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  1. Titans Roster Moves

    Maybe they're bringing some guys in for a workout before making a decision. Obviously we're more likely to get a better guy via trade, but I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.
  2. Week 5 GDT - Titans @ Bills

    Well this one's on me guys. Wore my jersey to church week 1 and we lost. Didn't do so the past 3 weeks. Wore it to church again today. Lost again. I promise I won't wear it to church ever again. My bad guys ?
  3. Week 5 GDT - Titans @ Bills

    Whatever happened to those refs from the playoff game vs. the Ravens a few years ago?? They woulda let that go for sure ?
  4. I mean... I have Goff on the bench in 2 leagues. Although 1 is an ESPN one that I forgot there's an extra step to changing your lineup. Which makes me even more of an idiot lol
  5. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    I know we've been burned before, but we also haven't seen actual adjustments and good game plans consistently like we have to start the year so far.
  6. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Gonna be really exciting to see what the offense starts to look like in this 2nd quarter of the season now that everybody is healthy!
  7. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    After the coaching these past 3 weeks, I just don't see that happening for once. Once is flukey, twice maybe, 3 means I'm ready to believe the way I believe in JRob. Gonna trust that they will get us prepared and ready for every game.
  8. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Gotta make sure the highlight reel has something to talk about lol
  9. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Can't believe he had 2 hands on that and dropped it. TWICE!!! Ugh... He catches that and we win.
  10. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Ok Marcus, it's all in your hands now! Hope they keep Lewis on the field the whole drive.
  11. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Hate that decision to not even throw it up there and see if we can get a long completion into field goal range...
  12. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    This is why we can't have nice things... ?
  13. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Alright defense here we go!!! The offense finally woke up, now we just need the defense to keep up their play!
  14. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Or he could've lost the ball and we don't just score...
  15. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    I have Henry on 2 fantasy teams... And still... BENCH HENRY!!!