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  1. Has Ben even said hes coming back for 2021? Hes got the look of a dude that needs to retire
  2. Because the rams would trade the best defensive player in football to have two massive qb contracts against their cap... by your own salary cap logic that should make them incapable of winning a single game
  3. I had the game from earlier this year on my dvr still and am rewatching now. We didnt really play that bad at all. Got some decent runs, enough to keep them honest at least. defense took them to third down a bunch but didnt quite get home on third down pressures, and they got a few stops. I wouldnt say brady was particularly sharp either. The main thing was rodgers. He was just off all day even beyond the INTs. He missed a wide open Big Dog, missed MVS open deep a few times, and just seemed flustered all day. I do not expect him to repeat that kind of performance. Color me optimistic
  4. Hard hitting analysis: -Probably obvious, but this game will come down to turnovers. Brady has had a few stinkers this year in that department, so hopefully we can get in on that -I think Brady will be keying in on Jaire’s aggressive nature. As much as we loved Jaire blowing up that WR screen last weekend, Brady got him good on one of those two years ago where one of the blockers actually ran upfield instead of blocking. Brady will remember that play, but im sure Jai will too -It felt like we abandoned the run when we went down last time we played them. Their run d is nasty, so
  5. Saints wouldnt be easy. I just wanted brees to embarrass himself in the elements
  6. Damn, i was hoping for the saints and brees’ tiny hands
  7. Big ups to the rams for making it a game despite some key injuries. Great game
  8. Saw that jackson and hollman are scratches. Who are our active corners beyond jaire, king and sullivan?
  9. Yeah but favre also was doing the retirement hokie pokie.
  10. Not sure i agree. Going into this season, the way i viewed the qb situation was Rodgers needing to significantly improve if the team was going to feel good about taking the remainder of his contract, mostly after the 2021 season. In other words, if we got 2019 Rodgers through the 2021 season then i thought it likely that Love would be our starter. This year changes that. Whereas before i viewed Love as the guy if Rodgers remained the same, now Rodgers needs to significantly decline if Love is to be the guy. If Rodgers plays anywhere near his 2020 form in 2021, i find it extremely unlikely tha
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