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  1. Not saying I loved the FG, but for what it's worth, taking the points that you're likely to need on 4th & 8 is nowhere near the same as punting on 4th & 2...
  2. If they get the Chiefs, he'll have to either play awesome for a full 60 minutes or that D will have to play lights out to trip up Mahomes.
  3. Yeah, outside of finding someone old enough to not want to be a head coach (and I have no idea who that would be) we're likely to have similar threads to this every few years if we can keep the offense going like it has the past couple years. And I'm ok with that! 😂
  4. I mean, he was a 1st year DC. I hadn't heard of him until late in the year or the beginning of hiring season.
  5. Got to actually get those picks right when you make them though.
  6. YES!! All these good coordinators are finding ways to get the ball in their playmaker's hands and we're just over here like Oh maybe we'll throw to AJ once per drive 🤦‍♂️
  7. Yeah, both last year and this year we went super conservative in the playoffs. Which is great when your defense is playing well and Henry is hitting 5+ YPC. But when you don't make the adjustment to start passing when the other team loads the box to swarm Henry, no bueno.
  8. Who cares if it's "kosher?" As long as you'll be happy doing it, that's all that matters. I don't think that I could ever switch, but I'm only about 20 years into my frustration 😂 And I would wager you wouldn't have ever thought you could switch 30 years ago either.
  9. Edit: there's apparently a whole thread about this and my internet is just slow 🤷‍♂️
  10. And he'll be in the NFC, so if he's having success it won't hurt us like the Jags or Texans (or to a lesser extent the Jets or Chargers)
  11. I would be excited to hire Austin. I'm also intrigued to see who else we might interview.
  12. A Bowen promotion might be fine if we hire a new OLB coach who can focus solely on being a position coach and Bowen can focus solely on being DC. I wouldn't love it, but it would be better than what we had going on this year. Of course our defense was so bad it would also be hard to be any worse... 🤷‍♂️
  13. I would be on-board with this as long as we also signed a decent edge in FA as well. And take another edge prospect later in the draft. Basically I want to throw all the darts at the dartboard and hope at least one sticks lol
  14. I mean...2nd & 5 is a decent time to take a shot. Still a manageable conversion on 3rd as long as it's an incompletion and not a pick 🤷‍♂️
  15. There's nothing wrong with a run first team knowing when they need to pass first to take advantage of what they're given by the defense. No way we should be running Henry into 8 man boxes when we have guys like A.J. Davis and Smith along with a QB like RT.
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