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  1. 3 Titans Make Pro Bowl

    Nobody outside of us (Titans fans) probably even knows who he is...don't hear the media droning on about him like they have been about Vander Esch and some others. 🙄
  2. Playoff Picture

    I've seen a few different places mention that we are the favorite to be flexed to Sunday night next week if we win this week and the Ravens lose. #PrimetimePlayoffPlayIn 😀
  3. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    More likely tag/let play out the 5th year option. No one is straight up cutting a serviceable QB right now.
  4. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    Better OL play and Zeke doing Zeke things certainly should've taken some pressure off Dak and given him the opportunity to put up better stats. Haven't personally watched much of the Cowboys other than the MNF game though. Did pick up Cooper on a whim in a lost cause FF league after the trade though and he's done well since 😁
  5. BOLD Predictions

    I would 100% rather see us invest FA money in interior OL upgrades and keep Henry/Lewis. Draft a mid-late round back to develop or hope turns out to be a steal. I want no part of Bell. Especially with already having Lewis here as a FA back addition. With better OL play, Delanie back, and a 2nd year in the same system I firmly believe the offense will be much improved next year.
  6. Around the NFL

    I was going against him in that league, so I was rooting against him to start...but it soon became apparent that Kamara and Thomas weren't gonna do enough for me to win anyway.
  7. Around the NFL

    I lost my in my playoffs because I benched guys like Henry, Mike Williams, Chris Carson, and our DEF for Michael Thomas, Kamara, and Josh Gordon lol
  8. Playoff Picture

    Do you believe in miracles? 😁
  9. Playoff Picture

    Man, Romo is so good at explaining things as an announcer. Just now explaining WHY Ben rushed his reads instead of just saying that he rushed through his progressions like most announcers do. Can they just clone him and have him do all the games? 😂
  10. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    We have about one primetime dud a year. Thankfully we've already got that out of the way in Houston this year.
  11. Playoff Picture

    Guess we have to root for the Pats huh? 😂
  12. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    At least we'll get them at home and in essentially a playoff game, so hopefully the crowd will be rocking.
  13. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    They better now. Let's get that turnover on downs!
  14. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    I really hope we can finish the shutout though...
  15. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    How do you mistake Lewis for Henry??? They're remarkably different in size 🤣