th last year then gave up 2 TDs and a FG. That said, its not like we just let them back in the game on defense. Our offense kept scoring, so every time our defense too the field in the 4th, we had a three score lead.
  4. I'm gonna go Savage. Not a lot of buzz around him at all, but he is super athletic and has talent all around him.
  5. i assume you are being sarcastic, but please correct me if you really think the packers believe cancelling a practice will end police brutality. assuming sarcasm, what specifically is your issue with this? is it just that you think canceling practice will have zero impact on social justice reform?
  6. what have you seen that makes you think this? i've seen a few positive notes about samuel but would be surprised if he was ever in with 1st team.
  7. i don't think so. if i remember correctly he was hurt last year during training camp, and then didn't really play much during the season. I suspect we will see him on the field a lot this year, so time will tell
  8. I think he is criticizing the last part where it said expect these names to be extended restructured traded cut.
  9. I appreciate you all risking your lives to post this commentary. Its what makes the internet truly special.
  10. @AlexGreen#20 what defensive personnel grouping would you prefer we run against 13 personnel?
  11. Agreed, but i think the improvements we will experience from having a year under our belt will be significant. Add in the fact that our receiving corps have improved already (swap geronimo for funchess and jimmy for any warm body) and im optimistic that our third down conversions will improve a good bit. im probably being slightly harsh on jimmy...
  12. We are already at an RPO offense. Problem is that we sucked at RPOs last year
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