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  1. The Ravens one was better in the grand scheme of things, but the Colts one will always be special to me because I was front row in the stands where he scored! Shut all the Colts fans around right up!!
  2. And here's a great example: the guy can tell us who our targets are, but it takes both sides to get a deal done. So I don't doubt we went after the players he said, just got outbid or they had reasons to go elsewhere. I'm sure most teams don't actually sign most of the guys they target. I still appreciate any information the guy can give us.
  3. That's a pretty great deal IMO Good for both sides. Hopefully he plays well and maybe we can work out an extension before the off-season.
  4. Didn't Brinkley have an injury or something this year that he tried to play through? I feel like I remember us all wondering why they didn't just put him on IR instead of cutting him.
  5. Honestly not sure that I want anyone who's available at this point. Don't want to spend money on some of these older guys. I think with Firkser, Swaim, and a draft pick we should be fine. Wouldn't mind Pruitt back I guess.
  6. Still bothers me that we could've had Tre White had we not cared about the much hyped up offense and return skills Adoree would bring 🤦‍♂️
  7. Well we've gotten 3-4 years of cheap serviceable starts out of *most* of our first round picks, even if we haven't resigned them. Which does in fact count for something lol
  8. Did I miss us signing Foster?? 🤔
  9. Ummm.... I understood everything we had done up until now... Absolutely do not get these moves???
  10. He could play that role...but could Bowen scheme up that role in a good way...? 😕
  11. Only 35m guaranteed though, which seems pretty low for the total.
  12. One of the few things I can do 😂
  13. Actually higher than the 5/60m you posted earlier. That's 12/yr and he's getting 15/yr from NYJ.
  14. We do love throwing to our tackles in the end zone 😂
  15. That to me sounds like his preference would be to stay here if we can offer him a decent deal. Which is tough knowing that we're gonna need to pay AJ soon. Preferably getting a new deal done with him next off-season so there's no worry about tagging him and to keep up rewarding the guys that definitely deserve it.
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