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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    Been thinking about trade possibilities at each position of need. Was looking at some WRs tonight. Not saying i necessarily want this guy, but what is corey davis’s trade value? Had a decent year with MLF last year and there is a dumpster fire in progress in TN so may be they would be willing to sell. He has another year plus the fifth year option (i think would be maintained in a trade?). Just curious what people think his trade value is
  2. No, you brought this back. Seriously, what is the downside to making everything reviewable if you kept number of challenges the same?
  3. I live in the DC area. Ryan Grant was on the skins roster for many years. He was always known as a guy who was very reliable and assignment sure. He should gel with rodgers well
  4. It doesnt become that if you keep the number of challenges allowed by each team, or just give them one more maybe. It just increases the types of plays they can challenge.
  5. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    how would you describe your mood prior to the superbowl being played then?
  6. i may be in the minority here but i'm a big fan of having everything being challengable. penalties, turnovers, scores, yardage, everything. give the coaches another challenge or two per game, and allow the plays to continue as much as possible (like they're doing with turnovers for the most part). the only downside is that it could slow down the games a little bit, but who wouldn't trade a few extra minutes of review for getting the right call?
  7. We had absolutely no business winning that game. But i will take it!!!!
  8. Its our coverage im bitching about. We suck returning kicks and defending returns. Teams are not kicking to EZ on purpose and are taking returns out of the EZ cuz they know we suck